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2020 Week 7 Football Predictions

The 2020 Morris Sussex Sports Football Predictions are sponsored by the Orthopedic Institute of NJ with locations in Newton, Sparta, Cedar Knolls, Morristown and Hackettstown.  If you get injured on the field, visit them for urgent care and see an orthopedic specialist with in minutes.  And they’ll see you after-hours up to 8pm on every week day and 8am to 12pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Friday Night Lights

Butler (2-2) @ New Milford (2-3)

Brian Kenney: Joe Conti will have himself a night this Friday, running for over a buck fifty with three scores for the Bulldogs. Look for Cris Verrico to add another 50 more yards with a score as well, as the Bulldogs win big. PICK: Bulldogs 39-10
George Muha: I’m sure Coach Luciani wants to blow off some steam after last week’s loss to his nemesis Pompton. Look for him to air it out early and I predict receiver Hayden “Planetarium” Ribaudo to have at least 80-yards receiving and a touchdown in a convincing win. PICK: Butler 34-10
Owen:Green Wave 28-17

Boonton (6-0) @ Cedar Grove (5-1)

Brian Kenney: I mean the kid is off the chain, “lit” from another planet, I don’t know. Hunter Van Zant is unreal. That being said, his O-Line makes holes you can drive a semi through, so again they deserve a ton of credit as well. Cedar Grove is having a great season, and they will put up some points either way. I just think every day is “Hunter Van Zant Day” in Boonton. HVZD for all the millennials. He is kept in check, less than 200 yards in this one, but he still scores twice (at least) and the Bombers D holds the Panthers to less than 30 points in a fun one. PICK: Boots 40-28
George Muha: Hunter Van Zant literally has his own action figure now! And I predict it’ll be a hot selling item heading into the holiday season. Cedar Grove won’t make it easy and they definitely want revenge after losing to the Boots in last year’s sectional final. While it will be a barn burner, there is a reason this Boonton offensive line is leads the one of the most productive offenses in the state. PICK: Boots 44-42
Owen: Bombers 24-16

Pequannock (0-5) @ Kinnelon (0-3)

Brian Kenney: The ‘Quan had a tough one last week, but the Colts are struggling thus far as well. This one is toss up, but somebody is going to walk away with a W, which is good. I think Aidan Duffy will find Will Castel for a score for the Colts, and that will ice the game. PICK: Colts 21-14
George Muha: I am going with the home team on the grass in this one. I predict the Aidan Duffy to Trey McDonald connection combining for at least 150-yards and two TDs in the dub. PICK: Kinnelon 30-21
Owen: Panthers 20-15

Lincoln (4-2) @ Mountain Lakes (3-2)

Brian Kenney: The Herd is coming off two tough losses, and is looking to bounce back at home this week. Peter Holmberg had a great game last week, and will continue his success this week, throwing for over 200 yards and three scores. One of his best, and biggest, targets is Griff O’Shaughnessy, who has a fantastic name by the way. I see Griff scoring twice in this one. PICK: ML 34-27
George Muha: This will definitely be an awesome matchup but predict the law firm of McLaughlin, O’Shaughnessy & Holmberg winning this week by combining for 250-yards and three TDs through the air. PICK: Herd 44-43
Owen: The Herd 33-18

Madison (4-2) @ Hanover Park (3-1)

