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Every week Kevin, Brian and George slug it out to predict the most football games correctly. Morris Sussex Sports has incentivized these three knuckleheads with a prize to be determined to whomever picks the most correct games at the end of the season. Keep up with their progress every Thursday nights or Friday mornings when the 2018 Academic Resources Weekly Predictions come out.

The 2018 Football Predictions are sponsored by Academic Resources, centrally located in Morris Plains.  For 30 years, Academic Resources has been taking the stress off of students and families from the entire test prep and college planning process.  They’ve been helping scores of Morris-Sussex students and scholar-athletes find the schools that are the best fit for them academically, socially, athletically and financially.  College is coming fast so don’t over think this.  Just call them right now and mentioned “Morris Sussex Sports” for a FREE evaluation.

Friday Night Lights

Pequannock (4-2) @ Boonton (4-2)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Boonton is exceptional at the football fundamentals and I love their old school running attack led by QB Trey Cabalar. PICK: Boonton 21-18
Brian Kenney: This game is going to be “off the chain” as the youngsters say. Wait, they don’t say that anymore? This game is gonna be bumpin’! Sounds weird coming from somebody old like me? Ok, ok. This game is going to be a good game with a lot of energy on both sides (say that in a robot voice). I’m going to have to give the edge to the Boots in this one. Nick Ezzi and the rest of the offensive line will pave the way for at least two backs to gain over 100 yards in this one for Boonton. PICK: Boots 27-24
George Muha: This is basically a playoff game for both teams. Both Boonton and Pequannock are in precarious positions in their respective playoff sections. They’d both qualify for the dance if the season ended today. But the season isn’t ending now and a loss can knock them into choppy waters. With that said, I think Boonton’s right handed jabs from Corey Dempster and the left hook from Joe Cannizzaro will too much for the Quan. I do think the Panthers will go the distance, but the judges will rule in favor of the Boots. PICK: Bombers 33-32

Emerson (5-1) @ Butler (5-1)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: This is definitely one of the most exciting matchups of the week. Butler’s offensive attack led by Evan Smith and Sean Centinaro is a tough combo to game plan for. Not to mention I had the worst baseball game of my life against Emerson as a kid. PICK: Bulldogs 35-32
Brian Kenney: Emerson? I will be honest. I never knew there was a town called Emerson. Besides going to Court there, I’m not a big Bergen County guy, so it makes sense. Although I used to play amateur baseball in Moonachie all the time. Anyway, Emerson is having a decent season, only dropping one game all year. Butler has the same record, but they are tough to beat at home, and that gives them the edge. Derek “Dominos” Timpinaro scores twice in this one for the Bulldogs. PICK: Butler 26-14
George Muha: Hey Butler, just remember, nobody – and I mean nobody – comes into our house and pushes us around! And especially not Ralph Waldo.  PICK: Dawgs 21-14

Cliffside Park (2-5) @ Dover (0-7)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Don’t take a Tiger snooze on Dover. PICK: Dover 14-10
Brian Kenney: Cliffside Park is a decent squad but the Tigers are going to pull off the upset in front of their hometown fans at the Jungle. (Get it, Tigers live in the Jungle? I think that High School teams should start going the college route in naming their home fields so teams are intimidated right from the jump. For example – the Hornets can play in the “Hive”, (or actually the Swamp, as Florham Park and East Hanover seem to have a lot of wet areas and mosquitoes around them) the Rams or Cougars can play in the Mountain? The Mustangs or Colts can play in the Stable? The Boots can play in the Cobblerdome? On second thought maybe this isn’t a good idea. You guys can probably think of some good ones though, tweet them at me, maybe I can start using them. Anyway, Jaime Flores will score from the goal line while collecting a couple of sacks on defense for the Tigers as “Welcome to the Jungle” blares in the background. PICK: Dover 21-19
George Muha: This is a game that Dover has the ability to win. Jaime Flores and Christian Acevedo will combine for 200-yards and three TDs to give the Tiger fans their first dub of the season. PICK: Tigers 28-23

