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Every week Dan, Brian and George slug it out to predict the most football games correctly. Morris Sussex Sports has incentivized these three knuckleheads with a $200 pot to who ever picks the most correct games at the end of the season. Keep up with their progress every Thursday nights or Friday mornings when the 2017 Game Day Eateries Weekly Predictions come out. Looking for a place to eat on Game Days? Please dine at one of our Game Day Eateries!

Friday Night Lights

Shabazz (4-0) @ Boonton (1-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: The Shabazz offense has put up 21+ points in each of their four victories so far this season. Look for that offensive dominance of the Bulldogs to continue as they hit the road and take on Boonton. Can’t ignore the Bulldog defense either, they’ve pitched a shutout in their last two games too. PICK: Shabazz: 35-0
Brian Daniel: Rough matchup for Das Boots, after losing a barn burner last week. They will put up a good fight but it’s Shabazz in this one. Vincenczo Ventricelli will find the endzone for the Boots at least once this week. PICK: Shabazz 34-17
George Muha: Shabazz should be in for a show as Boonton sophomore sensation RB Cory Dempster continues to bring his tough, John Riggin-esk style of running to Bomber Nation. Oh, Shabazz may win the game but don’t think Coach Gallagher and his Bomb squad make them work for it. PICK: Shabazz 33-29

Morris Catholic (2-3) @ Butler (1-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: The Crusaders have a two-game winning streak on the line as ride the bus over to Butler. The Bulldogs have had a couple of tough outings in their last few games but I’m looking for them to rebound at home. PICK: Butler 21-14
Brian Daniel: MC’s Derrell Sellers had himself a day last week, and his O-Line is looking to pave the way for another 150 yards this week. Look for MC’s Joe Riotto to record another 2 sacks in this one as well. PICK: MC 21-14
George Muha: Butler would scare me if I had to coach against them. This is a good team that is fighting injuries. If this team catches a tiny bit of momentum, I believe they can win out. However, I predict that might have to wait a week because Morris Catholic defenders Kuomar “& Harold” Fitzgerald, Anthony “Forged in Fire” Forgione and Matt “I’m hungry for a” Luttenberger are going to combine for 18 tackles, 3 sacks and an INT. PICK: Crusaders 30-20

Chatham (1-3) @ West Essex (3-1)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Junior quarterback Zach Lemanski had a monster game for West Essex in the Knights’ 31-14 win over Caldwell. Look for him to lead the way for his squad against the Cougars. PICK: West Essex 28-7
Brian Daniel: Chatham is getting there with a nice win last week but will have their hands full with West Essex. Luke Agnew will have over a dozen tackles but WE has it in hand by the third quarter. PICK: WE 39-20
George Muha: How about Chatham senior freakshow Max Schelling last week, aye? This guy did everything from returning kicks, to making every tackle and to scoring TDs left and right! Getting that first win can do a lot for a team and I hope it gives the Cougars the momentum they need. I am going with Wessex but I hope Mr Schelling and company make me eat this prediction and send me a victory bus pic Friday night. PICK: Wessex 33-20

Dover (0-4) @ Newark Central (0-4)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: These games are always tough to decide. Both teams are struggling to put points on the board so which offense can break loose and get points on the board? In games like this, I go with the home team. PICK: Newark Central 14-7
Brian Daniel: I’m really pulling for the Tigers this week but it’s going to be rough on the road. Masyn Sanchez will find the endzone twice though and Dover wins it in the final minutes. PICK: Dover 17-13
George Muha: How about senior Masyn “The Sanchize” Sanchez busting out for nearly 150-yards and two touchdowns in his first game back from injury! The Tigers need to start winning right now if they want any hopes of making it to the postseason. I say the Tigers get their rally caps on and start their four game winning streak starting with this game. PICK: Dover 29-23