Brian Kenney: This is a rivalry game, so it is usually close. HP has won three years in a row, and to be honest, I think they will make it four on Friday. Madison has played well this year and put up some points on the board, of that there is no question. And I see Joe Cafano and Luke Denison making some decent plays on defense for the Dodgers all game. But the Hornets’ offense is ON FIRE. They only scored less than 41 points in one game this season (27). Led by yard/scoring machines Christian Valvano (who had 5 Tds in the first half last week) and Mikey “Flash” Filippone, they seem to score at will during their 3-game win streak. Again, the HP line has been getting it done, last week especially OT Pete “Pancake” Sodano was laying waste to defenders, as was the rest of the offensive line. Look for Valvano to hit Tuli and Behre for scores while Filippone and Ismail Yasin find the endzone at least once in this one. On defense, Luca Zirpoli will add to his sack total while Owen Feldman and Lou Siciliano combine for 20 tackles for the Hornets. PICK: HP 42-24
George Muha: If I were to put my 1990 Hanover Park state championship ring on my finger to predict this game, I would tell you that there is no way Madison is going to stop us. But if I were to pull off that ring and take my emotion out of it and put on my Morris Sussex Sports sports reporter hat on I would tell the Hornets this, DO NOT take this game lightly. Don’t forget, Madison’s coach Chris Kubik has won five state sectional championships in the last ten years (2010, 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2016). Hanover Park has not won one since the team I was a part of in 1990. Plus, Kubik just entered the 100-win club a few weeks ago. I get it, Valvano and Filippone are offensive juggernauts. But I am telling you that Kubik is a full out wizard. Look, all I am saying is just be prepared for all a battle of all battles. Of course I am predicting Hanover Park to win since I bleed black and gold but this Madison team scares me. PICK: Hornets 35-34
Owen: Hornets 23-15

High Point (2-3) @ Montville (3-3)

Brian Kenney: High Point is underrated this year, having played some good defense along the way. Speaking of defense, look for Montville’s Zack Waltsak and John Walsh to combine for 20 tackles and a few sacks in this one. But I think at the end of the day, High Point will pull off the upset. I see Alex Buchwald accounting for 3 scores and Cole Massar running for almost 100 yards and 2 scores in this one. PICK: High Point 35-31
George Muha: For you fantasy owners, there are two Montville players who’s stock increases every week. Quarterback Blaine Franc is a must start every week because he dishes out big points with his legs and his arm. Another must start is his favorite target Anthony Hurley, who is coming off a two touchdown performance. PICK: Mustangs 28-21
Owen: Wildcats 30-25

Morris Catholic (4-2) @ Hopatcong (3-3)

Brian Kenney: MC’s Thomas “Rob” Stark and Yohann Gouin had quite a day defensively last week, combining for almost 25 tackles. They are going to need to bring the heat again this week. I think that Dean Denobile will account for 3 scores at least, while Tommy “Double T” Tsangaropoulos runs for close to a 100 and a score in this one for the Crusaders. Look for Mike Mastroeni and Austin Wrede to record a bunch of tackles for the Chiefs, but I think they fall just short in this one. PICK: MC 24-21
George Muha: In the end I like Morris Catholic winning this game but Hopatcong would worry me if I were Coach Hack. They play with confidence and swagger. I actually see this being a barn burner with the over/under at 80 and I suggest you put your chips on the over. PICK: MC 42-41
Owen: Crusanders 44-18

Irvington (5-1) @ Randolph (5-0)

Brian Kenney: I have to say what a game Jimmy Pepe and Justin Townsend had for the Rams last week. Huge game on the line, playing against a great defense, and they tore it up for a combined 300 yards and 3 scores. What a W for the Rams. I think while their records are similar and the Knights are decent, the Rams are just on fire. Look for those two to put up more big numbers on the ground while Tom Colombaris and Dillon Sheehan combine for 25 tackles and a force at least one turnover in this one. PICK: Rams 35-21
George Muha: Fun fact, my father was actually the captain of the Irvington football team in 1950. Back then they only had one captain and he was it. And he was a center and nose guard. He literally did not wear a facemask when he played and thanks to that, I inherited his broken looking nose.  Sadly, I did not inherit his athletic ability or toughness. While I do anticipate this to be a great game with real deal athletes on both sides of the ball, I do think the Rams will be the victor. PICK: Randolph 44-40
Owen:Rams 38-17

Sparta (5-1) @ Parsippany Hills (5-1)

