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The 2019 Morris Sussex Sports Football Predictions are sponsored by the County College of Morris, offering an an outstanding education at an affordable price with Division II athletics. Go to right now to learn more about this amazing educational institution that is right in our backyard in Randolph, NJ.

North 1, Group 1

6 Shabazz (3-5) @ 3 Butler (7-2)
Ryan Sudol: Last week, Butler smacked Emerson in their NJIC consolation game 37-14. Emerson is a #7 seed and Shabazz is a #6 seed. By the art of the transitive property, I say that one seed up equals one more touchdown put up on Butler, but that math still doesn’t add up to a win for Shabazz. Watch for Evan Smith to throw for 3 TDs as Butler wins the Battle of the Bulldogs and moves on to the sectional semis! PICK: Butler 37-23
Brian Kenney: Butler is on fire entering the playoffs. Their offense is like a well-oiled machine, and will not slow down despite the valiant effort on D by Shabazz. Look for Evan Dando Smith to throw for over 300 yards in this one, including three in the endzone to the “P Brothers” Polons and Powers. PICK: Butler 34-20
George Muha: Shabazz could spell trouble for the Bulldogs but this is exactly the position Butler wanted to be in after losing the MetLife Bowl game at the end of last year. They know what it takes to make another run at a Sectional Title and beyond. First things first and winning Round 1 is Butler’s first priority. Powers and Polons will combine for close to 300-yards receiving to make sure Butler does exactly that. PICK: Butts 30-21
Owen: Butler

6 Pompton Lakes (5-3) @ 4 Boonton (6-3)
Ryan Sudol: You probably saw this one coming, but Boonton is MAAAAD. They were a 2-pt conversion away from beating their crosstown rivals Mountain Lakes last week! They knew they could have won that game and they want to ensure that a close-game situation like that doesn’t happen two weeks in a row. However, that might just be what happens. Both teams are evenly matched as they have faced similar types of teams in their respective seasons. Pompton Lakes does have this great dual threat QB in Mike Eberhart who’s been causing trouble all season, but I think the fact that the Bombers are MAAAD will give them the edge. I think that Jordan DeCosta will be Boonton’s MVP in this one, rushing for 150 yards and a TD to give the Bombers the close first round W! PICK: Boonton 28-23
Brian Kenney: The Bombers last game of the season was a disappointment, losing to their cross-town rivals Mountain Lakes. They have a chip on their shoulders now and Pompton Lakes is going to get the brunt of said chip. The Boots’ offensive line is going to clear a path for at least one, if not two, 100 yard rushers, including, but not limited to, Jordan DeCosta and Corey Dempster. PICK: Boots 27-20
George Muha: My favorite story about Boonton is from earlier in the season. Our photographer told me that the Bombers opponent (who I won’t mention but wasn’t a Morris-Sussex team) were relentlessly chirping mean things to Corey Dempster on a play where he ran out of bounds to avoid getting needlessly tackled. Dempster said nothing in return.  Instead on the next play, our photographer describes, Dempster blew by every player on the defense without getting even touched for a 40-yard touchdown, handed the referee the ball and confidently jogged through a defense that had nothing to say. Winners act like they’ve been to the endzone before and winners don’t worry about what the haters say. That’s why I think the Bombers will be the winners in this one. PICK: Boots 40-21
Owen: Pompton Lakes

North 2, Group 1

7 Wallkill Valley (4-5) @ 2 Park Ridge (7-1)
Ryan Sudol: Wallkill did a good job of getting themselves into the playoffs after a bumpy season. Injuries have been the big story in Rangers Country, but with their clutch win against Hopatcong last week, they’re in! Unfortunately, they have to face the  Owls of Park Ridge. QB Antonio Ciasullo & gamebreaking RB Ben Mizeski will do their darndest to pull of the upset, but the one-two punch offense of dual threat QB Vincent Pinto & RB Brendan Hughes will too much for the Rangers. PICK: Park Ridge 34-14
Brian Kenney: The Valley had over 800 tackles last week in a win against the ‘Cong. I love that stuff. Cole Weekly (16 tackles and a sack), Ryan Nugent (17 tackles!), Kevin Armstrong (13 tackles including 5 sacks!) and Ben Mizeski (a dozen tackles) were maniacs. Speaking of Ben “The Miz” Mizeski, the kid ran for 244 yards on 29 carries, along with two touchdowns. Does the Valley have enough talent to win this game, hecks yeah! That’s why they play the game, son! Vincent Pinto will do some damage for Ridge with his arm and legs, but I think the Valley will pull this one off in an upset! PICK: WV 21-20
George Muha: I hated the injury bug that hit Wallkill this season. It’s too bad because everyone knew they were going to be a real contender. But unfortunately, I think this is the final stop for the 2019 Rangers. But definitely start Ben Mizeski on your fantasy team because he should rush for over 200-yards and two TDs. PICK: Park Ridge 30-21
Owen: Park Ridge

