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Friday Night Lights

Becton (3-2) @ Butler (4-2)
Ryan Sudol: Last week, Butler had one of their most heartbreaking losses in a long while as they gave up a 10-point lead with 5 mins left to drop the NJIC Meadowlands title to Cresskill. With that said, these Dawgs are MAAAAAD! They haven’t lost back-to-back games in a couple years and are desperate for a bounce-back heading into the conference playoffs. Watch for Evan Smith to throw for 4 TDs in this crucial victory. PICK: Butler 40-24
Brian Kenney: Ok, so I did much better last week with my predictions, so maybe the poems helped. But I don’t have time to come up with literary genius every week, so I’m just going to play it straight. Becton is having a decent season, but I think Butler is tough at home and will win a close one as Evan Smith throws a 40 yard bomb to win in the fourth quarter. PICK: Bulldogs 30-25
George Muha: Butler receiver Jason Polons has been Mr Reliable on my fantasy team. Last week he caught 8 passes for 121-yards and 2 TDs and this week I think he bests that. PICK: Butts 35-21

Ramsey (3-3) @ Hanover Park (1-5)
Ryan Sudol: Last week the Hornets put 61 points on Hackettstown to get their first win! They are out of the playoffs, but they want to send QB Matt Tuli and the rest of the seniors out on top. This one is not going to be as easy as last week, though. Ramsey has this dual threat QB named Blake Creamer who has been a real factor in the Rams winning their last two. He will greatly contribute in this game and make it a fight. I see RB Ethan Gayle rushing for 2 TDs and Tuli tossing 4 TDs here (maybe even the game winner!). PICK: Hanover Park 40-33
Brian Kenney: It was certainly Tuli Time last week, as the QB accounted for four TDs (3 on the ground [what injury?] and 1 in the air). But what about this kid Mike Filippone? Taking a page out of his old man’s book (who was a former State Champ at HP), Mike rushed for over 170 yards and 3 scores on 11 carries. With Gayle and Filippone in the backfield and Tuli running and throwing the ball over the place, I think HP is going to make a run at the post-season. They get their second win of the season on Friday. PICK: HP 34-20
George Muha: It’s too bad Hanover Park sophomore Mike Filippone stinks at football. And good thing he has a nice singing voice he can fall back on (that’s a true fact – sorry Filippone, your mom told me that). Of course, I am only joking around his football skills as the kid is clearly a total stud on the field (but I am not joking about the singing, he apparently really has talent there as well). Filippone will be singing his way to a 150 total yard performance with at least 1 TD in a convincing home win. PICK: Hornets 29-12

Wallkill Valley (3-3) @ Newton (4-2)
Ryan Sudol: I’m being honest here, folks: if Wallkill had the same squad they had in the preseason, I would’ve had them coming out with the victory here. However, injuries to both QB Alex Mastroianni and his backup Tommy Testino have brought the Rangers 3 consecutive losses. That coupled with the rise of QB Jack “Don’t Call Me Luke” Young, the fact that Newton is red hot, and that it’s a Senior Night whiteout in honor of the late Lexi Faye, how can I not pick the Braves?! PICK: Newton 31-17
Brian Kenney: This game will go down to the final minutes, but I think Newton has too many weapons on offense to contain. Look for Jack Young to throw for a couple of scores, but Aaron Fantasia will break a long touchdown off in the last few minutes to seal it for the Braves. PICK: Newton 21-17
George Muha: I am literally going to name my next kid Aaron Fantasia. How cool is that name? You know what’s cooler? The way this guy has been helping my fantasy team. Expect Fantasia to score at least two in a convincing dub. PICK: Newtonians 40-19