Madison (3-3) @ Hanover Park (2-4)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: I never met a Kevin I didn’t like and I think Kevin Julich, ups the ante to 2 sacks this week on the way to HP’s 3rd dub of the season. PICK: Hanover Park 23-19
Brian Kenney: I bet my friend Elizabeth “Darcy” Beaman (Madison alum) $400,000 on this game. Madison is favored in the spread by 8 points. I’m kidding! I don’t want to be the Pete Rose of high school football. However, there are bragging rights on the line for A LOT of people. This rivalry has gone on for decades, and Madison will point to all of its rings and HP will point to ending “the streak.” None of that matters this Friday though. HP is going to have to come up with a way to stop Matt Mulcahy on the ground. And Madison will focus on shutting down all-everything Matt Tuli for HP. In the end, defensive stops will dictate who wins this game. Kevin Julich and Mike Ferrone will combine for 4 sacks and a forced fumble in this one, and that turnover will be the difference in this battle at the Hive on Friday Night. PICK: Hornets 35-28
George Muha: I am an equal fan of every Morris-Sussex team. I just love following all the players and rooting them on from the summer sessions all the way till we have teams that get to MetLife. I really have no biases – except when Madison plays my alma mater Hornets that is. This rivalry just cuts too deep for me to even pretend this game doesn’t mean anything to me. And the fact that the Dodgers sit that the 13th spot and we sit at the 18th spot of the Group II playoff section, gives me even more reason to throw away any maroon colored piece of clothing I own. Considering only the top 16 teams in the section get into the dance, and a 17 seed will get precedence over a 16 seed if they beat them in the regular season, this game could have big time playoff ramifications. Let’s do this Hornets! PICK: HP 35-34

Hopatcong (3-4) @ High Point (3-3)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: I know Coach Delaney has Matt Carter and the Wildcat O-line primed and ready for this one. PICK: High Point 28-18
Brian Kenney: High Point is playing well and clawed their way up to number 14 in the Morris County Top 15, despite being shut out by the Kits last week. They are going to have their hands full with the ‘Cong on Friday as well, especially with Blake Corbett, who rushed for over 200 yards and FOUR touchdowns last week. This one could go either way. Blake is going to do some serious damage for the Chiefs, but I think HP pulls it out in the end when Travis Tallamy breaks off a 50 yard TD run for the Wildcats. PICK: HP 20-14
George Muha: High Point is actually sitting fairly comfortable at the 12th spot in the Group II playoff section and a win against DaCong will carry some decent Power Points and Residual Points which will help the Wildcasts dig into their playoff position even deeper. PICK: HP 33-21

Jefferson (2-5) @ West Milford (4-3)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: West Milford’s offense is going to be tested by that tough Jefferson D and their secondary will have to get two hats on Michael Gould if they want to come out on top in this one. PICK: West Milford 21-14
Brian Kenney: West Milford has won some tough games this year, and Jefferson has been playing above their record all season, including a nice win last week. Michael “Sasha Baren” Gould will run for a buck twenty and two scores but I think West Milford will be too much to handle at home. PICK: WM 21-14
George Muha: West Milford is sitting at the 15th spot in the Group III playoff section and Jefferson is at the 21st spot. The Jeffs have an uphill battle to get to that qualifying 16th spot but a win against WM could be the difference if it comes down to a tie breaker. PICK: Jeffs 21-20

Ramsey (4-3) @ Kinnelon (1-6)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Ramsey has been able to put points on the board all season and has kept it competitive in their losses. PICK: Ramsey 28-21
Brian Kenney: Ramsey is tough, and Kinnelon has been struggling as of late. It will be close, but I see Ramsey pulling away late in the fourth quarter. Look for Nick Matthew to run for over 100 yards and a score for the Colts, but they will fall just short at the Stable. PICK: Ramsey 27-21
George Muha: I’ve said this all year and I’ll continue to say it, Kinnelon is the most under-rated team in Morris-Sussex. It’s too bad a few early games didn’t fall their way because they’d be fighting for a playoff spot now. But now they get to play the spoiler. I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and say Joey Rymarz and company git’er done at home against the Ramsonians. PICK: Colts 33-28

