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Friday Night Frights

Mountain Lakes (5-2) @ Boonton (6-2)
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Ryan Sudol: Ryan will not be predicting because he is doing play-by-play for this game.
Brian Kenney: Cross-town rivals. Rumor has it these towns are like Capulets and the Montagues. Like, you can’t even bring a kid from the other town to prom! It’s going to be a battle at “The Boot” and, I had to say to meet my quota of saying it at least once – a barn burner!!! (Why a barn? Why is that so exciting to burn? Seems terrible). Anyway I think Boonton will pull this one out at home behind their O-line opening up a lot of holes for the backs. Look for Corey Dempster to run for over 100 yards and 2 TDS. PICK: Boots 21-14
George Muha: I’ve literally been waiting for this game all year! It wouldn’t matter if these teams were mismatched (which they are not), it would still be a dog fight. TJ Lesko and company want to avenge last year’s loss in a big way. This game will be won by the team who has the ball last. I predict it will be Boonton Danny “The Zombie” Portas who wins it on a two-point conversion QB keeper. PICK: Boots 22-21

Emerson (5-3) @ Butler (6-2)
Ryan Sudol: Butler closes out the year with a game that they must win if they want a chance at a home ‘yoff game. Good thing for them, Emerson is a lot less scary than their record says. Butler’s dynamic duo last week was QB Evan Smith & RB Joe Conti, who played a part in all of their TDs vs. Wallington last week. I say those two will lead the way again, and the rest of the Dawgs will fall in line to feast on the Cavaliers like a chew toy. PICK: Butler 38-17
Brian Kenney: Butler is spooked about a tough Emerson coming into town this Friday. But considering they scored over 110 points in the last two games they aren’t that concerned. They are as scared as Brad Pitt’s character was in World War Z walking through a crowd of zombies after he injected himself with a disease so they didn’t see him. I thought that was a good flick. Anyway, Evan “Scary” Smith threw for over 300 yards and 2 scores last week and for Butler and will toss 3 TDs and run for another one this week as Butler wins a battle. PICK: Butler 37-30
George Muha: Jason “Voorhees” Polons will be making it a nightmare for Emerson’s defense with a 150+ yard receiving performance in a convincing dub. PICK: Butts 40-12

Chatham (2-6) @ Hanover Park (3-5)
Ryan Sudol: Boy, what a turnaround the HP Hornets have had! After dropping their first 5, they’re looking for their 4th win in a row to finish the season. They have an opponent that is very similar to them in Chatham, though, who will not make it easy. The Cougs will put up a great fight with team MVP Peter Schelling finding the end zone at least twice. However, the Hornets offense that has really come out of its hive in recent weeks will prove to be the difference maker. Ethan Gayle will replicate his 3 TD performance from last week to end the season on a high note for HP. PICK: Hanover Park 35-28
Brian Kenney: What can I say about this Ethan “Flash” Gayle kid? He had himself a game last week, with over 200 yards rushing and 3 TDs with two touchdown runs over 80 yards and another 50 plus yard TD. Not only that, but he rushed for over 1,000 yards this year. He will get his again this week, as HP has to win (and look for some help) to have a shot at the postseason. Chatham is no push over, and I think Peter Schelling is going to rush for over 150 yards and 2 TDS in this one for the Cougars. But the Hornets need this game too much to be stopped at the Hive. Owen Feldman will pick up 15 tackles in this one for the Hornets. PICK: HP 34-24
George Muha: Chatham’s Peter “Sling Blade” Schelling is definitely is doing a good job of getting attention of the All Morris Sussex Sports postseason awards gods with another kick return for a TD last week. I think Schelling will be a mouthful for the Hornet defense. But if HP’s Ethan “The Gargoyle” Gayle plays as insanely like he did last week against Madison, I don’t see the Cougars winning. Sprinkle in the fact that sophomore Hornet Mike “Frankenstein” Fillippone has been playing like he’s sewed together from a bunch of top tier football players and I predict the Hornets win by a decent margin. PICK: HP 45-21

