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Every week Kevin, Brian and George slug it out to predict the most football games correctly. Morris Sussex Sports has incentivized these three knuckleheads with a prize to be determined to who ever picks the most correct games at the end of the season. Keep up with their progress every Thursday nights or Friday mornings when the 2018 Academic Resources Weekly Predictions come out.

The 2018 Football Predictions are sponsored by Academic Resources, centrally located in Morris Plains.  For 30 years, Academic Resources has been taking the stress off of students and families from the entire test prep and college planning process.  They’ve been helping scores of Morris-Sussex students and scholar-athletes find the schools that are the best fit for them academically, socially, athletically and financially.  College is coming fast so don’t over think this.  Just call them right now and mentioned “Morris Sussex Sports” for a FREE evaluation.

Friday Night Lights

Verona (1-0) @ Boonton (0-1)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: The Hillbillies are coming off a 35-0 blowout win to start the season and are turnover creating machines. I think they will have a harder time beating Booton, especially after seeing how hard FB Joe Cannizzaro was to bring down.  But it’s hard for me to go against a name like the Hillbillies PICK: Verona 21-18
Brian Kenney: Boonton had their hands full last week and while they put up a strong showing they will fall short again this week. The Boots’ Corey Dempster will leave it all on the field in this one though, rushing for a buck fifty with 2 scores. PICK: Verona 24-21
George Muha: My high school coach’s son Anthony Sorrentino actually was the head coach of the Verona football coach for one month before stepping down to take a job for the University of Tennessee. I was actually surprised that Sorrentino took that job in the first place since he’s been a career NFL coach, mostly recently with the Jags. But all seemed to be good with his short stay and quick departure since he has such a huge opportunity at UT.  Any who, I’d like to think my Hanover Park roots had something to do with the fact that the Hillbillies smoked Caldwell in their first game 35-0. I want so bad for our Bombers to sting Verona but seems momentum is on the Hillbillies side. PICK: Verona 28-24

Chatham (0-1) @ Millburn (1-1)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Millburn likes to spread out the field, but they need to keep an eye on James Ehler in the secondary. I think Shane Carlin will have 100 yards receiving on the day, but I don’t think it will be enough. PICK: Millburn 27-14
Brian Kenney: This is a tough one for the Cougars on the road, but I think a late pick-6 by James Ehler will seal the victory for Chatham. PICK: Chatham 14-10
George Muha: Chatham won’t face a better team than the Mount Olive team they just battled against. I believe Cougar QB Ryan Lonergan will settle in to get his Cougars their first win. PICK: Chatham 21-14

Parsippany (1-1) @ Dover (0-2) 
*Morris Sussex Sports will be broadcasting this game live via Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Perscope (Twitter Live)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Despite three turnovers last week, I think the Redhawks still had a glimpse of greatness. I really like how they spread the ball around and block downfield. That will pay off this week against Dover. Parsippany cleans up the turnovers and Anthony Colasuonno speeds up the sideline for at least 2 TD’s. PICK: Parsippany 35-14
Brian Kenney: Parsippany came down to earth last week after getting beaten by Hopatcong. This week they face a Dover team that is looking to right the ship by any means possible. It is going to be a battle in Dover this Friday night, but I think the visitors from 46 East win this one in a barn burner. Look for James Riedinger to throw for almost two hundred yards and two scores for the Redhawks in this one. PICK: Parsippany 27-20
George Muha: Nobody wants to tackle Dover fullback Jaime Flores. The senior is 6 foot, 200-pounds of muscle and he only runs north and south. He will be a load for Parsippany to stop. But Jared Hurta and the Redhawk D have showed they can stifle offenses this year. PICK: Parsippany 21-14

