PODCAST: 19-Year-Old Elijah Taitel Invents ProVelocity™ Bat

Morris Sussex Sports recently interviewed 19-year-old Millburn local, and inventor of a fascinating new technology that could be on the brink of revolutionizing the baseball world, Elijah Taitel. Elijah is the founder of Extra Base Sports and brain child of the ProVelocity™ Bat [FULL DISCLOSURE: Morris Sussex Sports is a compensated affiliate for ProVelocity Bat and Extra Base Sports).

A year ago, Elijah was a high school baseball player for Golda Och Academy in West Orange who also played for the North Jersey Cardinals club team. Throughout his high school years, he was like every other high school athlete trying to improve his craft at being better at his sport. He tried every tool and trick to try to help improve his bat speed but just felt like there had to be a better way to improve his hitting. Being engineer minded (he’s a current engineering major at UCONN), he started to whiteboard and sketch some ideas that could help him train to greatly improve the rate of velocity that he swung a bat.

He solicited the help of his father, Andrew Taitel and Greg Savettiere, both of whom happen to be engineers and founders of Landice Treadmills in Randolph. Landice is one of the most highly engineered treadmills on the market and the favorite of running enthusiasts and rated #1 by Consumer Reports for fourteen straight years. Elijah, Andrew and Greg started to build prototypes while Elijah would bring it into practical use in his training routine.

Over about a year they refined what would become the ProVelocity™ Bat which Elijah would train with at home and in the batting cages. The result was Elijah went from an occasional infield single hit batter to a reliable guy in the line up that hit hard driven doubles, triples, and home runs.

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From there, the trio would incorporate and get the ProVelocity™ Bat in the hands of leading professional and NCAA batting coaches, pro ball players and high level trainers who are validating Elijah’s invention as a reliable training tool to help batters be more effective at the plate.

Listen to our podcast interview with Elijah Taitel as he tells his story of inventing the ProVelocity™ Bat and starting his company Extra Base Sports as a college kid and what it’s like to be on the ground floor of such an exciting company.

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