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Thank you for visiting Morris Sussex Sports!  We consider it a total privilege that you are taking valuable time out of your busy day to spend with us.  As repayment, we assure you we are using every ounce of our effort to deliver an incredible experience.  We realize there are a lot of other sources from which you can get your local sports news.  So it is our goal to provide you with everything you are looking for…and more.

We strive to provide amazing coverage of all of the action in the area.  But we also work extremely hard to do A LOT more than that.  It is literally our mission to make you laugh out loud, to move you to tears, or to make you think with every article, video or podcast we publish.  We want you to rely on us for everything you need to know about high school sports in Morris and Sussex counties.

Our internal motto is if our followers are not completely addicted to our site during a given sports season we have failed.  We know that the bar is set very high but every visitor that stops by our site is our guest. We want you to feel so comfortable that you don’t want to leave.

There are plenty of stories right in this high school sports community about the goodness of the human spirit and we feel they NEED to be told.  Whether it is a legally blind kicker from West Morris Central who beat the odds by scoring meaningful points in a game, a soccer player-turned-humanitarian from Mendham who created orphanages in Nepal, or Newton football players who chipped in their own money to buy a team manager a well-deserved varsity jacket:  these are real things that are happening in our communities that can feed our souls.

In It Together

As a community for sports in Morris and Sussex Counties, Morris Sussex Football supports its member teams all the way to the state finals. It is every team’s goal to get that ultimate prize. As teams drop out, we encourage our community to rally behind the teams that get to the big dance and help them bring home the ultimate prize.

Our Culture

The culture of this site is our greatest source of pride. We get a lot of compliments about the positive energy this site brings to the sports community, and we invest a lot to maintain it. Since this is a site that promotes community, we encourage participation. We ask those of you that choose to participate through commentary or other means to please consider whether your thoughts are a good fit for our upbeat culture…because if you don’t we’ll just block your IP address or unsubscribe you anyhow!

FREE Content for Our Readers

Morris Sussex Sports thought long and hard about how to deliver the absolute best experience to readers.  Although advertising helps to keep the lights on, MSS requires resources to acquire and maintain its work.  So we decided to put our main focus where it has always been and that is in creating excellent and free content for our followers.  

To help us offset our costs, we have some ways our followers can support us through contributions.  To sweeten the pot we have some nice giveaways.  As mentioned earlier, the bar has been set incredibly high at Morris Sussex Sports to deliver you, the reader, a wonderful experience and content you cannot get anywhere else.  If you enjoy our stuff, and the spirit moves you to support feel free to visit our Support Us page and help us keep the lights on.  

Other Sports

As we grow, so will our coverage of other sports.  For now, we anticipate focusing on football.  However, our plan is to ultimately provide comprehensive coverage.

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