North 1, Group 2

7 High Point (5-4) @ 2 Parsippany (7-1)
Ryan Sudol: OK, hear me out: this game is going to be A LOT closer than you think. Yes, Parsippany has been kicking tail and taking names left-and-right all season long, but High Point is a wildcard at the #7 seed. They have shown they are capable of pulling postseason upsets in the past as they beat #1 Pompton Lakes in the first round a couple years back. Also, they’ve looked pretty darn good since starting QB Alex Buchwald came back from injury. But, c’mon, who is stopping these Redhawks?! Specifically, who’s stopping Nana “Hey Hey Goodbye” Agyemang?! I mean he ran, caught, and THREW a TD pass vs. Pequannock last week! The Wildcats will hang tough, but they haven’t faced a playmaker like Agyemang all season, and he and the ‘Hawks will stand tall in the end. PICK: Parsippany 24-14
Brian Kenney: The Redhawks have been waiting for pretty much ever (or at least a long time) for the postseason, and it has finally arrived. While Antonio Bullaro and Cole Massar are going to combine for 30 tackles for the Pointers, it will be too tough to stop Parsippany’s James Riedinger and Nana Agyemang on offense. They will combine for 4 scores, at least. PICK: Redhawks 34-21
George Muha: High Point would scare me if I were Parsippany because they are like a boa constrictor. They are going to try to slow down Parsippany and if they do, the Redhawks are going to be in trouble. The Redhawks need to come out flying like they’ve done all year and keep playing their own style of football. In the end, I think the magic carpet ride continues for the Birds. Anthony Rillo will have a key sack in the final quarter to ice it for the Hawks.  PICK:  Birds 33-30
Owen: High Point

6 Hawthorne (5-3) @ 3 Mountain Lakes (6-2)
Ryan Sudol: Here’s another matchup that will be unexpectedly close. Mountain Lakes is obviously riding SUPER high after their goal line stand to upset Boonton and proved they can hang with the best of ‘em in Group 2. However, this Hawthorne is interesting. Two weeks ago, they knocked off current #5 seed Glen Rock and showed off their high-powered offense. However, I think that Coach Fusco is well aware of what they’re capable of and has prepared his players accordingly this week. With that said, I do believe that Hawthorne could be a potential bracket-buster, but the will of the HERD that showed last week win will score in the final minute to move on! PICK: Mountain Lakes 24-21
Brian Kenney: Last year the Herd beat Hawthorne by a touchdown, but this year I think it will be a little less stressful for Mountain Lakes fans. Speaking of, I’m sure those fans will be out in force for the first round of the playoffs, especially Alum and former player Christian Narag, who still bleeds orange and blue. Look for the Herd’s o-line to pave the way for a combined 300 yards on the ground, led by Jack Buzby and Peter Holmberg. PICK: Herd 27-17
George Muha: Mountain Lakes is so diverse with all the different weapons they have. Against Boonton last week, we saw a bunch of them displayed (how about super-soph Ryan McLaughlin?)! As the games get tougher from here on out, I think we’ll see the Herd continue to pull all kinds of tricks out of their bag. PICK: Herd 40-31
Owen: Mountain Lakes

