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Custom Drilling

The best ball on the market isn’t going to make a difference to your game if it doesn’t fit well. Our qualified pro shop professionals use state-of-the art equipment to analyze your grip in order to develop the best fit possible. The following advanced services are also available:

Exactacated Thumb Molds: Never again will the different balls in your arsenal feel different. We work with you to select the ball that fits the best, then make a mold of the thumb. This mold is used to create the thumb holes for all of your future equipment. The result is a predictable, uniform fit across your entire set of equipment.

Interchangeable Thumb Inserts: Interchangeable thumb inserts are extremely useful to bowlers that experience dramatic changes in thumb size as they bowl more or less throughout the season. Our technicians work with you to create a set of thumb inserts that can be used in any ball in your arsenal. With this approach, you match which insert to use based on the current size of your thumb – and then you may use this insert in any ball you own.


One-on-One Personalized Instruction: Our coaches work with bowlers individually to pinpoint areas for improvement. Our work improves your game at multiple levels, including targeted skill drills, techniques to strengthen your mental game, equipment recommendations, and guidelines on nutrition and strength conditioning.

Video Analysis: Watch your approach and swing frame by frame to pinpoint exactly what is going on with your game. Our coaches review each video and provide students with a detailed analysis. Videos are made available online afterwards and may be downloaded at anytime.


June 26 – June 28 2020 Curriculum

Instruction by Gold Coaches on both league and sports patterns
Specific areas of study include understanding equipment, the mental game, grip analysis, physical mechanics, and adjusting to changing lane conditions

Each student receives a personal plan for improving their game and computer analysis of their mechanics on video with voice commentary from one of the camp’s coaches

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