Delbarton (5-3) @ Clifton (5-2)
Ryan Sudol: The moment that Delbarton entered the state’s top 20, they left it. They took out that anger on Morristown last week, but now face one of their harder opponents this year in Clifton. Clifton’s defense is INSANE, only allowing 7 PPG in 2019. However, hot college prospect Cole Freeman is a wizard under center who can solve the labyrinth of any defense. He’ll do just that against the Mustangs, tossing for 2 TDs, as the Wave rolls on! PICK: Delbarton 21-13
Brian Kenney: Delby’s defense was scary last week but they have a tough match up this week on the road. That being said, I think the Green Wave will step it up this week as they are gearing up for the post season. Look for Cole “Frightening” Freeman to run for a score and throw for two more in this one. PICK: Delby 28-20
George Muha: Clifton is a tough team and I do not see Delby getting a win that easily. But I predict in the middle of the 3rd quarter the Green Wave QB Cole “Freddy Krueger” Freeman will settle in to ride his Wave to a win by a two touchdown delta. PICK: Delby 42-28

Kinnelon (3-5) @ Whippany Park (0-8)
Ryan Sudol: What a story! Kinnelon doesn’t seem like a team who should make the playoffs, but after beating great teams in Parsippany, Pequannock, and Ramsey, they are one win away! The Colts are amped up, and an excited team is always a huge boost for any game. QB Aiden Duffy and RB Nick Matthew will channel that excitement and account for all the TDs here as the Colts roll on to the second season! PICK: Kinnelon 35-14
Brian Kenney: Kinnelon had a nice win last week and from what I heard is on the cusp of a playoff berth. They need to win on Friday, and they will. Look for Nick “The Marauder” Mathew to have another great game on the ground (last week he had 28 carries (workhorse) for over 150 yards and 2 touchdowns). This week he will have almost 200 yards and score at least twice. PICK: Kinnelon 34-20
George Muha: I absolutely love Kinnelon’s come from behind victory last week! This time of year, the teams the dig the deepest go the furthest. I believe they still need a little outside help to guarantee a playoff bid but they definitely did their part. Look for Nick “Jigsaw” Matthew to rush for over 150-yards and two TDs in a convincing win. PICK: 35-10

Lenape Valley (7-1) @ High Point (5-3)
*Morris Sussex Sports will be broadcasting live from this game. Click HERE to subscribe to our YouTube page (for free of course) so you are notified the moment we go live.
Ryan Sudol: These teams, though with differing records, are very evenly matched. Both teams have weapons on both sides of the ball that can prove to be difference makers. I’ve got the difference right here: If Lenape Valley wins this game, they will win a share of the National Red title. High Point, led by RB Travis Tallamy & QB Alex Buchwald will try to prevent that from happening, but I think Pats’ RB Nick Molinari will continue his hot streak with 3 TDs to get the big road W. Maybe one of those TDs will be to take the lead in the final minutes! PICK: Lenape Valley 24-18
Brian Kenney: Wow, Nick “Monster” Molinari went bananas last week against Wallkill Valley with almost 250 yards and 4 touchdowns. High Point has been scheming to stop the Monster all week though, and look for Pointers Van Orden and Buchwald to combine for over 15 tackles. But in the end the Valley notches their 8th win of the year. PICK: LV 27-22
George Muha: If I were Lenape Valley I would be very afraid of HP coach Jim “Hannibal Lecter” DeLaney. This is the type of game that he thrives on. I do predict Rocco “Chucky” Bonavolonta and company will come up on top but expect them to be on their heels for close to three quarters before they get their bearings. PICK: LV 21-14