North 2, Group 2

8 Kinnelon (4-5) @ 1 Verona (8-0)
Ryan Sudol: This is one of two sections this year where every first round game features a Morris-Sussex team! Let’s kick this off with one of the better Morris Sussex stories: Kinnelon! Their only wins came against Mountain Lakes, Parsippany, Pequannock, and Ramsey, but that was more than enough to show they belong! This Cinderella won’t make it back home by midnight, though, Verona is simply in a whole ‘nother league, with an incredible offense led by bruising-back Nick Riggio. Their defense is nothing to laugh at either with an opponent PPG of 14! It was a great run, but fair Verona won’t be too fair to the Colts. PICK: Verona 37-7
Brian Kenney: I am in a state of shock, and I just found out that Verona’s mascot is the “Hillbilly.” I mean, what? This is bananas. Verona is a suburb in Essex County, where “unsophisticated country people” are generally not around, especially those associated with the “remote regions of the Appalachians” (which is the actual definition of a hillbillie by the way). So random, but I love it. Anyway, the Colts are going to have their hands full with Hillbillies, who are having a fantastic season. It is the playoffs though, so Kinnelon isn’t going to just roll over. This will be a battle. Nick Matthew had over 200 yards rushing last week, including 4 touchdowns. While Verona is a much tougher foe, he will still find some holes and score a touchdown or two and rush for over 100 yards. PICK: Verona 38-21
George Muha: I love how Kinnelon backed themselves into the playoffs with sheer grit. If they beat Verona, this whole section will go upside down. While I truly hope that happens, I think the Colts exciting late season run comes to an end. PICK: Verona 40-29
Owen: Kinnelon

7 Pequannock (4-5) @ 2 Waldwick (7-1)
Ryan Sudol: Here’s another cool little story of an under .500 team that won the right games against the right teams to get into the playoffs? Who knows what would have happened if their FG at the buzzer vs. Mountain Lakes went wide? Anyhow, just like with Kinnelon, I don’t see this story having the happiest of endings. The Warriors will be acting like the ones from Golden State (at least from a couple years back) and handle the Panthers in convincing fashion. PICK: Waldwick 38-6
Brian Kenney: I don’t know much about Waldwick, but they are pretty good. The ‘Quan played tough last week against Parsippany, and will build off that going into this game, despite losing 3 in a row going into this game. I will tell you one thing, their marching band, who just won Nationals, will certainly entertain everyone during the game (shout-out to Phoebe Patterson and the rest of the PHS marching band)! Look for Pequannock’s Nick Brizek and Charlie Baldissard to lead an amped up defense to keep this game close until the final minutes. PICK: Waldwick 17-10
George Muha:  Big kudos to Pequannock coach Joel Troast for taking his team to the postseason and a chance at a MetLife run.  The Panthers have pulled off bigger upsets this season but I have a feeling this might be the end of the road for this 2019 Quan team.  PICK:  Waldwick 34-30
Owen: Pequannock

6 Sussex Tech (8-1) @ 3 Lenape Valley (8-1)
*Morris Sussex Sports will be broadcasting live from this game. Subscribe to the Morris Sussex Sports YouTube channel now so you are notified the moment we go live.
Ryan Sudol: I am so happy that we’re doing this game live tonight! Two resurgent teams from the County up North facing off in the second season! Better yet, I say this one’s gonna be a thriller. It’s surely gonna be a knock-em down & drag-em-out game as both teams rarely throw. This one is gonna be a 6-man tag match between the backfields: Tech’s Austin Durham, Bo Maroney, and Brendan Hall vs. Lenape Valley’s Nick Molinari, Jason Lyons, and Drew Togno. Sussex Tech’s 3-Headed Monster will rush for 300 yds together and REALLY make it hard for LV, but here’s the kicker: Lenape has won 4 out of its last 5 home playoff games. The place they call “Don’s House” will prove to bring bad omens amongst the Mustangs. I see Molinari rushing for 150 yards, and the game-winning touchdown, as the Pats pick up this win late. PICK: Lenape Valley 24-20
Brian Kenney: As Squidward would say, “What the barnacles?!” Why do these two teams have to play one another in the first round?! I’m rooting for both of them, and this game should be nationally televised. There is no question in my mind that the defense is going to have to step up to win this game, as both offenses are machines. Tech’s offensive line, including senior Ryan Marshall, will open up holes for Brandon Hall, Austin Durham and Bo Maroney to combine for over 300 yards rushing and 3 scores. I was at the doctor the other day, and I’m pretty much obese, and they said my jogging doesn’t do much as “you can’t outrun a bad diet.” Well, I think that Bo, Brandon and Austin actually COULD outrun a bad diet. They are that fast. Meanwhile, LV’s Nick Molinari will battle for a tough 125 yards and 2 touchdowns. I think in the end, Tech will pull off an upset, as Fara, Struble, Kipp and Cunha combine for over 30 tackles in this one. PICK: ST 34-30
George Muha: This game is so interesting on so many levels for me.  While yes, both have tremendous skill guys with the likes of Sussex Tech’s Maroney, Hall and Durham and Lenape’s Molinari, Stasse and Peterson, this battle is going to be fought in the trenches.  If you are at this game (or are watching our live broadcast), key in on the horses up front.  Both squads have great players on the line and it’s going to be interesting in watching Sussex Tech lineman Marshall battle it out with Lenape Valley’s Hall.  It’s going to go to the offense that has the ball in the last possession.  PICK:  Pats 35-34
Owen: Lenape Valley

