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Internship Opportunity In Sports Journalism

Interning with provides students the opportunity to build a college resume while getting real world experience in sports broadcasting and journalism. Aspiring writers, videographers, broadcasters, photographers and artists can display their talent to tens of thousands of readers in low-stress assignments that are tailored to their schedule.

Morris Sussex Football creates a positive environment to allow students the ability to experience the world of sports journalism to see if its a career path they might enjoy.

Morris Sussex Football creates a positive environment to allow students the ability to experience the world of sports journalism to see if its a career path they might enjoy.

Awesome Culture
Our positive and energetic team provides a safe and structured setting through which students can express their artistic talents in a professional and meaningful way.

Excellent Mentorship
Interns at will be guided by our team of industry veterans, film and broadcasting teachers and production professionals.

Creative Expression
Students are encouraged to blow past creative boundaries and find their unique voice in their writing, video production or on-camera broadcasts. Published works are edited by and interns can use the site for prospective colleges and employers.

What’s Involved?
Interns will complete a minimum of three pieces that may include game coverage (video or written), game photography, video broadcasting, video editing, or special interest stories in football or other high school sports. Interns can explore their own ideas or borrow a few from us. We accommodate vacations, schoolwork and just about anything else–no stress allowed!

We Want You!
Send us a note to set up a phone conversation with our team.



    During his junior year in high school James Kratch interned with Morris Sussex Sports covering games, interviewing players and coaches, and writing investigative/special interest stories. At the University of South Carolina James worked for the school newspaper doing interviews with National Championship football coach Steve Spurrier and covering NCAA basketball games for which he won numerous writing awards including Best Sports Story four times. After James earned his degree the Star Ledger hired him, where he is now a leading voice in New Jersey sports.

    Here is what James has to say about his internship with Morris Sussex Sports:

    Becoming a sports writer seemed like a no-brainer when I was in high school. I loved sports, and knew a great deal about them. And I loved writing, and was pretty good at it.

    But thinking a career path is right for you and knowing it is are two different things. Luckily for me, I had a chance to start heading down that path before I even left high school. Iron Hills Sports (now Morris Sussex Sports) gave me the chance to start writing for their site covering my school, West Morris Central.

    By volunteering for this site, not only did I enjoy what I was doing but I confirmed that this would be the career path for me. I also learned a ton of things like how to write quickly, how to write to a large audience, what it was like to get reader feedback, etc.

    Long story short, volunteering for this site gave me a tremendous base when I went to college. I immediately had a leg up on many of the other kids trying to start at the school paper. Working for free turned into working for money, and then working for money turned into being a sports editor for the The Daily Gamecock, the University of South Carolina’s school paper.

    Working for my college paper brought a ton of awesome experiences including looking on in amazement as the number one team in the nation in college basketball was upset right in front of me with thousands rushing the court. Then I had the joyful realization that my story would be on the front page tomorrow as everyone went to class.

    And after that was done and my degree was in hand, those college experiences helped me get a job covering high school sports again for The Star-Ledger, the paper I grew up reading.

    So in closing, if you want to be a sports writer, you need to start somewhere. We all do. And I can’t think of a better place to start than right here on this site.

    -James Kratch, The Star Ledger

    *James has covered high school sports, was the New York Giants beat reporter and currently covers Rutgers University for The Star Ledger



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