Jefferson (5-3) @ Mendham (2-5)
Ryan Sudol: Jefferson may be a #6 seed right now, but a loss to a 2-win Mendham team could spell trouble for the Falcons. To make it even scarier, Mendham’s record does not tell the whole story as they are much better than it seems. Gage Armijo, Frank Kontely, and the Minutemen will certainly try their hardest to play spoiler. However, the Falcons’ desire will lead them to soar to victory. QB Matt “Bam” Johnson & RB Michael Gould will account for 3 TDs to clinch a playoff berth! PICK: Jefferson 24-17
Brian Kenney: Both these teams had good wins last week. Obviously JTown is thinking about one thing – the playoffs. Mendham’s Dylan Hakes had a great day on the ground last week and will pick up another buck twenty and two scores this week as well. But the Falcons’ defensive crew of Patscher, Felter, Raymond and Studnick will continue tackling everyone they see and will keep Mendham’s offense in check enough to come away with a win. PICK: J-Town 20-14
George Muha: Not to get a puffy chested or nothing but I do have an excellent track record in picking upsets this year. I predicted Par High to upset Kittatinny early in the season, I had Boonton over Weequahic a few weeks back and I picked Kinnelon to beat Ramsey just last week. In my mind, none of those picks were meant to be long shots. I knew those teams were capable of winning. I actually have the same feeling about Mendham this week. Mendham is literally stacked with great athletes that just needed a little on-the-field confidence. Last week’s win over Vernon is going to help them here. I do think they will need to dig deep as Mike “the Ghoul” Gould and the Falcons won’t relent but I am just feeling it’s Mendham’s time to shine. And the Minutemen do seem to have a new found home field advantage with the whole Moshpit movement they got cooking over there. Look for Tommy “The Guillotine” Diegnan to find the endzone in the final seconds to win it. PICK: Minutemen 21-20

Memorial (1-7) @ Dover (0-6)
Ryan Sudol: It’s the final game of the year, and that means the final chance for the Tigers to pick up a victory. It’s also probably the best chance they have to win this year, as well. Dover knows this and they’ll do everything in their power to beat Memorial, but I think that Dover will have to wait until next year’s Ivy Division to pick up some wins. Mark my words: Dover will win multiple games next year!!! PICK: Memorial 24-16
Brian Kenney: George told me to make these predictions “spooky-related” and I was like, bro, by the time they come out Halloween be over. My spooky predictions will look like the old leftover Halloween decorations in Target and Home Depot that are on clearance. Some big old witch that cackles or a 8 foot tall white werewolf, like who buys that ? Do people love Halloween that much? I sure don’t. Anyway Dover plays tough the whole game, as they did all season, but Memorial escapes with a win on a TD in the final seconds. PICK: Memorial 13-7
George Muha: I predict Dover is the only Morris-Sussex team to wear Halloween colors this weekend! I am also predicting Memorial wins this battle but I have no doubt that Dover will win the war with the way they’ve been building this program. Just be patient, it’s going to happen. PICK: Memorial 30-10

Morris Hills (5-3) @ Sparta (7-1)
Ryan Sudol: For the first time in years, the Spartans have entered the Top 20 in the state of NJ! Not only that, but they are currently a #1 seed in the playoffs! Things couldn’t be better for Sparta, but that is the opposite for Mo’ Hills. In order to make the playoffs, they must find a way to knock off Sparta on the road. Sorry, fellas: there’s no stopping the Spartans’ crusade. MSS Player of the Year candidate RB Austin Castorina will rush for 4 TDs in this one as Sparta clinches home-field advantage for the postseason. PICK: Sparta 45-14
Brian Kenney: Sparta is getting hot at the right time. While the Hills’ last game is not indicative of how tough they have been playing this year, they will put up a fight in this one. Bash Brothers Bushey and Broccoletti will combine for 30 tackles and at least two sacks for Sparta in this one. PICK: Sparta 34-20
George Muha: I don’t know why I haven’t made a bigger deal about this but can we all just marvel about Sparta QB Austen Frattura for a second? This kid is a freshman and has won seven varsity football games at the helm. Just let that sink in. When I was a freshman in high school I literally couldn’t be left alone for more than 10 minutes. Mad respect there! I do think this could be one of those trap games for the Spartans but I still think Sparta will cruise. PICK: Sparta 34-23

