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The the 2018 CCM Preseason Football Previews are made possible by the support of County College of Morris, The Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey and Academic Resources. CCM offers an excellent education at an affordable price that is close by. Orthopedic Institute of NJ has locations in Cedar Knolls, Succasunna, Newton, Sparta, Hackettstown and Washington. They also have urgent care hours 7-days a week at their Succasunna location so injured athletes can see an orthopedic specialist immediately. Academic Resources provides amazing test prep and college planning services right in Morris Plains that eliminates the anxiety of the college process while helping families get the best education at the best price.  Reach out to all three and tell them Morris Sussex Sports sent ya!

Team History

Playoff Appearances: 12
Finals Appearances: 4
Sectional Titles: 3
Playoff Record: 11-9 (.550)


Head Coach: Jerry Venturi
2017 Record: 5-5
Assistants: Bill Stager, Andrew Scalone, Matt Moscatello, Brian Silipena, Anthony Vasile, Connor Brown, Vinny Giordano & Kevin Silverstein


Franchise Player: Senior WR/RB/LB/DB Paul Monaco (5-9, 180) is the guy every team needs to focus on. The problem is he plays just about every position so he’s hard to game plan around. Last year he was a scoring threat from the runningback position and receiver position. He even threw for a TD.
Hottest Selling Jersey:  Order up your #5 Falcon’s jersey now because they will be sold out shortly as senior RB/DB Joe Batelli (5-10, 155) is a playmaker that’s always in the right place at the right time.  Batelli has the speed and agility to break a long run on any given play.
All Everything Watch:   A guy who is poised to come away with the most hardware come December is junior QB Matt Johnson.  He takes over for his brother who graduated this past June.  At 6-2, 160-pounds he’s your prototypical quarterback who can make every throw and has the legs to run as well.  Plus he’s the kicker and punter.
Flying Under the Radar:  Senior OT/DE Devin Hanna (6-1, 200) is the kind of lineman that thrives in Coach Venturino’s offense.  He’s big enough to beat a defender one-on-one and athletic enough to block multiple people on extended plays.
Lives in the Weight Room: Senior center/nose tackle Joe D’Alia (5-9, 220) has packed on the muscle in a big way in the off-season.  He’s an immovable object which is perfect because he plays right in the middle of the field on both O and D.
Could Play in Any Era:   Senior fullback/middle linebacker Justin Randzio (6, 205) is throwback type of player who never wants to leave the field.  As a junior he was the leading rusher and was in on just about every tackle.

Five Key Points

1.  Jefferson’s first six games are against Hackettstown, High Point, Mount Olive, Montville, Sparta and Morris Hills – all teams that are built to win this season.  But don’t be nervous if you are a Falcon’s fan because your blue and gold can hang with every one of those teams.
2.  This is coach Jerry Venturino’s third year at the helm for Jefferson.  Remember, he’s the same coach that turned small school Hopatcong into a playoff team every year so building programs is what this guy does.  Now that all his varsity players have three years getting to know his style and playbook, expect a well disciplined that expects to win.
3.  Venturino would tell you he runs the Wing-T offense.  But he’s not afraid to have his QB in shutgun with an empty backfield and five wideouts.  That kind of versatility allows them to play basketball with teams like Mount Olive and Sparta who can throw 40-times a game or Morris Hills and High Point who prefer to grind it out between the tackles.
4.  Most of the football players on this team are two and three sport players.  And last year the basketball, wrestling, lacrosse and baseball teams all had a lot of success in state tournaments.  Having experience playing on the big stage will translate well when it facing the opponents who have big fan bases.
5.  Venturino has two former players on his staff in Vinny Giordano from Hopatcong and Connor Brown from Jefferson.  These are program guys that were among the best players in Morris-Sussex just a few years back.  Having these young coaches on staff does wonder for morale and team culture.


08-30 Hackettstown Jefferson HS
09-07 @ High Point High Point HS
09-14 Mount Olive Jefferson HS
09-21 @ Montville Montville HS
09-28 Sparta Jefferson HS
10-06 @ Morris Hills Morris Hills HS
10-12 Vernon Jefferson HS
10-19 @ West Milford West Milford HS
10-26 Mendham Jefferson HS


Number Name Position Grade Height Weight
2 Luke Foth QB/DB 12 6’0” 165
3 Nathaniel Thomson RB/DB 11 5’8” 140
4 Matthew Johnson QB/K/P 11 6’2” 160
5 Joseph Batelli RB/DB 12 5’10” 155
6 Lawrence DiBiase QB/LB 10 5’7” 132
7 Brian Erdmann TE/LB 12 6’0” 172
8 Jonathan Emr RB/DB 10 5’6” 130
10 Michael Rovetto WR/DB 12 5’6” 135
11 Dilan Feti RB/LB 12 6’0” 185
13 Paul Monaco RB/LB 12 5’9” 180
14 Kofi Mensah WR/DB 10 6’1″ 159
15 Jeffrey Danyus TE/LB 10 5’11” 150
17 Alex Heywang-Simpson RB/DB 10 5’5” 98
20 David Hanna WR/DB 11 5’11” 165
21 Michael Studnick RB/DB 10 5’4” 130
24 Andrew Weber WR/DB 10 5’8” 140
26 Michael Gould RB/LB 10 5’7” 170
27 Matthew Cappello RB/DB 11 5’3” 140
30 Tyler Cole RB/LB 12 5’11” 155
35 Justin Randzio RB/LB 12 6’0” 205
42 Brandon Haid TE/LB 12 5’8” 180
44 Joseph Altamura WR/LB 10 5’11” 140
52 Keith Ferguson OL/LB 10 5’11” 165
53 Collin Miller OL/LB 11 5’11” 140
55 Jared Pepe OL/LB 10 5’4” 165
56 Jefferson Felter OL/LB 11 5’10” 202
57 Jaiden Alvarez OL/DL 10 5’6” 171
58 Richard Raymond OL/DL 11 5’10” 210
62 Anthony D’Amato OL/DL 10 5’10” 175
63 Andrew Vargas OL/DL 10 5’9” 150
67 Vincent DelGaizo OL/LB 10 5’3” 150
69 Joseph Soares OL/DL 10 6’1” 200
70 Tyler Smolt OL/DL 12 6’0” 217
71 Sebastian Swenty OL/DL 10 5’11” 208
72 Joseph D’Alia OL/DL 12 5’9” 220
73 Ali Fuller OL/DL 11 6’3” 350
74 Andrew Frank OL/DL 12 6’2” 225
75 Matthew Campagna OL/DL 12 6’0” 241
76 Aaron Dworak OL/DL 10 6’1” 235
78 Devin Hanna OL/DL 12 6’1” 200
79 Garrison Evans OL/DL 10 5’5” 240
84 Tyler Wagoner TE/DL 12 6’3” 235
85 Matthew Joy TE/LB 11 6’0” 135
99 Nicholas Morcos OL/DL 10 5’5” 145

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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