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Ask Professor Anthony!

Are you striving to be a high performer in the classroom? Do you wish you knew how to improve your ACT and SAT scores to get into your dream college? Is there an unknown barrier getting between you and performing at your absolute best academically?


  Anthony Weinkopff

Morris Sussex Sports is very excited to have partnered with Embrace Tutoring in Chatham, NJ to bring our audience a resident expert and to help students perform at their very best. Our goal is to put them in a position of success, improve their study skills, and empower them get into their top choice schools. While participating in sports and various clubs is essential, colleges look at grades and test scores above all else.

Anthony Weinkopff, whose practice is located right in the heart of Morris-Sussex in Mendham NJ, is making himself available for the 2017-2018 school year to all of our readers in a segment that we are calling “Ask Professor Anthony!”. Through “Ask Professor Anthony!”, Anthony has agreed to field any question from any parent, student or teacher regarding the academic side of things and how to best prepare for college. *All inquiries are 100% confidential and only Anthony will see the emails.

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    Embrace Tutoring and Educational Services is a premier tutoring and test prep organization based in the Northern NJ and NYC area. Our mission is very simple—we provide the best educational experience for our clients by providing them with top-level teachers and mentors.

    All of our educators are experienced classroom teachers! The key component of our success is our exclusive screening, training, and qualification process in which EMBRACE is dedicated to recruiting and selecting only highly qualified and proven teachers to meet our students’ academic and personal needs.

    During their tutoring sessions, students learn to commit and own their learning experience by utilizing creative study strategies and working with rigorous content. Embrace Tutoring and Educational Services provides the highest quality of individualized and small group classroom instruction which promote intellectual and personal development in a positive and fun learning environment. We encourage our students to adopt positive study habits, become independent learners and thinkers, and communicate openly and frequently with their teachers.

    For a FREE Consultation, please call (908) 295-4636. At Embrace Tutoring and Educational Services, we are committed to matching your child with an elite educator taking into account material content, personality dynamics, and client location. Contact us and we can discuss how we can develop a plan to help your child achieve success.

    Anthony Weinkopff shares how Embrace Tutoring can improve your academic game.

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