Morris Knolls (4-3) @ No. Highlands (5-2)
Ryan Sudol: OK, here’s the good news, Knollsheads: I THINK that you guys have clinched a spot in the postseason. That is mostly due to the fact that the state won’t penalize you too much if you lose to a FANTASTIC Northern Highlands squad. It just also happens that I believe that is exactly what will happen. Like I said, though: I THINK you’re OK. PICK: Northern Highlands 31-10
Brian Kenney: Highlander is no joke this season and Knolls will have their hands full. Nick Parente scores a defensive touchdown for Knolls and their defensive plays out of their minds all game, pulling of an upset (of sorts). PICK: Knolls 13-8
George Muha: One of my favorite players in Morris-Sussex players is MK’s Chris “The Mummy” Tavarone. While I do think he has a stellar game, I think Highlands will continue their winning ways. PICK: NH 33-21

Morristown (2-5) @ Mount Olive (4-4)
Ryan Sudol: After a dominating display against Roxbury last week, it’s as simple as win and get in for the Marauders. In last year’s game, Mount Olive barely beat the Colonials following a valiant defensive effort from both sides. But this year’s edition is at The Ship, which has become one of the top home field advantages in Morris-Sussex. That along with the fact that their D is stingy as ever and QB Gavin Lockwood has been dropping dimes left-and-right, it should be an easy going evening for the Marauders. See you next week! PICK: Mount Olive 34-17
Brian Kenney: Mount Olive’s QB Gavin Lockwood had a heck of a game last week and will stay hot this week. Look for him to throw for 200 plus yards and at least 2 scores in this one. PICK: Mt Olive 30-13
George Muha: If you have Motown QB Jackson Willette on your fantasy team, you need to make him your “carry-over” player. I predict his going to be a high producing QB next season. While Motown’s 2019 campaign winds down, Mount Olive’s is just heating up and it’s all coming together at the right time. Caden Kramer is healthy after missing some play and Gavin “Leather Face” Lockwood looked like he invented the spread offense last week. The momentum is in favor of the Marauders right now. PICK: MO 34-19

Parsippany Hills (6-2) @ Orange (5-3)
Ryan Sudol: WOW! I thought that Par Hills would knock off West Essex last week, but NOT like that! The Vikings proved that they REALLY belong in a stacked Group 3 after beating the Knights 35-7, and they should have a similar go at it against the Tornadoes. I see JD Breslauer, who threw for 5 TDs last week, to toss 3 in this one to 3 different targets. A diverse receiving corps, they have (Yoda voice). PICK: Par Hills 31-6
Brian Kenney: Orange is tough at home but this Hills’ offense can’t and won’t be stopped. JD Breslauer will hit Wilson, Comerford and Sallie for TDs in this one. PICK: Hills 35-17
George Muha: My favorite high school football team name in all of NJ is the Orange Tornadoes. It just has a nice ring to it. And they have been bringing a storm every time they play Par Hills the last couple of years. However, the Vikings of Par Hills seem like they’ve been laser focused as of late. If they can keep up that intensity, I don’t see anything slowing them down. Look for TE/WR Jordan “Norman Bates” Thompson to score twice. PICK: Vikes 44-32

