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Every week Dan, Brian and George slug it out to predict the most football games correctly. Morris Sussex Sports has incentivized these three knuckleheads with a $200 pot to who ever picks the most correct games at the end of the season. Keep up with their progress every Thursday nights or Friday mornings when the 2017 Game Day Eateries Weekly Predictions come out. Looking for a place to eat on Game Days? Please dine at one of our Game Day Eateries!

Friday Night Frights

Hopatcong (0-7) @ Butler (3-4)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Unfortunately for Butler, Verona came to play last week and put up their second 40-point output on offense, in what was an absolute shootout. Look for Butler to make that loss a quick memory and get back on track against the Chiefs. PICK: Butler 40-7
Brian Daniel: It’s been like a horror movie for the ‘Cong this year as far as their season but they haven’t given up yet! Unfortunately for them, Butler’s Evan Smith is going to throw for over 200-yards and 3 scores in this one as the Bulldogs pull to .500. PICK: Butler 28-17
George Muha: I know the Hopatcong players are itching to get their first year coach Mike “The Machete” Moschella his first win. It’s coming soon so everyone in Chief Nation please be patient. However, “Evil” Evan Smith and “Deadly” Declan Minogue will put too many points with their arm and foot, respectively, for DaCong to handle. PICK: Butler 34-20

Chatham (1-6) @ Mount Olive (6-1)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: MO’s Liam Anderson sure knows how to sling it. His numbers have been spooky good all season long and he kept that going last week, throwing for 180-yards and 3 TDs. The Marauders are tough at home and Chatham is running into a buzz-saw. PICK: MO 35-0
Brian Daniel: I have heard that woods around Mount Olive are haunted, just sayin’. Anyway Liam Anderson is do what he does, account for a few scores and lead the Mount to their 7th win. PICK: Mt. Olive 34-14
George Muha:  Perhaps Chatham can be like Jason in the movie Friday the 13th and avenge themselves by making the teams they play now pay for the other teams that killed their playoff dreams.  But I think that might be hard to do against MO wideout Lance Johnson who better be getting some big time college looks because the kid has to be one of the best pure receivers in North Jersey.  PICK:  Marauders 36-12

Kittatinny (3-4) @ Hackettstown (4-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Hackettstown has been a Jigsaw (a Saw reference) puzzle to me all season. Started out with the hot 3-0 start, dropped two straight and now have split their last two. I wouldn’t overlook Kittatinny if I were the Tigers. If H-Town wants to play in the second season, they have to protect their home turf. PICK: H-Town 28-20
Brian Daniel: Brandon Kuehner will scare up two TDs for H-Town in this one. PICK: H’Town 21-14
George Muha: To me this is the Game of the Week! While both teams have potent offenses, I think it’s going to come down to defense as H-Town’s Eddie “Jack O’Lantern” O’Melia will make some big stuffs behind the line of scrimmage, while Kittatinny defender Justin “Christian McCaffrey” Modafferi will be in on just about every tackle. It’s going to be close but I think it will be the Cougars who will be sending me their victory bus pic when all is said and done. PICK: Kittatinny 20-14

Pequannock (7-0) @ Dover (0-7)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Listen, Pequannock is just a better football team. That is no disrespect to Dover, they’re struggling and the Panthers have their sites set for MetLife. With that being said, Pequannock has to bring it on the road as they have a tough match-up the following week against Caldwell. Stay focused Pequannock, don’t let Dover sneak up on you! PICK: Pequannock 35-0
Brian Daniel: The Quan is going to terrorize Dover Friday night but the Tigers will put some points on the board in the process. PICK: Pequannock 42-28
George Muha: Dover is a great place to play a spooky Halloween themed game with their orange and black backdrop. While it’s just a game and no one will be forced up to the gallows, it will be Gallo (Matthew) who will catch four passes for 85-yards and 2 TDs in a win for Pequannock. PICK: Quan 35-19

Madison (2-4) @ Hanover Park (4-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Look at some of the losses that Madison has had this season. Lenape Valley, Pequannock and Mountain Lakes. Three very good teams. The Dodgers record is deceiving but what tells the story is the outcomes that both these teams had against Newark Central. Madison lost a tough one to the Blue Devils but Hanover Park took care of business beating the boys from Newark, 34-12 in Week 2. That makes this pick easy. Hanover Park 28-24
Brian Daniel: For a team that has so much offensive firepower I’m a little surprised the Hornets are 4-3. While Madison has been in their head since HP broke “the Streak”, I think that HP will come up fired up and take this one from the Dodgers. Sean Conley will do it on both sides of the ball as usual and look for Sebastian Bassolino and Matthew Tuli to combine for 25 tackles and a couple of turnovers as HP wins it on the defensive side of the ball in this one. PICK: HP 23-17
George Muha: Some might say that Madison is not Madison this year. I’d argue that Madison is Madison. It doesn’t matter the year. What scares me the most is they are playing for their playoff lives right now and a win against Hanover Park brings a healthy amount of Power Points to keep them in the postseason hunt. While I don’t like betting against my Hornets,  Brian Bradley, Ryan Schmitz and Matty Mulcahy know what it takes to dance in the rodeo and I think they sting the Hornets in the hive.  PICK:  Dodgers 35-10

Parsippany (0-7) @ High Point (5-2)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Chad Musilli ran wild for High Point last week (181-yards, 3 TDs) in the Wildcats 42-14 win last week. Look for him to be a nightmare for the Red Hawks when these two teams hit the gridiron. PICK: High Point 28-7
Brian Daniel: Did you know that the High Point High School is haunted to the point where ghosts teach several classes. Apparently Mr. Casper’s home economics glass is an easy A. Anyway, HP wins as Chad Musilli runs for a buck-fifty and two scores. PICK: HP 35-17
George Muha:  I am due to get a victory bus pic from the RedHawks and I am hoping I get one soon.  However, the Thunder Cats of High Point are on a tear and I see them continuing their win-streak.  PICK:  HP 34-21

Sparta (6-1) @ Jefferson (4-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Jefferson playing on their home field is nice as the crowd will be in full force.  But Sparta thrives off of that. The Spartans is out for blood after their first loss of the season last week to West Morris. Cover your eyes kids, this isn’t going to be pretty. PICK: Sparta 45-14
Brian Daniel: I didn’t see Sparta losing last week and they are still having nightmares about it. That being said, J-Town is going to have their hands full in this bounce back game for the Spartans. Anthony Broccoletti will bounce back and throw 3 TDs for Sparta this week. PICK: Sparta 32-14
George Muha:  Did you know that Sparta coach Frank Marchiano was a stud football player at Jefferson back in the olden days?  He’s brother Mike was actually my year in school (Class of ’93) and was one of the best runningbacks in the state during his career.  I think he (Mike, that is) went on to actually play pro baseball.  Kid was a total stud.  Any who, Coach Marchiano won’t let that posterity get in the way of business.  Look for the Spartans come out with a vengeance as they blow off steam from last week’s loss.  PICK:  Spartas 30-19

Kinnelon (2-5) @ Pascack Hills (4-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Pascack Hills is on a two-game losing skid and what is most interesting about the Cowboys is a win earlier this season over Mahwah was done convincingly 20-7. Look for the boys from Bergen to go two games over the .500 mark. PICK: Pascack Hills 20-14
Brian Daniel: Kinnelon’s Joe Rymarz had a fantastic game last week and will play well again, throwing for over 200 yards a couple scores. In the end the Hills win a close one at home. PICK: Hills 21-19
George Muha:  Cal “The Kripp Keeper” Krippner lives for Halloween weekend.  I see the LB to pick up close to 20-tackles.  However, I think PH is just too much on a roll.  I hope I’m wrong.  PICK:  Pascack 30-23

Mendham (2-5) @ West Morris (5-2)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: What a week for the Wolfpack, taking down mighty Sparta!  That could be a win that defines the season. Hopefully Coach Hennelly and his team had a quick celebration and went right back to work because right now, his team has a big target on their back. PICK: West Morris 21-0
Brian Daniel: Mendham was on fire last week and look for Logan Clouse to throw for close to 150 yards and two scores in this one. At the same time, West Morris is riding the momentum of a huge win over Sparta last week and it will carry them this week as well. Joe “Spooky” Spano will throw for a buck-fifty and 2 scores in the win for WM. PICK: WM: 28-24
George Muha: Playing the Wolves on a misty Halloween eve is not what I’d want to do. Especially with a healthy 6-2, 220-pound Rourke Colligan staring me down from the linebacker position with pure ire in his eyes. However, I would be feeling hopeful if I had 6-3, 200-pound sophomore quarterback Logan Clouse after his four TD performance last week. Throw in Mendham’s linebacker and future West Pointer Patrick MacClean, who’s been stellar down the stretch as well, and I think we might actually have a game. Cross-town rivalries are what high school football is all about! PICK: West Morris 34-25

