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The the 2018 CCM Preseason Football Previews are made possible by the support of County College of Morris, The Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey and Academic Resources. CCM offers an excellent education at an affordable price that is close by. Orthopedic Institute of NJ has locations in Cedar Knolls, Succasunna, Newton, Sparta, Hackettstown and Washington. They also have urgent care hours 7-days a week at their Succasunna location so injured athletes can see an orthopedic specialist immediately. Academic Resources provides amazing test prep and college planning services right in Morris Plains that eliminates the anxiety of the college process while helping families get the best education at the best price.  Reach out to all three and tell them Morris Sussex Sports sent ya!

Team History

Playoff Appearances: 7
Finals Appearances: 2
Sectional Titles: 0
Playoff Record: 6-7 (.461)


Head Coach: Dan Czepiga (1st year as coach)
2017 Record: 1-9
Assistants: Dan Czepiga, Evan Picariello, Eric Tripp, Adam Agree, Dan Moskowitz,Greg Solomon, Vince Pellis, John Romeo & Jake Lawton


Franchise Player: Kristian Roos (WR/CB)
Hottest Selling Jersey: Ryan Lonergan (QB/WR)
All Everything Watch: Colin Petrullo (QB/WR)
Under the Radar: Peter Schelling (LB/RB)
Lives in the Weight Room: Mason Agostinelli (OL/DL) and Ben Baker (OL/DL)
Could Play in Any Era: Luke Agnew (MLB)

Five Key Points

1. Chatham as a lot of skill guys like Colin Petrullo, Ryan Lonergan, Peter Schelling and Shane Carlin who are all capable of making big things happen on any given play.
2. Kristian Roos is the most dynamic of the skill players though.  He can kick a FG from 45-yards out, he can punt 50-yards consistently, he’s the fastest kid on the team and he plays DB like a center fielder.  He’s the guy that opposing coaches will focus on in the film room the most.
3. Coach Dan Czepiga comes from Ewing HS where he ran the O. He runs a high flying, up-tempo type of offense. He likes to keep defenses on their heals by going no-huddle and spreading the field. While calling the plays for Ewing, his teams averaged more than 300-yards from scrimmage a game.
4. Czepiga spent his playing days at Notre Dame HS in Lawrenceville. Lawrenceville is also where Randolph 1st year coach Will Nahan is from. Nahan has been on the Randolph staff for several years so he was able to help make the transition to Morris-Sussex much easier for his hometown friend.
5. Czepiga’s first order of business is improving from last year’s 1-9 record. That’s more than doable because he has a lot of great energy and his players love what he’s brought to the table already. His style will bode well against this schedule too because opponents like Mount Olive, Par Hills and Hanover Park are all teams that like to sling the rock.


09-07 @ Mount Olive Mount Olive HS
09-14 @ Millburn Millburn HS
09-22 Morristown Cougar Field
09-29 Madison Cougar Field
10-05 @ Dover East Dover Middle School
10-12 @ Parsippany Hills Parsippany Hills HS
10-20 Hackettstown Cougar Field
10-27 Hanover Park Cougar Field


Agnew, Luke 12 58
Agostinelli, Mason 12 51
Aul, Sean 12 53
Baker, Ben 12 79
Carlin, Shane 12 8
Ehler, James 12 34
Gallagher, John 12 17
Goodman, Sean 12 52
Hoerrner, Phil 12 5
Lonergan, Ryan 12 15
Molinaro, Alex 12 23
Petrullo, Colin 12 11
Roos, Kristian 12 13
Schroeder, Colin 12 2
Small, Evan 12 29
Smith, Josh 12 44
Wingate, Jake 12 22
Badian, Jake 11 42
Bhalla, Amari 11 14
Bitar, Ethan 11 65
Bose, Akshey 11 75
Coughlin, Ryan 11 10
Coviello, Richard 11 32
Cuneo, Charles 11 3
Davenport, Aidan 11 28
Farid, Tamer 11 90
Fuentes, Jorge 11 81
Goldstein, Matt 11 47
High, Will 11 16
Hughes, Peter 11 80
Kelly, Quinn 11 9
Makris, Stavros 11 25
McArthur, Ryan 11 30
McCaffrey, Owen 11 55
Ott, Andrew 11 46
Papa, Nick 11 26
Pollard, Jeremey 11 92
Powers, Jack 11 45
Schelling, Peter 11 20
Snyder, Matt 11 33
Tully, Connor 11 68
Agostinelli, Will 10 54
Ankel, Adam 10 78
Barbera, Frank 10 18
Blanc, Jon 10 31
Bodner, Aidan 10 21
Carlin, Chase 10 6
Chernosky, Rory 10 69
Crowley, Jack 10 70
Dinnhaupt, Harrison 10 36
Duff, William 10 57
Kowalczyk, John 10 41
Kuppenheimer, Jack 10 48
McAloon, Luke 10 7
McArthur, Sean 10 24
O’Connell, John 10 40
Pacchia, Luke 10 1
Pellegrin, Sean 10 4
Reasons, Lucas 10 67
Rooney, Logan 10 27
Smith, Sam 10 85
Spencer, Andrew 10 77
Torkelson, Duncan 10 82
Torkelson, Finn 10 37
Tully, Stephen 10 19
Williams, Saviour 10 43

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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