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Friday Night Lights

Butler (4-0) @ Hasbrouck Heights (3-1)
Ryan Sudol: Last year, Butler ran through their opponents no problem. Except for the Aviators of Hasbrouck Heights. The Dawgs faced them twice last year and lost both times, including a 41-7 blowout in the Group 1 Bowl Game at MetLife. They seem to be on equal levels of talent this year, but the thing that Hasbrouck has over Butler is offensive depth. Evan Smith has been the do-it-all man for Butler this year, and there aren’t many other contributors that have shown in each game. Hasbrouck, however, has a flurry of weapons on offense that they can use (i.e., QB Sean Lee, RB Rocco Minichiello, WR Zai’heer Jenkins) at their disposal. It will certainly be a Dawg fight with Smith doing all he can to break the drought, but the Aviators will fly to another win. PICK: Hasbrouck Heights 33-28
Brian Kenney: This is going to be a heck of a game as the Bulldogs go in to the Heights this Friday. Make no mistake, the Heights have owned Butler the past few years. Will it be different this year? Evan Smith and Chris Verrico think so. Look for those two to connect on another couple scores and the Bulldogs get some payback in this one. PICK: Butler 35-28
George Muha: Before this season, I thought this was going to be the game of the year for the Bulldogs. But honestly, I just don’t see anything slowing down this steam roller of a team…not even the defending champs. PICK: Butts 42-21

Parsippany Hills (2-2) @ Hackettstown (1-3)
Ryan Sudol: HUGE bounceback win for the Vikes last week vs. Hanover Park after dropping two heart-breakers in a row. JD Breslauer, who has to be the leading passer in Morris-Sussex, threw for 300 yards and 3 TDs to three different receivers! Dom “Don’t Call me Nick” Verducci also had himself a day on the ground. I think Hackettstown and HP are on equal playing fields, so I expect more of the same from those two and the always stingy Vikings D. PICK: Par Hills 38-14
Brian Kenney: H-Town scored 51 points last week, and is tough at home. Par Hills has so many weapons they are tough to stop, and I think they pull this one out in the final minutes. That being said, to escape with the W, the Hills will have to stop H-Town’s Kuehner, who ran for almost 250 yards and 3 scores last week. PICK: Hills 28-24
George Muha: H-Town’s Jason Kuehner is punishing fantasy owners for not drafting him. Last week the stud rushed for 247-yards and got to the house 3 times. My advice is to start Kuehner no matter who the opponent. He’ll have big numbers this week again but expect Par Hills to come away with the dub. PICK: Par Hills 35-24

Randolph (3-1) @ Mount Olive (1-3)
Ryan Sudol: Randolph suffered their first loss in an upset against West Morris last week after giving up 22 4Q points. Not to mention, they have Sparta on their circled on their calendar for 10/18 and they want to right the ship before they meet them. What better place to do it than at “The Ship” itself? MO has not won a game there this year and is trying to get back on track, themselves. However, I see the Rams having an easier time finding their destination. Jimmy Pepe will go for 2 TDs and 100+ rushing yards in this one, along with the ‘Dolph D having an easy go at it. The RAMpage returns! PICK: Randolph 24-6
Brian Kenney: Either I’m just bad at picking winners this year or both these teams were upset last week by their respective opponents. That being said, special teams issues led to the Olives losing last week. They will right the ship in that regard, and Hunter Perez will find the endzone for the second straight week, but I think the Rams pull it out in the final seconds. PICK: Rams 27-20
George Muha: Mount Olive’s Yanni Kalas and Stanislaw Puzio not only have cool football names, they also are pretty darn good football players. I think the Rams will be firing on all cylinders after last week’s loss but I really like the Marauder’s defense. It’s going to be a battle but I think MO can pull it off. PICK: Mount Olive 30-28