Whippany Park (0-6) @ Mountain Lakes (4-2)
Ryan Sudol: Say it with me, folks: Mountain Lakes is MAAAAD! They lost an instant classic in 2OT last week to Parsippany and now are on the outside looking in for the divisional title race. Thankfully, they can take all of the anger they want out on Whippany Park who have had the great misfortune of being fed to angry teams all season long. RB Wesley “He is Never” Dunn will scamper for 250+ yards and 3 TDs against the Wildcats to give the HERD an easy division win. PICK: Mountain Lakes 41-7
Brian Kenney: I predict Wesley Dunn has a great game for the HERD this week, running for over 150 yards and collecting at least 10 tackles and a sack on defense. The crazy fans will be celebrating in Mountain Lakes as they get their 5th win of the year. PICK: Lakes 40-13
George Muha: Next year the Whip will be a much better team. But now these young guns need to just soak up as much varsity experience as possible as it will pay dividends later on. In the meantime, count on Wesley “Warrick” Dunn and the rest of the Herd to bounce back after their OT loss to the Redhawks. PICK: Herd 38-10

North Plainfield (2-4) @ Dover (0-4)
Ryan Sudol: Hang in their Tigers, your future is bright and so will my predictions be. PICK: North Plainfield 21-0
Brian Kenney: The Tigers won’t get their first win of the season this week, but theyll battle North Plainfield to the very end. PICK: NP 14-7
George Muha: I’ve been saying this all season, watch out because Dover is building from the foundation up. The Tigers will eventually be back competing with Morris-Sussex teams. In the meantime, just be patient Dover faithful. I do think they will get a dub this year but not sure it’s this week. PICK: NP 34-10

Parsippany (5-1) @ Boonton (5-1)
Ryan Sudol: Divisional rivals, identical records, late in the season. Parsippany is the story of the year as they are going to have their first winning season in forever, but here comes Boonton with their diverse group of weapons who have been wreaking havoc all year. This is a complete toss-up! Boonton knows what they’re up against and they are going to do everything they can to knock the Redhawks off their pedestal. However, the Redhawks have a flare for the dramatic as they have pulled off two straight thrilling wins as the underdog. In this case, I see the rule of threes biting Parsippany in the behind as being the road dog is a different animal. James Riedinger and Co. will try their darndest, but I see Danny Portas and Corey Dempster combining for 3 rushing TDs to shut down Par High’s momentum for at least one week. PICK: Boonton 28-20
Brian Kenney: Wow! Get your popcorn for this one! It’s going to be “lit” as the kids say. I don’t think kids say “off the chain” anymore, which is a shame. I always liked that saying. Anyway, I digress, I think the Redhawks may have the edge this week because, well, they seem to be gaining momentum every week. James Riedinger will account for over 300 yards of offense running and throwing the ball for the Hawks, but don’t count out the Boots. This Jordan DeCosta kid is sick, as he ran for almost 200 yards and 3 scores last week, along with Corey Dempster, who added another 93 yards on the ground. This is a coin flip, and it came up Boots. PICK: Boonton 28-27
George Muha: How about a big congratulations to Boonton coach Bryan Gallagher and his wife Lauren on the birth of their son Kellen this week! We hope mom and son are doing well! Redhawk fans, don’t think for a second that Coach Gallgher is going to be at all distracted though. He’s the ultimate strategist and he’s been planning for this week for nine months. But while I do expect the Boots to take the pound of flesh they typically take week-in and week-out, the Red Birds have been playing on a different plane this season. It will definitely be a dog fight, but I expect Par High to continue their win-streak! PICK: Birds 30-28

Pequannock (4-2) @ Kinnelon (1-5)
Ryan Sudol: Pequannock and Kinnelon are two teams whose records don’t tell the whole story. Pequannock is 4-2, but they haven’t faced many challenges in the wins they’ve racked up. On the other side, Kinnelon would have more wins if their schedule wasn’t one of the hardest schedules in the area. These two elements clashing should make for a very entertaining matchup in Colts Country. In the end, I see Joe McNamara & P-Quan getting the W late. PICK: Pequannock 20-14
Brian Kenney: Kinnelon is having a tough season, but they still have a lot of fight left in them. The ‘Quan is going to have their hands full and barely escape “The Stable” (my fake nickname for the Colts’ home field) with a W. PICK: Quan 21-14
George Muha: I have not given up on the Kinnelon Colts at all and I think they’ve had a much harder schedule than the Panthers to date. I’m not the only one who thinks that either. The Power Point gods do as well as they have the green and white only one spot away from qualifying for the postseason. I like the Colts in this one and I predict they win handily. PICK: Colts 30-21