Kittatinny (6-1) @ Newton (6-1)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Here is another great matchup this week! Both teams have weapons on both sides of the ball. Going with Kaiser and the fighting Braves at home PICK: Newton 24-11
Brian Kenney: Wow, this is going to be a great one. Newton was shocked last week, and they still have a bad taste in their mouth. They have been working extra hard in practice and cannot wait to play on Friday. Kittatinny continues to have a great season, and shut out a good High Point team last week. Newton has the anger factor working in their favor, and I see Kevin Lupo picking off two passes for the Braves this week. They also have home field advantage playing at the Reservation. That being said, wow, the Kits are playing lights out this year. I think James Franco will throw for two scores and run for another but the Braves will squeak this victory out in the final seconds. PICK: Newton 31-28
George Muha: I’ve been drinking the Koolade all season on Kittatinny with the way they’ve been romping on teams. But I don’t think it would matter if Newton was playing the Giants this week – bad example. I don’t think it would matter if Newton was playing the New England Patriots this week. There is no way coach Parzero and the Braves aren’t going to bounce back after dropping their first loss in two years. PICK: Braves 21-18

Vernon (0-7) @ Mendham (2-4)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: The Minutemen were just getting their eyes adjusted to the lights last week. PICK: Mendham 28-19
Brian Kenney: The Minutemen have had an up and down season, and unfortunately Vernon is having a down season. That doesn’t mean they won’t give Mendham a run for their money this Friday though, and look for Jon Parisi to collect a TD catch and a couple of sacks on defense for the Vikings. In the end, Mendham shakes off the rough loss last week and Evan Petrucci grabs a 40 yard bomb on a fire route that wins the game in front of their hometown fans at the Battlefield. PICK: Mendham 17-12
George Muha: Am I the only one who thinks Mendham coach Brett Ressler is also Sean McVay of the Los Angeles Rams? Just Google both guys’ picture and tell me there isn’t some kind of conspiracy going on. I think Brett, or Sean, or whatever his real name is, will take some of the mojo he has from his undefeated Rams and bring a dub to his home crowd under his dope new lights. PICK: Minutemen 44-21

Sparta (5-2) @ Montville (6-1)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: This one is going to come down to who has the hotter hand, Burke or Oelkers. PICK: Montville 37-35
Brian Kenney: There are so many awesome games this week! Sparta was beaten by a great Randolph team last week and cannot wait to get back on the field to win again. Montville continues to roll with a huge win over a good Mount Olive team last week as well. The home crowd will be going nuts, and Montville is full of confidence going into this one against a Sparta team that was dismantled by the Rams. I think that in the past couple years I have picked against Sparta once or twice, but mark this as the third time. Kenny Oelkers will throw for three scores in this one for the Spartans, but Aaron Warsaw will get to him at least twice, and Montville will make a big defensive stop in the fourth quarter to ice it. PICK: Montville 24-20
George Muha: If I were Montville, I’d be most scared about Sparta RB Austin Castorina. He’s the player I’d personally least like to tackle out of any player in Morris-Sussex this year. However, I think the difference in this game will be Montville’s Colin “The Playmaker” Regan. Kid has proven he can change a game on a dime and I anticipate he’ll do exactly that this weekend to get the dub in front of his home crowd. PICK: Montville 30-29

Morris Hills (6-1) @ Randolph (7-0)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Anthony Sofia and the Randolph offense is fun to watch, I expect another big game out of him in a shootout against a very good Sparta team that knows how to get it done through the air as well. PICK: Randolph 28-27
Brian Kenney: Wow the Rams are, to quote one of my favorite players of all time, (well, it was actually MC Hammer, but whatever) Deion Sanders, “2 Legit to Quit.” They beat a great Sparta team last week, and now people are saying, they are due for a let-down after that. Morris Hills, however, is no trap team. They are great as well. This one is going down to the wire. The Rams’ Matt Kuntz and Derek Rooney will find the endzone a couple of times for Randolph while Tony Sofia does this thing through the air, throwing for another score to Ryan McDermott. Morris Hills’ Dom Rossi will throw for 300 yards and 2 TDs, one to Andres Moreno and one to Lucas Novack, but in the end I think Jacob Flowers will get a pick on Hills’ last drive that seals the victory for the Rams at the Mountain. PICK: Rams 34-33
George Muha: Both of these teams are playing sound, mistake-free football. With that said, I think this game will come down to a trick play. Look for Randolph’s Coach Nahan to make Michael Tahiri an eligible receiver on a short yardage situation to fullfill the lineman’s dream of catching a meaningful catch in a game (I feel for ya Tahiri, I was also a skill player trapped in a lineman’s body). PICK: Rams 32-27