Vernon (1-3) @ High Point (1-3)
Ryan Sudol: C’mon, Wildcats! I just feel like picking you guys every week until you win regardless of what I think will happen. Either way, the Cats will come out victorious against Vernon this week. Just like last week, I predict Travis Tallamy will put up a 2-TD 100+ yard rushing performance. However, ever since Vernon almost beat Kittatinny in Week 0, they have been hungry for a win. Just like vs. Hackettstown last week, the Vikes will put up a great fight! PICK: High Point 31-21
Brian Kenney: Vernon scored 35 points last week, but it wasn’t enough. QB Zack Waschek had himself a day though, throwing for 347 yards and a score for Vernon. I think he will put up some decent numbers again this week, and the defense will bend but not break in a close one. PICK: Vernon 28-22
George Muha: Vernon QB Zack Waschek rewarded fantasy owners by putting up big numbers in Week 3 (27-42-374-1). But High Point believes they are a playoff team and so do I, so they are going to figure out to a way to tame Waschek get the dub at home. PICK: Wildcats 33-29

Riverdale NY (4-0) @ Morristown-Beard (2-2)
Ryan Sudol: As I’ve mentioned before, I have no knowledge of teams outside of the NJ bubble. What I do know is that I’m 0-2 on MoBeard picks this year and I wanna see them win two games in a row to get over .500. With that said, I think that Rye Country Day is gonna run away with this one. PICK: Rye Country Day 27-21
Brian Kenney: What do I know about Riverdale? It’s a show on Netflix that I never watched (but I heard it was decent). They also haven’t lost. The Beards beat up on a team from CT last week, and I picked the CT team, so I was wrong, again. I can’t, in good conscious, pick another out-of-state team to beat them again. So make me right Beards! I gotta catch up to Muha in prediction percentage! Nick Panza was unreal last week, running for 264 yards and 3 TDs. Did I mention that maniac had 12 tackles and 2 interceptions too? I hope he was player of the week!  PICK: Beards 22-17
George Muha: I heard Nate Panza is running for president in 2020 as an Independent. Personally I think it’s a publicity stunt. Either way, the kid is having a great year on the field. Last week he made an insane one-hand INT. Despite that success, and I hope I am wrong, I think Riverdale gets the dub! PICK: Riverdale 40-19

Morristown (2-1) @ Roxbury (1-3)
Ryan Sudol: This week, Roxbury has the opportunity to go 2-0 at home to start a season for the first time since 2015. On the other hand, Morristown is looking to go 3-1 for the first time since 2015. In sum, both of these teams have a lot to play for here! As for who will come out the victor: The Gaels scoring offense has left a lot to be desired this year, but I think they’ll get it together with Lucas Spitzer picking up 2 TDs on the ground and Nick Mastandrea tossing one. QB Jackson Willette has a hot arm and the Colonials will hang with ‘em until the end, but I see a missed XP allowing the Gaels to eek it out. PICK: Roxbury 21-20
Brian Kenney: The Gaels are struggling early in the season but they are still in this thing. Morristown is on a roll, however, and I think it will continue. I think Morristown scores early and the second half will be a defensive battle, with Motown coming out on top. PICK: Morristown 20-10
George Muha: I am so glad I am in a keeper league for fantasy this year so I can carry over Lucas Spitzer next year. This kid is a dude! But I am telling you, Motown is flying under everybody’s radar and Colonial receiver Jason Jones is flat out redonk. This will be an old school Morris County battle but I have a feeling the Colonials are going to pull it off. PICK: Motown 34-33

Morris Catholic (3-1) @ Boonton (3-1)
Ryan Sudol: Catholic is surprising A LOT of people with their play this year and Boonton is a perennial Group 1 contender in their own right. Also, these are two high-powered offenses so WHO WANTS SOME POINTS? For the Crusaders, QB Jeff Chaplin will be his dominant self, throwing for 4 scores. The other score will probably be from RB “The Greek Freak” Tommy Tsangaropolus, and don’t be surprised if he goes for 100+ rush yards on the night. Boonton, however, will have the slight edge with future D1-FCS prospect RB Corey Dempster and QB Danny Portas leading the run-always Bomber offense. I see each running in for 2 scores. In the end, I predict a last-second FG put the Bombers over the Crusaders in this shootout! PICK: Boonton 37-34
Brian Kenney: This is going to be a fantastic game. Jeff Chaplin continues to lead this squad, and threw for 5 TDs last week against a good Sussex Tech team. Boonton shut out Whippany Park last week, while Boonton’s Liverpool and Dempster ran for 4 scores and almost 300 yards combined. Defense is going to win this game, whether it is a pick-6 or a huge sack in the final minutes of the game. I think I’m giving the edge to the air attack of MC in this one. PICK: MC 42-34
George Muha: I absolutely love what Morris Catholic is doing this year. They are marching down the field and even scoring at will at times. But despite all of the weapons they have (and they have a lot), you have to throw all of that high flying pageantry out the window when you play the Boots. I’ve been doing this long enough to know Boonton’s Coach Gallagher knows what he’s going to do on the 50th play of this game. MC will need to keep their cool because the Bombers won’t allow those fast scoring plays. I guarantee this game has fans on the edge of their seat but there won’t be a lot of scoring. It can go either way but I am going with the home team. PICK: Bombers 10-7

