Villa Walsh Star Softballer Remi Robertson’s Big Return After Near Career Ending Injury

It was the bottom of the first inning, Villa Walsh was leading, there were 2 outs on the board, with the third batter at the plate. Sophomore pitcher for Villa Walsh Academy Remi Robertson winds and deals a perfect curveball. The batter hits a blazing line-drive straight up the middle of the field, impacting pitcher Remi Robertson directly in the face in what almost ended her amazing athletic career.

Remi Robertson, starting pitcher for Villa Walsh in her sophomore year was nothing short of exceptional. In her freshman year, while sharing the mound with a senior, she pitched 135 strike outs and made huge contributions to the team on the offensive side of the ball as well. In her sophomore year, Remi was the team’s starting pitcher and through the first month of the season, pitched 60 strikeouts and had 4 homeruns as a batter. Crazy as it sounds, it doesn’t stop there, outside of Villa Walsh, Remi played on multiple club teams, attending Nationals on three separate occasions. Playing softball her whole life, she had plans to continue her career at the college level after high school. Remi was a true team player and an instrumental piece in bringing the team much of their successes.

Unfortunately, Remi’s luck ran out at the team’s first game of states in 2018 against Kinnelon on April 20. Remi’s face was struck by a line drive, and in the about 37-foot distance between Remi and the batter, the ball rocketed a a powerful speed. The softball hit her left eye and left a number of injuries including: braking her orbital socket, cheek bone, as well as crushing her sinuses and had hemorrhages on her eye socket which will ultimately leave two blind spots on her eye.

While Villa Walsh’s team gathered around second base to process what had just happened, Remi was put in an ambulance and taken to the hospital. One of the most telling things about this day was while the team struggled to take their focus off of their teammate and continue playing, Remi’s main concern was anything but herself. During her long ride to Morristown Memorial Hospital, Remi spent most of it asking her dad for updates on how her team was doing back in Kinnelon.

After a long summer of recovery and making up 3 months of missed school, Remi was able to complete concussion protocol just in time for her junior volleyball season to begin, where she quickly earned herself a starting position on the varsity team. This spring Remi will make her return to the Villa softball field for her third season at Villa Walsh, but this time as team captain. Look for this courageous young lady to make a big impact on the Morris-Sussex softball scene.

Villa Walsh’s Softball Schedule

04/01 Morristown-Beard
04/03 St. Elizabeth
04/09 Boonton
04/11 @Mountain Lakes
04/12 @Mountain Lakes
04/13 Mountain Lakes
04/15 Dover
04/17 @Morris Hills
04/18 @Wallkill Valley
04/24 @Morristown-Beard
04/29 @St. Elizabeth
05/06 Boonton
05/10 Mountain Lakes
05/13 @Dover

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