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Every week Morris Sussex Sports, along with co-sponsors Football University and Parisi Speed School of Morristown & Sparta, identify one player out of the 37 teams we cover as our Player of the Week. We look beyond just stats. Our goal is to honor the best individual performance and how that effort was able to lift his team beyond its perceived boundaries. If you play varsity football in Morris Sussex next week just could quite possibly be your turn to be the FBU Player of the Week Powered by Parisi Speed School.

The 2017 season continues to reveal some amazing athletes as Morris-Sussex’s football players outdo each other week-in and week-out. Week 6 was no different as Morris Hills’ Angelo Macera busted out for 230-yards and two touchdowns rushing, 5 tackles and an interception on defense in Morris Hills’ 40-15 win over West Milford. Morris Knolls’ runningback Derek Ferguson was stellar as he powered for 170-yards and three touchdowns rushing in the Golden Eagles’ 41-20 win over West Morris. Pequannock’s Sean Klimek averaged 14-yards per carry as he ran for 268-yards and two touchdowns in the Golden Panthers 46-26 defeat over Hanover Park. And Sparta QB Anthony Broccoletti was his spectacular self as he passed for 264-yards and three touchdowns in the Spartan’s 34-17 win over Roxbury.

But the player who impacted his team the most was High Point’s Chad Musilli. Musilli was absolutely dominant in the Wildcats’ 47-12 win over Kittatinny by rushing for 136-yards and five touchdowns on offense. Defensively he seemed to know what the Cougars plays were as he had 12 solo tackles and was in on countless others. Musilli’s on-the-field feats earned him the FBU Player of the Week Powered by Parisi Speed School for Week 6. We caught up with the High Point stud to talk about this game, who his role model is and what player on his team does the best impression of Coach Delaney.

Morris Sussex Sports: Did making it to the semi-finals last year give you a lot of momentum coming into this season?
Chad Musilli: Making it to the semi-finals last year gave us a lot of momentum coming into this season. It was only the third time in our school’s history that the team made it to the playoffs, and this year we want to be the fourth and make it farther than any of the others before us.

MSS: How does the fact that a lot of your players have multiple years of varsity experience benefit this team?
CM: It is definitely beneficial. A majority of us have been playing varsity for two or three years now so it helps that we are familiar with the setting and understand what it is like to play at the varsity level.

MSS: What’s it like playing for Coach DeLaney?
CM: It is a great opportunity that I will always be grateful for. Coach Delaney has helped each of us grow not only as football players, but more importantly as men, and he has instilled many lessons in us that we will carry for the rest of our lives.

MSS: What current or past NFL coach does he remind you of?
CM: Coach Delaney reminds me of Jimmy Johnson.

MSS: What do you think is the strongest aspect of your team?
CM: I think the strongest aspect of our team is how close we are as a group and how we truly enjoy every time we step on the field together.

MSS: What would surprise people about this group?
CM: One thing that might surprise people about our team is that we are all genuinely best friends, and that helps us a great amount when we play.

MSS: What was your “welcome to varsity football” moment?
CM: My “welcome to varsity football” moment was probably playing Pope John my sophomore year.

MSS: Who was the best player you ever played against during your HS career?
CM: The best player I ever played against during my high school career was Alex Milliken of Sparta.

MSS: Who is your role model?
CM: My role model is my father.

MSS: What current or former NFL player do you think resembles you on the field?
CM: I have a hard time comparing myself to any NFL players. They are on an incredible level that so few people will ever reach.

MSS: Do you have any pregame rituals?
CM: Before each game I eat a big bag of Starburst.

MSS: What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?
CM: In ten years I see myself with a job as a biomedical engineer.

MSS: Who is the hardest working player on the team?
CM: It is very hard to pick one player, which is a great thing. As a whole, we have a very hard working group with a great work ethic.

MSS: Who is the funniest?
CM: Brandon LaBar is the funniest player on our team. He can imitate just about every animal noise that you could think of.

MSS: Who’s finishing 1-2-3 in the forty?
CM: Jake Philip, Gavin Hunsicker, Me

MSS: Who on your team would last the longest in a survival situation if they were lost in the forest?
CM: Brandon LaBar. He is experienced with hunting and other outdoor activities.

MSS: Who would last the shortest amount of time?
CM: Definitely Gavin Hunsicker.

MSS: Who is the biggest nerd?
CM: Me by far.

MSS: Who would finish 1st in a hot dog eating contest?
CM: Brandon LaBar or Oak DiStefano. Brandon is much bigger than Oak but Oak can eat a ridiculous amount.

MSS: Who has the best dance moves?
CM: Ryan McCarrick. He would dance every day during camp over the summer while we had a break for lunch.

MSS: Who would you want to face the least in a live tacking drill?
CM: I would least want to face Storm Goralcyk in a live tackling drill. He is fearless.

MSS: Who does the best impression of Coach DeLaney?
CM: Storm Goralcyk, Gavin Hunsicker, or me.

MSS: What was the funniest thing that ever happened in practice or in a game?
CM: The funniest thing that ever happened in a game was when Eric Frei, our center, scored a touchdown against Montville. In the last play of the first half, I tried to reach the ball over the goal line but I lost it, and Eric recovered it in the endzone.

MSS: This season will be a resounding success if…
CM: …we get better and better each week and continue to play with great execution and emotion.

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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