Morris Hills (3-1) @ Montville (4-0)
Ryan Sudol: On paper, this divisional clash is the biggest game this week. Both teams are coming off dominant wins and are facing each other’s biggest test so far. RB Joe Dawson and FB/LB Jeremy Busel each had big days for Hills vs. Roxbury last week and the team has been looking great since dropping one to Knolls, but at this point Montville is just…Montville. I had the ‘Stangs as slight favorites against Jefferson and they went out and beat ‘em by 28 in a dominating display on both sides of the ball. There is simply no stopping “Mr. Do-it-All” QB Mike Burke and their newly-emerged diverse rush attack. Not to mention the Montville D has allowed 4 points per game! MH will put up a great fight, but in the end it won’t be enough to end the ‘Stangs’ streak. PICK: Montville 27-21
Brian Kenney: Another great game between two squads that are on a roll. If the Hills can stop Mike Burke then they win, plain and simple. But the ‘Stangs at home are tough to beat. Like last week, Daunte White will be all over the place on defense, recording a baker’s dozen worth of tackles and an interception in the process. That being said, I think the ‘Stangs will win on a big play in the fourth quarter. PICK: Montville 26-21
George Muha: Oh man, I love this match-up! What Coach DeBonta and QB Mike Burke have been doing together this season is insane…just romping on teams. But MoHill’s has been playing in 5th gear all season themselves. Montville’s defense has proven to be very stingy but I think the Knight’s Jumpin’ Joe Dawson will push them to the limits. PICK: Scarlet Knights 33-32

North Warren    (1-3) @ Lenape Valley (4-0)
Ryan Sudol: Same old song. Kaplan and/or Molinari (depending on if he’s back) run all over their opponents, Pats by a million, yadda yadda yadda. Who is gonna stop these guys?! PICK: Lenape Valley 38-6
Brian Kenney: Trey Kaplan rushed for over 100 yards for the Valley last week but didn’t find the endzone. He fixes that this week, big time. PICK: The Valley 33-13
George Muha: I guarantee the Patriots will definitely win in this game. Okay, sorry, bad joke! Lenape’s Nick “The Red Devil” Molinari will reward fantasy owners by rushing for over a hunge and two scores in the win. PICK: LV 28-10

No. Highlands (1-2) @ West Morris (3-1)
Ryan Sudol: The Pack are on the prowl! They picked up their biggest win in a while over Randolph last week and have a legit claim for being the best team in Morris County. Now they face an out-of-town opponent in Northern Highlands who they’ve been convincingly two years in a row. It will be a bit harder this year as the Highlanders have great talents in QB Enzo Arjona & RB Ethan Harris, but this game is in Long Valley. One does not simply exit Long Valley without some bruises. The Three-Headed Werewolf of RBs Ryan Schilling, Jack DiPietro and Adam Smith will duplicate last week’s performance and combine for all the TDs in this one. PICK: WMC 28-20
Brian Kenney: Unless the Highlands have Connor MacLeod playing for them I think the Wolfpack will win this one at home pretty easily. Look for the Pack’s Adam Smith to record almost 20 tackles and a sack in this one. PICK: WM 24-10
George Muha: My #6 West Morris away Ryan Schilling jersey just came in from Amazon today. I’ll be in the stands wearing it tonight to do my part to help give the kid some mojo (not that he needs it).  While at the end of the game Schillings’ jersey will have turf stains on it and my #6 jersey will have mustard stains it, I predict he scores thrice in an easy win for the Pack. PICK: Wolves