Sparta (5-1) @ Randolph (4-2)
Ryan Sudol: Randolph has shown a lot of vulnerability as of late. They’ve lost two out of three and those two games (MO & WMC) are ones that they let slip away from them. Now they have to go against the best public team in the area. Heck, the Spartans have not given up a single point in their last three games! The Rams won’t let them pull that charade for a 4th time, but The Austin & Austen Show will combine for all the TDs in this game to give Sparta the road win in semi-convincing fashion. PICK: Sparta 30-14
Brian Kenney: I have to admit I’m eating Pringles as I write these predictions and is there a dignified way to finish out a can of Pringles other than tipping the can into your mouth to get the last of the chips/broken pieces of chips out? It’s tough. Anyway, this is going to be a barn burner but I think Sparta gets out of Ram Country with a win. Look for another interception by Sparta’s Noah Faria to seal the deal for the Spartans this week. And for the record, Sparta kicker Vin DeSimone makes more extra points than NFL kickers these days. PICK: Sparta 31-27
George Muha: Both of these teams have a boat load of talented skill players. Pepe from Randolph is playing like its a contract year and Sparta’s Castorina is, well, just his studly self. But I think the difference will be the horses up front. Sparta lineman T.J. “Bobby” Hurley and his fellow blockers and are opening monster holes as of late. PICK: Spartans 33-24

Hopatcong (1-5) @ North Warren (1-5)
Ryan Sudol: Both of these squads are riding long losing streaks and are giving each other the best chance to pick up a win with this game. Plus, when two struggling teams face off, you often get a great game. So, I say this one is going to come down to the wire with the Mastroeni Brothers helping guide a last-minute TD drive to give the Chiefs the win they’ve been pining for. PICK: Hopatcong 24-20
Brian Kenney: The ‘Cong and North Warren are both having tough years, but neither team is throwing in the towel. These teams have been working their tails off every week and it’s going to be a heck of a game on Friday night. The Mastroeni brothers will account for over 200 yards of offense and a couple of scores for the ‘Cong, while Roger White continues to tackle everyone on defense. PICK: ‘Cong 17-10
George Muha: Driving out to North Warren on a Friday night is a pretty intimidating thing. It’s the last exit before the Delaware Water Gap, there are no McDonald’s chains anywhere near the stadium and they filmed Friday the 13th right near North Warren HS (I might have made up the last part). Either way, I predict this one will go to whoever has the ball for the last possession. I think it will be Hopatcong and I envision Chief’s RB Anthony Rodriguez punching in the walk-off TD with time expiring. PICK: DaCong 34-32

Jefferson (3-3) @ Vernon (1-5)
Ryan Sudol: Jefferson has got to get back on track if they want to make the playoffs. They’ve lost 3 in a row after starting 3-0, but all of the games they have from here out are 100% winnable. They start this closing slate with Vernon who are losers of 4 straight. It won’t be a route as Zach Waschek will try to air (get it?) out the wounds of games past. However, I see Matthew “Bam” Johnson spreading the wealth by throwing for 3 TDs to three different receivers to guide the Falcons to the win. PICK: Jefferson 41-27
Brian Kenney: While they suffered a tough loss last week to Morris Hills, one of the bright spots of the game was the play of quarterback Matt Johnson. With a 60% completion percentage, three TD passes and over 300 yards, he showed what he is capable of doing. He will continue that trend this week, throwing for over 250 yards and at least 2 TDs, while Michael Gould records a baker’s dozen worth of tackles and a couple of sacks for the Falcons. PICK: Falcons 30-21
George Muha: You are welcome fantasy owners for me tipping you off in the preseason that Jefferson QB Bam Johnson should be your first QB taken in your draft.
How about last week’s 344-yard, 3 TD performance? The bad part for the Falcons is despite that production, they couldn’t come away with the dub. Look for Johnson to put up similar numbers this week but you can count on the outcome to be different for the team. PICK: Jeff’s 40-21