Morris Hills (6-1) @ Montville (1-6)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: In my opinion, Morris Hills is one of the hottest teams in the county. Three straight wins, two out of those three wins the Knights score 30+ points. These guys are clicking on all cylinders and with running back Angelo Macera leading the way, Hills can finish the regular season on a five-game winning streak and go into the post season like a bat out of hell!  PICK:  MoHills 34-21
Brian Daniel: Rumor has it the only reason Angelo Macera still goes trick-or-treating is so he can walk to every house in the Denville/Rockaway area and get a good workout. This year he will donate all his candy to Montville to make them feel better after he rushes for 200-plus yards and 3 scores against them. PICK: Hills 39-27
George Muha: How about Montville defenders Nick “Gruesome” Gauweiler and Chris DeFrank-enstein keeping Pequannock’s high powered offense in check last week! I got a message from a Pequannock player that said, “They way better than their 1-6 record.” I am sure MoHills won’t be taking the Stangs lightly. Look for Rey “The Force Awakens” Almodovar and Luke “Maladjusted” Malatesta to play tough defense themselves as they keep their Red Knights on track. PICK: MoHills 30-25

Morris Knolls (5-2) @ Columbia (0-7)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Don’t forget about the other team in Rockaway Township, Morris Knolls! The Golden Eagles are on a five-game winning streak and are right on the hot trails of their counterparts, Morris Hills. The Knolls offense has been putting up numbers out of a video game scoring 35+ points in three out of their last four victories. Watch out everyone, after an 0-2 start, Knolls doesn’t seem to be losing anytime soon. PICK: MK 42-7
Brian Daniel: Columbia plays tough at home but this Knolls team is on a roll. Look for them to frighten Columbia enough to cause at least three turnovers, scoring on one or two of them. PICK: Knolls 28-16
George Muha: I don’t think it would matter if Columbia was 7-0, Knolls is really hitting their stride when it counts. Look for Johnnny “the Vampire” Van Lenten, Derek “Fangs” Ferguson, Nick “Guillotine” Gitelman and David “Demon” Kaiser to make this a lopsided victory for the Eagles. PICK: Knolls 34-10

Cedar Grove (4-3) @ North Warren (2-5)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: The Panthers have won four out of their last five and finish the regular season against a very tough Shabazz team. Cedar Grove can not look past this game against North Warren and have to make sure they take care of business on the road. PICK: Cedar Grove 28-14
Brian Daniel: North Warren’s woes continued last week and while they will play the Grove tough at home I think that they will have to drown their sorrows in Halloween Candy to feel better about this one. PICK: Grove 34-22
George Muha: Cedar Grove is going to think they are playing the Children of the Corn after their bus ride through the farmlands of western New Jersey. That plays into North Warren’s home field advantage. I envision this being a close one as Patriot linemen James Barton, Alex Hicks and Ryan Durling wreak havoc on both sides of the ball. Cedar Grove wins, but not after NWR takes their pound of flesh first. PICK: CG 30-28

Pope John (5-2) @ DePaul (5-2)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Two very tough losses for the Lions in recent weeks, the most crushing of the two being a one-point loss to mighty Bergen Catholic. I am starting to believe in this Pope John team, while I have been picking against them, I think they get off the schnide and spoil Halloween for the Spartans on the road. PICK: PJ 28-21
Brian Daniel: Tough loss for PJ last week but I think they will rebound this week against DePaul. The O-Line will play like it’s possessed and lead Berrell Neal to 3 scores and over 150-yards for PJ in this one. PICK: PJ 36-29
George Muha: DePaul will be surprised by PJ’s size and speed and I think the regulars on both sides will balance themselves out all game. What will prove to be too much for the Johnnies will be DePaul’s peripheral players like sophomore special-teamer Elijah “Ready for Duty” Calautti who would be the starting middle linebacker on most varsity teams in the state. PICK: DePaul 33-30

Roxbury (2-5) @ Randolph (4-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: I am going to be honest here everyone. If you don’t know that I am a Roxbury grad, well now you know.  I could care less what the Gaels record are. They could be 0-7 right now and I would still pick them. While that is not the case and the Gaels have had a couple of tough losses this year, I am going with my alma mater here, through thick and thin. Going against my own advice and picking with my heart. GO GAELS GO! PICK: ROXBURY 21-17
Brian Daniel: The Rams’ Suarez will throw for over 200-yards and 2 scores and run in another one as he becomes a complete nightmare for the ‘Bury. PICK: Randolph 33-20
George Muha: An opposing quarterback that plays Randolph told me he had a nightmare about Ram defensive tackle Chandler “Big Daddy” Boykins this past week. He said in the dream, he was under center calling out the cadence when he looked over at the defense. But instead of eleven defenders he said it was only Boykins sitting at a table that looked like it belonged in a fancy restaurant with a white table cloth and everything. He described Boykins with his entire uniform on, helmet and everything, with a big white napkin tucked into his collar, sitting there holding a steak knife in one and and a fork in the other. He said then Boykins looks right into his eyes and yells, “Bring on the first course!” Then he woke right up and sat up trying to catch his breath. That’s Big Daddy for you! No way #55 and company will be dropping this one at home. PICK: Rams 33-20

West Milford (1-6) @ Vernon (0-7)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: This is a tough one to pick. Anyone have a coin to flip? Both teams are struggling, both teams will work their butt off to get the W. In these cases, I go with the home team. PICK: Vernon 14-10
Brian Daniel: Jeremy Kayhart will not only have over a dozen tackles in this one for Vernon, but his fumble recovery for a TD will carry the day in a close one in the misty woods of Vernon. PICK: Vernon 13-7
George Muha: I have to give it Vernon’s players for continuing to stay dedicated to their season despite being winless. That builds a ton of character. Speaking of which, I see Viking studs Mike Stefkovich and Jeremy Kayhart rewarding their home crowd for sticking with them by giving them a victory. PICK: Vernon 30-21

Whippany Park (6-1) @ Caldwell (6-1)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Ladies and Gentleman I give you your Game of the Week. Two teams with identical records, Caldwell is on a three-game win streak, Whippany Park had a six-game win streak snapped two weeks ago, this is really going to be a great game. Looking at their body of work and who these teams have beaten, the differentiator is Caldwell absolutely handled Mountain Lakes beating them 41-7. As for Whippany Park, they lost to the Herd in OT. I have to go with the Chiefs who were able to get it done against those guys in regulation and dominated them. PICK Caldwell 28-14
Brian Daniel: Caldwell is no joke. And at home they are pretty scary. While Michael Roma and Nick Foglia do their best to limit Caldwell’s offense while recording over 20 combined tackles, Caldwell is too much for them all. PICK: Caldwell 42-29
George Muha: Umm, well I’ll say this. If Whippany Park beats Caldwell tonight, they will officially be the baddest mothers in all of Morris-Sussex. They’ll be so big and bad they’d able to get a tattoo of Harry Potter on their arm and no one will be able to say anything. I think they have it in them. I’m putting my money on Caldwell but I am hoping I eat this prediction in the form of a victory bus pic somewhere around 9:40pm. PICK: Caldwell 33-30

Lenape Valley (5-2) @ Lakeland (6-1)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Not having to make the trip all the way to Stanhope is big for Lakeland. They’ve won two in a row and I think they make it three against Coach Smolyn and the Patriots. PICK: Lakeland 17-14
Brian Daniel: Troy DuPont is having a great year for the Valley. But Lakeland Bank continues to play lights out. It’s going to be a heck of matchup in Lakeland Bank Stadium this Saturday. While DuPont is going to score three times in this one they will fall short in the final seconds. PICK: The Bank 28-24
George Muha: While I agree what Lakeland is doing is very impressive, are we forgetting who they are playing? This LV group was playing at MetLife Stadium 11 months ago. To me, this game will be won in the trenches and no way big men Will Ernst, Rocco Bonovolonta and Gabe Jimenez are going to let some bank tellers push them around. PICK: Pats 40-35

