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The the 2018 CCM Preseason Football Previews are made possible by the support of County College of Morris, The Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey and Academic Resources. CCM offers an excellent education at an affordable price that is close by. Orthopedic Institute of NJ has locations in Cedar Knolls, Succasunna, Newton, Sparta, Hackettstown and Washington. They also have urgent care hours 7-days a week at their Succasunna location so injured athletes can see an orthopedic specialist immediately. Academic Resources provides amazing test prep and college planning services right in Morris Plains that eliminates the anxiety of the college process while helping families get the best education at the best price.  Reach out to all three and tell them Morris Sussex Sports sent ya!

Team History

Playoff Appearances: 11
Finals Appearances: 0
Sectional Titles: 0
Playoff Record: 2-11 (.153)


Head Coach: Joe Coltelli
2017 Record: 4-6
Assistants: Jeff Gely, Bob Kylish, Rob Vesper, Joe Boyle, Jerry McMickle & Nick DeGennaro


Franchise Player:   Everyone in Northern New Jersey knows that Kittatinny’s Franchise Player is Jacob Mafaro.  The 6-2, 215-pound RB/LB is literally a man among boys and is poised to put up big numbers on both sides of the ball.  Oh yeah, and he’s only a junior.
Hottest Selling Jersey:  Everyone is going to have to buy themselves a #4 jersey for senior QB James Franco (5-10, 190).  Franco has been manning the helm for a long time so there isn’t anything he hasn’t seen.  Now that he’s much bigger and stronger than he’s ever been, he’s capable of doing a lot of things you don’t typically see a QB do.
All Everything Watch:  Jacob Mafaro.  We don’t like to put the same player in two different categories in our player categories.  But this could be the Year of Mafaro.
Flying Under the Radar:   With opposing teams being hyper-focused on other guys on this team, senior SE/DB Ryan Pollison (6-1, 175) will be quietly racking up the stats.  He plays receiver and d-back like big basketball forward fighting for rebounds which will convert to big plays on both sides of the ball.
Lives in the Weight Room:   Senior RB/LB Anthony Cagno has packed on a ton of pure muscle in the off-season and is coming into 2018 in fantastic shape.  That will translate in to good things for the Cougars, especially down the stretch.
Could Play in Any Era:  Senior lineman Mike Lacken (6, 235) is a 1970’s/1980’s kind of player who is the nicest guy off but when he puts that helmet on, changes into a fierce competitor.

Five Key Points

1. Morris Sussex Sports watched one of Kittatinny’s tri-scrimmages.  Jake Mafaro went full speed on only three plays.  One one of them he blocked a punt.  One another he ran for an 80-yard touchdown.  And the third he tackled the runningback in the backfield as he took the hand-off.  Then Coach Coltelli asked him wind it down, otherwise the other team wouldn’t be able to run a play.  We can’t imagine what’s going to happen when he plays full speed on every play.
2. Despite the fact that Mafaro is a focal point, this team is one a one-man band by any means.  You can tell this group has worked hard in the off-season and has a formidable line and skill players that are more than capable of winning games.  Guys  like Cagno, Franco, Pollison and Lacken will be among the other names that will be making headlines.
3. Kittatinny’s schedule isn’t easy but it definitely gets harder has the season wears on.  Facing Lenape Valley, High Point and Newton at Week 6, 7 and 8 could spell trouble.  To give themselves plenty of insurance, they’d be in great shape if they were able to be 4-1 by that point.
4. If you are a Cougar’s fan, avoid scheduling any vacations in November because this team all the makings of a group that can make a playoff run.
5. Coach Coltelli is entering his 5th year at the helm and he’s built a reputation as always bringing a well disciplined team that pays attention to the little things.  Those are the ingredients that make all the difference down the stretch.


08-31 Vernon Kittatinny HS
09-08 Wallkill Valley Kittatinny HS
09-14 @ Hopatcong Hopatcong HS
09-21 North Warren Kittatinny HS
09-28 Parsippany Kittatinny HS
10-05 @ Lenape Valley Lenape Valley HS
10-13 High Point Kittatinny HS
10-19 @ Newton Newton HS
10-26 @ Morris Catholic Morris Catholic HS


Name Grade Home # Away # Off. Pos. Def. Pos. Height Weight
Tippy Molfetto 12 3 3 WR DB 5′-9″ 140
James Franco 12 4 4 QB DB 5’10 190
Kyle Raposo 11 7 7 RB DB 5’8 145
Austin Seames 11 8 8 SE DB 5’11 160
Anthony Cagno 12 9 9 RB LB 5’10 190
Luke Williams 10 11 11 QB DB 5′-9″ 155
Michael Inglima 11 14 14 QB DB 5′-9″ 145
Chris Pollison 12 18 18 QB DB 5’10 165
J.J. Johnson-Eurie 10 22 22 WR DB 5′-7″ 130
Nolan Waldron 11 24 24 SE DB 5’10 160
Davin DeGroat 10 25 25 RB DB 5’7″ 145
Tyler Sweatt 10 26 26 RB DB 5’10” 165
Tim Knutelsky 12 31 31 RB LB 5’9 200
Gianluca Turi 11 35 35 RB LB 5’9″ 170
Jacob Mafaro 11 44 44 RB LB 6’2″ 215
Ryan Pollison 12 45 45 SE DB 6’1 175
Jake Yokobosky 11 52 52 OL DL 6′-0″ 220
Shawn Fahey 11 53 53 OL DL 6’0 225
Brendan Voss 10 55 55 OL DL 6′-0″ 205
DJ Bell 10 56 56 OL DL 5’7 150
Steve Benson 10 58 58 OL DL 5’10 215
Robert Bruce 11 59 59 OL LB 6’3 190
Mike Lacken 12 66 66 OL DL 6’0 235
TJ Mulroy 11 67 67 OL DL 6′-1″ 215
Elliott Maikisch 10 69 69 OL DL 5’11 220
John Fahey 12 70 70 OL DL 6’2″ 215
Ayden Hebert 10 72 72 OL DL 5-10 165
Adam Ur 11 73 73 OL DL 6’2″ 245
Carson Powell 11 75 75 OL DL 6’2″ 310
Nick Sugar 11 77 77 OL DL 5’10 310
Billy Kettle 11 78 78 OL DL 6’1″ 240
Blake Dippel 12 82 82 TE LB 6’1 175
Dylan Festa 10 83 83 TE LB 5’11 160
Matt Voss 11 88 88 TE LB 6’0 185

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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