Mount Olive (3-1) @ Hackettstown (3-1)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: The Tiger offense was on fire leading into last week’s match-up against Lakeland but got put into check after a tough 21-7 loss. Mt. Olive had a tough match-up against a Top 5 team in the county, in West Morris. The Hackettstown crowd will be in full force, making it a hostile environment for the visiting Marauders. Look for the H-Town offense to get back on track against MO. PICK: H-Town 38-35
Brian Daniel: Wow this is going to be a heck of a game. H-Town’s Matty Castro will run for two scores but I think Mount Olive pulls it out in the end. Look for Essex Deberry to record 10 tackles and 2 sacks in this one on defense for Mt. Olive. PICK: Mt. Olive 35-34
George Muha: Mount Olive is going to look to avenge last week’s loss to West Morris. But don’t think H-Town is just going to let them walk all over them. Hackettstown Christian “The Maniac” Maciak can ground-and-pound while kicker Eddie O’Melia is money from inside the 35-yard line. Mount Olive will get the win but they will work for it. PICK: 26-24

Hanover Park (3-1) @ Mahwah (2-2)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Mahwah is one of the best small school public programs in Bergen County. Year in and year out, the Thunderbirds will come out and smack you in the mouth. This will be a great test for Hanover Park. Are they contenders or pretenders? Mahwah will test their grit but I think Hanover Park passes the test. PICK: HP 21-17
Brian Daniel: Well Scaff to Gryzmala worked out well last week for the Hornets to the tune of three touchdowns. How about the former soccer kid (Ryan “Grizz” Gryzmala) making 3 out of 4 extra points as well, along with 9 tackles and 2 sacks? He sure as heck had a day. Mahwah will not be a pushover, especially at home, but I think the Hornets’ offense and defense will be firing on all cylinders in this one. Look for Anthony Salvemini to record almost 20 tackles and for Matt Tuli to pick off a pass for the second week in a row. PICK: HP 35-17
George Muha: How about Hanover Park’s Ryan Gryzmala climbing the Fantasy rankings as a receiver? QB Scaff can throw to him or his 6-3 target Michal Radomski. Or if his arm gets tired from throwing too many touchdowns, he can just hand it off to Sean Conley who rushes for 6-yards a carry. Good luck Mahwah! PICK: HP 34-24

Morris Hills (3-1) @ High Point (3-1)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Is there a spot for me on the Morris Hills bus? I know, tough loss to Sparta last week but other than that one blemish in their record, the Scarlet Knights have put 27, 31 and 59 points on the board! Nick Carlotti, Sam Velerio, and Kyler Hatke lead the way for Mo Hills and I expect them to bounce back against High Point. PICK: Mo Hills 28-20
Brian Daniel: This could be the game of the week. Hills is coming off a brutal loss to Sparta, and High Point just dominated Montville. What does that mean? Nothing, because last week doesn’t matter. I’m not sure if there is a way to stop Chad Musilli from High Point, you can only slow him down. And Jake “Wilson” Phillip is no chump either. They will run for 300 combined yards for the Point. Hills will fight to the end and Omar Acevedo and Devin Caruso will have almost 30 combined tackles when it is over but I think the Point prevails at home. PICK: HP 28-27
George Muha: This is a very hard game to predict. Both teams run the ball exceptionally well. Both are excellent at the fundamentals (blocking, tackling, etc). But I believe the X-Factor will be MoHills defender Rey Almodovar who has recently come off IR and is itching to make up for lost time. PICK: MoHills 28-21

Hopatcong (0-4) @ Kittatinny (2-2)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Lose, Win, Lose, Win, Kittatinny needs to make up their mind! I know, easier said than done right? Look for the Cougars to string together a second consecutive win as they play host to Da ‘Cong. PICK: Kittatinny, 21-7
Brian Daniel: The ‘Cong battles all game in this one but in the end Zach Mafaro hits the edge and scores on a long run to win it for the Kits. PICK: Kit 21-17
George Muha: If I were a Hopatcong defender I’d be pleading with Coach Moscella if I could just play offense only in this game. My motive would be so I don’t have to try to tackle Kittatinny’s junior freak runningback Zach Mafaro. But DaCong’s players are tough and I am not so I don’t think they’ll be having that conversation with Moschella. But as far as Mafaro goes, this guy seems to get bigger, faster and better every single week. I just don’t know how anyone stops or slows this guy down. PICK: Kittatinny 30-14

