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Every week Dan, Brian and George slug it out to predict the most football games correctly. Morris Sussex Sports has incentivized these three knuckleheads with a $200 pot to who ever picks the most correct games at the end of the season. Keep up with their progress every Thursday nights or Friday mornings when the 2017 Game Day Eateries Weekly Predictions come out. Looking for a place to eat on Game Days? Please dine at one of our Game Day Eateries!

Thursday Night Throwdowns

North Warren (2-6) @ Newton (8-0)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Newton has been full speed ahead to MetLife since Week 1. These guys have shown up and dominated on both sides of the ball. Their defense hasn’t allowed more than seven points in their last three games. In two out of their last three, the Braves offense has eclipsed the 40s. No stopping these guys. PICK: Newton 49-6
Brian Daniel: Newton is rolling, and North Warren, unfortunately for them, will not slow their roll. Look for Chase Cramer to run for a buck-sixty and two scores in the win. PICK: Newton 38-13
George Muha: For those Morris-Sussex football geeks, you have to be paying attention to Newton coach Matt Parzero. I predict when he’s old and gray we are going to be regarding him like folks regard guys Lenape Valley’s Don Smolyn or Randolph coach late John Bauer. First he took a North Warren program that had 13 kids in it and turned it into a playoff powerhouse. Now in his second year, he couldn’t lose a game if he tried. Trust me on this one, Parzero is bananas! PICK: Fig Newtons 35-10

Par Hills (7-1) @ Ferris (1-7)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: With their only blemish at the hands of a very good West Essex team, the Vikings look to end the regular season on a three game winning streak. PICK: Par Hills 35-0
Brian Daniel: The Ferris Wheels are going to have their hands full in this one. Par Hills historically wins in short weeks. Wilson “I’m Not” Done will find the endzone twice this week, and Nicky V will do his thing. PICK: Hills 45-12
George Muha: This is Week 9 in the Nick Verducci Farewell Tour. I heard Ferris will be giving Nick a framed plague of him from last year’s game against them before the game. Verducci isn’t hanging up the cleats just yet…he’s got four more games to go. Viking kicker Anthony “Money” Memoli will go 6 for 6 on extra points because, well, that’s just the way he rolls. PICK: Vikes 42-12

Friday Night Lights

Butler (4-4) @ Boonton (3-5)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: It has been a weird season for Butler. The Bulldogs started their season losing three of their first four games, and now have won three out of their last four. While the Bulldogs are on the road I think they realize that this is a big game for them. PICK: Butler 28-17
Brian Daniel: Butler has evened their record out and is on fire. Evan “Hansen” Smith is having better numbers for the Bulldogs at QB than all of the Cleveland Browns QBs combined this season. That being said, the Boots are tough at home. Look for Butler to win a shootout. PICK: Butler 35-30
George Muha: Boonton at home scares me in this match-up. However, Butler’s sophomore phenom QB Evan Smith is getting better by the week. Look for him to top his 258-yard, 4 touchdown Week 8 performance in a back-and-forth battle. PICK: Butler 33-30

Chatham (1-7) @ Orange (3-5)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Life does not get easier for the Cougars. Orange is tough at home and their schedule has been brutal (loses to Mahwah, Nutley, and Par Hills to name a few). Look for the Tornadoes to blow by Chatham. PICK: Orange 28-0
Brian Daniel: Chatham is coming off a rough loss against Mt. Olive and Orange beat a decent Morristown team last week. I think momentum is in Orange’s favor in this one. Kristian Roos will get a dozen tackles and a sack this week for the Cougars. PICK: Orange 28-17
George Muha: Chatham has their hands full with the Orange! I predict Cougar receivers Ryan Lonergan and Colin Schroeder to keep the Tornadoes on their heels offensively and Kristian “Under” Roos will do something good on special teams, but in the end the home team will prevail. PICK: Orange 33-23

