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Morris Sussex Sports covers 37 football teams that consists of about 1,000 players in Morris, Sussex and parts of Warren counties. Out of those 1,000 players, Morris Sussex Sports and Parisi Speed School honors just one athlete who does something special each week with the Parisi Speed School Player of the Week.  Go to Parisi Speed School to raise your game and become faster, bigger and stronger.  Mention “Morris Sussex Sports” and receive a FREE Speed Pass to one of their world class training sessions.  

Week 4 was filled with incredible individual performances. Morris Catholic’s Jeff Chaplin threw for 313-yards and 3 TDs in the Crusaders 35-24 loss to Boonton. Wallkill Valley’s Justin Rivera bolted for 245 yards and two TDs in the Rangers 27-10 win over Sussex Tech. And Par Hills kicker Anthony Memoli went 3 for 3 on field goals in the Vikings 30-13 win over Hackettstown.

But the player that out did every player in Morris-Sussex last week was Morris Hills DE/WR Lucas Novack. The junior was all over the field defensively picking up 4 solo tackles and returning an INT to the house. Offensively, he accounted for 136-yards and two touchdowns on 3 receptions in the Scarlet Knight’s 55-26 upset over the undefeated Montville Mustangs.

We caught up to with Novack to talk about this game, where he sees himself in 10-years and what we can expect from the Red Knights the rest of the way.

Morris Sussex Sports: How does it feel to be 4-1 at this stage of the season?
Lucas Novack: It feels good. Our loss against Roxbury woke us up and we were ready to play and get back on track.

MSS: Did you think you were going to have such a good game coming into this season?
LN: I just went into the season telling myself that I’m going to play my hardest every game and what happens happens.

MSS: What would surprise people to know about this Scarlet Knight team?
LN: We are all a family.

MSS: Who is the toughest player on your team?
LN: Tyler Palermo, he is always playing as hard as he can on the D-line.

MSS: What’s the most inspiring thing Coach Sabo ever said?
LN: “You tough too”.

MSS: What’s the funniest thing he ever said?
LN: When he refers to sweat shirts as “schweaters”.

MSS: Does it surprise you to know that Coach Sabo was a fierce player himself back in his playing days for the Scarlet Knights?
LN: No, coach seems like a tough blue collar guy.

MSS: Who is the best player you ever played against?
LN: We don’t worry about who we are playing.

MSS: What was your welcome to varsity football moment?
LN: Freshman year when I had the opportunity to stand on the sideline at states.

MSS: If your house was burning, what possession would you run back in for?
LN: My dog Douchess!

MSS: If you weren’t playing football, what would you be doing?
LN: Playing year all year round lacrosse.

MSS: Who is your favorite athlete?
LN: Marshawn Lynch

MSS: Finish this sentence – in 10 years I will be:
LN: Successful.

MSS: If you were going to have a “last meal,” what would it be?
LN: Bacon

MSS: Aside athletics, do you have any hidden talents?
LN: I can salsa.

MSS: What’s your favorite movie?
LN: The first Sponge Bob movie.

MSS: What can we expect from the Knights the rest of the way?
LN: Blue collar football.

MSS: Congrats Lucas on such a great week and best of luck the rest of the way!
LN: Thank you!

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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