5 Glen Rock (5-3) @ 4 Newton (7-2)
Ryan Sudol: Spoiler alert, this game is gonna go to overtime. Now, who will be the team to come out unscathed? Newton and their insane offense is riding a seven game win streak after starting 0-2. On the other hand, Glen Rock has a dynamic O of their own with multiple playmakers and have won 5 out of their last 6! This could be as close as a flip of a coin! However, I believe that Newton showed some vulnerability against Madison last week as they only won by 7 points. Plus, Glen Rock has played two playoff teams in a row (Hawthorne & Pompton Lakes), so they are well prepared for what is to come. With that said, the Panthers will walk out of Braves Country with the win off of a FG in OT! PICK: Glen Rock 20-17
Brian Kenney: Glen Rock is no push over, but I think after last week’s razzle-dazzle hook and ladder play, Newton is just brimming with confidence. Jack Young is going to run for over 100 yards while throwing for 150 more, but Peyton Nolan will shoulder most of the load, especially in the second half when Newton has the lead, running over 20 times for 150 yards in this one behind the beasts that man the Braves’ offensive line. PICK: Braves 21-10
George Muha:  I honestly am starting to believe when anyone puts on a Newton Braves helmet, you can just assume they will be heading to a sectional final.  They aren’t there yet but they’ve surely set themselves up pretty well to get there.  I guarantee Newton’s Larry “The Cable Guy” Pittenger has not slept a lick all week in anticipation for this game.  No way that kid allows his Braves to drop this game at home.  PICK:  Braves 44-30
Owen: Glen Rock

North 2, Group 3

8 Nutley (5-4) @ 1 Sparta (8-1)
Ryan Sudol: Sparta has been undefeated at home since their new stadium opened this September. I know that Sparta has a great fan section, but I’d say that has a little something to do with the team as well. The #1 seeded Spartans are the only Morris Sussex team in the NJ Top 20, and it is hard to believe anyone is gonna stop them in their section. The Austin & Austen Show will continue to show out against Nutley as Frattura will throw 3 TDs and Castorina will run for 3 TDs. Simply put, the Raiders are going to rue the day that they stepped into the Spartans’ fortress. PICK: Sparta 43-6
Brian Kenney: The Raiders had a decent season, but Sparta is officially in beast mode. The Austin/Austen Brothers had themselves some games last week. QB Austen Frattura will throw for three scores and over 270 yards while completing over 60% of his throw, while RB Austin Castorina ran for a buck-twenty five and a TD while having 4 receptions with another score. How about Frattura though, spreading his passes around to 6 different receivers! Nutley won’t be able to keep up in this one, as the Spartans advance. PICK: Sparta 42-19
George Muha:  I think I actually had a few receptions in last week’s Sparta game.  Frattura seems to like to spread the wealth.  I’m sure Nutley has a game plan to try to frazzle the Spartan’s freshman QB but the kid has already seen it all going through that tough regular season schedule.  And make no bones about it, Austin Castorina will combine for a minimum of 250-yards between rushing and receiving.  No way the Spartan’s drop this playoff game at home.  PICK:  Sparta 40-20
Owen: Sparta

7 Jefferson (6-3) @ 2 River Dell (6-3)
Ryan Sudol: Two teams with identical records, two teams with less-than-identical resumés. River Dell has victories over Westwood, Demarest, and Par Hills while Jefferson has no signature win to their name. That coupled with the fact that River Dell have the Marvelous Mellett Brothers (QB Joe & RB Mike), the Falcons will stay grounded until 2020. PICK: River Dell 37-9
Brian Kenney: The River Dell. They are always tough. The Falcons will battle until the end, but I think the Golden Hawks will prevail. That being said, J-Town’s Matthew Johnson will play almost flawlessly, throwing for over 200 yards with 2 TDs. Michael Gould will add almost 100 yards on the ground with a score, but I think the Dell’s defense will bend but not break as they win in the final minutes. PICK: RD 35-28
George Muha:  Not for nothing but I hope college coaches are paying attention to Jefferson QB Bam Johnson.  That kid has a cannon of an arm.  And his release is insanely quick.  I know Jefferson is probably outmatched here but I think the Falcons are fundamentally sound and has the talent that can hang with Dell if they want to.  I am doubling down on the visiting team because I just believe they can win.  PICK:  Jefferson 24-21
Owen: Jefferson