Kittatinny (4-2) @ High Point (3-3)
Ryan Sudol: Kittatinny has been in 2 straight classic games vs. Parsippany and Lenape Valley. They won the latter by virtue of a blocked PAT and they are now as pumped as ever to take this closing stretch head-on. They start on the road vs High Point who are on the doorstep of the postseason and need wins to stay in. Sorry, ‘Cats! The backfield tandem of Travis Tallamy & Connor Lake will contribute to the cause, but Jacob Mafaro (who is now lining up under center) will have a rushing and passing TD to give Kittatinny their second straight victory. PICK: Kittatinny 24-17
Brian Kenney: I drove by High Point the other day on my way to a municipal court up there and wow it’s far. The foliage, the farms, and I even saw some cows. Good stuff, I have to say. The Kits will enjoy their trip up there not because of the leaves though, but because they will continue their winning streak. They had a big win over Lenape Valley last week on a blocked extra point and touchdowns by the Mafaro boys. Look for the Mafaro brothers to account for over 250 yards of offense and a few scores this week as well. PICK: Kits 33-27
George Muha: I may sound like a broken record, but I am telling you High Point coach Jim DeLaney is a phenomenal coach that never gets the credit he deserves. The guy is 3-3 against a tough schedule and is in every game against every opponent. The guy’s teams are so consistent, it’s scary. He will eventually the recognized (he already is among the coaching community though) and I just want to be the guy who called it first (because I am a baby and I need to always be right). I do think the defending champs Kittatinny will be the victors but don’t be surprised if it goes the other way. PICK: Cougars 20-14

Madison (1-4) @ Lenape Valley (5-1)
Ryan Sudol: Boy there are a lot of teams who are MAAAD this week! Lenape Valley basically lost by a fingertip vs. Kittatinny last week and want to right the ship against the Dodgers at home. The newly returned RB Nick Molinari will give the Pats the perfect opportunity to do so in this game. He along with his understudy who reached a starring role, Trey Kaplan, will combine for 4 TDs on the ground to give Lenape Valley the bounceback W. PICK: Lenape Valley 31-13
Brian Kenney: Madison is not having a great season, but they are leaving it all out on the field every week, and this week will be no different. The Valley, however, is tough at home and angry after losing a thriller last week to Kittatinny. Look for Nick Molinari to run for 125 yards and a couple of scores for the Valley in this one. PICK: LV 28-10
George Muha: My two favorite players in Morris-Sussex are on Lenape Valley. Rocco Bonavolonta (#56) is like the mayor of Morris-Sussex football. The guy knows everyone and is always rooting on players from other teams when he’s not playing them. But when he’s on the field, he’s a beast. Runningback Nick Molinari (#44) is a man of few words but just a wild man on the field. They are both different types of athletes but true 1980s-esk football players. Despite the fire power those guys bring, I think the difference will be Lenape’s Justin “Adrian” Peterson who will have two receiving TDs. PICK: The Big Red Train 39-24