Morris Knolls (3-3) @ West Morris (3-3)
*Morris Sussex Sports will be broadcasting live from this game. Subscribe to our YouTube channel right now so you don’t miss it.
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: It’s safe to say the Wolfpack feels pretty comfortable on the new turf and this game will be streaming live so you know that stadium is going to be ELECTRIC! PICK: Pack 32-19
Brian Kenney: Another barn burner. I wonder if the people making the schedule knew they were making Week 7 the most exciting week ever. Jake “The Snake” Ligos will score twice in this one, while collecting 2.5 sacks for the Wolfpack. This will go down to the final seconds but West Morris will pull it out. PICK: WM 22-20
George Muha: If Knoll’s win’s, Coach Regan will have his 250th career dub. As much as the Eagles would love to deliver a loss to the Wolfpack on their pretty new field, I just cannot see Big Bad Jake Ligos letting that happen. PICK: Wolves 34-28

Roxbury (2-4) @ Mount Olive (3-3)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Mount Olive is an intimidating place to play and I am pretty sure everyone in town goes to the game. It’s like a scene out of Friday Night Lights. PICK: Mount Olive 23-18
Brian Kenney: Roxbury is tough as nails, Mount Olive has righted the ship but lost a tough one last week. Who will win between these cross-town rivals? The Marauders have home field advantage, and it’s not something to be underestimated, especially at the Ship. Anyway, I think Chris Cherry “Picker” will collect a sack or two in this one and otherwise disrupt Bury’s backs all day long, along with Paul Moore and Patrick Olson. PICK: Mt. Olive 30-20
George Muha: Here’s the deal, Roxbury sits at the #17 spot and MO is at the #14 spot of the North Group 4 state section and only the top 16 get in. So beating the Marauders means everything to the Gaels. Considering MO is dealing with the injury bug, I think things could align for Roxbury at the right time. PICK: Gaels 21-18

Glen Ridge (1-6) @ Mountain Lakes (5-1)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Baker’s Herd knocks Glen off the Ridge. PICK: Lakers 32-18
Brian Kenney: The Herd is on a mission this year, and continues to win. This week is no exception. Jack “Shake and” Baker will throw for 2 scores and run for another, while John Waggoner wrangles down the QB a couple of times for Mountain Lakes at the Corral. PICK: Herd 35-21
George Muha: My buddy Luke Maginnis is a coach for Glen Ridge. The guy is totally jacked and could easily compete one of those Ninja Warrior contests. Unfortunately, his Ridgers (I think they could have tried a little harder on a team name when they created that school) aren’t having the best year but they have a great future because Maginnis is all x’s and o’s. Baker and company will refine some stuff in this game as they start buckling down for the postseason. PICK: Herd 33-12

Whippany Park (0-7) @ Parsippany (2-5)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Parsippany looks to bounce back at home after a tough loss to Boonton Last week. PICK: Parsippany 21-14
Brian Kenney: I’m still kind of surprised that Whippany Park has not won a game yet, and this could be the week they do it. Parsippany had high hopes for the season, but it has not turned out the way they planned. This week though, the Redhawks will ramp it up and take care of business. Look for Nana Agyemang to return a kick to the house in this one for the Redhawks. PICK: Parsippany 20-14
George Muha: I wouldn’t worry about the future of either of these teams. Both are loaded with young guns. I am predicting right now that Parsippany will get to the semi finals of their section next season and Whippany will get there the following year. Remember I said that. PICK: Redhawks 28-7

