Chewsi® – is a free, easy-to-use app that makes Dental Savings Simple– with or without insurance!

Chewsi connects you with dentists who offer savings on dental care — savings you can’t get on your own. With no monthly or annual fees, you pay for only the dental services you need, when you need them — and you’ll save money too.

Save on exams, cleanings, braces, crowns, implants and more – you name it, you save. And because Chewsi is not insurance, you can save on dental care for yourself or a family member — even your parents.

Just download the app, find a Chewsi dentist, and pay through the app right there in the office. It’s that easy. Download Chewsi today and register with promo code: MSS

The Chewsi network of providers is growing every day. Don’t see your dentist on the app? Nominate your dentist for our recruiters to schedule a demo with them today so you can start saving tomorrow.

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