Dover (0-8) @ Madison (2-5)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: An off season for the Dodgers in 2017. Their schedule was TOUGH. In the midst of a four game losing streak, look for Madison to snap that streak and get back into the win column. PICK: Madison 35-0
Brian Daniel: Madison is not having a very Dodger-like year, but given the myriad of State titles I think they are entitled to an off year. I just found out recently that the Dodgers are named after a dog. I think that’s great, dogs are the best, ever. Anyway, look for Matt Mulcahy to find the endzone twice in a big bounce back win for Madison. PICK: Dodgers 34-13
George Muha: I predict this game will be closer than people think as both will stick to the run-game to get points on the board. Special teams or a big turnover will be the difference. I see Madison’s Luke Roche winning it on a walk-off Pick-6. PICK: Madison 36-30

Warren Hills (3-5) Hackettstown (5-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: The Tigers can’t overlook Warren Hills. It is games like these that the Tigers have to win and going into the post season, winning three of your last four will be the kind of momentum that they want. PICK: H-Town 21-14
Brian Daniel: I think that any given day these teams can beat one another. I’m giving the edge to H-Town because they have home field advantage and went off the chain offensively last week. Christian Maciak will run for almost two hundred yards and three scores for Hackettstown in the win. PICK: H-Town 35-27
George Muha: What a season H-town is having! I feel like they are the dark horse in their playoff section because everyone is uber focused on Caldwell, Mountain Lakes, Rutherford, etc. But these guys have proven they can hang with anyone. Warren Hills 6-2, 215-pound lineman Peter Nichols will be a mouthful, but I see Christian “The Maniac” Maciak and his Tigers coming away with the dub. PICK: H-town 34-28

Hanover Park (5-3) @ West Essex (7-1)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: This is going to be a good one ladies and gentleman while the Knights have not lost since Week 2, they take on a Hanover Park team that has bounced back and have won two in a row. While that is all well and good for the Hornets, West Essex will take care of business on their home turf. PICK: West Essex 28-15
Brian Daniel: HP beat Madison last week and that always gives the squad a boost, but they run into a rough West Essex team this week. I don’t know what it is about those towns that make up WE, but they have a good youth program and it carries through to the High School. Since I already lost the prediction challenge to Dan and George I will go with my heart here, and pick HP to win in an upset. Sean Conley will run for over 100 tough yards, and Tyler Scaff will hit Mike “Rads” Radomski and Ryan “Grizz” Gryzmala for scores in the fourth quarter to seal it. PICK: HP 28-27
George Muha: I don’t know if they still do, but West Essex used to have the most unbelievable snack shack. It was like a gourmet Italian deli with these incredible eggplant parm sandwiches, pasta fagioli, etc. I would go cover games there and wouldn’t make it to the sideline till half time because I was stuffing my face. Okay, I am stalling because I know my Hornets are not going to like my prediction. PICK: Wessex 30-21

Verona (4-4) @ Hopatcong (0-8)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Is it too little too late for the Hillbillies? They have come on later in the season, winning three in a row. While this has trap game written all over it, I think Verona knows this is a must win to have momentum going into the second season. PICK: Verona 17-14
Brian Daniel: The ‘Cong scored a safety last week, which is always exciting. Unfortunately, it’s all they scored. Verona is going though some major situations with their coach being asked to step down and it will either make them play even harder in his honor or they will fold like a cheap suit. I think they will probably motivate them though. PICK: Verona 33-28
George Muha: DaCong runningback Jason Cranmer has proved he’s a durable 100-yard plus game back. He’ll give the Hillbillies all they can take. But I think the Essex county team will come away with the dub. PICK: Verona 24-12

Jefferson (4-4) @ Lenape Valley (5-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: The Patriots are in need of a win. They’ve lost two of their last three and play a Jefferson team that is looking to break the .500 mark. I think Smolyn and the boys go into the postseason with some much needed positive ju ju. PICK: LV 30-27
Brian Daniel: J-Town played Sparta tough last week, and I think they have the momentum going into this game as the Valley was man-handled by the Bank last week. Look for Shane O’Connor to record a bunch of tackles and a Pick-6 in this one for J-Town. PICK: Jefferson 21-17
George Muha: This is a tough one as Jefferson has proven they can find nifty ways to win. The Falcon’s Drew Benfatti seems to make an impact on all sides of the ball. But given this game is being played at Don’s House, I am putting my money on the home team. Also, Ryan Sudol and his Football Fanatics Show will be at this game so both sides better bring the crowds because he’ll have this stadium pumping. PICK: LV 31-30

