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2020 Morris Hills Scarlet Knights Preseason Football Preview

The 2020 Preseason Football Previews are sponsored by the County College of Morris, offering an an outstanding education at an affordable price with Division II and III athletics. Go to right now to learn more about this amazing educational institution that is right in our backyard in Randolph, NJ.

The Staff

Head Coach: Mike Sabo

Years on the Job:

Assistants: Chris Canning, Mike White, Bruce Campbell, Anthony Vasile, Joe Kelly, Bert Giovine & Eric Leonhardt

Returning Starters:  Joe Dawson, Chuck Rex, Josh Babe, Anthony Scarillo, Daunte White & Anthony Macera

Player’s Expected to Step Up:  David Turner, Ryan Flynn, Tyvon Sargent, Justin Ladino, Ali Ashour, Sean Baker, Nick Wickkiser, Jalen Waal, Lester Figueroa, Julian Figueroa, Quincy James, Tyler Fro, Diego Ackay, Chris Tlatelpa, Justin Ladino, Ryan Flynn, Tyvon Sargent & James Abboud

From the Coach

What This Team Does Better than Anybody:  Morris Hills Football has qualified for the post season 4 consecutive times for the first time in school history – we would like to continue to play consistent winning football in 2020

Biggest Surprise of the Off-season:  We started on August 10th – kids were extremely excited to be out there even with the restrictions and new protocols we have to follow – it has been refreshing to see

Team Goal:

George Muha’s Take

George Muha’s Take is sponsored by Parisi Speed School of Morristown. Reach out to Parisi today to get bigger, faster and stronger because champions are made in the off-season.

I have good news and bad news for every opponent on MoHill’s schedule.  The good new is they’ll know that Joe Dawson will be carrying the ball on a large percentage of plays.  The bad news is they’ll basically won’t be be able to do much about it.  That’s why his nickname is Awesome Joe Dawson.  Think I’m exaggerating?  Just check out his ridiculous junior year highlights on hudl!  I doesn’t matter if he gets the ball up the middle or around the end, he barely gets touched.  He’s going to be so fun to watch!  Prediction:  I know people are high on a lot of the other teams in this division.  But mark my words, if anyone sleeps on the Scarlet Knights, they will pay.


10/2 @ Montville
10/10 @ Chatham
10/17 vs. West Essex
10/24 vs. Mendham
10/30 @ Parsippany Hills
11/7 vs. Morris Knolls


1 1 Dawson Joseph RB DB 5’10” 180 12
2 2 Babe Josh RB DB 5’10” 165 11
3 Brown Winter TE LB 6’2″ 165 11
5 White Daunte RB LB 5’11” 195 12
7 Flynn Ryan QB DB 5’10” 170 12
10 Leslie Matt QB LB 5’11” 160 10
12 Sargent Tyvon QB DB 5’10” 145 11
16 Piazza Chris QB DB 6’2″ 150 10
20 Rex Charlie RB LB 6’0″ 200 12
21 Ashour Ali TE LB 5’10” 175 11
22 Turner David RB DB 5’7″ 160 11
24 Macera Anthony RB DB 5’9″ 160 11
26 Caruso Ryan TE DB 6’1” 150 11
28 Spadafora Dom RB LB 5’7” 160 10
32 Holmes Cameron RB DB 5’11” 160 11
33 Abboud L.J. RB DB 5’7” 150 10
34 Laux Matthew RB LB 5’9″ 175 10
40 Montefusco Jake RB LB 5’8″ 170 11
42 Tlatelpa Dean TE DB 6’0″ 170 11
50 Scarillo Anthony OL LB 5’9” 185 12
53 Meghnagi Ezra OL LB 5’6″ 145 11
54 Wickkiser Nick OL DL 6’0” 195 12
56 Waal Jalen OL DL 6’0” 200 12
57 Gaeb Brady OL LB 5’9” 185 9
58 Ferreira Omar OL DL 5‘9“ 155 10
60 Tlatelpa Christopher OL DL 6’0” 185 11
61 Fro Tyler OL DL 6’1″ 225 11
66 Akcay Diego OL DL 6’3″ 200 11
67 Figueroa Julian OL DL 6‘1“ 255 12
69 Clarke Asani OL DL 6’3″ 310 11
71 Figueroa Lester OL DL 5’11” 245 12
73 Russo Joe OL DL 6’3 255 10
75 James Quincy OL DL 6’0″ 210 12
76 Lobello Cal OL DL 5’10” 205 10
80 Ladino Justin TE LB 6’0″ 175 12
88 Baker Sean TE DL 6’2” 180 11

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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