6 Paramus (5-4) @ 3 Parsippany Hills (7-2)
Ryan Sudol: This is a rare instance where two out of conference opponents who played each other in the regular season meet again in the playoffs. Par Hills came out on the winning end of the first encounter, so expect Paramus to be tuned into the Vikings’ game plan. Also, the Spartans’ run game has been rejuvenated since their loss to Par Hills as Trevor Bopp & Kyle Jacob have really stepped it up down the stretch. This could prove to be the equalizer, but I just think that Par Hills offers too much through the air with Breslauer and his cast of characters. I see all three Vikes TDs coming from his arm, with EJ Comerford catching two of them. Heck, maybe his second will be a game winner in the final minutes! Perhaps these won’t be the only Spartans they’ll conquer this postseason. Hmmmmm…. PICK: Par Hills 21-17
Brian Kenney: This is a rematch of September’s matchup, where the Hills won 28-10. In that game, Ty Sallie and EJ Comerford hauled in TD passes from JD Breslauer, who played a fantastic game. Par Hills will have to stop Paramus’s Kyle Jacob, but I think they will step it up defensively as they did in the first go-around. Look for Sallie, Comerford, Giraldo, and Nazziola, among others I’m sure, to play lights out defense in this one for the Vikings. JD has seen it all in his years as the starting QB, but there is no question he wants to raise that trophy one last time. This could be the squad to do it (again). PICK: PH 41-10
George Muha:  I believe Par Hills has the ability to go the distance but they need to start to play flawless.  Look for Ty “John” Sallie to get a Pick-6, while Jordan Thompson gets a forced fumble and two sacks in a convincing win for the Vikes.  PICK:  Par Hills 40-19
Owen: Paramus

5 Montville (7-2) @ 4 West Essex (7-2)
Ryan Sudol: Now THIS is gonna be a game! Montville’s stock with some has considerably gone down for some since losing 2 out of their final 3 regular season games, and many have written them off as a team whose record is based on a “cupcake” schedule. However, I think that the Mustangs have “learned their lesson” and QB Mike Burke will ensure that he and the rest of his team will come out with guns blazing. Don’t write off Wessex, though! Yes, they got slaughtered by Par Hills two weeks ago, but the Knights are riding high after ending Newark West’s undefeated season last week. This game is going to be super close, just like Montville’s first-round game last year, but I don’t think the ‘Stangs will be as happy with this year’s result. PICK: West Essex 27-24
Brian Kenney: Ugh, another situation of why do these squads have to play one another so early? This one is a toss-up, but I tend to give the edge to the ‘Stangs. Mike Burke is a huge part of Montville’s offense, and I think he is up to the task. He will have to play a nearly perfect game, which we all know he is capable of doing. Instrumental to his success, however, will be running back Zach Walch breaking off some decent runs and keeping the clock moving. I see Walch running for over 100 yards with a score, and Burke accounting for 200 yards plus of offense and two scores. This one is going to be what Gwen Stefani was singing about years ago. You know the tune, don’t make me say it. PICK: Montville 24-20
George Muha: Defense wins championships and the way Montville defenders Martinelli, Montville, Behrens and Waltsak have been playing, it’s clear they have their sights set for the ultimate prize.  They need to eat the elephant one spoonful at a time and this week will be their first bite.  PICK:  Mustangs 30-29
Owen: Montville