Par Hills (5-2) @ West Essex (6-0)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: West Essex hasn’t scored less than 34 in a game all season. PICK : West Essex 42-35
Brian Kenney: West Essex is always so darn tough to beat. Par Hills has really been playing well though, and they have hit their stride. The Greatest Show on Turf will score plenty of points, but in the end I think West Essex will score more. Dom Verducci will run for a buck fifty and two scores and Alan Copeland will record over a dozen tackles but West Essex will stay undefeated at home in this one. PICK: WE 35-30
George Muha: Honestly, Dom Verducci has a gear that I haven’t seen from any other player all year. The fact that he is a frosh blows me away. What does Mrs. Verducci feed her kids…geez!  Before I saw him in person, I would have picked Wessex in this game. But I don’t see the Knights having an answer for him. PICK: Vikes 44-40

Saturday Afternoon Delights

Hackettstown (3-4) @ Chatham (2-4)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: My boy Will Duff from Chatham has a breakout game and has 2 sacks on the way to a win for the Cougs. PICK: Chatham 24-17
Brian Kenney: H-Town dropped 40 points on Dover last week, and Chatham lost a close one to a very good Par Hills team. The Cougars are tough at home at the Den, but H-Town is tough everywhere. Matt Castro will run for over 120 yards and two scores for Hackettstown, but their team defense will be the star of the show this week, forcing three turnovers in this one along with 4 sacks. That being said, look for Luke Agnew will record at least 15 tackles and a sack for Chatham in a close one. PICK: HTown 20-19
George Muha: How about H-town back Kyle Salazar’s big return last week. The stud lost most of his sophomore year to an ACL injury. Then rehabs back for his junior season and fractures his patella. Then finally he’s able to suit up last week and rushes for 12-yards per carry and a TD. Without Salazar, Chatham’s winning. With Salazar, I have to go with the black & orange. Way to work your way back Kyle! PICK: H-Town 29-27

Delbarton (4-3) @ Morristown (1-5)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: The battle of Suvios Pizza. I think Cole Freeman buys his O-line some pies after the game for keeping him sack-free all game. PICK: Delby 37-12
Brian Kenney: Wow, Delby has not looked back on the first three weeks of the season, winning four in a row since then. Morristown is about to get hit by a green tsunami. Look for Cole Freeman to stay hot for Delby, and accurate, throwing for 200 yards and three scores in the win. PICK: Delby 41-17
George Muha: I am so bummed because we were all set to broadcast this game to give a lot of love to all of the Morristown kids on both sides of the ball. It just didn’t work out for unforeseen reasons. We’ll get to broadcasting these teams soon enough though. Anywho, I hope big time colleges are watching my boy, sophomore QB Cole Freeman. If they are smart, they’d start offering him a sweet package now to try to lock him up. I just want to make sure interested universities know that having Uncle Muha run through the tunnel at home games is part of the deal. PICK: Delby 44-22

Lenape Valley (3-4) @ Wallkill Valley (6-1)
*Morris Sussex Sports will be broadcasting live from this game. Subscribe to our YouTube channel right now so you don’t miss it.
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: I cheated on my Wallkill boys and they made me pay for it last week. Lonsky and Rivera go Tommy Pickles on the Pats. PICK: Wallkill 21-18
Brian Kenney: It’s a battle down in the Valley!!! Lenape has made strides in a the past couple of weeks but Number 4 Wallkill Valley, coming off the upset of Newton last week, is going to win the Valley Rivalry. Besides the fact the Rangers are playing at home, look for Ryan “Ted” Nugent to collect a couple of sacks off blitzes for Wallkill and for Jonathan Sienkiewicz to score at least once on a flag route. PICK: WV 30-27
George Muha: Lenape has done a valiant job scraping together wins, despite getting a bad case of the injury bug this season. The reason they’ve been able to salvage their season is because of a motivated group of sophomores who are making the most of the opportunity they would have never had if not for the injuries. I do think Wallkill win end up winning but I think the Rangers will be caught on their heels by the spirited young Pats. PICK: Wallkill 28-18