Brian Kenney: Break out your popcorn for this one! Par Hills has the home field advantage with their loyal fans cheering them on, but the Spartans travel well. Last time these two beasts played was in 2015, and Sparta won by 5. A lot has happened for both squads in 5 years (mostly success). But in 2020, I’m giving the edge to the Vikes. Both of their offenses have been “bangin’” (as the kids say) in their wins. I think that the Vikings defense will bend, not break in this one. Jordan Thompson had a great game on both sides of the ball last week, and he will again this week, but I think his defensive play will turn the tide in favor of Par Hills in this one. They will have to stop Sammy “The Bull” Esposito no matter what (he scored 4 times last week) and that’s no easy feat. Look for Chris Dogbe to rack up ten tackles along with Thompson adding a couple of sacks and Ty Sallie will get in on the action with a pick-six. PICK: Vikes 24-21
George Muha: Big time players play big time football in big time games. That’s what would scare me if I were Par Hills because I am telling you, tonight is going to be the Austen Frattura Show as the Sparta QB is built for games like this. I do think Par Hills will win, but expect Frattura to be throwing body blow punches till the final bell. PICK: Vikes 48-47
Owen:Vikings 34-16

Saturday Afternoon Delights

Lenape Valley (5-1) @ Wallkill Valley (4-2)

Brian Kenney: The Pats are coming off a drubbing of Mountain Lakes and the Valley suffered a tough loss from the Kittatinny. But I think the Rangers are over that loss and they are going to come out firing in this one, jumping to a 10-0 lead in the first quarter. But then Trey Kaplan will hit a couple of holes and put the Rangers in his rear view as the battle of the Valleys goes to Lenape this time. PICK: LV 33-24
George Muha: This has trap game written all over it for Lenape. I believe the Pat’s are the better overall team and on paper should win. But the young guns of Wallkill have been playing with a ton of heart. I see this being a lot closer than people think but I so predict the Big Red Train makes it past this stop. PICK: LVR 35-28
Owen: Patriots 37-25

West Milford (2-4) @ Chatham (0-5)

Brian Kenney: Dylan Connors rushed for almost 200 yards last week, and candidly had a better day running than throwing in West Milford’s loss to North Plainfield. That being said, I think he rebounds to complete 60% of his throws with no INTs and at least one score in the air this week, while running for over 80 yards while Christian Ashby contributes another 75 and a score as the deer (gazelle? Not sure) win a close one. PICK: West Milford 27-20
George Muha: If you are a Cougar’s fan, don’t be discouraged about their record. There is a lot of varsity experience being gained by a lot of young players. That will pay dividends next year and the year after. PICK: West Milford 30-10
Owen: The Deer 39-10

Mendham (2-3) @ Passaic Valley (3-3)

Brian Kenney: I never thought I would ever see another “Hornets” team and I have to say it’s strange they are green. I mean, even the new murder hornets are black and gold. But maybe there are green hornets somewhere. Also their hornet kind of looks like an old man hornet. Like he’s ready to retire to the hive in Florida, probably never to sting anyone again. Who knows. PV is having a decent season, mascot aside, and can score at will for the most part (except against J-Town). I think the advantage here goes to Mendham, and they are going to win a close one. Frank Kontely throws for a score and runs for another while their defense keeps the green hornets in check. PICK: Mendham 20-10
George Muha: If there is one thing I learned during this season is do not bet against a team that is coming off a Covid related shutdown. I always have mad respect for PV because they always bring it when our area plays them. And while Bierals, McKevitt and Morales definitely raise the Minutemen winning stock, I believe it will be Mendham QB Frank Kontely and his dreamy golden hair that will be the difference. PICK: Mendham 40-35
Owen: Minutemen 47-14

Newton (4-0) @ Kittatinny (3-3)

Brian Kenney: The Kits are coming off a nice win but Newton seems on a mission this year. Peyton Nolan has been taking advantage of the holes the O-Line is providing and it doesn’t take him many carries to break the century mark. That will happen again this week, as he runs for a buck twenty with two scores. That being said, it isn’t easy to stop the Kit’s Brycen Mafaro or Tyler Sweatt, who will combine for over 150 yards and 2 scores. Look for Dylan Bailey, Aaron Fantasia and Braydon Nolan to combine for 25 tackles and a couple of turnovers for the Braves as they win a tough one. PICK: Braves 29-19
George Muha: I literally don’t know who’s jersey to wear to this game, Aaron Fantasia home #21 Newton jersey or Tyler Sweatt’s Kittatinny away #26 jersey. Either way, it’s going to be a bear squeezing my fat body into it and it will probably not be that fun suffocating in it all game long. On second thought, maybe I’ll just wear my go-to khaki slacks and sweatshirt. While I do think both of those cats will put up big time fantasy stats, my chips are on the maroon and white to be the victor. PICK: Braves 31-24
Owen: The Cougars 28-21