Hanover Park (0-1) @ Cedar Grove (1-0)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Based on some Hudl films, Cedar Grove seems like a very well-rounded team. They will need to get two guys on Nick Zarra each play to be successful. PICK: Cedar Grove 21-10
Brian Kenney: Well, so much for HP’s upset of West Essex last week. That being said, HP is a young team, and they are now a young angry team, looking to bounce back. Look for them to rebound against a decent Cedar Grove team on the road. The offense will click this week under the leadership of QB Matt Tuli, and look for Nicky Zarra to tackle everyone in Cedar Grove, players, band members, snack shack workers, anyone and everyone. PICK: HP 20-17
George Muha: Okay Hornets, let’s stop fooling around and get down to brass tacks. I am this close to throwing on my old Hornets jersey (Class of ’93 baby!) and suiting up for this one. I’m totally joking around. I am not nervous in the least. But coming out of this game 1-1 wouldn’t be too shabby and it’s totally doable. Although if we’re down at halftime, don’t be surprised if you get tapped out by an old fat guy wearing a dusty black and yellow jersey and a 1980’s style helmet. PICK: Hornets 21-20.

High Point (0-1) @ North Warren (1-1)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: High Point lost a close one to a physical Jefferson team. I think they are hungry for a win on the road and flex some of those hard earned muscles in an epic bus pic win. PICK: High Point 17-10
Brian Kenney: North Warren dominated last week and High Point, much to my surprise, only put 6 points on the board. This week will be a marked change for both squads, and I think the Pointers will rack up over 20 points in a win; with Davis Dvorak and Travis Tallamy accounting for at least two TDs on the ground. North Warren’s Jimmy O’Hara will score a TD on a nice pass from Joe Voitek. PICK: HP 28-17
George Muha: I promise you that HP will be a playoff team this year and after a tough 10-6 battle against Jefferson, they’ll bounce back in a big way. Look for Jake Liscinsky power his way for two TDs on the ground and one through the air. PICK: HP 31-23

Kittatinny (1-1) @ Hopatcong (2-0)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Those Hopatcong boys can put up some points and I think if Roger White and Liam McGuire can hold Jacob Mafaro to under 100 yards rushing they will come out on top. PICK: Hopatcong 24-17
Brian Kenney: The ‘Cong is king of the division and coming off a smack down of a decent Parsippany squad. Meanwhile Kittatinny played a baseball game last week, losing 6-2 to Wallkill Valley. I kid, because that was a defensive battle. Look for the Kits to being the pain to the ‘Cong this week, but Blake Corbett will score on a 26 Power to put this one away late in the fourth quarter for the ‘Cong. PICK: ‘Cong 16-10
George Muha: I love the swagger that Hopatcong has after starting the season 2-0. They deserve to have some confidence. However, this game won’t be as easy facing the “O” Brothers in Franc-o, Cagn-o and Mafar-o. I predict it will be DaCong saying “oh brother” at the end of this one. PICK: Kittatinny 24-21

Mount Olive (1-0) @ Jefferson (1-1)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Jefferson’s D has been lights out in their first two games, but they have another thing coming if they think MO RB Flynn Brown isn’t taking that as a challenge going into this match-up. PICK: Mount Olive 24-7
Brian Kenney: Did anyone have a better day defensively than Jefferson’s Michael Gould last week? I know what you are thinking, isn’t Michael Gould the former CEO of Bloomingdale’s?   And he is either too young to be a former CEO or too old to be in high school. It’s a different Michael Gould, people! This Michael Gould had 13 tackles last week, including 4 sacks, as J-Town held Kittatinny to 2 points! All that being said, they are going to have their hands full with Coach O’Connor’s Marauders this week. Dylan Meyer and Gould will see who can get more tackles. But Mt. Olive’s Trevon Reid and Steven Pizza will wreak even more havoc for Mt. Olive on defense, racking up another 4 sacks between them. Look for another defensive battle, but giving the edge to Mt. Olive as Flynn Brown goes for 150 yards and two scores in this one for the Olives. PICK: Mt. Olive 30-20
George Muha: Jefferson’s defense has shown a ton of guts the last two weeks. They’ve made a big statement so far and I believe they are built for the playoffs. But Mount Olive is the best team on their schedule and RB Flynn Brown is flying through the massive holes his linemen are creating. PICK: MO 24-19

Lenape Valley (1-1) @ Lakeland (2-0)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Lakeland is coming into this game ranked # 11 in North Jersey and is playing inspired after their teammate went down with an ACL injury earlier in the season. When a good team has an even greater purpose, watch out! Click here for everything you need to know about recovering from an ACL surgery. PICK: Lakeland 21-13
Brian Kenney: Oh man, the Lakeland Bankers are back! And undefeated so far. They keep opponents’ scores like their interest rates, low. That being said, I think The Valley’s Nick Molinari will crash Lakeland’s defense and score two touchdowns while running for over 100 yards in this one. PICK: LV 17-16
George Muha: Lakeland has had two really good wins against two good teams in Ramsey and Passiac Valley. But they have not faced a player like Nick “The Red Devil” Molinari. I actually saw a Hudl video where defenders where actually getting out of Molinari’s way. I am sure glad this kid is a Morris-Sussex kid! PICK: Pats 24-21

Montville (2-0) @ West Milford (2-0)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: This one is going to be a shoot out. I think the advantage usually would go to the home team in this scenario, but after reviewing some Hudl film, the West Milford ball carriers told the ball like a loaf of bread and that is bound to catch up with them. I think the Montville D causes 3 fumbles in this game. Remember…knuckles on the ground. PICK: Montville 42-37
Brian Kenney: Game of the week? Probably. I have good memories of West Milford, as it is beautiful up there and I got my dog from a lady who rescued dogs who happened to live up there (RIP Bama). There is no question they take their football seriously, and the ‘Stangs are going to feel the 12th man cheering against them. That being said, these Mustangs seem to be for real, especially their O-Line! They cleared the way for both Grant Shine and Mike Burke to run for over 300 yards and 5 TDs last week. That’s insane. They will have success again this week, with Montville rushing for over 250 yards and 3 scores in a close one. PICK: Montville 24-20
George Muha: Don’t worry Montville fans, soon we are going to see Coach DeBonta rev this engine so we can all see how fast this car can really go. Yes, I know this team is romping so far but they have A LOT more horse power in them.  Last week, QB Mike Burke only threw 14 times and the Mustangs scored 38-points. The week before he threw 6 times and they scored 35-points. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. This is a 50-point per game kind of team. In DeBonta I trust, and he is going to take this show on the highway soon and when it does it won’t be pretty for opponents. If I were you, I’d get receivers Nick Billand, Deen Ninche and Dom Trifari on your fantasy team right now. PICK: Montville 49-32

Morris Hills (2-0) @ Vernon (0-2)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Luke Malatesta and the Morris Hills Scarlet Knights keep the streak alive . PICK: Morris Hills 17-10
Brian Kenney: The Hills continue their winning ways. My sister-in-law Amy Calzone teaches there, and she keeps telling me the Hills are going to repeat as State Champs. After the first two games of the season, I’m becoming a believer. Angelo Macera and Sam Valerio will do their thing, rushing for a combined 200 yards and two scores, but it will be Francis “The” Babe picking off a pass in the fourth quarter that seals the deal against a better-than-their-record Vernon team. PICK: Hills 26-19
George Muha: I don’t know how teams can prepare for MoHills backs Jeremy Busel and Angelo Macera. Both of these guys only play in 5th gear. Vernon needs this win in a bad way but I think the Red Knights continue their win-streak. PICK: MoHills 30-18

Mahwah (0-1) @ Mountain Lakes (1-0)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: The Mountain Lakes offense was a force to be reckoned with last week. Expect QB Jack Baker to continue throwing darts this week. PICK: Mountain Lakes 35-17
Brian Kenney: Moutain Lakes played fantastic right out of the box against Madison last week. And how cool was it to watch the game live on Youtube??? I think that they roll this week, despite playing a tough team from Mahwah. Look for Baker the TD Maker to throw for another 2 scores this week for the Lakes, along with running one in himself. PICK: Lakes 34-24
George Muha: Forget the fact that Mt Lakes scored 42 points last week. It’s their defense that should scare the hair off of Mahwah. Herd defensemen Drew Brennfleck, TJ Lesko, Mission Kercher and Spencer Goodbar are play-makers and should account for at least three turnovers between the four of them. PICK: Herd 42-27

Whippany Park (0-2) @ Newton (2-0)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: I have a feeling Jimmy Harding might mistake the Whippany Park offense for his lunch on Friday, but I think Whippany Park lineman Ryan Sieradzki clears the way for at least one Michael Roma score. PICK: Newton 24-10
Brian Kenney: Newton barely escaped last week against rival Pequannock, but is ready to reload against Whippany Park. Look for Week Zero’s hero Jimmy Harding to record another couple sacks and a bunch of tackles in this one. By the way, I don’t buy it that they are all vegans (per his interview last week). PICK: Netownians 34-21
George Muha: I have been having weird football dreams lately. This is not a joke. Two weeks ago I had a dream that Newton coach Matt Parzero was coaching me on how to line up as a defensive end and the offensive line was laughing at me. It was pretty humiliating actually. And sadly, that was pretty much what it was like for me during my actual playing days. But it was pretty cool wearing a Braves uniform. Regardless, yes I am pathetic. PICK: Newtonians 44-22

Roxbury (0-1) @ Parsippany Hills (0-2)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: I think coach Lorusso has his team refocused after last week. PICK: Roxbury 21-10
Brian Kenney: This is a tough one. I’m surprised that Par Hills has not won yet, but Roxbury is no push over. The ‘Bury’s Cole Gibson will find the endzone in this one, but I think Par Hills has had enough losing for this month. Look for Dennis Wilson to record a sack and grab a pick, and this week Ty Sallie’s TD(s) won’t get called back. PICK: The Hills 30-22
George Muha: Neither one of these teams can afford to lose this game. I had high marks on both of these teams in the preseason. If they are going to show the conference what they are made of, now’s the time. I’m going with the home team. PICK: Par Hills 12-10

 West Morris (1-0) @ Sparta (1-0) 
*Was supposed to be a home game for WMC but field is under construction.  

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: This is going to be a really hard fought game on both sides. Although technically a “home game” this one is going to be played in Sparta due to field renovations at West Morris.  I think the Wolfpack seniors come into this one angry. PICK: West Morris 21-17
Brian Kenney: This will be an exciting one. I think that Sparta holds the edge. Despite WM’s Jack Colatriano recording two sacks, Sparta will re-tool in the second half and Sparta QB Kenny Oelkers will throw for over 200 yards and a couple of scores to propel the Spartans to victory. PICK: Sparta 30-17
George Muha: I went to Dick’s this week to try to buy a Kenny O jersey (for Sparta QB Kenny Oelkers) but the sales lady looked at me like I was nuts. Apparently they only sell NFL licences apparel which is short sighted on their part because after they way he played last week (4 TDs and 207 yards on 19 of 23 passes), his jersey would be selling like hotcakes. This game is going to be insane. Sparta Ryan Richardson literally makes every tackle. But I’m putting my chips on WMC in a very close one. I just think DB Joey Vazquez in the middle of the defense won’t allow that big pass play and RB Jack “Jackie D” DiPietro will control the ground game. PICK: WMC 21-17

Saturday Afternoon Delights

Passaic Valley (0-1) @ Delbarton School (0-2)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: In the battle of the green uniforms, who will wear it better?  I think Delbarton digs deep to defend their home turf in a close game. PICK: Delbarton 21-19
Brian Kenney: Delby looks to end their losing streak, and what better way to do it than in front of the hometown fans. Look for Greg Goetz to catch several passes in this one, including at least one touchdown pass. PICK: Delby 20-18
George Muha: Everyone needs to relax about Delby. They are a VERY good team that has been playing VERY VERY good opponents. Lucas Ungar will show everything is okay with the Green Wave with a three TD performance in front of the Delbarton faithful. PICK: Delby 28-21