Montville (2-6) @ Parsippany (0-8)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Way to mess up my picks last week Montville! While I may have gone an incredible 23-3, 24-2 sounds much better. Don’t worry, not going to hold you too it, that was a great win. The ‘Stangs are riding high and get a win to end their season over Parsippany. PICK: Montville 21-0
Brian Daniel: How about the ‘Stangs upsetting Morris Hills last week? I sure as heck didn’t see that coming. Look for them to build off that momentum and win big against Parsippany in this one. Grant Shine will have 12 tackles and a sack for Montville. PICK: Montville 20-7
George Muha: I guarantee Montville would love another crack at some of their earlier season games. But they can hang their hat on the fact that all the stars are aligned for next season. I see Mustang defenders Nick “Coco Crisp” Cocomello picking up a sack and a few tackles behind the line of scrimmage and Kyle “Gerry” Cooney to return a pick to the house. PICK: 31-14

Morristown (2-6) @ Bloomfield (4-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: The Bloomfield offense is rolling as they have put up 74-points in their last two games. Not sure if Mo-town can keep up. PICK: Bloomfield 35-17
Brian Daniel: Morristown is better than their record, but I think when I say that every week it seems to lose meaning. Look for Bloomfield to win big at home. PICK: Bloomfield 30-10
George Muha: Motown had an awesome season and I hope they can hang their hat on the fact that they played a tough schedule with a ton of heart. No matter what bros, you can say you hung with some of the best teams in the state. I am picking the Bloomies but not before my Colonials take their pound of flesh. PICK: Bloomfield 32-25

Randolph (4-4) @ Mount Olive (7-1)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Mt. Olive has punched their ticket to the second season but they should NOT sleep on this Randolph team, who is coming off a tough loss to Roxbury. The Rams will put up a fight but c’mon MO, 8-1 sounds so much better than 7-2. PICK MO 28-14
Brian Daniel: Tough loss for the Rams last week and things aren’t going to get better this week. Look for Mount Olive, who rolled over Chatham last week, to win big again this week. Liam Anderson stays hot, connecting with Robert Bakovic for at least one score, if not two. PICK: Mt. Olive 39-20
George Muha: Randolph’s offense has been resourceful all season long and guys like Justin Suarez, Matthew Kuntz and Nick Wolmart can bust out a big play at any given time. However, Mount Olive has been just a buzz saw and the tip of the blade is QB Liam Anderson. Look for #3 to score four touchdowns either with his legs, arm or both. PICK: Marauders 34-21

Mahwah (4-4) @ Mountain Lakes (6-2)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: It has been a bounce back year for the Herd after going 2-8 last season. Mahwah is not going to be a walk in the park by any means but I think ML protects their home turf and looks as this game as a good tune up for the post season. PICK: ML 17-10
Brian Daniel: Mahwah is not to be underestimated, and hopefully Jack Baker “The Touchdown Maker” brings it for the Herd this week. Frankie “Pats” Patracuolla will run for a buck ten and a score in this one, as well, for the Herd. PICK: Mountain Lakes 27-20
George Muha: Mountain Lakes did a fantastic job helping themselves get a nice seed in the state tournament. Now they’ll use this game to sharpen themselves up for the second season (which will not be easy). Look for QB Jackie Baker “the TD Maker” to continue to be his stellar self while RB Frankie Patracuolla rushes for at least 100-yards in a hometown win. PICK: Herd 28-21

Caldwell (7-1) @ Pequannock (8-0)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Wow, what a way to end the season for both of these teams. Both playoff bound but if you ask me, Pequannock is looking to finish the season undefeated, while Caldwell wouldn’t mind handing the Panthers their first loss. Caldwell likes to air it out, so Pequannock needs to make sure they put the pressure on. I think it is something special to run the table and this Pequannock may just do that in the regular season. This is your Game of the Week folks. PICK: Pequannock 35-28
Brian Daniel: This has to be the Game of the Week. The ‘Quan is undefeated and coming off dominating Dover. Caldwell is riding high after beating a good Whippany Park team handily last week. I hope Ryan Sudol goes to this game to cover it, because they are going to be off the rails in Pequannock for this game. Look for Dave Jachera to run for over 100 yards and for Sean Klimek to do this thing as he has all season as the ‘Quan wins a close one. PICK: ‘Quan 27-24
George Muha: Caldwell just annihilated three very good Morris-Sussex teams in Montville (which is way better than their record is), Mountain Lakes and Whippany Park. Trust me, this Chief team has got it going on. However, Pequannock has something inside of them that I just haven’t in a lot of teams in my years covering high school football. It’s like an attitude that says, “Bring on your best!” Last year, this group took down an undefeated Hanover Park team (I’m still not over this one) who had three Division I athletes and ton of other great players in embarrassing fashion on their home field. At the time, Pequannock was a bunch of 165-pound juniors. Now they are bigger, faster and even more hungry. I just can’t see even Caldwell slowing them down. PICK: Quan 33-28

West Morris (6-2) @ Roxbury (3-5)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: While the Gaels took care of business against cross-town rival, Roxbury, the Gaels will come back down from cloud nine when they host West Morris. PICK: West Morris 21-14
Brian Daniel: Roxbury is coming off a nice win and West Morris is fresh from dominating their cross-town rivals last week. What does it all mean? Not much, really. WM wins this one easy. Look for WM’s Bryce “Soko-Loco” Sokolowski to run for 125-yards and 2 TDs for WM. PICK: WM: 42-28
George Muha: I think I am going to cry about the fact that there won’t be another Roumes to cover for Roxbury after this season. That family knows how to pump out football players so hopefully in the next twenty years there will be another round of them coming through the program. With that said, I tip my cap to senior Mike Roumes on a fantastic football career. You’re a gladiator bro! Back to this game, WMC is healthy and playing Wolfpack football. Look for Bryce “Harper” Sokolowski to pick up 14 tackles and a fumble recovery as the boys from Long Valley keep the momentum going into the second season. PICK: Wolves 34-22

West Side (5-3) @ Whippany Park (6-2)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Don’t let West Side’s record fool you. Not to take anything away from the Roughriders but the teams that they have beaten, don’t really jump off the page for me. Look for Whippany Park to bounce back from their loss against Caldwell and get the ‘W’ to close out the regular season. PICK: WP 21-7
Brian Daniel: Whippany Park has had a couple of setbacks in recent weeks and needs a win against a decent West Side team to show they are for real. I think they get it. Corey Ficchi and Jake Crane will combine for over 20 tackles and a forced fumble or two and the Park gets it done with a defensive stand in the fourth quarter. PICK: WP 22-19
George Muha: This match-up has trap game written all over it. West Side is a dynamic team that can score quickly so Whippany Park needs to just keep playing their game. Jake “From State Farm” Crane up the middle, Luke “I am Your” Papa on the roll out and a couple of quick passes to Matty Wong to keep them honest. No getting cute here, just old fashion football so we get the dub. PICK: WP 30-24

Saturday Afternoon Delights

Paramus Catholic (3-5) @ Delbarton (2-6)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: While it has been an off year for both of these teams, that is the price you pay when you play in the toughest football conference in New Jersey, and maybe even the entire east coast. While it would be nice to see Delby end the season on a three game winning streak, and do it on their home turf, I don’t think it is going to happen. PICK: PC 28-6
Brian Daniel: These schools are all over the map. I flipped a coin and it came up with my brother’s alma mater. Miles Leniw will throw for 200-yards and 2 TDs in the win for the Green Wave. PICK: Delby 27-24
George Muha: I need to know how many blocked punts and kicks Delbarton’s Anthony Siragusa has had in his career. This kid belongs in the 1940s when they didn’t wear face masks. He’s just a total gladiator! I think PC will win but I predict Siragusa will do something ridiculous on special teams or defense. PICK: PC 38-30

High Point (6-2) @ Sparta (7-1)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: I know, I know. High Point is 6-2 but this IS SPARTA. Did you see what I did there? Anyways, Sparta is one of the most dangerous teams in the county and will be a team that no one wants to see in Round 1 of the playoffs. PICK: Sparta 28-0
Brian Daniel: Whoa another fantastic game this week!!! High Point beat up on Parsippany and Sparta squeaked by J-Town but the fact that Sparta is before the home-town fans weighs heavily in their favor. This is going to be the definition of a barn burner. At the end of the day it will be a battle of the kickers, Grayson Sabo from HP and Vin DeSimone from Sparta. They will both be on point, but I think DeSimone hits a 30 yard FG with no time on the clock to win it for the Spartans. PICK: Sparta 24-24
George Muha: Oooh, I like this match-up! I see this being a high scoring affair where one turnover can make the world of difference. I see that coming from Sparta center-fielder Anthony Esposito in the form of an INT. PICK: Sparta 44-41