Jefferson (3-1) @ Parsippany Hills (4-0)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: If you do not know the name, Nick Verducci by now, you live under a rock. This kid, in my opinion is an all caliber county quarterback and maybe even all of North Jersey. Last game he went 8-18 for 174 yards and a score… in the air. On the ground? It gets better, 23 rushes for 139 yards and 4, yes 4 touchdowns! Jefferson, you can’t stop Nick Verducci, you can only hope to contain him. PICK: Par Hills 35-14
Brian Daniel: Wow, this is going to be a great game!!! Par Hills is like the Kansas City Chiefs of their division. They find a way to win. J-Town coming off a nice win themselves and are no pushover. Par Hills EJ Comerford and David Giraldo will combine for 20 tackles and a few sacks in this one. Look for Jake Carnevale to have over a dozen tackles for Jefferson in a close one. PICK: The Hills 35-28
George Muha: If Jefferson wants to get on the map, beating Par Hills on their home turf will do the trick. Not saying the Falcon’s are anonymous by any means because they are not. But the Vikings are so physical and tough, I just can’t envision anyone slowing them down right now. Look for Par Hill’s defender Brandon “Ross” Perot to pick up four tackles and 2 sacks in the win. PICK: Vikings 35-28

Pequannock (4-0) @ Kinnelon (1-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Pequannock made me eat my prediction last week. Ok Panthers, I have learned my lesson, my apologies. Great win against Madison, you are officially on my radar. PICK: Pequannock 42-7
Brian Daniel: Sean Klimek and the Quan’s offensive line don’t take a day off. Rumor is they work on Sundays before the NFL games start. All that work pays off again as they remain undefeated. PICK: da ‘Quon 42-17
George Muha: Pequannock runningback Sean “Ball Hog” Klimek is killing my fantasy team. My top receiver is the Golden Panther’s stud wideout Matt Gallo and my tight end is Quan’s jumior Matt Spatucci. These two are literally among the top receivers in all of Morris-Sussex. But no, every time there is a huddle Klimek tells QB Jachera, “Just give me the ball!” Thank you for ruining my fantasy season Klimek, I really appreciate it! PICK: Quan 29-18

North Warren (2-2) @ Lenape Valley (3-1)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: The Patriots rang the bell last week with a great win over Mountain Lakes. Look for Smolyn’s crew to use that game as a launching pad to MetLife. PICK: LV 17-10
Brian Daniel: North Warren won a hard fought game last week over Boonton and they will put up another fight this week in the Valley but they will fall just short. Troy DuPont gets it done with the help of the Valley’s O-line, rushing for a buck sixty and two scores in the win. PICK: Valley 27-20
George Muha: You can’t not root for North Warren. They are bringing this feisty, never quit attitude that everybody loves. I don’t think they’ll stop Lenape Valley runningbacks Cole Robertson and Troy DuPont but I also don’t think they’ll get steamrolled by any means. PICK: LV 35-30

Mendham (0-4) @ Vernon (0-4)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Vernon wants to forget about their last two loses to Sparta and Newton so hopefully they can put those games in their rear view mirror. Look for the Vikings to get their first W of the season. PICK Vernon 16-6
Brian Daniel: I wish both of these teams could walk away with a W here but at least somebody will. Vernon’s Zach “Bingo” Biango will score twice in this one. PICK: Vernon 19-17
George Muha: Everyone just needs to chillax about Mendham this year. This team has been fighting the injury bug since the summer and has not had all of their starters on the field once this season so far. I guarantee they finish much stronger than they started once guys start getting healthier. In the meantime, they may have to take another lump as Vernon rusher Zach Biango “Is His Namo” picks up a hundy on the ground and two touchdowns in the win for the Vikes. PICK: Vernon 34-19

