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Lisa Mita Studios

Lisa Mita, one of Morris-Sussex’s top high school sports photographer and graphic artist is available for you, your family and your team.  In addition to being a photographer for Morris Sussex Sports, Lisa Mita offers a multitude of services including from weddings to senior headshots to bar mitzvahs. But capturing the on-the-field action is something she just has pure passion for…and the talent to go along with it.

Hire Lisa!

Lisa brings an array of valuable services that will keep the 2017 season alive for your family for years to come.  Booster clubs pay attention because her services include coming to games and snapping every single player on every play, creating player posters, making game-day banners and a ton of custom things using her professional photography and graphic arts ability.  And she doesn’t just focus on the football team…she can also capture cheerleaders, marching band members, and the fans!

Plus, Lisa is an absolute delight to work with and her services are priced right!  Don’t over think this one.  Simply email her at or call at (973) 722-2179 and ask about how easily you’ll be able to keep the memory of the 2017 alive forever.

You can see her entire portfolio and services by clicking HERE.  Here are some examples of some of the things she does for the high school scene: