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Every week Kevin, Brian and George slug it out to predict the most football games correctly. Morris Sussex Sports has incentivized these three knuckleheads with a prize to be determined to who ever picks the most correct games at the end of the season. Keep up with their progress every Thursday nights or Friday mornings when the 2018 Academic Resources Weekly Predictions come out.

The 2018 Football Predictions are sponsored by Academic Resources, centrally located in Morris Plains.  For 30 years, Academic Resources has been taking the stress off of students and families from the entire test prep and college planning process.  They’ve been helping scores of Morris-Sussex students and scholar-athletes find the schools that are the best fit for them academically, socially, athletically and financially.  College is coming fast so don’t over think this.  Just call them right now and mentioned “Morris Sussex Sports” for a FREE evaluation.

Friday Night Lights

Hasbrouck Heights (4-0) @ Butler (3-0)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Hasbrouck Heights has put up almost 50-points in every game this season. PICK: Heights 42-35
Brian Kenney: Great game between two explosive teams. Evan “Hansen” Smith accounts for 225 yards of offense and 3 scores as the Bulldogs win a close one. PICK: Butler 28-24
George Muha: I think Butler is a very good team and beating Hasbrouck will send a huge message. Although, and I hope I am wrong, I do think this Heights team might just be too much to handle for the Bulldogs. PICK: Hasbrouck 29-20

Delbarton (1-3) @ Morris Knolls (1-2)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: I think Knolls keeps the momentum going after last week’s win against a strong Mount Olive team. PICK: Knolls 17-14
Brian Kenney: Cole “Trickle” Freeman will throw for 2 scores and run for another as Delby wins impressively on the road. PICK: Delby 34-17
George Muha: Knolls is riding high after last week’s OT win over Mount Olive. But Delby is also carrying momentum after almost pulling up a huge upset over DePaul. I spoke to a member of the DePaul faithful and they said Delby played perfectly. A green team will definitely win this weekend, however, I think it will be the Wave. PICK: Delby 34-24

Dover (0-4) @ Hanover Park (0-3)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: If the Hanover Park O-Line can create wholes for Ethan Gayle like they did last week, I think they can pick up their first win of the season. PICK: Hanover Park 28-19
Brian Kenney: I have been told by many HP fans to pick Dover because I have picked HP for three weeks straight and they lost. All I can say is 4th time is the charm. Ethan Gayle will run for a buck fifty and 2 scores as the Hornets get their first W of the season. PICK: HP 27-17
George Muha: Next to HP, Dover is my next favorite team. It’s more for posterity reasons based on the battles my Hornets used to have with the Tigers back in my playing days. Plus I love their uni’s and their snack shack ladies are always so nice. Something that is not so nice about the Tiger’s is their stud fullback Jaime Flores. He’s definitely going to be a load for the Hornets to handle. But I do predict it will be the Hornets who come away with the win at home. PICK: HP 34-18

High Point (1-2) @ Vernon (0-4)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Storm Goralczyk and the rest of the Wildcats will be rocking like a hurricane when the step off the bus at Vernon this week. PICK: High Point 21-10
Brian Kenney: The Pointers are having a rough season but they will even their record this week on the road. PICK: HP 21-10
George Muha: Vernon’s got the skills to pay the bills and I do think they will get on the board soon. But I see the High Pointers starting a winning trend and it will start this week. PICK: HP 33-10

Newton (4-0) @ Hopatcong (2-2)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: The Chiefs vs. the Braves, a civil war of sorts. I think Ryan Kaiser will be the go-to weapon for this battle. PICK: Newton 24-18
Brian Kenney: The ‘Cong will play tough before the hometown fans but Newton is on a mission this year. Ryan Kaiser Soze does it all again this week with 150 yards rushing on offense and 15 tackles on defense. PICK: Newton 39-18
George Muha: So Newton currently has the longest active winning streak in the state at 16 straight wins. I think Braves RB Nick Brigante will make it 17 after this one. PICK: Braves 33-28

Sparta (3-1) @ Jefferson (1-3)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Kenny Oelkers will be tested by the Jefferson D, but if he can put numbers up like he did last week they will come out with the W. PICK: Sparta 12-7
Brian Kenney: J-Town has been playing great D all year but Sparta is going to explode on offense this week. Billy The Cisko Kid will catch 7 balls for 2 scores and 125 yards in this one for Sparta. PICK: Sparta 40-14
George Muha: If I were an opposing Morris-Sussex team I’d trade two first round picks for Sparta RB Austin Castorina before the Week 4 trade deadline. Nobody wants to tackle him and he’s only a junior. Plus, I’d put in his contract that he’d have to play for a 5th year for me. PICK: Spartans 33-20

Mountain Lakes (2-1) @ Kinnelon (1-3)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Sticky fingers Nelson looked like Jordy in his prime last week, but Mountain Lakes has multiple offensive weapons of their own with Jack Baker and John Defazio through the air and Matt Palazzi on the ground.
Brian Kenney: The Lakes righted the ship last week and will continue their winning streak this week on the road. Matt Palazzi will score twice on the ground for Lakes. PICK: Lakes 28-17
George Muha: I am telling you, do not count out Kinnelon. Joey Rymarz can throw and Reilly Nelson can catch, as evident from their big statement win last week against Pascack. I see both these teams playing basketball this week as they both like to stretch the field. But I predict the Herd’s Palazzo being the difference in a close one. PICK: Mountain Lakes 40-35

Parsippany (2-2) @ Kittatinny (3-1)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: And he can catch passes! James Franco found out that Jacob Mafaro is more than just a running back last week and I think it adds a whole new dimension that Parsippany needs to prepare for. PICK: Kittatinny 24-13
Brian Kenney: The Kits are playing well this year and will be challenged big time by a resurgent Parsippany squad. James Franco (yes he went back to High School after staring in the fantastic “Disaster Artist”) will account for 3 scores for the Kits in this one. PICK: Kits 41-21
George Muha: I am sure Kittatinny wants that Week 1 game back when they lost against Wallkill. Either way, Coach Coltelli has his foot on the petal now and I don’t see him easing up any time soon. PICK: Cougs 40-20

Lenape Valley (2-2) @ North Warren (1-3)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Expect another big week on the ground for John Spada and the fighting Patriots this week. PICK: Lenape Valley 28-14
Brian Kenney: The Valley’s John Spada will rush for almost 200 yards in this one as LV wins on the road. PICK: LV 27-21
George Muha: I am going to come right out and say that the Patriots are going to win this one. However, despite the fact that playing in the cornfields of Blairstown gives the NWR Pats a huge advantage, I think it will be the Lenape Valley Pats coming away on top. PICK: Lenape Valley 28-21

Whippany Park (0-4) @ Pequannock (1-2)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: I am confident Pequannock lineman Jack Chobanian will be setting the tone on the offensive line for the Seniors to put on a show for the home crowd. PICK: Pequannock 24-12
Brian Kenney: The Park is having a tough go of it so far but will play better this week. That being said Pequannock will triumph at home. PICK: ‘Quan 22-17
George Muha: Whippany’s Mike Roma is doing a great job giving it his all on every play, despite Wildcat’s winless record. He’s definitely paving the way for the younger players. Despite Roma’s best efforts, I do think Pequannock will come out on top as senior TE Matt Spatucci scores twice. PICK: Quan 24-14

Mount Olive (2-1) @ Randolph (4-0)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: This one could go either way.  I was at Randolph’s game against WMC last week and I think if they keep feeding Anthony Sofia the rock they can put another dub in the win column. PICK: Randolph 21-19
Brian Kenney: This is gonna be a “lit” game as the kids say. Anthony Sofia “Coppola” will run for a buck twenty in this one for the Rams. But I think Trevon Reid makes a big play on defense to win it for Mt. Olive in this one. PICK: MO 28-27
George Muha: Fun fact, Mount Olive’s coach Brian O’Connor was my teammate during our Hanover Park days. He was a great leader and did not like to lose. So much so, that you’d be more afraid of him than the coaches the week after a loss. I can’t imagine what this past week was like after the Marauder’s OT loss to Morris Knolls. I know the Rams are awesome this year. But you don’t know O’Connor like I do. It will be close, but I don’t see those players wanting to face their coach after dropping another one. PICK: MO 35-34

Pope John (0-4) @ Don Bosco Prep (2-2)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: I know my dude Drew Lieberman is going to have the Don Bosco wideouts primed for this one. Check out his website for tips and drills on playing receiver at The Sideline Hustle. If you play receiver, YOU NEED TO FOLLOW DREW if you want to play at an elite level. PICK: Bosco 35-21
Brian Kenney: None of my Pope John buddies can believe they haven’t won yet. I don’t think this week is going to be the one either. Jasmir Taylor will have 3 sacks for the Johnnies in the loss. PICK: 17-16
George Muha: PJ needs to start winning in a hurry. If they can muster up a win this week against DBP, they’ll be brimming with confidence. Maybe my prediction will give them some motivation. PICK: Bosco 40-6

Sussex Tech (2-2) @ Wallkill Valley (4-0)
Morris Sussex Sports will be broadcasting live from this game!
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Although I have to stick with my Wallkill boys, they better get two guys on Bo Maroney if they want to win this one. I don’t think Bo has never heard of the roughing the passer rule. PICK: Wallkill 28-21
Brian Kenney: Tech had a rough loss last week and unfortunately for them is facing a sick WV team this week. Bo Maroney will rush for 200 yards in the loss . PICK: WV 32-24
George Muha: There is no doubt Sussex Tech stud DE Danny Petrasek will do his best to chase down Wallkill’s Jake Lonsky to deliver the Rangers their first win. You know what, I honestly don’t care who wins this one. I know it’s the War on 94 and all that. But the fact that this game is played in honor of Tommy Bock’s memory just makes this game so special. And the fact that a player from both team gets honored with an award in Tommy’s name is awesome. Tommy would be a junior and you know he’d have it all dialed in for this game. Something tells me he’ll be out there on the field with his Mustangs to help them pull an upset. No way I am predicting against that. PICK: Stangs 28-27

West Morris (1-2) @ No. Highlands (1-3)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: West Morris was lights out on D in a tough loss to a formidable Randolph team last week. Side note – we lost to Northern Highlands in the last game of the season on a Hail Mary after being up 21-0 at halftime in my sophomore season. I think the Wolfpack leaves me with a better memory after this one. PICK: West Morris 32-14
Brian Kenney: The Highlands sound very nice and I’m sure WM can’t wait to visit. They will barely escape with a win in this one though. PICK: WM 20-17
George Muha: Hi Northern Highlands, meet 6-3, 235-pound receiver Jake Ligos. Bye Northern Highlands. PICK: WMC 34-20

Saturday Afternoon Delights

Boonton (1-2) @ Morris Catholic (2-2)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: 300 yards rushing between Corey Dempster and Joe Cannizzaro last week for the Boonton Bombers. I hope they gave piggyback rides to their lineman on the way to class this week. PICK: Boonton 21-10
Brian Kenney: How about the running game of Boonton last week? Over 500 yards rushing?? You better believe that momentum will carry into this week. Beast Dom Castellano will record at least 10 tackles for MC in the loss. PICK: Boots 24-21
George Muha: I got a text from a Whippany Park friend during their game against Boonton last week and all it said was, “Joe Cannizzaro is eating us up”. Morris Catholic’s passing attack is dangerous and will keep the Crusaders in it but I think it is going to be another big afternoon for Joe. PICK: Boots 30-23

Madison (1-2) @ Chatham (1-2)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: I know Chatham AD Bill Librera, an episode 136 guest, makes all the Cougars sit in the “Good T” in class. These kids are more than just football players and I think you will see that pay dividends in this weeks matchup against cross-town rival Madison. PICK: Chatham 21-18
Brian Kenney: Madison had a rough week last week. I’m not sure they bounce back as the Cougars are looking to pounce at home. PICK: Chatham 20-17
George Muha: This will be a good game and but Madison’s Nasir Love is a great defender and offensive weapon. I think he’ll be too much for the Cougs. PICK: Dodgers 33-29