Hackettstown (1-1) @ Madison (0-1)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Hackettstown FB/LB Matt Castro adds to his tackle total and eats up years in the ground game. PICK: Hackettstown 21-10
Brian Kenney: H-Town last a tough one last week, and they are hoping to rebound. Danny Castro will record another dozen tackles for Hackettstown this week. That being said, I have a friend who went to Madison HS who swears they are going to win this week. Jack O’Hearen had a heck of a day passing last week for the Dodgers, throwing for almost 400 yards, and I think while he won’t throw for that many yards, he is going to have himself another day. But if I lose I will blame my buddy and Dodger alumni Elizabeth Beamen for it. PICK: Dodgers 34-30
George Muha: Don’t be fooled by Madison’s 42-27 loss to Mt Lakes last week. They had five turnovers in the first half which was hard to recover from. But once they settled in, they showed they have some firepower. I don’t think Matt Castro and his Hackettstown Tigers will allow a second loss in as many weeks. It will be a close one but I’m going with H-Town. PICK: Tigers 28-21

Kinnelon (0-2) @ Wallkill Valley (2-0)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Sticking with my Wallkill boys. These guys are just football players and you can tell how much they love playing. PICK: Wallkill 14-12
Brian Kenney: Rumor has it Wallkill Valley doesn’t like schools that begin with K. This does not bode well for Kinnelon. I see Ryan “Ted” Nugent tackling a bunch of Kinnelon players and getting a pick-6 in this one for the Valley. PICK: WV 20-13
George Muha: Kinnelon needs a win in the worst way. Look for Joey Rymarz to do everything in his power to try to will his way to a win. But Wallkill Valley has all the momentum and playing at home just gives them more mojo. Look for the Ranger’s Justin Rivera to rush for 175-yards and two scores. PICK: WV 34-20

Mendham (0-2) @ Morristown (0-1)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Nothing would make me happier than seeing a bus pic selfie with Coach Lou Vanorski. PICK: Mendham 24-7
Brian Kenney: Both of these teams are working hard to improve every week at practice. I think that Mendham will get their first W soon, but this week they will lose a close one down the road in Motown. Look for Jason “Julio” Jones to catch at least one touchdown in this one, if not two. PICK: Motown 16-14
George Muha: Both of these teams need a win in a bad way. I predict Mendham QB Gage Armijo finds receiver Daniel Murphy for two toucdhowns in a game where they start to turn things around. PICK: Mendham 28-27

Pequannock (0-1) @ Morris Catholic (1-1)
*Morris Sussex Sports will be broadcasting this game live via Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Perscope (Twitter Live)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: After a close game to a tough Newton team, I think Senior TE Matt Spatucci will be too much for the Crusaders to handle at home, despite a solid performance by Morris Catholic QB Jeff Chaplin. PICK: Pequannock 21-14
Brian Kenney: The ‘Quan lost a close one last week and they are still fired up. This does not bode well for MC but they are riding high after dismantling Whippany Park last week. What does this mean? It’s going to be a straight up battle of attrition. I give the ‘Quan a slight edge, and look for Octavious Scotton to break off a long run in the second half to put this one away. PICK: ‘Quan 26-20
George Muha: Morris Catholic QB Jeff Chaplin can huck the rock and that’s good because I think there will be a lot of passing in this game. It will be close but Pequannock receiver Matt Spatucci will lead the game in receiving stats to get the win. PICK: Pequannock 48-42

Randolph (2-0) @ Morris Knolls (0-1)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: After reviewing some Hudl film, I am very impressed with Randolph QB Anthony Sofia. The dude knows how to throw to a spot and he can beat you on his feet. I hate to break it to you Anthony, but you aren’t flying under the radar anymore. PICK: Randolph 35-14
Brian Kenney: Knolls played Hills tight last week, and is looking to build off that performance. That being said, Randolph may be for real this year. Look for the Rams’ Derek Rooney to run for a score on the goal line and record 10 tackles on defense at linebacker. PICK: Randolph 17-16
George Muha: Randolph is playing like it’s 1989 in the middle of their legendary streak! QB Anthony Sofia is looking like an All-World type of player right now and if he keeps it up, sky’s the limit for that guy. Morris Knoll’s RB Chris Marra will be a mouthful to handle but the Rams pull it off. PICK: Randolph 44-39

Hopkins School, CT (1-0) @ Morristown-Beard School (1-1)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: I think Mo Beard could win this one on pure athleticism. I expect at least 150 total yards and 2 touchdowns from RB Nate Panza. PICK: Mo Beard 37-21
Brian Kenney: I have to be honest, I hate driving through CT. Maybe people from there feel the same way about NJ. I don’t know. But I think the road trip is going to slow down the Hopkins kids and give the Beard an advantage in this one. Look for the Beard to bounce back from last week’s slaughter and win a close one, with Deven Soto throwing for a score and running for another. PICK: Beard 21-20
George Muha: I love MoBeard’s line behind Joey DePoalo and Patrick Salazar. These guys are your typical meat-and-potato kind of linemen that are probably eating submarine sandwiches in the locker room at halftime. But when they strap on the helmet look out.  I anticipate an epic battle here with the home team pulling it off.  PICK:  Beards 30-28

Pope John (0-2) @ Archbishop Wood, PA (0-2)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Archbishop had a hard time moving the ball on offense last week, but I think Peter Delaportas can show them a thing or two in that department. PICK: Pope John 14-10
Brian Kenney: I know nothing about Archbishop Wood, as I am only an “expert” on North Western NJ football (ha) but I have a feeling that the Johnnies are going to win this one. Look for Louis “Tony” Montana to record a sack or two and force a fumble for Pope John as they squeak out a victory in the woods of PA. PICK: PJ 14-9
George Muha: Can everyone just chillax for a minute about Pope John. The wheels are not falling off. They played two teams that are probably in the top 50 in the country. Things righten themselves this week as Taj Jones has 150-yards and two TDs receiving. PICK: Johnnies 30-21

Hudson Catholic (0-2) @ Sussex Tech (2-0)

Kevin Saum from Heads ‘N Tales: Fool me once, shame one you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I won’t be foolish this week. PICK: Sussex Tech 21-10
Brian Kenney: I think the Techies roll this week at home. Look for Danton Hall to have a pick 6 in this one, along with a bunch of tackles per usual. PICK: Tech 30-10
George Muha: I heard Sussex Tech wanted to create new marketing campaign centered around QB Bo Maroney called “Bo Knows”. But there were some copyright hoops to jump through with Nike so they decided to create a “Bo Doesn’t Know” campaign.  As in, Bo doesn’t know losing. PICK: ‘Stangs 34-21

How We Predicted Them Last Week

Kevin: 14-9 (60.86%)
Brian: 15-8 (65.21%)
George: 13-10 (56.52%)

How We’ve Been Predicting Them So Far This Season

Kevin: 24-13 (64.86%)
Brian: 26-11 (70.27%)
George: 22-15 (59.45%)

About the Predictors

Kevin Saum is a former captain of the West Morris Central Wolfpack and founder of the Heads ‘N Tales Podcast where he interview’s amazing athletes who’ve discovered the true meaning of toughness through adversity.  Have an opinion about Kevin’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle:  @headsntalespod

Brian Kenney is a Hanover Park alumni who really has nothing to do with high school sports. But he’s George Muha’s oldest friend and while he’s a better lawyer than high school football predictor, George gets a kick out of his comments and nicknames. Have an opinion about Brian’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle: @bdk29

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for nine years. George is the founder of MSS and is also on the board of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation.

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for ten years. George is the founder of MSS and proud board member of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation. Have an opinion about George’s picks? Tell him what you think via his twitter handle: @MorrSussSports

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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