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2021 NJAC Softball All Conference and League Winners

Here are your Softball All Conference selections and League Winners as selected by the Northwest Jersey Athletic Conference.

Freedom Division

Champion- Newton

1st Team

Name School Grade Position
Maddie Gore Newton 12 Fielder
Amy Fehr Newton 12 Fielder
Aubrey Carroll Newton 11 Fielder
Sage Snyder North Warren 12 Fielder
Kaitlyn Buurman Vernon 12 Fielder
Erin Rafferty Lenape Valley 12 Fielder
Maddie Baisley Lenape Valley 12 Fielder
Kim Barbieri Jefferson 11 Fielder
Dom Hartman Jefferson 11 Fielder
Olivia DiGiseppi North Warren 11 Catcher
Carly Mayhood Newton 11 Pitcher
Sydney Grifone Vernon 11 Pitcher
Kassi Van Houten Newton 12 Open
Emily Wohlleber Kittatinny 11 Open

2nd Team

Name School Grade Position
Paige DeVenezia Newton 12 Fielder
Maddie Freda Newton 11 Fielder
Emma Froisland North Warren 12 Fielder
Jolie Wagner North Warren 10 Fielder
Sam Romano Lenape Valley 12 Fielder
Victoria Filippone Lenape Valley 11 Fielder
Christie Puglis Jefferson 11 Fielder
Melanie Bitondo Jefferson 11 Fielder
Jess Pettit Jefferson 12 Fielder
Alexa Shalongo Pequannock 12 Fielder
Leigh Rose Hart Vernon 10 Catcher
Kennedy Kostecki Jefferson 11 Pitcher
Natalie Hasert Vernon 11 Pitcher
Ella Schoelier Kittatinny 12 Open
Meghan DePalma Kittatinny 12 Open

Honorable Mention

Juliann Mutter Jefferson
Reese Vanderhoof Kittatinny
Kelly Ferrone Lenape Valley
Olivia Ernst Newton
Megan Galante North Warren
MaryAnna Cova-Gomez Vernon

National Division

Champion-West Morris

1st Team

Name School Grade Position
Grace Kowalski Montville 10 Fielder
Julienne Gabriel Montville 12 Fielder
Jamie Carfagna Mendham 12 Fielder
Jada Rae Jones Morristown 11 Fielder
Samantha Hoff Morris Hills 12 Fielder
Aneri Path Par Hills 12 Fielder
Kelly Fajardo Par Hills 11 Fielder
Taylor Montgomery West Morris 10 Fielder
Alexis Montgomery West Morris 10 Fielder
Mia Testa Morris Hills 10 Catcher
Emily Arnold Par Hills 12 Pitcher
Mia Mataczynski West Morris 10 Pitcher
Maeve Colligan West Morris 11 Open
Heather Doyle Mendham 12 Open

2nd Team

Name School Grade Position
Briana Gelato West Morris 10 Fielder
Sarina Dang Montville 10 Fielder
Chloe Saia Morristown 12 Fielder
Marielle Sturno Morristown 12 Fielder
Julia Obser Morris Hills 11 Fielder
Kate Furphey Mendham 11 Fielder
Caroline Hutchinson Par Hills 9 Fielder
Hayden Fehnel West Morris 12 Fielder
Olivia Figurelli West Morris 11 Fielder
Gabriella Vasquez Par Hills 11 Catcher
Anna Torgersen Mendham 11 Pitcher
Sofia Bedoya Morristown 12 Open
Shea Gogerty Mendham 11 Open
Emma Turse West Morris 11 Open

Honorable Mention

Lauren Hernandez Parsippany Hills
Abby Kontely Mendham
Jackie Cinella Montville
Abigail Polito Morris Hills
Erin Young Morristown
Makenna Lindert West Morris

Liberty Division

Champion- Morris Catholic

1st Team

Name School Grade Position
Mikaela Schwippert Whippany Park 9 Fielder
Mikayla Swan Whippany Park 10 Fielder
Jessica Brown Morris Catholic 10 Fielder
Carly Mockenhaupt Morris Catholic 10 Fielder
Kate Heslin Morris Catholic 9 Fielder
Niki Klimek Pequannock 10 Fielder
Kristyn Carroll Kinnelon 11 Fielder
Sarah Stuhlmiller Madison 10 Fielder
Adriana Carter Hanover Park 11 Fielder
Katie Brunner Whippany Park 11 Catcher
Julia Swan Whippany Park 12 Pitcher
Jenna Devens Parsippany 12 Pitcher
Hannah Streicher Morris Catholic 10 Open
Brielle Toone Pequannock 12 Open

2nd Team

Name School Grade Position
Rachel Volarich Parsippany 12 Fielder
Jenna Dermksian Kinnelon 9 Fielder
Gabby Gesualdo Morris Catholic 10 Fielder
Gianna Foreman Morris Catholic 11 Fielder
Haliee Sobieski Morris Catholic 11 Fielder
Alex Eckerson Morris Catholic 11 Fielder
Peyton Sward Hanover Park 10 Fielder
Madeleine Oswald Whippany Park 10 Fielder
Megan Gilbert Whippany Park 11 Fielder
Madi Thiel Parsippany 10 Catcher
McKenzie Minervini Pequannock 9 Pitcher
Michelle Rhee Madison 10 Pitcher
Giovanna Mess Whippany Park 11 Open
Bella Arrigo Pequannock 12 Open
Rachel Volarich Parsippany 12 Open

Honorable Mention

Abby Huang Hanover Park
Cat Bodner Kinnelon
Sophia DeCaro Madison
Dani Berlin Morris Catholic
Lindsey DePetris Parsippany
Gianna Goetz Pequannock
Evelyn Dente Whip. Park

