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Every week Kevin, Brian and George slug it out to predict the most football games correctly. Morris Sussex Sports has incentivized these three knuckleheads with a prize to be determined to who ever picks the most correct games at the end of the season. Keep up with their progress every Thursday nights or Friday mornings when the 2018 Academic Resources Weekly Predictions come out.

The 2018 Football Predictions are sponsored by Academic Resources, centrally located in Morris Plains.  For 30 years, Academic Resources has been taking the stress off of students and families from the entire test prep and college planning process.  They’ve been helping scores of Morris-Sussex students and scholar-athletes find the schools that are the best fit for them academically, socially, athletically and financially.  College is coming fast so don’t over think this.  Just call them right now and mentioned “Morris Sussex Sports” for a FREE evaluation.

Friday Night Lights

Boonton (0-2) @ Whippany Park (0-3)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Joe Cannizzaro has a career day for the Bombers on the way to their first W of the season. PICK: Boonton 21-10
Brian Kenney: The good news is, one of these teams will have a W after this week! The bad news for Whippany Park is, it will not be them. The Boots’ Sean Tucker will kick a fourth quarter FG from 3-yards out to win a close battle. PICK: Boonton 24-21
George Muha: Mike Roma and his Whippany Park Wildcats desperately need a dub in the biggest way. But I just think Boonton’s Joe Cannizzaro, Corey Dempster and Trey Cabalar will be just too much to handle. PICK: Boots 21-10

Delbarton (1-3) @ De Paul (2-1)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: I think DePaul will be tough to beat at home. PICK: DePaul 23-17
Brian Kenney: Well Delby got off the snide but this week they have to face a decent DePaul team on the road. Look for Gary Lewis to run for a buck thirty and two scores but it won’t be enough for the Green Wave in this one. PICK: DePaul 27-20
George Muha: DePaul QB Taquan Roberson should prove to be way too much for the Wave coming off three games where he’s totaled over 700-yards and 10 TDs passing. Delby receiver Tommy “Chris Hogan” Jepson will fight his way for a few tough first downs and maybe a TD in the loss. PICK: DePaul 35-14

Hopatcong (2-1) @ Lenape Valley (1-2)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Justin Peterson’s Heart of a Giant is too big to let this one slip at home. PICK: Lenape Valley 17-10
Brian Kenney: The Valley lost to the Bankers last week and they are fired up. That being said, the ‘Cong is playing tough this year and they won’t let the 12th man beat them. Look for the ‘Cong’s Danny “Dennis” Farina to throw for 2 scores and run for another while Blake (B-LAK-E) Corbett racks up 10 tackles as Hopatcong squeaks out a victory in hostile territory. PICK: ‘Cong 34-27
George Muha: Can somebody please tell me where Blake Corbett came from? How have we not heard of this kid before? I know DaCong wants to bounce back from their blowout last week against Kittatinny. But no way junior RB Nick “The Red Devil” Molinari allows his team fall to 1-3 in front of his home fans. PICK: Big Red Train 30-22

Jefferson (1-2) @ Montville (3-0)
*Morris Sussex Sports will be broadcasting live from this game via YouTube Live, Facebook Live & Periscope. Subscribe to and follow those channels so you don’t miss out.

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: I think Montville’s high powered offense will be too much for even the tough defense of the Falcons. PICK: Montville 21-13
Brian Kenney: Check out these ‘Stangs! They are on a roll. J-Town has played ridiculous defense all year. Maybe they are recalling the days of Joe Corazza yelling at them in Pop Warner, I don’t know. But it won’t be easy for Montville to score with Tyler Cole, Michael Gould, The Hanna Brothers and Justin Randzio on defense. They combined for 8,000 tackles last week. I’m going to go with the ‘Stangs just because they are at home, and, more importantly, Mikey Burke is a man on a mission. PICK: Montville 13-10
George Muha: This is the hardest game of the week to predict this week. J-town has been playing insane defense and they are definitely built for the postseason. But if they don’t win this week, they are going to have an uphill battle the rest of the season. Montville is also built for the postseason but wins against Mendham, West Milford and Kinnelon (combined 2-7 record) isn’t exactly giving the Mustangs a windfall of Power Points. So both teams cannot afford to lose. I’m flipping a coin. PICK: Montville 35-34