North 1, Group 4

6 Randolph (5-4) @ 3 Montgomery (8-1)
Ryan Sudol: Randolph has had a rough go at it late in the year (2-4 to close out), but they are so hungry to show that they are not a flash in the pan. And don’t let last week’s loss against Ramapo fool you, because the Rams were 6 points away from knocking off Sparta the week before! Montgomery ain’t no slouch, though. They are riding a 6 game win streak and have blown out almost all of those opponents with the help of QB Ryan Furey RB Alex Benitez. With all things considered, these two squads will be fighting tooth-and-nail all game long…and into an extra period. That’s right: OVERTIME! And you know what? I say that we’re gonna have ourselves an upset special in Cougar Country! Rams QB Matt Kleiven will throw for 2 TDs and RB Jimmy Pepe will run for 2 TDs, including the OT walk-off! PICK: Randolph 30-24
Brian Kenney: Jeez Louise- Montgomery has two quarterbacks that play often and each one is pretty great, numbers-wise. Ryan Furey seems to be the starter, but Marco Lainez gets time as well. The Rams will have to stop the offensive juggernaut that is Montgomery, especially wide receiver Lucas Lopecky, which seems to be the next Julio Jones!!! It’s insane. The Rams will put up a decent fight, and look for James Pepe and Jake Blumenthal to each record a pick and a bunch of tackles in this one, but the Cougars prove to be too much to handle. PICK: Montgomery 40-27
George Muha:  Randolph QB Matt Kleiven has quietly been one of the top performing Morris-Sussex QBs.  You gotta love lefty QB’s that can play and he’s exactly that.  As much as I’d love to see the Rams advance, I think their run might be over after this one.  PICK:  Montgomery Burns 44-39
Owen: Randolph

North 2, Group 4

8 Morris Hills (5-4) @ 1 Phillipsburg (7-1)
Ryan Sudol: First and foremost, I would like to apologize to my alma mater for erroneously ousting them from the postseason last week. I was correct in my prediction for their game vs. Sparta, but the teams that had to lose lost and the Knights got the final spot in Group 4! Congrats, guys! Now…about P-Burg. Morris Hills did beat Phillipsburg to win the sectional title back in 1975, but this is 2019. My grandfather went to Easton and he might disown me, but I’m sorry Poppy, the Stateliners aren’t lying down for these guys. PICK: Phillipsburg 37-7
Brian Kenney: If the Hills can stop P’Burg’s Matt Quetel, they will win this game. That, my friends, is no easy feat. Josh “The Babe” Babe will be all over the field on defense, along with his buddies Chuck “Tee” Rex, Daunte White and Anthony “Tony” Macera, combining for over 40 tackles. Joe Dawson will run for at least 100 yards and 2 scores on offense as well. When the dust clears, I think the Stateliners (pretty random nickname considering it’s a panther, but I like panthers so whatever) still squeak out a victory at home. PICK: P’Burg 21-17
George Muha:  I hope everyone enjoyed 5-year old Owen’s football predictions this week.  He literally does where football jerseys and eyeblack at every possible chance which is just the cutest thing in the world.  I love how he’s doubling down on Morris Hills in this one.  I’d love it if that were the case but I think that is a tall order but you never know.  PICK:  P-Burg 33-21
Owen: Morris Hills

7 Mount Olive (5-4) @ 2 Old Tappan (6-3)
Ryan Sudol: IT’S REMATCH TIME! The 2017 N1G4 title game is being revisited two years later as the Marauders are looking to avenge their heartbreaking loss to the Golden Knights. Mount Olive has play their best this year with their backs against the walls, and they will truly be tested more than ever here. Old Tappan has this great dual-threat QB Niko Orecchio and a defense that has allowed 14 PPG in the second half of the regular season. They also have wins over Northern Highlands & Wayne Hills and their schedule at-large holds a better selection of good teams than many-a Morris Sussex teams. Yes, Marauder Nation: I’m picking OT in this one. However, in your games vs. Randolph and Montville, I picked against you guys to win. Let’s hope for your sake that this stroke of luck continues! PICK: Old Tappan 27-9
Brian Kenney: The last time these two teams squared off it was also in the playoffs, and Mount Olive still remembers. Mount Olive won 4 out of the last 5 to roar into the playoffs. I think they have momentum on their side. Coach O’Connor has his troops motivated to not only win this round, but to keep going, shocking the world in the process. Now, I could be wrong, and maybe Mt. Olive overachieved, and history will repeat itself against Old T. But I’ll go with the team from Morris County, nobody ever said I wasn’t a homer. Look for Hunter Perez to wreak havoc on both sides of the ball, rushing for a buck fifty and two scores while recording at least 15 tackles on defense. Gavin Lockwood will hook up with his boy Caden Kramer for the game-winning score with no ticks left on the clock. PICK: Mt. Olive 28-27
George Muha:  Things are shaping up at the right time for Mount Olive.  Seems everyone is pretty healthy and I don’t thing we’ve seen the Marauders best football game yet.  I am doubling down on the red and gold this weekend because I just think they have the willingness, skill and coaching to live another day after this weekend.  PICK:  MO 40-39
Owen: Mount Olive