Pequannock (4-4) @ Parsippany (7-1)
Ryan Sudol: If the Redhawks can win this game, they clinch the outright American Blue division title. That would only add to the list of accomplishments that Parsippany has achieved this season. You know what, I say they do it! Why would their momentum stop here? The ‘Hawks already have a home playoff game next week, and just like with Kinnelon, they are excited about what is to come! I see RBs Nana Agyemang & Anthony Colasuonno leading the way on offense as they combine for 200 rushing yards. On to the second season! PICK: Parsippany 24-6
Brian Kenney: Parsippany is playing out of their minds this year. They are too legit to quit. (They should play that song before games). Look for Nana Agyemang to run for 200 yards and 3 scores in this one. PICK: 33-14
George Muha: It’s funny, all kinds of people are coming up to me and saying, “I see Parsippany is tearing it up this year!” People, even long time Redhawk opponents, from around the area are genuinely happy for them. I cannot wait for the postseason because I know all kinds people are going to jump on the bandwagon and will be filling the stands. Get your “Fear the Bird” shirts because it’s about to get fun! PICK: Birds 44-24

Roxbury (2-6) @ West Morris (6-2)
Ryan Sudol: The Pack wants as many home games this postseason as possible, and as they are currently a 3 seed, a big win over the Gaels could give them at least two home playoff games (on paper) as a 2-seed. I say that is exactly what’s gonna happen Friday night. Watch as RB Jack DiPietro runs for 100+ yards and 3 TDs and leads WMC to a blowout victory. PICK: West Morris 42-10
Brian Kenney: The Pack is gearing up for their playoff run, and it’s going to be a long night for the Gales. The Pack’s QB Jack DiPietro will account for 3 scores in this one. PICK: WM 33-19
George Muha: WMC seems to be getting better and better as the season goes on. I predict Mark “Psych” Ward and Ryan “Michael Myers” Schilling hold Gaels to less than 10-points, while Joey “The Predator” Spano throws and rushes for a TD. PICK: WMC 35-7

Ramapo (8-0) @ Randolph (5-3)
Ryan Sudol: Ramapo was a huge thorn in Randolph’s sides last year as they handed the Rams lone regular season loss. Unfortunately, I see the same fate for the Rams here in this one. Ramapo is the 7th ranked team in the state and they got a defense to call home about. They also have a dynamite QB Charles DePrima who has a diverse group of weapons at his disposal. Randolph is good, but the Green Raiders are a whole ‘nother brand of good. PICK: Ramapo 39-17
Brian Kenney: Ramapo is like The Terminator and it’s a rough matchup for the Rams. Are the Terminator movies horror movies? I mean it’s pretty scary thinking robots are going to take over the world. I mean Arnold Schwarzenegger was pretty likable in the T2 movie. (That movie came out so long ago the kids probably don’t even know about it, but apparently he is in the new one along with John Connor’s mom. As an aside, what the heck is going on in this world, I thought we stopped that robots from taking over, geez!) PICK: Ramapo 39-14
George Muha: How about the emergence of Randolph super stud Jimmy “The Blob” Pepe (sorry, I am running out of horror movie villain names). This kid is a stud! Ramapo will have their hands full with the junior but I predict the Raiders will remain perfect after this one. PICK: Ramapo 34-29

Vernon (1-7) @ Montville (6-2)
Ryan Sudol: For the 2nd week in a row, the Mustangs are MAAAAD. They barely lost to Mount Olive two weeks ago, and last week they handled by Sparta. Good thing Montville can release all that negative energy on Vernon so that they can clear their heads before the postseason. “Mr Do-it-All” Mike Burke will account for pass for a TD & run for two TDs while his cast of characters in the backfield will do the rest. PICK: Montville 43-7
Brian Kenney: When I was in law school I saw the Blair Witch Project. Yes, I am old. That was literally the scariest movie I ever saw in my life at the time. I couldn’t sleep! The devil children freaked me out, and the witches in the corner, I still get goosebumps. All this being said Vernon will need to bring down some witches and demons to help them out against the ‘Stangs. Montville had a rough one last week against Sparta, and are amped up for a rebound win. Mike “Berzerk” Burke is going to account for 4 scores in this one. PICK: Montville 41-22
George Muha: It’s been a brutal two weeks for the Mustangs but things will get righted this week. Coach Rick “Damien” DeBonta will deliver a pregame message that will have his players playing two feet off the ground. PICK: ‘Stangs 44-21