Newark Central (3-5) @ Kinnelon (2-6)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: The Blue Devils are 3-2 when facing Morris-Sussex football teams. Look for them to play spoiler on the road as they take on the Colts. PICK NC 28-14
Brian Daniel: Kinnelon’s Calvin Krippner will have a sack and a baker’s dozen worth of tackles but I think Newark Central wins this one in the final seconds. PICK: NC 20-17
George Muha: Kinnelon has had a tough year but I see them stepping it up and playing for pride in front of their home crowd. Middle linebacker Cal “The Kripp Keeper” Krippner will pick up 12 tackles and 1 forced fumble. I see Central winning but not before the Colts take their pound of flesh first. PICK: Newark Central 28-21

Wallkill Valley (2-6) @ Kittatinny (3-5)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Kittatinny is on a bit of a skid dropping their last three games. Look for them to get off the schnide against Valley. PICK: Kittatinny 14-10
Brian Daniel: Kittatinny’s Matt Voss will get a turnover and take it back to the house to secure the win in a battle against the Valley. PICK: Kitts 14-7
George Muha: This will be a fun game to watch as this is a Sussex County classic. But I think Kittatinny’s Mufaro duo will be too much for the Rangers of Wallkill. PICK: Kittatinny 33-30

Mendham (2-6) @ Morris Knolls (6-2)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Fly Eagles fly, fly to victory. PICK: Knolls 35-0
Brian Daniel: Knolls stays hot and wins this one at home easily. PICK: Knolls 26-13
George Muha: Knoll’s runningback Nate “Thurston” Howell III has been playing very hungry – as evident by his crazy production numbers. Nothing is getting in his way of him playing at MetLife so look for the senior to run for 150-yards and three TDs in the form of a Minuteman sandwich as he gets his Golden Eagles to 7-2. PICK: Knolls 35-7

Sussex Tech (2-6) @ Morris Catholic (3-5)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Tech finishes the season on the right side of the scoreboard. PICK: ST 17-7
Brian Daniel: Morris Catholic will bounce back from a close loss last week. Sussex Tech will play well but in the end MC will cause a turnover late in the game that seals the victory for them. PICK: MC 22-20
George Muha: Morris Catholic delivers their home fans a treat as Jimmy “No seriously, I can see” Blind returns an INT to the house. PICK: MC 33-10

Vernon (0-8) @ Morris Hills (6-2)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: The Knights are not happy about how last week went down. Look for them to showcase that it was a fluke and take the frustration out on Vernon. PICK: Hills 35-0
Brian Daniel: Gio DiMartino will record two sacks for Vernon in this one, but the Hills is getting ready for the playoffs and there is no stopping them now. PICK: Hills 40-14
George Muha: Morris Hills wants to forget last week’s loss to Montville in a hurry. Senior Devin “Robinson” Caruso will score at least twice in a convincing win. PICK: MoHills 35-14

Morristown-Beard (4-3) @ Hopkins School CT (1-5)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: The Beards get the ‘W’ and finish the regular season over .500! Perfect timing for Movember. Go Beards, GO! PICK: MB 21-17
Brian Daniel: The Beard’s offensive line rightly won the Player(s) of the Week last week, and they will pave the wave for close to 250 yards rushing and 3 scores again this week. Look for the Beard’s Mike DeSantis to hit a 40-yard FG in this one as well! PICK: Beard 38-6
George Muha: MoBeard’s line did a fantastic job allowing senior Tahj Valentine rush for over 400-yards last week. No way the Beards drop this one. Instead of a bus pic, I hope I get a video George Burke doing an impression of Coach Fell on the bus ride home. PICK: Beards 34-24

How We Did Last Week

Dan 23-3 (88.46%)
Brian 19-7 (73.07%)
George 18-8 (69.23%)

How We’re Doing So Far

Dan 151-43 (77.83%)
Brian 133-61 (68.55%)
George 143-51 (73.71%)

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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