6 Morris Knolls (4-4) @ 3 West Morris (7-2)
*Morris Sussex Sports will be recording our play-by-play broadcast from this game and publishing it on YouTube on Sunday (we won’t be live however). 
Ryan Sudol: Ryan won’t be predicting this game since he is broadcasting it.
Brian Kenney: A rematch from just a couple of weeks ago. It’s never easy to beat the same team twice (unless you are the Patriots playing the Jets twice every year), but I think that the Wolfpack has the edge in this one. Jack DiPetro is a man on a mission and arguably the leader of the Pack. Last time the two teams played both Dipetro and QB Jack Spano had stellar games, and while the Golden Eagles will be looking to crack down on those two, it won’t be easy. (Don’t forget about WR Damian Engel, who hauled in all three of Spano’s TD passes in the last matchup). Look for the Knolls defense to record a couple of sacks and for Patrick Sinegra to pick off at least one pass in this one, but they will fall a little short in the end. PICK: WMC 27-17
George Muha:  Erase Morris Knoll’s loss to WMC a few weeks ago from your memory.  These are two Morris County heavy weight coaches facing each other and they’ll have each of their squads ready to run through a brick wall.  You can expect Morris Knoll’s Patrick Sinegra, Nick Miller and Sean “The Baller” Beller to be laser focused.  Do not be surprised if Knolls wins this in the least but I am giving the slight edge to the Wolfpack because, well, the DiPietro Factor.  PICK:  Wolves 33-31
Owen: West Morris

Non-Public, Group 4

9 Notre Dame (9-0) @ 8 Delbarton (6-3)
*Morris Sussex Sports will be broadcasting live from this game. Subscribe to the Morris Sussex Sports YouTube channel now so you are notified the moment we go live.
Ryan Sudol: Yep, you read that right! Notre Dame is unbeaten, but don’t let that scare you too much. They have yet to play a fellow parochial team and the publics they have played have not been up to the highest level. On the other hand, Delbarton has played multiple parochials and even beat DePaul! All in all, I see Cole Freeman having his typical outing with 3 TDs and 200 yards passing and the Green Wave rolling on to the next round! PICK: Delbarton 33-21
Brian Kenney: Notre Dame might feel like Baylor University does right now, undefeated but no love from the pollsters with a 9 seed. Delbarton is not taking the 9 seed lightly, nor should they. Cole Freeman knows what he has to do, and that is pass, run, and hand off to Danny Papantonis to move the ball down the field. I think the game, however, will come down to defensive stops. To that end, I put faith in RJ “Shakin’” Martini for the Green Wave. I see about 12 tackles from him, along with a sack or two. Jack Reale adds a pick to seal this one. PICK: Green Wave 22-14
George Muha:  Delby’s playoff section is probably the toughest in the country and it will get progressively difficult with each week.  Playing Notre Dame in Round 1 is impossible.  But they aren’t playing that Notre Dame.  Nortre Dame the high school from NJ is still tough, but not impossible and I expect Daniel “Get Outta the Cookie Jar” Hajjar to use his leadership skills to have his team fired up for a Round 1 dub.  PICK:  Delby 28-21
Owen: Notre Dame

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George 144-55 (72.36%)

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Ryan Sudol is a veteran play-by-play broadcaster for Morris Sussex Sports and current broadcast student at William Paterson.  Have an opinion about Ryan’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle:  @birdieguy13

Brian Kenney is a Hanover Park alumni who really has nothing to do with high school sports. But he’s George Muha’s oldest friend and while he’s a better lawyer than high school football predictor, George gets a kick out of his comments and nicknames. Have an opinion about Brian’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle: @bdk29

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for nine years. George is the founder of MSS and is also on the board of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation.

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for 13-years. George is a proud board member of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation. Have an opinion about George’s picks? Tell him what you think via his twitter handle: @MorrSussSports

Owen is 5-year old sports nut who calls it like he sees it.  He loves his mom, goes to bed at 7pm and believes Saturday’s and Sunday’s are for wearing eyeblack (even when it’s not football season). Have an opinion about Owen’s picks? You best keep that to yourself because you don’t want this guy knocking on your door.

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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