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Morris Sussex Sports covers 40 schools’ sports teams that consists of about 14,000 athletes in Morris, Sussex and parts of Warren counties. Out of those 14,000 athletes, Morris Sussex Sports and Parisi Speed School honor just one athlete who does something special each week with the Parisi Speed School Player of the Week.  Go to Parisi Speed School to raise your game and become faster, bigger and stronger.  Mention “Morris Sussex Sports” and receive a FREE Speed Pass to one of their world class training sessions.  

This past week there were a ton of fantastic performances in Morris-Sussex between hockey, wrestling, basketball and other sports.  But the player we felt deserved the Parisi Speed School Player of the Week the most was Mount Olive wrestler Jayvon Davidson for his stellar performance in the Morris County Wrestling Tournament. The heavy weight went on to win his second MCT title in as many years after pinning one of the county’s top wrestlers at his weight in Randolph’s Ryan Knox.

We caught up with Jayvon to talk about this momentous achievement, find out who on the team is the biggest diva and what his goals are for the rest of the season.

Morris Sussex Sports: What is it like to be the two-time county wrestling champion?
Jayvon Davidson: Winning the County Wrestling Tournament is a huge accomplishment and it’s allowing me to make Morris County and Mount Olive wrestling history.

MSS: What’s changed for your over the four years you’ve been a varsity wrestler?
JD: I had to go through physical and mental changes, learning different strategies and techniques. I also had to find out how to compete in high level matches and perform when my team needed me.

MSS: How does your martial arts help you in wrestling?
JD: My martial arts training significantly improves my wrestling ability. With previous years of experience in Judo, I have better understanding of body motion, and use Judo to my advantage.

MSS: What would surprise people to know about you?
JD: I spend a lot of time playing video games, sometimes over extensive amounts of time during the day.

MSS: What’s the funniest thing Coach Smyth ever said?
JD: I think funniest thing my coach has ever said was when he was angry at the team my junior year after losing a big match. He invented his own curse word and as soon as he said it, the room went silent, and we all started laughing hard. He gave us permission to use it whenever we wanted.

MSS: What makes him the angriest?
JD: If somebody walks into the wrestling room past 2:35, making them late to practice. Also when people forget their shoes or headgear in the locker room, and proceed to be late to practice.

MSS: Who on your team loosens the team up with humor?
JD: Eddie Mastrodomenico. He is another captain on the team who can make coach laugh, even at the wrong time. His sense of humor appeals to everyone, he gives off a great energy and is just a fun person to be around.

MSS: Who is the most intense wrestler?
JD: Anthony Spera or DJ Ryerson. Both of them do not stop being aggressive during practice and it shows during matches. They both like to be dominant wrestlers and I see them having a lot of success from it.

MSS: Who is the biggest diva?
JD: Seth Hagensen, Paul Moore or Chris Cherry, they are the only people that would get mad at me for calling them diva’s (laughs).

MSS: Who is your role model?
JD: I can’t name one role model specifically, there are so many people I look up to from family members, to coaches, to teachers and famous athletes.

MSS: What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?
JD: Currently I am looking into becoming a New Jersey state trooper, but I’m also looking into possibly going into audio engineering.

MSS: Do you have a favorite professional wrestler?
JD: If I had to name one, it would be Jordan Burroughs. I follow him on Instagram and love watching him wrestle and stay positive no matter what happens.

MSS: Do you have any personal goals for the wrest of this season?
JD: One of my goals is to finally make it down to Atlantic City this year for the State Tournament.

MSS: Congrats again Jayvon and best of luck the rest of the way!

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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