North Warren (1-4) @ Sussex Tech (0-4)

Brian Kenney: The Tecchies dismantled the Patriots last year, but a lot has changed in a year. I think the Brothers Luke (Van Horn and Scarmack) will run for a combined 200 yards and three scores for North Warren while racking up 20 tackles between them as well. Mark Moyna will hit his favorite red-zone target Alex Davila for a score as well to put this one out of reach. PICK: NW 34-17
George Muha: I love the fight North Warren has been playing with all year and despite being the away team, I see them being the victor. Look for Luke Van Horn to rush for over a hunge and at least one score. PICK: NWR 21-10
Owen: The Mustangs 23-9

West Essex (3-0) @ Morris Hills (4-0)

Brian Kenney: The last time these teams played was 2011, and West Essex won easily. Almost a decade later, it will be Morris Hills that wins, but in a barn burner. Morris Hills has been chomping at the bit to play some ball after having a covid shutdown. Charlie Rex and Daunte White will combine for over 200 yards and 3 scores, while Tyler Fro will record 10 tackles and another sack on defense for Mo Hills. PICK: MH 27-24
George Muha:  My favorite non-Morris-Sussex player is West Essex’ Chris Cerbo.  He was superb last year in the playoffs against Sparta and Par Hills.  While the Red Knights will have a hard time the 6-5 WR/DB, I think it will be the Dark Knights of West Essex that will have the hard time with MoHills four-headed rushing attack.  I predict it will be Awesome Joe Dawson that’ll be the difference.  PICK:  MoHills 40-38
Owen: Scarlet Knights 28-19

Wayne Valley (3-2) @ West Morris (5-1)

Brian Kenney: West Morris is coming off a tough loss to a decent Randolph team and I will be honest I don’t know much about Wayne Valley except they are decent. I think the Pack is gonna come out amped up at home after a loss, and I feel for the As usual, I have to highlight a guy who makes a ton of tackles, I love that stuff. Hunter Babinec had 15 last week in a losing effort. He is going to add another 12 to his total, with a forced fumble in this one. Felice Montella will add another ten tackles a few sacks, as their defense comes out like a bunch of crazed dogs (or wolves I guess). LDF (Luke Doerr-Fredrickson for those of you that have time to say his name) will do his thing running for a couple of scores while Chris “Ring dat” Bell also finds the endzone on a screen pass. PICK: The Pack 41-13
George Muha: I wonder if Wayne Valley is familiar with the Hooker Man. He’s the one-arm ghost that walks the railroad near West Morris with the lantern. People say they’ve seen the lantern in the woods when the fog rolls in. But if I were the Indians, I’d be much more afraid of West Morris defensive linemen Luke Doerr-Fredrickson and Felice Montella. PICK: Wolfpack 38-30
Owen: The Wolves 28-23

How We Picked Them Last Week

Brian Kenney 14-3 (82.35%)
George Muha 13-4 (76.47%)
Owen 8-9 (47.05%)

How We’ve Been Predicting So Far

Brian Kenney 91-24 (79.13%)
George Muha 86-29 (74.78%)
Owen 52-40 (56.52%)

About the Predictors

Brian Kenney is a Hanover Park alumni who really has nothing to do with high school sports. But he’s George Muha’s oldest friend and while he’s a better lawyer than high school football predictor, George gets a kick out of his comments and nicknames. Have an opinion about Brian’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle: @bdk29

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for nine years. George is the founder of MSS and is also on the board of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation.

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for 14-years. George is a proud board member of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation. Have an opinion about George’s picks? Tell him what you think via his twitter handle: @MorrSussSports

Owen is 6-year old sports nut who calls it like he sees it.  He loves his mom, goes to bed at 7pm and believes Saturday’s and Sunday’s are for wearing eye-black (even when it’s not football season). Have an opinion about Owen’s picks? You best keep that to yourself because you don’t want this guy knocking on your door.

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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