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The 2018 All Morris Sussex Sports Postseason Football Awards are sponsored by our friends at the Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey. OINJ has offices strategically placed within 10-15 minutes of every Morris-Sussex high school in Cedar Knolls, Roxbury, Newton, Sparta, Washington and Hackettstown. They are open till 8pm on weekdays and till noon on the weekdays in case an athlete needs to see an orthopedic specialist at any time.

Eleven years ago, we published our first postseason football awards special to honor the top local players.  At the time, we affectionately called it the “All Unruly Awards” for no other reason than to differentiate these postseason honors from the All County and All State Awards.  We take pride in providing thorough coverage of football for the 37 teams we report on, so we always felt that if a deserving player got snubbed by other postseason awards, then we wanted them to know that the All Unruly Awards would have their back.

This is the first year we are naming our postseason football awards the All Morris Sussex Sports Team instead of the All Unruly Team.  We feel the “All Unruly Team” is kind of a inside reference that only our long time followers get.  In fact, I know there are people reading this that have no idea what I’m talking about.  So for now on, our postseason football awards will be now known as the All Morris Sussex Sports Team.

We hope you’ve enjoyed Morris Sussex Sports’ coverage of high school sports this season.  Every season we try to make our coverage better than the previous year.  Our goals is to literally make coverage of high school sports in our area the envy of the state.  Our live broadcasts and audio postcasts have been a few of the things that have been big steps in expanding our coverage over the past year.

In the spirit of not getting too off track, let’s get focused on what we are here for – the All Morris Sussex Sports Football Team.  Over the past month, we have poured over all of our notes, watched hours and hours of game footage, reviewed statistics and spoke to coaches, players and fans to try to make sure we could memorialize the 2018 football season as best we could.

And before we share with you our top honors, it’s important for every football player to know something.  Football is like no other sport.  It is truly a team sport and every single kid on the roster is important.  The best players don’t win championships, the best teams do.  So we hope if there are players that are not named in our awards, that they can take pride in the teammates that got honored that they had something to do with their success.

With that said, it is time that we unveil the 2018 All Morris Sussex Sports Football Team, sponsored by the Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey.

Listen to our podcast to hear how we came up with the Top Honors of the Year and the 1st Team.

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Click the links below to read all of the players who make the All Morris Sussex Sports Team.

The 2018 OINJ All Morris Sussex Sports Top Honors of the Year

The 2018 OINJ All Morris Sussex Sports 1st Team

The 2018 OINJ All Morris Sussex Sports 2nd Team

The 2018 OINJ All Morris Sussex Sports 3rd Team

The 2018 OINJ All Morris Sussex Sports – Honorable Mention Players

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Morris Sussex Sports is passionate about covering high school sports in Morris, Sussex and parts of Warren Counties. With every piece of content that we put out, we try to make you "laugh, cry and think", a la the great Jimmy Valvano. Connect with us on Twitter @MorrSussSports and Instagram @morrissussexsports

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anthony Ruggiero

    December 26, 2018 at 1:18 pm

    “..Hi, I just seen your picks for the all Morris/Sussex teams and congratulation every player that made it. With that said I’m a little disappointed that there were 12 players picked ahead of my son. My son made honorable mention for linebacker which he never played. He was a nose guard and his stats were better than 90 percent of the players ahead of him. I listened to your pod cast on how you came up with the list and I’m still confused. Maybe it’s a popularity contest or you based your picks on hieght and weight. That’s ok because he also got snubbed for all county

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