Independence Division

Champion- Mt. Lakes

1st Team

Name School Grade Position
Savannah Sutter Mt Lakes 12 Fielder
Jenna Stickley Mt Lakes 12 Fielder
Melanie Koo Dover 9 Fielder
Alyssa Correa Dover 11 Fielder
Morgane Farrell St. E’s 9 Fielder
Abigail Edson St. E’s 12 Fielder
Jessica Sperling MoBeard 9 Fielder
Elaiana Lagalla Boonton 11 Fielder
Grace McKenna Villa Walsh 12 Fielder
Kelly Preston Mt. Lakes 11 Catcher
Ali Koo Dover 12 Pitcher
Jordyn Sierchio Mt. Lakes 12 Pitcher
Ariana Jackson-Wach Boonton 10 Open
Lauren Coyne MoBeard 11 Open

2nd Team

Name School Grade Position
Siadbh Stack Villa Walsh 11 Fielder
Casey Covart Mt Lakes 11 Fielder
Ellyn Cervona Dover 10 Fielder
Kyara Rodriguez Boonton 9 Fielder
Emilia Lucas St. E 10 Fielder
Jersey Lorenzo Dover 10 Fielder
Sophia Laurens Mt. Lakes 12 Fielder
Nicole Harrington Villa Walsh 12 Fielder
Erin Martin Mo Beard 12 Fielder
Kirsten Harvett MoBeard 11 Catcher
Katie Dusko St. E’s 10 Pitcher
Haley Belfiore MoBeard 11 Pitcher
Amanda Tuohy Boonton 10 Open
Mary Bowers Villa Walsh 10 Open

Honorable Mention

Serena Dolan 11 Boonton
Amy Sanchez 12 Dover
Abigail Korb 10 Mobeard
Sarah Lavelle 12 Mt. Lakes
Sarah Marsh 12 St. Elizabeth’s
Allison Wilbur 10 Villa Walsh

American Division

Champion- Sparta

1st Team

Name School Grade Position
Julia Yukniewicz Chatham 12 Fielder
Anna Cacciacarne Randolph 9 Fielder
Hanna Keane Randolph 12 Fielder
Cameron Fehsal Roxbury 11 Fielder
Emma Fernstrom Pope John 12 Fielder
Carly Smith Mount Olive 9 Fielder
Cierra Popo Mount Olive 11 Fielder
Casey Heitmann Morris Knolls 12 Fielder
Kayla Hua Morris Knolls 12 Fielder
Kendall Fehsal Roxbury 10 Catcher
Mackenzie Masternak Sparta 11 Pitcher
Hailey Errichiello Roxbury 9 Pitcher
Mason Munier Sparta 10 Open
Alexa Acker Sparta 11 Open

2nd Team

Name School Grade Position
Angelina Barbero Pope John 12 Fielder
Carly Sarisky Pope John 10 Fielder
Kayla Friedman Chatham 12 Fielder
Jayden Pennella Roxbury 11 Fielder
Morgan Joseph Mount Olive 12 Fielder
Bri Segnello Mount Olive 12 Fielder
Nicole Florey Morris Knolls 12 Fielder
Lia Milsom Roxbury 11 Fielder
Stephanie Goldberg Randolph 12 Fielder
Brynn McCurry Sparta 10 Catcher
Becky Palmisano Mount Olive 12 Pitcher
Maggie Chinnadurai Morris Knolls 12 Pitcher
Sara Iuzzolino Chatham 12 Open
Emily Jacobs Sparta 12 Open

Honorable Mention

Sophie Koehler Chatham
Leah Kleczkowski Morris Knolls
Jordan Pettenger Mt. Olive
Brianna Jones Pope John
Jessica Glacker Randolph
Paige Donnelly Roxbury
Rylee Munier Sparta

Colonial Division

Champion- High Point

1st Team

Name School Grade Position
Hannah Doyle High Point 11 Fielder
Kassie Britt High Point 12 Fielder
Mollie Noonan High Point 12 Fielder
Raeann Teague High Point 12 Fielder
Marisa Caputo Hackettstown 12 Fielder
Stephanie Snyder Hackettstown 12 Fielder
Isabelle Stecher Wallkill 12 Fielder
Makayla Mehmedi Wallkill 09 Fielder
Erykka Leeman Sussex Tech 11 Fielder
Summer Andrejack Sussex Tech 11 Fielder
Emily Deitch Morris Tech 12 Feilder
Rachael Prescott Morris Tech 12 Fielder
Caleigh Endean Hopatcong 12 Catcher
Andrea McMahon Hackettstown 12 Pitcher

2nd Team

Name School Grade Position
Kenna Boutillette High Point 11 Fielder
Madeleine Hennion High Point 12 Fielder
Carlynn Cronen High Point 11 Fielder
Mikayla Conklin High Point 09 Fielder
Megan Doyle Hackettstown 12 Fielder
Paige Russell Hackettstown 09 Fielder
Amy Wood Hackettstown 11 Fielder
Giana Carreiro Wallkill 10 Fielder
Lilian Kays Wallkill 09 Fielder
Emily Kinkead Sussex Tech 11 Fieder
Madison Jannuzzi Sussex Tech 11 Fielder
Abby Adams Morris Tech 11 Fielder
Allison Rozek Morris Tech 11 Open
Lillian Pragier Hopatcong 09 Open

Honorable Mention

Lena Lutcza Hackettstown
Hannah Stormes High Point
Jenna Fattorusso Hopatcong
Jordan Herman Morris Tech
Lauren Mosner Sussex Tech
Jackie Schels Wallkill Valley

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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