Pequannock (2-2) @ Whippany Park (0-4)
Ryan Sudol: What a win for the Panthers last week! Just escaping the grasp of the ML HERD after a missed XP. Well, a win is a win, and I see ‘Quan riding that momentum and having an easy time with the Wildcats in this one. PICK: Pequannock 38-3
Brian Kenney: The ‘Quan beat a good Mountain Lakes team last week, and they have righted the ship at 2-2. They will have a winning record come late Friday night. Look for the Golden Panthers (why Golden I wonder?) Joey Wells to find the endzone at least once, whether it be by a pick-6 or a bomb on offense. PICK: Quan 20-13
George Muha: Uggh, it’s been a tough year for the Wildcats and I don’t see it getting any easier this week. 300-pound lineman Giovanni “Cranky Pants” Cancro and the Panthers should be 3-2 after this one. PICK: Quan 35-10

Chatham (0-4) @ Madison (1-2)
Ryan Sudol: It’s the yearly Friday Night Lights game at Ted Monica Field! The Dodgers have been very successful in this game in recent years and Chatham is the perfect opponent for them to continue that. That Madison rushing attack of Austin Schmitz and Joe Luppino will be on fire on this night and help the Dodgers to get back to .500! Like I’ve said before, though, they are much better than their record! PICK: Madison 37-14
Brian Kenney: Cross-town rivals!!! This matchup is usually as close as the two towns’ proximity to one another. Both of these teams are looking to rebound from last week’s losses, but I think the edge goes to Madison, who is at home this week. PICK: Dodgers 16-7
George Muha: Chatham is a better squad than their record indicates. They are capable of winning this one. But I think the home team will pull it off. PICK: Madison 30-25

Hopatcong (1-3) @ Newton (2-2)
Ryan Sudol: Boy, those Braves looked GOOD last week vs. High Point! Defenders Aaron Fantasia, Jabari Oxley, and Jacob Tonking had themselves a night! Also, QB Jack Young had his career game with 340 passing yards and 4 TDs! I see him having similar success against the Chiefs along with the deep rushing attack led by the Sibblies Bros. The Braves are back and in a big way, baby! PICK: Newton 34-10
Brian Kenney: Newton had a nice win last week, while the ‘Cong lost to Lenape Valley. I think the Braves have shrugged off their slow start and are beginning to heat up. This does not bode well for Hopatcong. Jake Young had himself a game last week, throwing for over 300 yards and 4 scores. Look for the Young to Pappas (who caught 3 of 4 TDs) to continue this week. PICK: Newton 34-20
George Muha: How efficient is Newton QB Jack Young? The kid went 21 for 26 for 339-yards and 4 TDs against High Point. I honestly thought the Newts were going to have a rebuilding year but I just don’t think that really exists on a Coach Parzero team. That being said, this has trap game written all over it for the Braves. The Frankie Mastroeni to Mikey Mastroeni passing attack is working well for Hopatcong and could spell trouble for Newton. I think playing in front of the home crowd will inspire the Braves to pull it off though. PICK: Newton 40-30

Jefferson (3-1) @ Sparta (3-1)
Ryan Sudol: In a week of surprising results, Montville trouncing Jefferson was probably the most surprising of them all. I REALLY would like to think that the Falcons can show what they’re really made of and defeat the Spartans, but I just don’t see it. Sparta is probably the best public team in Morris-Sussex (as is tradition) and half of their remaining games should be cake walks. This is one of them. I see Austen Frattura throwing for 4 TDs and Austin Castorina going for 100+ yards on the ground and 2 TDs. “The Austin & Austen Show” rolls on! PICK: Sparta 44-16
Brian Kenney: J-Town is better than last week’s game against Montville indicated, but they again have their hands full this week against the Spartans at home. This one will go down to the wire with an interception by James Maloney sealing it for Sparta. PICK: Sparta 21-17
George Muha: Fun fact, Sparta coach Frank Marchiano was a stud football player at Jefferson back in the day. If he was still playing, I might just half to go with the Falcons. But I think Sparta Nick “Chompin” Broccoletti will be the difference with some kind of big defense play (an INT, defensive score, key stop, etc). PICK: Sparta 23-20