Morris Hills (3-0) @ Roxbury (0-2)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Sam Valerio will continue to be a menace on defense in this one. PICK: Morris Hills 28-10
Brian Kenney: The Hills are alive, man. Morris Hills hasn’t skipped a beat since State. Roxbury is still a tough opponent and they will give MoHills their money’s worth. Look for Tyler Palermo to record a few sacks and force a fumble in this one that turns the tide in favor of Hills. PICK: Hills 17-14
George Muha: I’m not sure what’s going on with Roxbury but it’s not like them to not score a single point in two games. Anywho, I don’t see their luck changing this week as Dr. Dre Moreno and Francis “The” Babe will lock down the D and ensure the Red Knights remain undefeated. PICK: MoHills 34-0

Morris Knolls (0-2) @ Mount Olive (2-0)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: MO fans pack the stands at home and the crowd noise will make it difficult for the Knolls offense to gain any momentum. PICK: Mount Olive 32-14
Brian Kenney: Mount Olive was beaten up after escaping Jefferson this week, and they are going to have an easier time with Knolls. Look for Caden Kramer versus Kramer to have a pick 6 in this one.  Also, the O-Line will bounce back paving the way for over 200-yards rushing. PICK: Mt. Olive 34-13
George Muha: If the NY Giants were smart, they’d sign MO’s Patrick Olson. I guarantee he’d give Eli more protection than what he’s getting now. Anywho, times are desperate for Knolls and they MUST win now. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ve even seen 20% of what this Marauder team is capable of. PICK: MO 35-18

Mountain Lakes (1-1) @ Pequannock (1-1)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: I think the Mountain Lakes defense learned a lot on film after last weeks shootout. PICK: Mountain Lakes 28-17
Brian Kenney: The excitement after Week 1 regarding the Herd was similar to that of the New York Jets. Don’t get too excited yet, but I think it is fair to be cautiously optimistic. They will have a test against Pequannock this week, and the outcome could dictate if the Herd could be on their way to State. Baker the Touchdown Maker will throw for 3 scores. PICK: Lakes 39-28
George Muha: Pequannock’s Octavius Scotton is a playmaker and can turn a run off-tackle into an 80-yard TD at any time. But Mountain Lakes’ Drew Brennfleck ability on offense, defense and special teams is going to be the difference. PICK: Herd 35-30

Newton (3-0) @ High Point (1-1)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Nick Brigante and the Newton offensive line are looking to have another big day on the ground. PICK: Newton 17-10
Brian Kenney: Newton is for real, again. Kyheem Butler will record 2 sacks and a dozen tackles in this one as Newton beats their rivals on the road. PICK: Newton 22-13
George Muha: High Point is capable of ending Newton’s 15-game win streak that spans two years. But I putting my money on the Braves that they will keep their winning ways – even though they haven’t sent me any bus pics this year yet. PICK: Newtonians 34-32

North Warren (1-2) @ Kittatinny (2-1)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Jacob Mafaro is looking like Beast Mode out there. PICK: Kittatinny 40-14
Brian Kenney: The Kits exploded last week for 50 points. Look for that offensive machine to keep churning out points. Can anybody stop Jacob Mafaro? Kid had 325-yards last week. That’s insane. I heard he is buying his O-Line some sort of thing that millennial’s want at the end of the season. I don’t know what that could be. A bunch of Fortnite skins or something? I hate Fortnite so I hope that’s not what he gives them. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, Kits win this one by a bunch. PICK: Kits 42-19
George Muha:  Openly, I was not surprised that Kittatinny scored 50-points last week.  I’m more surprised they didn’t score 50-points their first two games.  Regardless, I think they’ve found their mojo and I envision another 50-point game this week.  PICK:  Kittatinny 50-32

Parsippany Hills (1-2) @ Hanover Park (0-2)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: JD Breslauer can slang it. PICK: Par Hills 28-10
Brian Kenney: Oh man. What can I say. I, for one, think that Matt Tuli should have been Player of the Week last week. Kid accounted for over 330 yards of offense and 9 touchdowns in a war of attrition against Cedar Grove. I mean, why not put the kid on defense too? I think history must have been made with a team scoring 10 TDs in a game and losing. Empires rose and fell during the time it took to play this game. There is no question in my mind that Par Hills is going to score some points. JD Breslauer is like the Aaron Rogers of this league. He will hook up with Denis Wilson and Ty Sallie again this week. All that being said, I think Mikey Ferrone and Kyle Junda will combine for 20 tackles and force a couple of turnovers for the Hornets in this one. And I’m pretty sure Tuli will connect with Justin Eveland again for at least a couple of scores in the upset. PICK: HP 274-271 (kidding! 34-31)
George Muha: Well, well, well…the student takes on the teacher. HP coach Dan Fulton is a former player and assistant coach under Par Hills’ Dave Albano. Although these two are friends, they haven’t been communicating all week and you know Albano wants to make sure he shows Fulton who’s boss. But sorry Par Hills, this Hornet alumni is not going to leave my black-and-gold out to dry. We got this boys! Last week we showed we can score 68-points. Let’s do the same thing this week (except, please play a little bit better on D)! PICK: Hornets 52-51

Vernon (0-3) @ Hackettstown (1-2)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: These Hackettstown boys have had healthy servings of corn from Donaldson’s Farm their whole lives. It’s always bulk season in H-Town. PICK: Hackettstown 17-10
Brian Kenney: H-Town had a rough week last week, almost as bad as Vernon. The good news is, these teams are pretty even and they are both going to gain some confidence after this game. I think that H-Town pulls it out at home and Matt “Fidel” Castro collects a baker’s dozen worth of tackles in the win. PICK: Hackettstown 14-13
George Muha: Vernon is due for a dub. But I just don’t see Matty Castro and the H-town Tigers losing three in a row. PICK: Tigers 28-23

Wallkill Valley (3-0) @ Parsippany (2-1)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Holad Holda, Wallkill Boyz PICK: Wallkill Valley 21-17
Brian Kenney: This is going to be a great game, as Parsippany is riding high after scoring 55 points last week. The Valley is a machine though, and I do not think they will be stopped. Jake Lonsky will catch at least one TD for the Valley in this one. PICK: WV 24-18
George Muha: Both of these teams are the talk of the town and this might just be the game of the week. I know the Parsippany faithful will be packing the house and I think the 12th-man factor will be the difference. Anthony Rillo has a game clinching INT. PICK: Red Birds 35-33

West Morris (1-1) @ Randolph (3-0)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: The fighting Wolfpack doesn’t like to play on Saturdays. I think they will feel right at home under the lights in Randolph this Friday. PICK: WMC 17-14
Brian Kenney: The Rams are riding high and playing well so far. West Morris is coming off a battle against Sparta where they fell just a little short. Anthony Sofia is starting look like the second coming of a fellow Ram QB who graduated years ago. He will throw for about 250 yards in this one as the Rams win. PICK: Rams 27-18
George Muha: Jack DiPietro and the WMC Wolfpack need a bounce back win after losing a well fought match last week against Sparta. But Randolph’s Anthony Sofia is playing like he’s trying to win the Heisman Trophy this season (and right now he’d get it) and I can’t see the Dolph dropping this one in front of their home crowd. PICK: Rams 33-30

Saturday Afternoon Delights

Bernards (2-0) @ Madison (1-1)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Bernards has some momentum going into this game. PICK: Bernards 22-10
Brian Kenney: Madison bounced back big-time last week. This week they face a tough opponent at home, but I have the feeling they are going to pull it out in the final minutes. This reminds me of a story that my buddy told me about her grandfather, Al Beaman. He is in his 90s now and just celebrated his 65th wedding anniversary. He has lived in Madison his whole life, and now his family and grand kids live in Madison, all of whom were Dodgers. And if you were to ask Al what one of his favorite memories is, he would go back to when he was playing football for the Madison Dodgers. The Dodgers were playing Millburn on Thanksgiving Day. It was Al’s birthday. And in the final seconds of the game, Al booted a field goal to win the game. Best birthday ever. You can’t beat the history that the Dodgers have. This year’s team is looking to make some more great memories, and who knows, maybe after last week and an upset this week they will be on their way. Look for the O-Line to pave the way for Nasir Love and Matt Mulcahy to run for over 200 yards and 3 scores in a big win before the hometown fans. PICK: Madison 35-28
George Muha: My new favorite football player is Madison QB Jack O’Hearen. I have my #15 jersey and everything. Nobody weaves in a 30-yard pass better than this guy. Bernards will know what I’m talking about soon enough. PICK: Dodgers 35-28

Butler (2-0) @ Saddle Brook (1-1)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Butler’s Sean Centinaro looks to keep his 10-yards per carry average going coming into this game. PICK: Butler 17-10
Brian Kenney: Butler has been playing well, and even though they are on the road I’m going to go with them in this matchup. Evan Smith will connect with Sean “50” Centianaro for two scores in this one for the Bulldogs. PICK: Butler 24-14
George Muha: Way to represent Morris-Sussex in that weird division you are playing in Butler! Although we wish you were playing your games against Morris-Sussex teams, we are so proud of you boys. PICK: Butler 40-21

Mendham (1-2) @ Sparta Township (2-1)
*Morris Sussex Sports will be broadcasting live from this game via YouTube Live, Facebook Live & Periscope. Subscribe to and follow those channels so you don’t miss out.

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Sparta’s Sam Bushey and Jhordin Griffin are becoming a force on D for the Spartans. PICK: Sparta 14-10
Brian Kenney: Mendham played a heck of a game last week, and Sparta barely won a close one against West Morris. This week, Sparta will have an easier time. Sam Bushey will have a dozen tackles for Sparta, and Ryan Richardson will continue his quest to get the state record for tackles in a season, erupting for 20 in this contest. PICK: Sparta 27-10
George Muha: This is Geoffrey D’Aries 200th game in a row watching Mendham football. If you are wondering who that is, he’s that handsome young man that sits in his wheelchair on the Minutemen sidelines every game. To honor his achievement, I think Mendham Coach Brett Ressler should give Geoffrey a few hand-offs up the middle. Since Coach Ressler most likely won’t do that, I do think Sparta will win as defensive back Ryan Richardson is just flat-out insane. PICK: Sparta 42-38

Morristown (0-2) @ Chatham (1-1)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: If the Cougars feed Peter Schelling like they did last week, I think they come out of this one with a win too. PICK: Chatham 24-10
Brian Kenney: My son loves Cougars, and they are pretty cool animals. I mean, not when they eat hikers, but you know, in nature and stuff. The Chatham Cougars played well against cross-town rival Millburn last week, and they will carry that confidence forward this week against a tough Morristown squad. I can see this one going either way, but I think Luke Agnew and Josh Smith will tear it up on defense for Chatham on they will win on a defensive play. PICK: Chatham 13-6
George Muha: Chatham’s win last week against Milburn gave the Cougars the confidence they were looking for. I think this team is capable of getting to the playoffs this year and all they needed was that little boost. Look for Peter Schelling to rush for 150 and two TDs in their second win in a row. PICK: Cougs 30-21

Pascack Hills (0-2) @ Kinnelon (0-3)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Kinnelon gets their first win of the season in front of their home crowd. PICK: Kinnelon 14-6
Brian Kenney: This week Kinnelon’s Dyaln Krauskoph will not only have a strip sack but will recover the football and rumble 14 yards for a score. PICK: Kinnelon 14-12
George Muha: Kinnelon’s Joey Rymarz is itching for that first win in the worst way. No way the senior QB allows his team fall to 0-4. PICK: Colts 21-14

Pingry (1-1) @ Morristown-Beard (1-2)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Roll Tide. PICK: MoBeard 17-10
Brian Kenney: The Beard is playing well this year, despite their losing record. This week they will even that record up before the hometown fans. Devin Soto will throw for a score and run for another in the Beard’s win. PICK: Beard 26-172
George Muha: Nate Panza is a good player…I mean, a very good player. Pingry will know what I’m talking about shortly. PICK: Beards 21-12

Pope John (0-3) @ Saint Joe’s Montvale (2-1)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Pope has had a tough schedule this year. I think they put one in the win column this week. PICK: Pope John 21-17
Brian Kenney: Ugh. This is going to be another tough matchup for the Johnnies. Mike DeNucci will have another great game defensively for Pope John, but in the end St. Joe’s is too much for the Johnnies to handle. PICK: St. Joe’s 30-21
George Muha: Has anyone been watching PJ lineman Gio Potente’s hudl highlights yet? I hope D1 colleges are paying attention because he is housing every top defensive tackle in the country. I know PJ is 0-3 but in Carlson I trust and I think they are going to show Joe’s that they are for real. PICK: PJ 36-32

Sussex Tech (2-1) @ Morris Catholic (1-2)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Sussex Tech were fumble hawks last week. If they can translate those turnovers into points they will come out with the win. PICK: Tech 14-10
Brian Kenney: I was surprised the Techhies lost last week. Morris Catholic will be tough at home and will move the ball on offense. That being said, I think Tech escapes with a close victory. Ryan Kinkaid and Bo Maroney will combine for 20 tackles and force a turnover or two in this one for Tech. PICK: Tech 14-10
George Muha: Right now the hottest QB-WR connection is MC’s Jeff Chaplin-to-Ryan McAndrew. These two play boys can play and seem to be in each other’s heads. Look for them to connect 7 times and twice for TDs in this one. PICK: Crusaders 28-24

Springfield, PA (2-1) @ Dover (0-3)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Too long of a bus ride home to lose. PICK: Springfield 28-10
Brian Kenney: I don’t like the looks of this matchup. Dover will be tough at home and Nick Fernandez will record at least two sacks, but I think Springfield wins this one in a barn burner. PICK: Springfield 20-17
George Muha: Don’t be fooled by Dover’s record. They’ve been plagued by annoying injuries. If Tiger’s fullback Jaime Flores is healthy, its going to be a long day for the Simpon’s Springfield. PICK: Dover 24-21

How We Predicted Them Last Week

Kevin: 14-9 (60.86%)
Brian: 16-7 (72.72%)
George: 16-7 (72.72%)

How We’ve Been Predicting Them So Far This Season

Kevin: 38-22 (63.33%)
Brian: 42-18 (70.00%)
George: 38-22 (63.33%)

About the Predictors

Kevin Saum is a former captain of the West Morris Central Wolfpack and founder of the Heads ‘N Tales Podcast where he interview’s amazing athletes who’ve discovered the true meaning of toughness through adversity.  Have an opinion about Kevin’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle:  @headsntalespod

Brian Kenney is a Hanover Park alumni who really has nothing to do with high school sports. But he’s George Muha’s oldest friend and while he’s a better lawyer than high school football predictor, George gets a kick out of his comments and nicknames. Have an opinion about Brian’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle: @bdk29

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for nine years. George is the founder of MSS and is also on the board of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation.

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for ten years. George is the founder of MSS and proud board member of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation. Have an opinion about George’s picks? Tell him what you think via his twitter handle: @MorrSussSports

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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