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Morris Sussex Sports covers 40 schools’ sports teams that consists of about 14,000 athletes in Morris, Sussex and parts of Warren counties. Out of those 14,000 athletes, Morris Sussex Sports and Parisi Speed School honor just one athlete who does something special each week with the Parisi Speed School Player of the Week.  Go to Parisi Speed School to raise your game and become faster, bigger and stronger.  Mention “Morris Sussex Sports” and receive a FREE Speed Pass to one of their world class training sessions.  

This past week there were a ton of fantastic performances in Morris-Sussex between hockey, wrestling, basketball and other sports.  But the player we felt deserved the Parisi Speed School Player of the Week the most was Boonton girls basketball player Devin Gibbs. Despite losing to Brearly 53-33, the senior four-year started pulled up from three point land to sink her 1,000th point of her career.

We caught up with Devin to talk about this momentous achievement, find out who on the team is the biggest diva and what we can expect from the Bombers the rest of the way.

Morris Sussex Sports: When did you think being a 1,000 scorer would be a reality for you?
Devin Gibbs: I really began thinking about my goal of 1,000 around the middle of my sophomore season. I had scored over 400 points at this time of the season, and realized it was attainable. It had always been a goal for me, but it became a reality during my sophomore season with Boonton.

MSS: What’s changed for your over the four years you’ve been a starter?
DG: I think I’ve been more reliable as a teammate and captain, always being there for my team and being a leader for them. Although I started as a freshman, I still felt like the underdog on the team, not really fitting in with the rest of the varsity squad. But as I became a more mature person and player, I have grown in the sense that I now fit in with my team, and try to make all of them better by being the best player and role model I can be.

MSS: What would surprise people to know about your team?
DG: It would probably surprise people to know that we had no seniors last year, and that all of our varsity players had come back. It’s very rare that a team has no seniors like we did last year, but it actually worked out better for us, preparing us for when we are seniors and allowing us to have a better year because we’ve been playing with the same group of varsity players for two years.

MSS: What’s the funniest thing Coach ever said?
DG: It was a home game in January and we had all began to come into our classroom to go over film and plays before the game. The classroom was a history class, and Coach Carlin had mentioned a man named John Brown, apparently prohibitionist in the 1900s. Then, he picked up a textbook from a shelf in the room and just happened to open to a page that talked all about John Brown. He then continued to say that he would play the lottery that night, and if he had not shown up to practice the next day, it is because he won with his lucky numbers.

MSS: What makes him the angriest?
DG: A pet peeve of Coach Carlin’s is when me and Brianna fall asleep on the gym floor before Saturday morning practices. He once walked into the gym to find most of his players asleep, because we had a game the night before and had to be back at the school by 7:45 for an 8am practice. We had closed our eyes for a few moments before coach had walked in and began to get mad, making us run for the majority of that 2 hour practice.

MSS: Who on your team loosens the team up with humor?
DG: Mia Peguero definitely loosens up our team when we aren’t playing to our potential, or even before a big game to shake our nerves. She just makes little jokes and comments that bring us all together and laughing so hard that we don’t even remember why we were nervous or in a bad mood. We all balance each others humors out, but Mia is definitely the funniest player on the team that never fails to put a smile on my (and my teammates) faces.

MSS: Who is the most intense player?
DG: The most intense player on our team is Nicole Krozser. She is injured right now with a broken toe, but she has always been the best defender on our team, sticking with the best player on the opposing team for the entirety of a game, without getting tired or frustrated. I know I would be intimidated if she was defending me in a game, and we are so lucky to have someone as dedicated and hardworking as she has been on defense for us.

MSS: Who is the biggest diva?
DG: I would say that Brianna Corporan is the biggest diva on our team. She always stands her ground and doesn’t give in to anybody or anything. Even when players push her or make her angry on the court, she always bounces back and does what she needs to get us back on track. She comes up with something sassy to say at anyone that goes against her, and usually makes winning arguments look easy.

MSS: Who is your role model?
DG: My role model in life would have to be my mom, who has taught me how to be a good person and work as hard as possible to accomplish my goals. In basketball, my role model is Steph Curry, being the best shooter in the league. I’ve always looked at his shot, and analyzed the way he shoots the ball to try to become a better player.

MSS: What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?
DG: In 10 years, I see myself being a successful lawyer in a lot of student debt. I intend to have a big house and a nice car, with 3 dogs.

MSS: What can we expect from the Bombers the rest of the way?
DG: I think we expect to win a few more games, and hopefully go 500 in the rest of our games. We have many winnable match-ups, but have to keep working at it to accomplish that goal.

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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