Kinnelon (1-3) @ Mountain Lakes (3-1)
Ryan Sudol: Mountain Lakes is MAAAAAD! Who knows what would’ve happened on the ensuing drive and/or OT, but that missed XP vs. Quan in the final minute cost them a win they should’ve had. With that said, expect Wesley “He Ain’t” Dunn to run for 200+ yards and at least 2 TDs in this revenge win for the HERD. However, Kinnelon is much better than their record says, so expect a hard fight from the Colts too. PICK: Mountain Lakes 28-17
Brian Kenney: Mountain Lakes lost a tough one last week, but will rebound at home against Kinnelon on Friday night. Wes “One and” Dunn will score on a pass and a run this week for the Herd. PICK: Lakes 30-19
George Muha: I have been picking a lot of educated long shots in this week’s predictions and I am going to do it again in this one. Kinnelon is a few plays from being undefeated and I think they start to turn things around in this one with a big dub on the road. PICK: Colts 32-28

Kittatinny (3-1) @ Parsippany (3-1)
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Ryan Sudol: Ryan won’t be predicting this game because he is doing play-by-play tonight and doesn’t want to be biased with his call.
Brian Kenney: I’m usually wrong about Parsippany, and it’s annoying me. I give them a ton of credit though, and they are off to a fantastic start. That being said, the Kitts are no joke. Teams are scared to throw against Parsippany, and a lot of that has to do with senior Alex Picinich, who had three interceptions last week! But the Kitts run more than pass, and with Jacob Mafaro carrying the load, I think Kittatinny will pull it out in barn burner. PICK: Kitts 26-22
George Muha: The love how Kittatinny RB Jake Mafaro rushes for 292-yards and 4 TDs and it somehow seems like an off day. There is no doubt he’s going to be a force for the defending Sectional Champs in this one. But there is another name that will be the difference in this game and the reason I am doubling down on the Redhawks. His name is Noah Lorencovitz he’ll be serving as the honorary captain of tonight’s game. You see, Noah is a current senior and grew up with the current Parsippany senior players. He was a multi-sport athlete but in 8th grade he tragically suffered cardiac arrest in gym class which caused a brain injury and has left him in a wheelchair and unable to talk. Tonight he’s coming back to the field and will be leading his old friends out of the locker room and down to the stadium. There is no way this group doesn’t play at 150% for their pal and I believe that will be the difference. PICK: Noah and the Angry Birds 34-30

Wallkill Valley    (3-1) @ Sussex Tech (3-1)
Ryan Sudol: Ahhh, yes: the Battle of Route 23! Both teams are coming off rough home losses last week and are in need of a moral rebound. Wallkill Valley has more to play for here. They were unbeaten prior to Saturday and are desperate to prove that their loss was nothing more than a fluke. The backfield tandem of Austin Durham & Brendon Hall, as well as the rest of the ‘Stangs, will be playing well as this is a rivalry game. However, I see RB Ben Miszeski having a career day as the Rangers return to their winning ways. PICK: Wallkill Valley 30-20
Brian Kenney: Great match up with two teams that lost last week, and can’t wait to get back on the field. There is no question the Valley had issues throwing the ball last week, and if that continues this week they don’t have a shot. But I think they will do enough in the air to open up the running attack, and after that Mastroianni and Mizeski will do the rest for the Valley. Look for Cole “Trickle” Weekley to collect over 15 tackles and a sack for the Valley in this one. PICK: WV 20-17
George Muha: Wallkill got hit with some big injuries last week and I think those losses will be too hard to over come for the Rangers considering how well Sussex Tech is playing. Look for the Techies to go to 4-1 on their home grass. PICK: ST 34-24

