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The 2019 Preseason Football Previews are sponsored by the County College of Morris, offering an an outstanding education at an affordable price with Division II athletics. Go to right now to learn more about this amazing educational institution that is right in our backyard in Randolph, NJ.

Team Vitals

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Head Coach: Bryan Gallagher
2018 Record: 7-3
Tenure: 9th season
Assistants: Pete Llaneza, Anthony Chierici, Sean Norton, Mike London & Ryan Connolly.
State Section: North, Group 1

The Players

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The Franchise Player(s): Senior RB/KR/PR/DB Corey Dempster

The Core: Senior OL/DL Matt Cannizzaro, senior WR/DB Bryan Leon and senior OL/DL Matt Belancic.

Studs to Look Out For: Junior OL/LB Adrian Ferati, junior QB Danny Portas, senior FB/LB Jordan DeCosta, senior WR/DB Titus Johnson, senior WR/DB Michael Kreitz, junior FB/LB Vincenzo Federico, sophomore RB/DB Hunter Van Zant, senior OL/DL Joshua Kondroski, junior OL/DL Jeff Yanez, junior OL/LB Adrian Ferati, junior OL/DL Isaiah Anthony, junior OL/DL Sean Tucker, sophomore RB/DB Clyde Liverpool, sophomore RB/DB Nate Prater, sophomore RB/LB Dante Brooks, sophomore OL/DL Dylan Zuppa, sophomore WR/LB Bryan Figueroa, sophomore QB/WR/DB John Rigas, sophomore QB/LB, Jefferey DiLorenzo and sophomore FB/LB Jonathan Lockette.

The Skinny

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  • Outsiders that don’t know about Coach Gallagher’s Boonton Bombers need to know a few things.  1) His team will be prepared for every single opponent.  2) Opponents that do not prepare fully for his games will be greatly exposed.  3) No team plays sound fundamental football up-and-down the lineup better than Gallagher’s Bombers.  4)  If you are a fan of the game of football, you should just watch one Boonton game just to see their players form tackle.  It is like watching a clinic.  5)  It doesn’t really matter if Gallagher has lots of athletes on his teams or not, he will win games because his players buy-in to his system.
  • Senior Corey Dempster is as potent as advertised.  He’s a game changer every time he touches the ball.  Don’t be surprised if he has a minimum of three or four touchdowns in the return game alone…and that is taking into consideration the fact that teams will try to kick away from him.
  • Boonton’s games against Weequahic and Verona are both away early in the season.  Coming through that stretch with at least one win will be a big boost.  But that will be easier said than done as both are formidable opponents.
  • Boonton’s section won’t be easy but it should have familiar Morris-Sussex teams sitting there come playoff time.  Both Butler and Wallkill are looking like they’ll shape up to be power houses in that bracket so the Bombers will likely have to go through either or both of them if they want to win a sectional championship.


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If you are a Bomber’s fan, don’t make any plans in November because this Boonton team will still be playing. Their last game against Mountain Lakes will be an important one.  It will be played after the playoff cutoff so there won’t be any playoff implications.  But the Herd will be out for revenge after last year’s upset loss to the Bombers.  If Boonton can get a dub against an angry Mountain Lakes team heading into the playoffs, that just might set the tone for a strong playoff run.


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08-29 Kearny Boonton HS
09-13 @ Weequahic Untermann Field
09-20 @ Verona Verona HS
09-27 Whippany Park Boonton HS
10-04 Morris Catholic Boonton HS
10-12 @ Kinnelon Kinnelon HS
10-18 Parsippany Boonton HS
10-25 @ Pequannock Pequannock HS
11-01 Mountain Lakes Boonton HS


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2 Danny Portas 11 QB DB
3 Bryan Leon 12 HB DB
4 Jordan DeCosta 12 FB LB
5 Dante Brooks 10 HB OLB
6 Corey Dempster 12 HB DB
7 John Rigas 10 QB / WR DB
8 Nate Prater 10 HB DB
9 Alex Hernandez 10 OL DL
10 Titus Johnson 12 WR DB
11 Jefferey DiLorenzo 10 QB OLB
12 Luke Mathis 9 WR DB
14 Jessie Stoll 9 WR DB
16 Wanis Messeleka 11 WR DB
20 Jonathan Lockette 10 FB LB
21 Nick Scaltro 9 QB LB
22 Jacob Mladenovic 9 OL DL
24 Immanuel Villareal 9 HB OLB
26 Ehtan Volante 9 HB DB
27 Michael Kreitz 12 WR DB
28 Clyde Liverpool 10 HB DB
30 Mahdi Naqvi 10 HB DL
32 Hunter Van Zant 10 HB DB
34 Vincenzo Federico 11 FB OLB
35 Liam Bostrom 9 HB DB
38 Eunwoo Hahm 9 WR OLB
43 Kai Billa 9 FB LB
50 Matthew Cannizzaro 12 T DL
51 Jawad Arshad 10 T LB
52 Adrian Ferati 11 C LB
53 Xavier LaCorte 10 T OLB
54 Ryan Schlacter 10 G DL
55 Dylan Zuppa 10 T LB
56 Isaiah Anthony 11 G DL
57 Mason Davis 11 G DL
58 Turner Brennan 11 T OLB
62 Joshua Kondroski 12 G DL
63 Andrew DiFalco 10 C DL
64 Mateusz Lunieski 11 T DL
65 Syed Ahmed 10 T DL
66 Kevin Joinson 10 G DL
67 Jeff Yanez 11 G DL
70 Sean Tucker 11 G DL
71 Yunus Akyol 10 T DL
72 Matej Belancic 12 G DL
73 Ibrahim Haroon 10 T LB
75 Steven Mann 11 G DL
79 Aryan Ferati 9 C DL
84 Bryan Figueroa 10 WR OLB
87 Gavin Gaetano 9 T DL
89 Aiden Esteves 9 G DL

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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