Hackettstown (2-2) @ Parsippany Hills (2-2)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales:.24 Tackles in One Game?! Are you kidding me?! I think the Tigers will be be having nightmares about Alan Copeland for a LONG time. PICK: Par Hills 21-10
Brian Kenney: Par Hills is on a roll and will not slow down this week. Jordan Thompson will record 2 more sacks for the Hills in this one. PICK: Hills 22-19
George Muha: I cannot figure out either one of these teams yet. Before this season, I predicted them both to be 4-0 by this point in the season and while they both have had moments of brilliance, they’ve also gotten caught on their heels. I am going to flip a coin. PICK: Par Hills 34-33

Montville (4-0) @ Morris Hills (3-1)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Alex Khalaf and Chris DeFrank want people to know it’s not just the offense winning games for Montville. I think they swarm to the ball in this one too. PICK: Montville 31-28
Brian Kenney: Did somebody say “Game of the Week”? Hills is coming off an upset loss. Montville is bananas this year. It will go down to the final minutes and the ‘Stangs Alex Khalaf and Chris DeFrank will come up with some big tackles to stop a late drive by Hills. PICK: Montville 21-18
George Muha: Montville made a huge statement last week and they officially are not going to sneak up on anyone any more. Morris Hills is definitely going to be ready for every aspect of what the Mustangs will bring. I think both offenses and defenses will offset themselves. So it comes down to special teams for me and how can you bet against Montville’s Colin Regan coming off a game where he returned two punts to the house. PICK: Mustangs 48-43

Roxbury (1-2) @ Morristown (1-2)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: I live in Morristown and it always bothers me that the school guards the football field like a hawk so no one can play on it after school. I call it the “ZERO fun field” actually. That being said, I think the only team allowed to have fun on that field is Morristown. I remember some games I wish I didn’t on that field.  PICK: Morristown 14-10
Brian Kenney: Jason Jones will have a pick-6 for Morristown to make it close but I see Roxbury winning this barn burner in Motown. PICK: Roxbury 34-31
George Muha: Roxbury just salvaged their season with their win over MoHills last week. But I think Motown has some mojo in them and I think they show they are for real in this one. PICK: Motown 30-21

Morristown-Beard (1-3) @ Rye Country Day, NY (2-1)
Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Rye looks like they have some big boys on the Hudl matchup, but I’m sure they don’t have Beards as nice as the Crimson guys do. PICK: Rye 21-10
Brian Kenney: The Beard will play the Rye (I think their mascot is Breads) team tough but I think the gross-tasting Breads will prevail. PICK: Rye 31-27
George Muha: My favorite coach in Morris-Sussex is MoBeard assistant Mike Briggs. The guy is just the kind of guy you want to do well for because he just as that way about him and you know he cares. Plus, he’s got the coolest beard in Morris-Sussex hands down. I think the Crimson should change the logo on their helmet to a picture of his beard.  PICK: Beards 31-20

How We Did Last Week

Kevin 14-8 (63.63%)
Brian 13-9 (59.09%)
George 14-8 (63.63%)

How We Are Doing Overall

Kevin 52-30 (63.41%)
Brian 55-27 (67.07%)
George 52-30 (63.41%)

About the Predictors

Kevin Saum is a former captain of the West Morris Central Wolfpack and founder of the Heads ‘N Tales Podcast where he interview’s amazing athletes who’ve discovered the true meaning of toughness through adversity.  Have an opinion about Kevin’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle:  @headsntalespod

Brian Kenney is a Hanover Park alumni who really has nothing to do with high school sports. But he’s George Muha’s oldest friend and while he’s a better lawyer than high school football predictor, George gets a kick out of his comments and nicknames. Have an opinion about Brian’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle: @bdk29

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for nine years. George is the founder of MSS and is also on the board of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation.

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for ten years. George is the founder of MSS and proud board member of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation. Have an opinion about George’s picks? Tell him what you think via his twitter handle: @MorrSussSports

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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