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Team: Montville Girls Lacrosse

Coach: Julia Happe

Season’s with the Team: 6

2019 Record: 10-11

Anticipated Varsity Players:
* = returner

Marissa Bordonaro* A
Reese Henderson* M
Gianna LaScala* A
Anna Rehberg* D
Livia Shine* M
Julia Bruno* M
Julia Demetropoulos* A
Alexa Dudzic D
Julia Kelly* D
Maddy Kelly* M
Henna Kim* D
Isabella Kruger G
Maria Papera* D

Sofia Fernandez* D
Madi Keezer G
Sam Keezer* M
Bella Mangano* A
Gina Marotta* M
Kylie Warsaw* D

Katie Gorski* D
Savannah Olsson* M

Players on the Rise: Bella Mangano, Sofia Fernandez, Henna Kim

Coach’s Outlook: One of the most cohesive units we’ve had in years, this team is dedicated, hardworking, and ready to compete. We should be competitive within our conference, and as long as we stay healthy and injury-free, should be able to come out on top in close contests. The senior leadership is strong and capable, and their positive energy brings great promise to the 2020 season.

2020 Montville Mustangs Girls Lacrosse Team

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