Saturday Afternoon Nightmares

Sussex Tech (2-5) @ Manville (5-1)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Manville is a team that not many know about but believe it or not during my MSG Varsity days I covered these guys a couple of times and they play tough. Strap ’em up Tech, the Manville Mustangs hit hard. PICK: Manville 28-7
Brian Daniel: Manville is home to the Jersey Devil is it not? Honestly I don’t know where that thing is from, but either way I heard it has season tickets to Manville’s games. And he gets pretty mad when they lose. Luckily, he will be happy on Saturday, so maybe he will only eat a few less wayward travelers Saturday night. PICK: Manville 27-6
George Muha: How about Sussex Tech defender Austin “Deion” Durham picking up two INTs last week! He and Bo “Jackson” Maroney has big defensive games between them. They’ll need to have a similar day in this one to keep up with Manville’s momentum. This is a game that I am hoping I’m wrong about. PICK: Manville 23-20

Boonton (3-4) @ Verona (3-4)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: This Verona team has seemed to come to life in the last couple of weeks after a disastrous start. Look for them to continue their winning trend. Hillbillies: 21-17
Brian Daniel: Do any of you remember that song “My Sharona” by the Knack? It is so bad it is scary. Why do I bring it up? Well, it rhymes with Verona. There is no other reason. I think Boonton will overcome their fear of this song and traveling to Verona (who is very tough at home) and they will pull out a victory. Look for Trey Cabalar to have a Pick-6 in this one. PICK: Boots 20-14
George Muha: This will be a monster win for Boonton if they can pull it off. I see Bomber rusher Jason “Voorhees” Earle and Corey “Gory” Dempster to combine for around 165-yards. However, I think Verona will be too much. PICK: Verona 30-21

Delbarton (1-6) @ Mater Dei (5-0)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: While Mater Dei is 5-0, none of their wins really impress. The Green Wave dominated in their win over Hudson Catholic last week and I am expecting them to get win number two. PICK: Delby 28-14
Brian Daniel: Delby finally won one which is the good news. Bad news is they are playing a powerhouse on the road this week. Unlike the myriad of sequels for the “Saw” movie series, there will not be sequel for a win in store for the Green Wave this week. PICK: MD 44-28
George Muha: I’ve been waiting for my victory bus pic from Delby all season long and I have a feeling they’ll be all smiles as they make the perfect Mater Dei’s imperfect. Look for Trey Zgombic to go zombie for three-scores in a convincing win. PICK: Delby 34-19


East Orange (3-3) @ Morristown (2-5)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: The Jags have faltered in the second half of the season, losing three straight. Look for them to bounce back against the Colonials. PICK: EO 21-10
Brian Daniel: While Morristown is always a gamer at home, I think East Orange will cast a spell on their offense and win a defensive battle with the ghost of George Washington watching. PICK: East Orange 13-6
George Muha:  Just so you know Motown’s schedule is insane.  I am totally proud of this guys and I think they deliver a hometown win for the Colonial Faithful.  Look for Jam’hil “The Thrill” King to run at least one kickoff back to the house.  PICK:  Motown 35-28

Morristown-Beard (3-3) @ M.K.A. (1-6)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: The Beards get over the .500 mark with a win over MKA. PICK: MB 17-10
Brian Daniel: While Tahj Valentine didn’t find the endzone last week he will find it several times (3 or 4) this week for the Beard. Rumor has it MKA has a clown as a mascot, which typically scares pretty much everyone, including the home crowd. Good thing Mr. Valentine is not scared of clowns. PICK: The Beard 35-20
George Muha: MoBeard has no choice but to win this weekend. Luckily they have two games worth of Power Points left go to but they must win out for a chance to get invited to the postseason dance. They key will be defense and I see Russo, Burke and company stepping up in an effort to control their own destiny. PICK: Beards 44-38

Mountain Lakes (5-2) @ West Side (5-2)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: The Herd had a game to forget last week in their 41-7 loss to Caldwell. West Side is a tough draw for Lakes but expect them to be up for the challenge. PICK ML 28-21
Brian Daniel: The Lakes got roughed up last week, but they are looking to bounce back big-time against a decent West Side team on the road. Look for the Lakes’ Tommy Wysiskala to record 3 sacks and cause at least one turnover in this one. PICK: Lakes 20-13
George Muha: Mountain Lakes may have been on their heels last week against Caldwell but they’ll rebound this week as they head to the city. Look for receiver Jake “From State Farm” Schicke and runningback Frank “Just Hand Me the Darn Ball” Patracuolla to combine for 150-yards from scrimmage and three TDs. PICK: Herd 34-29