Montville (6-0) @ Mount Olive (2-4)
Ryan Sudol: WHO WANTS POINTS?! Well too bad, you’re not getting any! Both of these squads have INSANE defenses! On one hand, Mount Olive is in desperate need of a win as they need to win their last two to stay in playoff contention. Plus, The Ship seems to be the place where Bizarro World comes to life at least a couple times a year. But c’mon guys, there’s no stopping the Mustangs’ momentum. It won’t be easy with the aforementioned MO D, but “Mr. Do it All” QB Mike Burke will score twice in this game and the ‘Stangs D will do their typical magic to continue the best start in team history. PICK: Montville 17-9
Brian Kenney: The ‘Stangs are playing lights out football this season. Mt. Olive is better than their record indicates, and they are tough at home. (By the way, I was driving to Mt. Olive Municipal Court the other day and the Marauder’s stands are so cool, it must be a fun environment for games). That being said, I think Montville stays undefeated as Mike Burke throws for 3 scores in this one. PICK: Montville 30-20
George Muha: Who knew Montville’s defense was going to be so insane this year? They are like the ’85 Bears. I do think they will have their biggest test yet against MO’s big defensive and offensive front. It’s hard not to bet on the Mustangs though so I am taking Montville with 2.5 points and definitely taking the under as well. PICK: ‘Stangs 14-7

Saturday Afternoon Specials

Mendham (1-4) @ Morris Hills (4-2)
Ryan Sudol: Believe it or not, if the season ended today, Morris Hills would not be in the postseason. With that said, they have to split their last two games to at least have a chance. Good thing they have a Senior Day opponent in a struggling Mendham team. Yes, the Minutemen and their Mosh Pit did pick up their first win against Millburn last week, but Millburn is no Mo’ Hills. In what could be his final home game, QB Nick Carlotti will throw for 2 TDs to send the Knights fans home happy! PICK: Morris Hills 28-9
Brian Kenney: Mendham got their first W of the year and they got their mojo back. However, the Hills are tough to beat at home, and after coming off a nice win over Jefferson, they are amped up. Look for The Hills’ Joe “Dawson’s Creek” to run for a buck sixty and two scores in this one as the Hills come alive. PICK: Hills 26-16
George Muha: I bumped into some Jefferson players the day after they played MoHills last week and they were physically beat up from the Scarlet Knight’s 250-pound FB Jeremy Busel. Expect the Minutemen having a long afternoon dealing with the “Bus” and if your a fantasy owners, do not stop starting Jumpin’ Joe Dawson. While Busel is wearing defenses down, Jumpin’ Joe is racking up the stats. PICK: MoHills 34-12

Marist (1-4) @ Morris Catholic (4-2)
Ryan Sudol: Morris Catholic is one of the biggest surprises of 2019 and their QB Jeff Chaplain is a big part of that. He has been slinging the skin all over the place this year and he’ll continue to do so as the Crusaders roll all over Marist. 6 TDs? Yeah, 6 TDs! Why not?! PICK: Morris Catholic 42-3
Brian Kenney: Morris Catholic is playing great and will keep it going against Marist this week. Look for the Chaplin to McAndrew connection to result in at least two scores for MC this week. PICK: MC 34-14
George Muha: You have to love what’s going on at Morris Catholic. They got the whole “Greatest Show on Turf” thing going on over there. Look for it to continue this week as QB Jeff Chaplin throws for over three hunge. PICK: Crusaders 40-10

Delbarton (4-2) @ Seton Hall Prep (5-1)
Ryan Sudol: This is going to be the most exciting game this week by a country mile. Two top 20 teams in the state, D1 talent on both sides, and a chilly October afternoon. What more could you ask for? What we in Morris Sussex are asking for is a Delbarton victory, but sorry everyone! The Green Wave & their star QB Cole Freeman will fight with the Pirates until the very end, but the offensive duo of QB “Z-Man” Zander Zebrowski & RB Matt Colantuono will help Prep score in the final minute to send the Wave back out to sea. P.S. Maybe this one will come down to a missed PAT attempt! PICK: Seton Hall Prep 31-30
Brian Kenney: Delby is on a roll and beat a good Pope John team last week. The Prep has surprised some folks though, and is tough before the hometown crowd. I think that in order to win, the Green Wave has to figure out a way to stop Prep tailback Matt Colantuono, who runs for miles and scored four touchdowns last week. I think Cole Freeman will connect with Gary Lewis twice for touchdowns for Delbarton in this one, but they will come up a little short. PICK: SHP 35-27
George Muha: Not for nothing, but I am absolutely loving what Delby is doing this year. QB Cole Freeman is playing like he’s trying to win the Heisman Trophy and I’d say he’s the front runner. I know SHP is good but do not think for a second the Wave’s success is all luck by any means. I am doubling down on the Morris-Sussex team to surprise the Pirates. I better get a victory bus pic sent to my IG account on the way home! PICK: Delby 34-33