Warren Hills (3-5) @ Hackettstown (1-6)
Ryan Sudol: What could be better than a good ‘ol rivalry clash to end the regular season? Well, it COULD be better for Hackettstown. Warren Hills is MAAAAD. Warren Hills is healthy again (literally) after a team-wide bout with mono and need a win to stay in the postseason. They’ve been hungry to get back to the field and want to make up that ground in the second season, so expect the Streaks to put up their performance of the year as they strike against the Tigers. PICK: Warren Hills 42-17
Brian Kenney: H-Town got roughed up last week against Chatham, but will bounce back against the Hills. This one goes down to the wire. Zack “The Buzzer” Burke will record another 10 tackles this week for H-Town but they fall just short in the end. PICK: WH 21-20
George Muha: I always love when we (Morris Sussex teams) play Warren Hills because I just like saying their name “Blue Streaks”. While H-Town’s Nick “The Nightmare” Gagliardi will rush for beyond 100-yards, I predict it will be Warren Hills that will be the victors. PICK: Blue Streaks 21-14

Saturday Afternoon Horrors

Seton Hall Prep (7-1) @ Pope John (1-7)
Ryan Sudol: The SHP Pirates are the talk of the town this week after their colossal upset vs. #1 St. Joe’s (Mont.) on Saturday. All signs point to them plundering all over 1-7 PJ, but they are MUCH better than their record. Still, I think the #8 ranked Pirates will take one in a relatively-convincing fashion. PICK: Seton Hall Prep 37-20
Brian Kenney: Despite their records, this game is going to be a lot closer than you would think on paper. PJ is going to put up a fight and drop at least 20 on the Prep, but it won’t be enough. Speaking of Seton Hall, who else is getting excited for the University’s hoops squad?! I went to law school there so they are my team! PICK: SHP 30-28
George Muha: The impact of the Ruscher twins to the Pope John football squad has been a welcome addition. I think they’ll help the Johnnies to make this a competitive game, but I predict SHP will come out on top in the end. PICK: Pirates 32-24

North Warren (1-7) @ Sussex Tech (7-1)
Ryan Sudol: Sussex Tech is currently sitting as a 6-seed in Group 2, and a loss to 1-7 North Warren could mean bad times for Mustang Nation. Don’t fret, though: you guys got this! The dynamic backfield duo of Bo Maroney & Brendan Hall will account for 5 TDs between the two of ‘em as the ‘Stangs roll to the playoffs! PICK: Sussex Tech 42-7
Brian Kenney: ST’s defense is going to put on a clinic this week. Between Marshall, Mihalik, Maroney, Conyers and Fara I don’t see NW moving the ball much. PICK: ST 30-7
George Muha: Durham, Hall and Maroney are all within striking distance of crossing the 1,000-yard mark a piece. The Technies are also leading the state in rushing yards. Who says small school football doesn’t kick butt!? Despite NWR’s record, they can play tough D so don’t expect any records to be broken in this game (but all three could cross the 1,000 mark in the playoffs), however you can expect the Techies to be the victor in this one. PICK: Tech 33-12

