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Team: Madison Girls Lacrosse

Coach: Kayla Henderson

Season’s with the Team: First Season with team, first season in Madison, and first season as a head coach.

2019 Record: 17-5

Anticipated Varsity Players:
– Ginny Taylor- Committed to Washington and Lee University, Multi-sport athlete, Senior Captain, and Midfield. Ginny Taylor is a senior captain, the positive voice, and the voice for the team. She has an incredible shot and can really weave through the 8 to find the back of the net. The knows the game and has “game smarts” that a coach can not teach. Her defense is solid and shines in transition from defense to offense. Like previously mentioned, her communication on the field is a a strong suit, but a source of security for the other players.
– Clare Culligan- Committed to Lafayette College, multi-sport athlete, and Midfield. Clare is a dynamic player on the field. playing a key role on offense and defense. She has a phenomenal shot and has a vision for the field and the game. She is quick and makes playing the game look easy. She is a leader and all the players look up to and lean on.
– Laura Munoz- Defense- returning player after not playing in the 2019 season, but played in 2018 and 2017. Laura, like most of the team, is a multi-sport athlete. She’s is a quick defender and is aware for her surroundings, she slides to defends hard, and quick on transition.

– Kate Christos- Committed to San Diego State University, multi-sport athlete, and rounding out Midfield. Kate is a athlete in the truest sense. She has sharp stick skills and quick in the 8 meter arc. Again, she makes playing the sport look easy.
– Maggie Perrello- Defense, the brick wall. Another multi-sport athlete and you can see in Maggie’s playing the different sports, especially basketball. She’s a brick wall on defense, she stands her ground and is relentless when on ball.
– Shea Baggett- Attack, multi-sport athlete, and play mostly behind the goal. She’s much like a play maker. She sees the 8 meter well and can move the ball quickly and where the ball needs to go.
– Kiley Selquist – Committed to Elon University, Defense, the heart of the defense. Kiley plays with grit and is quick in the 8. She play well and adapts quickly when defending different teams and with her teammates. The defense leans on her for critiques and directing/ communicating. She has quick feet and reacts well to the ball.
– Haley Schlicksup- Defense – a quiet defender that is very quick to the ball. She slides hard to the ball and lock hard for a good double team.
– Emma Torkelson – Attack – she is quick in the 8 meter and handles the ball with grace. She take one step and shots the ball incredibly hard. Give her room and she will shoot. When she has the ball she makes it look easy and she brings a sense of calm and grace to the field.
– Charlotte Villano- Attack – very quick and agile with and without the ball. She has a hard and accurate shot. Most of all she’s scrappy and transitions well.
– Tess Callaghan – Goalie- multi-sport athlete. Very athletic and is Lear omg the position very fast. It is Tess’ first year not only playing the sports, but playing goalie. In all my years of coaching, I have never seen any player pick up the game so quick. She can clear the balm far and place it in the stick of where she wants the ball to go. She explodes and steps hard to the play. She has a lot of potential and is promising between the pipes.

– Brooke Kleiven – Attack/ Defense- A gritty player and aggressive to the ball. She transitions very well and she aggressive nature with and towards the ball allows her be a versatile player.
– Lily Winsper – Attack- very good stick skills and endless potential. She handles the ball well and has good reaction time.

Players on the Rise:
– Bridget Hanley- Sophomore transfer from Villa Walsh Academy- Attack – she fits well with the team. Has a great shot and has quick feet within the 8 meter.
– Gwen Eilender- freshman- Midfield/ Attack- handles the ball well and with confidence. She sees the field and transitions quick. She’s us a hard shot and brings everything she has on the field.
– Rileigh Baggett- Freshman- Defense multisport athlete. She has great knowledge of a defender and has a certain grit that you cannot teach. She stands her ground and makes the attacker work to gain and room or the 8 meter.
– Alex Reigle- Freshman- Defense- mutli-sport athlete and a quiet, but aggressive defender. She sees moments to take risks and successfully picks off passes, causes turnovers, and is quick in transitions.
– Mae Christos- Freshman- Attack – multi sport athlete very good stick skills and a great shot. She sees the 8 meter well and adjusts and fills in where she needs to go. Moves well and creates space and plays for other players.
– Charlotte Zimmer- Freshman- Defense- multisport athlete and very athletic. She it aggressive on and off the ball. She fight for every play and every ground ball.

Coach’s Outlook: The potential of this team is incomparable. As the coach, I saw the team having a very successful season, much like last season. Every single player on the team is athletic and a coachable player. To be a coach and give a player a critique and the player shake their head and do it first try is a dream. All the players are hard workers and give 100% on the field. The players want to be pushed and want to do the work to be better. The team chemistry is undeniable. All the girls play multiple sports together and all very good friends. And in my opinion, that close relationship amongst the girls really matters and translate on the field. The team lost key players, the girls were well aware in the areas where work needed to be had to make up for the lost players, and adapted to keep the high level of playing. Most of all, the girls are great people off the field as well. When I first was hired and I met the staff, all said how amazing the girls were on and off the field, all what I heard was true. Lastly, all the players have a mature understanding of the end goal, which is winning. Their mature understanding and absolute dedication shows the true competitive nature of the girls, which will allow for a successful season. I saw the girls having a successful season, in conference, county, and state level playing. Their ambitious and hard work is the driver to my season outlook.

Team winning states last season 2019!

The two seniors – Clare Culligan in left and Ginny Taylor on right.

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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