Holy Cross NY (2-2) @ Hanover Park (0-4)
Ryan Sudol: Dang it! Why we gotta have two out-of-state games in one week? Sheesh! Well, I REALLY wanna see the Hornets and QB Matt Tuli pick up a win this year. So, let’s go HP! PICK: Hanover Park 28-24
Brian Kenney: The good news – Matt Tuli is back. The bad news, HP has to win the rest of the season, so there isn’t much room for error. This New York team has a good amount of talent, so this will not be a walk in park for the Hornets. Look for Tuli to shake off the rest of the rust he had on him from not playing for over a month by the end of the first quarter, as he connects with bro Justin for a couple of scores and Kyle Junda for another. And can I just talk about Ethan Gayle for a minute? First of all, the kid is faster than Barry Allen. Second, he is one tough son-of-a-gun. Last week he got hammered on a play, shook it off and rambled 50 yards for a score, (part of his 163 yards on the ground). Now that the gang is all back together it’s win or bust from here on out. PICK: HP 34-27
George Muha: Since Holy Cross likely doesn’t know anything Hanover Park I have a little piece of advice for them – don’t throw it any where near defensive back Mike Filippone. But it really won’t matter as I predict he’ll still have at least one INT and a forced fumble. PICK: Hornets 35-10

Saturday Afternoon Specials

Don Bosco Prep (1-3) @ Pope John (1-3)
Ryan Sudol: Pope John blanked Livingston last week for their first win of the season. It seems like the football gods are finally on the Johnnies’ sides, until you look at who they got this week. Don Bosco is just…Don Bosco. D1 talent galore, including Ohio State commit RB Jalen Berger, and a close loss to rivals Bergen Catholic last week give the Ironmen the fire and desire to wallop PJ. I say Berger goes for 100 combined rush/rec. yds & 2 TDs in this offensive sprint. PICK: Don Bosco 48-14
Brian Kenney: Pope John won a rout last week against Livingston, where Tyler Zummo had a field day, running for over 125 yards and a score. The Johnnies QB Peter Delaportas will be busier this week, as Don Bosco is a powerhouse. I think the Don played local college teams earlier in the year. It will be close, but the Don wins this one. PICK: Don 34-24
George Muha: I want PJ to beat DBP so bad. But I just don’t think it’s happening this weekend. PICK: DBP 40-21

Morris Knolls (2-1) @ Delbarton    (2-2)
Ryan Sudol: Delby is the talk of the town! They pulled off the upset by knocking off #8 DePaul in 3OT last week! Now, they travel to Denville to take on a rare public opponent in Morris Knolls. If they can beat a top-10 team in the state, the Green Wave can certainly beat MK. This is not taking away from MK knocked off Mount Olive last week, but Delby is just a whole ‘nother animal. Cole Freeman will throw for 3 TDs as the Wave rolls on! PICK: Delbarton 33-10
Brian Kenney: Who are these guys? Delby won in triple overtime against beast DePaul last week, and they now have some confidence and a chip on their shoulder! This does not bode well for Knolls, who is coming off a great win themselves last week against Mt. Olive. Cole Freeman stays hot for the Green Wave, throwing for over 200 yards and another 3 scores this week as Delbarton earns it’s third win of the season. PICK: Delby 40-27
George Muha: This game has “trap” written all over it for the Green Wave. Although I am sure Coach Bowers worked all week trying to replicate Morris Knolls’ Veer offense, it is just too hard to master in a week. Look for Delby to be caught on their heels a few times but I think they’ll settle in in the second half. Cole Freeman will throw for 200-yards and 2 TDs in the dub. PICK: Delby 35-28

How We Picked Them Last Week

Ryan 14-7 (66.66%)
Brian 13-8 (61.90%)
George 12-9 (57.14%)

How We’ve Been Picking Them So Far

Ryan 29-15 (65.90%)
Brian 57-33 (63.33%)
George 61-29 (67.77%)

About the Predictors

Ryan Sudol is a veteran play-by-play broadcaster for Morris Sussex Sports and current broadcast student at William Paterson.  Have an opinion about Ryan’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle:  @birdieguy13

Brian Kenney is a Hanover Park alumni who really has nothing to do with high school sports. But he’s George Muha’s oldest friend and while he’s a better lawyer than high school football predictor, George gets a kick out of his comments and nicknames. Have an opinion about Brian’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle: @bdk29

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for nine years. George is the founder of MSS and is also on the board of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation.

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for 13-years. George is a proud board member of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation. Have an opinion about George’s picks? Tell him what you think via his twitter handle: @MorrSussSports

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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