Bergen Catholic (3-2) @ Pope John (1-5)
Ryan Sudol: Listen, Pope John is great. They could probably put a whooping on a majority of Morris-Sussex’s public teams. However, Bergen’s gonna be Bergen. This is honestly the only thing I hate about the Privates vs. Privates-only rule. PICK: Bergen Catholic 42-6
Brian Kenney: Ugh, another powerhouse for the Johnnies. They played a good Delbarton team tough last week, and will battle again this week, but I think BC is too much for them. How about Pope John’s Justin Hertlein last week though, nailing 4 field goals? I see Tyler Ruscher running for a score or two for Pope John and QB Delaportas having a bounce-back game with a couple of scores in the air but BC wins in the end. PICK: BC 42-30
George Muha: A monster game by the Ruscher twins last week! They are two big off-season acquisitions for the Johnnies. Look for them to continue to make noise, but I just don’t think the Lions will out-do BC. PICK: BC 40-21

Bergen Tech (3-3) @ Sussex Tech (5-1)
Ryan Sudol: Talk about red hot! Besides a bump in the road against Morris Catholic, Sussex Tech has been crushing their opponents all season! Because of their weak schedule, they are not in the playoffs right now, so they’re gonna have to kick tail these next two games to get in. With QB Aiden Smith & RB/K/P/Whatever the heck he wants Bo Maroney, the Mustangs will undoubtedly show the Techhies from Bergen all they’re made of PICK: Sussex Tech 31-7
Brian Kenney: The battle of the Techs!!!! Sussex has beaten Bergen the past 5 years and that won’t change this year, but it will still be a battle. Look for Bo “Knows” Maroney to run for a couple of scores and QB Aiden Smith to run and throw for two more in this one. I didn’t realize Bo knows kicking too! Guy kicks the extra points! PICK: ST 27-13
George Muha: Sussex Tech fans, I hate to get serious but I need to help you understand something. Even at 5-1, if the season ended right now, our Mustangs wouldn’t make the playoffs. Yes, I know, the playoff gods are not Sussex Tech friendly. So our team needs to just control what they can and that is win. Don’t absolutely panic just yet…but just know, losing is not an option. The good news is, I just don’t see that happening this week. PICK: Techies 30-20

Parsippany Hills (4-2) @ Chatham (1-5)
Ryan Sudol: It’s the yearly Saturday Night Lights game in Cougar Country and it’s Par Hills’ time to shine underneath them. The Vikings showed up and showed out live on Morris Sussex Sports with QB JD Breslauer tossing 6 TD passes to crush Madison. I see him along with RB Dom Verducci, who also had a big night, combining for 5 TDs through the air and on the ground to rain on Chatham’s parade. PICK: Par Hills 39-7
Brian Kenney: This is a tough match up for the Cougars, and despite home field advantage it’s going to be all Hills. As an aside, I saw the Hills’ EJ Comerford take a screen pass 75 yards to the house last week and that dude is ginormous and fast! He’s like a truck coming at people! PICK: PH 34-17
George Muha: Don’t be fooled by Chatham’s 1-5 record. They have the fire power to bite a team in the butt if they aren’t paying attention. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this game goes down to the wire. But I do expect Dennis “The Menace” Wilson and company to come out on top. PICK: Par Hills 28-24