Newton (6-2) @ Madison (1-6)
Ryan Sudol: After an 0-2 start, it seemed that no one believed in the Braves except for themselves. They have made all the critics eat their words by knocking off 6 straight opponents and a playoff berth. To close out this Cinderella season, Newton faces a team they handled 42-7 last year, but the Dodgers want to prove why their record doesn’t tell the whole story (which it doesn’t, by the way). However, I think Newton continues to ride the victory train as QB Jack Young throws for a TD & RB Peyton Nolan runs for two TDs. PICK: Newton 28-13
Brian Kenney: Madison’s Austin Schmitz played great last week, accounting for over 200 yards of offense and scoring every TD for the Dodgers. This week he will still get his, but it won’t be easy. Part of the reason is Brayden Nolan on the Braves’ defense. Kid had a dozen tackles and two forced fumbles last week. It’s going to be a battle but Newton endures. PICK: Newton 21-18
George Muha: I grew up a few blocks from Madison HS and I can remember countless Saturday’s hearing the Dodger announcer calling games from my back yard. If I still lived over there, I know I’d be hearing Newton defensive lineman Larry “The Cable Guy” Pittenger’s name all afternoon. PICK: Braves 40-13

Morris Catholic (5-3) @ Kittatinny (4-4)
Ryan Sudol: Kittatinny MUST win this game in order to make the postseason, a task will be made much harder due to the unknown status of RB Jacob Mafaro. Also, QB Jeff Chaplin & the Crusader offense can turn it up to 11 when they want to. Either way, the Cougars know that they haven’t made the playoffs in back-to-back years in a LONG time and want to defend their sectional title. With that said, expect Jacob’s little bro Bryson to have his breakout performance and the Kittatinny secondary to up their game as the Cougs eek their way into the playoffs! PICK: Kittatinny 28-21
Brian Kenney: This is going to be a heck of a game and MC’s defense will have to step up big time to win. MC’s Carlos Navarro has a bunch of tackles and forces a big fumble in this one as MC barely escapes with a W. PICK: MC 20-17
George Muha: I know playing the defending sectional champs on their home field is no easy task. But the way MC’s Jeff “Candy Man” Chaplin, Ryan “Pennywise” McAndrew and Matt “The Nun” Luttenberger have been gelling, I think it might actually be a nightmare of a game for the Cougars. PICK: Crusaders 34-18

Hopatcong (2-6) @ Wallkill Valley (3-5)
Ryan Sudol: Speaking of must win, the Rangers have to beat the Warriors at home to get into the playoffs! Since going 3-0, Wallkill has had a tough go at it as losers of five straight. Injuries have also plagued this squad, which makes it seem like it’s time for the Mastroeni Cousins & da ‘Cong to pounce on the prey. Not so fast, my friend! Wallkill RB Ben Miseski has been a roll, and he will rush for over 200 yards as the Rangers escape with their skins along with their playoff lives! PICK: Wallkill Valley 31-23
Brian Kenney: This is going to be a defensive battle! The ‘Cong’s defensive is going to be all over the field between the Mastroeni Brothers, Kreusch, White, and Rodriguez making tons of tackles and forcing at least two turnovers. The Valley’s Brandon McMillian will record almost 20 tackles and score a defensive TD in this one somehow. PICK: WV 7-6
George Muha: I actually like how both teams match-up here. But I think Wallkill’s MLB Ryan “Ted” Nugent has a lot of steam to burn off from missing a lot of early games due to injury to drop this one. PICK:  WV 30-25

How We’ve Been Picking Them Last Week

Ryan 20-3 (86.96%)
Brian 18-5 (78.26%)
George 20-3 (86.96%)

How We’ve Been Picking Them So Far

Ryan 80-28 (74.07%)
Brian 120-57 (67.79%)
George 127-50 (71.75%)

About the Predictors

Ryan Sudol is a veteran play-by-play broadcaster for Morris Sussex Sports and current broadcast student at William Paterson.  Have an opinion about Ryan’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle:  @birdieguy13

Brian Kenney is a Hanover Park alumni who really has nothing to do with high school sports. But he’s George Muha’s oldest friend and while he’s a better lawyer than high school football predictor, George gets a kick out of his comments and nicknames. Have an opinion about Brian’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle: @bdk29

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for nine years. George is the founder of MSS and is also on the board of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation.

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for 13-years. George is a proud board member of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation. Have an opinion about George’s picks? Tell him what you think via his twitter handle: @MorrSussSports

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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