Newton (7-0) @ Wallkill Valley (2-5)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Newton is a team possessed. They are completely running the table and just dominating in all three phases of the game. I am calling it here and now, the Braves will finish the regular season undefeated and be every teams worse nightmare heading into the playoffs .PICK: Newton 42-7
Brian Daniel: Newton is having a fantastic season and they are not spooked by anyone, except maybe the Valley in their stadium aptly named “Death Valley” (at least that is what I think it’s called). Luke Young “Frankenstein” will throw for 200-yards and 2 scores in the win. PICK: Newts 34-15
George Muha: I am opening up a breakfast nook next year and will be hiring Newton lineman Justen Samiljan as the cook because this guy delivers insane pancakes. Watch Newton’s film and just key on this guy. He decleats guys like it’s his job…and it is. As gutsy as Wallkill has been playing as of late, I think they’ll have a tough afternoon dealing with this monster. PICK: Newtonians 34-23

Nutley (4-3) @ Parsippany Hills (6-1)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: I think we all know who my squad is this year. NO! Not Roxbury, c’mon. It’s Nicky V and the Vikings! Nutley is no pushover so the guys need to show up and take care of business at home. PICK: Par Hills 28-14
Brian Daniel: Parsippany Hills will ride Nick “Very Scary” Verducci to the promised land in this one against a decent Nutley team. He will throw three TDs in this one, two to his bud Dennis Wilson. PICK: Hills 39-20
George Muha: For whatever reason when people talk about the legendary Morris-Sussex coaches, coach Dave “Captain Lou” Albano rarely is top of mind for people. However, over the last 10-years no coach in Morris-Sussex (or frankly the state probably) has made it to the state finals or semi-finals more than he has. Oh well, keep treating him like he’s anonymous because it seems to be working for him. PICK: Vikes 41-19

Morris Catholic (3-4) @ Newark Collegiate (4-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: After Newark Collegiate’s 44-0 win over Kearny last week, they have momentum on their side. PICK: Newark Colligate 30-10
Brian Daniel: I heard there is a creepy clown who lives under the bleachers in the Newark Collegiate’s home field. So the MC fans might have a hard time dealing with that. As for the players? They’ll be fine. Look for the Crusaders Darrell Sellers to score two rushing TDs while defensive ball hawk Jimmy Blind finally returns one of his INTs for a Pick-6. PICK: MC 28-21
George Muha: MoCath is playing for their playoff lives.  Luckily playing a college team delivers a handsome amount of Power Points.  I see receiver Damon “Damien” Lattuga making some big first downs and sack-master Joey “The Riot Starter” Riotto taking down the QB three times in a game that makes MC 4-4. PICK: Crusaders 30-23

How We Did Last Week

Dan 21-5 (80.76%)
Brian 17-9 (65.38%)
George 17-9 (65.38%)

How We’re Doing So Far

Dan 128-40 (76.19%)
Brian 114-54 (67.85%)
George 125-43 (74.40%)

About the Predictors

Dan Exter spent eight years as a producer for MSG Varsity and is the founder and director of Layups 4 Life, a non-for-profit that uses a wildly popular 3-on-3 basketball tournament to raise money for cancer research.

Dan Exter is a Roxbury HS alumni that spent eight years as a producer for MSG Varsity and is the founder and director of Layups 4 Life, a non-for-profit that uses a wildly popular 3-on-3 basketball tournament to raise money for cancer research. Have an opinion about Dan’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handles: @d_exter15 and @Layups4Life

Brian Kenney

Brian Daniel is a Hanover Park alumni who really has nothing to do with high school sports. But he’s George Muha’s oldest friend and frequent crasher of his couch so George feels obligated to give him something to do. Have an opinion about Brian’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle: @bdk29

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for nine years. George is the founder of MSS and is also on the board of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation.

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for ten years. George is the founder of MSS and proud board member of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation. Have an opinion about George’s picks? Tell him what you think via his twitter handle: @UnrulyFan

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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