West Morris (4-2) @ Morristown (2-3)
Ryan Sudol: After dropping a heart wrenching loss to Northern Highlands two weeks, the Pack bounced back to handle rivals Mount Olive. In this one, I put the over-under at 4 TDs for Jack DiPietro. PICK: West Morris 44-16
Brian Kenney: Jack DiPietro was off the hook last week, running for over 220 yards and 3 scores. Look for the O-line to make his life easier again this week, as he will bust for at least 150 yards a couple of scores for the Pack as they win on the road. PICK: WM 26-18
George Muha: WMC has been killing my prediction percentage this year. If I pick against them they win, if I picked them to win they lose. I am sure they want me to pick them to lose. But I think they got this week under control. PICK: WMC 28-21

Roxbury (2-4) @ Morris Knolls (3-3)
Ryan Sudol: These are two surprisingly evenly-matched teams! The Mastandrea-Haegele Connection along with a D that’s stingy when it really wants to be can keep Roxbury in this one! Knolls’ Patrick Sinegra is just a BEAST, though! The reigning Parisi Speed School Player of the Week is gonna try his best to defend his crown here by scoring twice in whichever ways he pleases! PICK: Morris Knolls 17-9
Brian Kenney: Ok, so I have been late to the party about Knolls’ lineman Chris “The Mountain” Tavarone. The kid is a friggin’ beast. Rumor has it he plays track too and threw a discus through a brick wall once. He also throws a hammer according to a somewhat unreliable source, but like, what is that the Thor competition? Do people throw hammers in track? Seems dangerous. I’m not a track guy, somebody enlighten me about this hammer situation. Anyway, he had several sacks last week and look for him to make it incredibly difficult for Roxbury to do much offensively all game. PICK: Knolls 20-13
George Muha: My brother picked up Morris Knolls’ Pat Sinegra off the waiver wire in our fantasy league right before last week’s game. Of course the kid scores in all facets of the game (offensively, defensively and special teams). My brother is now demanding two top flight starting players on my team in a trade. Openly, I think it’s a steal and I am going to take it because Sinegra is like having three players. PICK: Knolls 38-31

Morristown-Beard (4-2) @ Montclair Kimberley Acad. (1-5)
Ryan Sudol: Morristown Beard is currently having the best season they’ve had in 5 years and are on the cusp of the postseason. These Crimson are hot and they show no signs of stopping as they cap off their regular season against the vulnerable MKA. Watch “The Prince” Nate Panza run for all of the TDs for Beard. PICK: Morristown-Beard 31-10
Brian Kenney: The Beards are rolling into beautiful MKA this Saturday and by the time everything is said and done they will have notched their 5th win of the season. Rumor has it Nate Panza is going to buy all his offensive lineman I-phone 11s at the end of the year because he appreciates them so much (just kidding!). He runs for 200 yards and 3 scores this week before the gets a breather in the last quarter. PICK: Beards 34-6
George Muha: Morris Sussex Sports is selling official red Nate Panza #4 jerseys now in case you want to stock up on them. Order now, because they are selling like hot cakes! I predict Nate Panza is going to be the Top 5 Holloween costume in Morris-Sussex this year.  PICK: Beards 30-18

How We Picked Them Last Week

Ryan Did not predict this week
Brian 17-5 (77.27%)
George 15-7 (68.18%)

How We’ve Been Picking Them So Far

Ryan 42-21 (66.66%)
Brian 84-48 (63.63%)
George 88-44 (66.66%)

About the Predictors

Ryan Sudol is a veteran play-by-play broadcaster for Morris Sussex Sports and current broadcast student at William Paterson.  Have an opinion about Ryan’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle:  @birdieguy13

Brian Kenney is a Hanover Park alumni who really has nothing to do with high school sports. But he’s George Muha’s oldest friend and while he’s a better lawyer than high school football predictor, George gets a kick out of his comments and nicknames. Have an opinion about Brian’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle: @bdk29

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for nine years. George is the founder of MSS and is also on the board of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation.

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for 13-years. George is a proud board member of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation. Have an opinion about George’s picks? Tell him what you think via his twitter handle: @MorrSussSports

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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