Hudson Catholic (4-3) @ Morris Catholic (4-3)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Naim Redding continues to make a name for himself on the ground. See what I did there? PICK: Morris Catholic 29-27
Brian Kenney: I’m going with the Morris County squad. Also I don’t want MC freshman AJ Guiliana busting my chops when I see him again for picking against Morris Catholic. Look for Naim Redding to pick off a pass for the second straight week for MC, while beast defensive lineman Dom Castellano and linebacker Carlos Navarro will combine for 16 tackles and two sacks. PICK: MC 24-20
George Muha: Having Naim Redding back in the lineup is making a huge difference. While I think he’ll rush for 100-yards and a score, his presence will open up the passing attack. It will be the Chaplin-to-Luttenburger connection that will end up taking down Hudson. PICK: Crusaders 42-35

Morristown-Beard (2-4) @ M.K.A. (1-6)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: I saw Nate Panza throwing a wicked stiff arm on the Mo Beard Insta. MKA better hope he doesn’t go Beastmode again if they want to win this one. PICK: Beards 24-12
Brian Kenney: MKA plays tough in their beautiful facility in Montclair, but the Beard is bringing it on Saturday. Patrick Salazar and George Burke will combine for 5 sacks for the Beard in this one, causing at least one fumble in the process. PICK: The Beard 27-19
George Muha: This week I went to Dick’s to buy my own James Marinello away red jersey. Unfortunately, they were all sold out so I had to settle for a home white one…which there was only one left. I guess when a freshman QB goes off for 226-yards and 4 TDs of total offense, people get excited (I know I do). I predict the ninth grader bests last weeks performance against MKA. PICK: Beards 39-20

St. Peter’s Prep (5-2) @ Pope John (0-7)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Based on the transitive property of sports, I have to go with the Prep in this game. PICK: St. Peter’s 35-24
Brian Kenney: I’m not sure what to say besides this is a rebuilding year for PJ and they will rise again. Just not this week. Despite that, the Johnnies’ Mike DeNucci will literally tackle everyone on St. Peter’s in the loss. PICK: St. Peter’s 28-20
George Muha: Crazy as it may sound, Pope John will make the playoffs (because everyone makes it) and will likely have a winnable game in Round 1 that will put them into the semi-finals for a sectional title. Perhaps all of the bumps the Johnnies endured during the season will smooth out in the postseason. Until they get that first dub, I still am going to have to pick against them though. PICK: St. Peter’s 33-21

Montclair Immaculate (5-2) @ Sussex Tech (4-3)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: If you want to see something immaculate this weekend, just watch Tech’s Brendan Hall run the ball. PICK: Techies 24-21
Brian Kenney: The Technies’ Aiden Smith, Bo Maroney and Brendan Hall are all gutsy players and want nothing more then to finish the year on a 4-game win streak. I think they’ll do it. PICK: ST 32-28
George Muha: I’m mad that Sussex Tech is #23 in the North Group 2 section. Only the top 16 teams make it in and even if they win this week against Montclair Immaculate and next week against North Warren, they likely will not get enough points to get in. I’m mad because they are definitely a playoff team. With that said, I wish good luck to Immaculate for having to deal with 6-3, 300-pound Dylan Herbst all Saturday afternoon. PICK: Techies 39-32

How We Picked Them

Kevin 16-5 (76.19%)
Brian 18-3 (85.71%)
George 18-3 (85.71%)

How We’ve Been Picking Them So Far

Kevin 98-45 (68.53%)
Brian 103-40 (72.02%)
George 100-43 (69.93%)

About the Predictors

Kevin Saum is a former captain of the West Morris Central Wolfpack and founder of the Heads ‘N Tales Podcast where he interview’s amazing athletes who’ve discovered the true meaning of toughness through adversity.  Have an opinion about Kevin’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle:  @headsntalespod

Brian Kenney is a Hanover Park alumni who really has nothing to do with high school sports. But he’s George Muha’s oldest friend and while he’s a better lawyer than high school football predictor, George gets a kick out of his comments and nicknames. Have an opinion about Brian’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle: @bdk29

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for nine years. George is the founder of MSS and is also on the board of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation.

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for ten years. George is the founder of MSS and proud board member of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation. Have an opinion about George’s picks? Tell him what you think via his twitter handle: @MorrSussSports

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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