Montville (1-3) @ Caldwell (3-1)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Look for the Chiefs to bounce back after a tough loss to rival West Essex. PICK: Caldwell 17-7
Brian Daniel: The ‘Stangs Mike “Get to Work” Burke scores twice in this one but Caldwell is too tough. PICK: Caldwell 31-17
George Muha: My prediction percentage is 80% right now so I am not picking with my heart at all. Montville continues to work hard and they’ve been showing a ton of heart on O and D. Considering the Mustangs have faced much tougher teams than Caldwell has, I am doubling down on Mike Burke and the Green Monsters! PICK: Stangs 21-14

Morris Knolls (2-2) @ Roxbury (2-2)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: The Gaels are the best 2-2 team in Morris-Sussex. Their two loses have been to top notch teams in Parsippany Hills and Wayne Hills. Roxbury head coach Cosmo Lorusso does that on purpose so he can get his guys battle tested for games like this. PICK: Roxbury 21-14
Brian Daniel: Roxbury’s Michael Christiansen will catch a TD pass and cause at least one fumble in this one and these two teams battle under the lights. ‘Bury’s momentum from last week will carry the day. PICK: da ‘Bury 21-20
George Muha: Morris Knoll’s has been healing up from some early season injuries and I think it is all going to come together for them. Look for Nathanial “Thurston” Howell III to say “please pass the Grey Poupon” which is the snob phrase for, “Just give me the darn ball!” PICK: Golden Eagles 45-29

Morristown (1-3) @ West Orange (2-2)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Jhamil King ran wild in the Colonials 49-7 win over Columbia. I think Mo-town knows who to give the ball to…give it to The King! PICK: Mo-town 28-17
Brian Daniel: Morristown played great last week and Jha’mil King will have another great day this week (over 100 yards with two scores) but West Orange is better than 2-2 and will show that on Friday. Look for Coach Matsakis to throw a few surprises into West Orange’s game plan as they roll at home. PICK: West Orange 34-15
George Muha: I’m sorry, if you haven’t jumped on the Motown bandwagon I suggest you do so now before it’s too late. These guys could very well be 4-0 right now and guys like King, Chilson and Buchner are tough guys who just want to win. I know everyone in the state is picking WO in this one. But are you going to listen to them or the guy who has a 80% prediction percentage so far? PICK: Colonials 35-33

Lakeland (4-0) @ Newton (4-0)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I won’t get fooled twice. PICK: Newton 35-28
Brian Daniel: No question this is the Game of the Week. The battle of the undefeated teams will live up to all the hoopla and will go down to the final few seconds. Look for Newton’s Noah Sharp to pick a ball off deep in Newton territory to seal the W in this one. PICK: Newton 18-14
George Muha: Just so everyone knows, Newton is good this year. I mean exceptionally good. Like, they can win out good. I know Lakeland is 4-0. They are going to be 4-1 after this game. Just trust me about Newton okay? PICK: 43-21

Randolph (2-2) @ West Morris (3-1)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: It was an impressive showing by the Wolfpack defense as they shut down a high octane offense in Mt. Olive, only allowing the Marauders to put up 7-points in their 21-7 victory last week. Look for the West Morris defense to do the same and get the Rams out of this game early. PICK: West Morris 28-7
Brian Daniel: West Morris showed they are the real deal in beating a very good Mt. Olive team last week. They will continue the win streak this week over the Rams as well. Look for WMC’s Tom Pellegrino to record 2 sacks and force a fumble in this one. PICK: WMC 35-30
George Muha: You are welcome West Morris for basically winning last week’s upset victory over Mount Olive for you. By the amount of texts and DM’s I got for picking you to lose 32-0, I know for a fact I fired you up big time for that one. Well, you are going to have to motivate yourselves in this one because I’m picking you to win. But I do think Randolph’s beast of a defensive tackle Chandler “Big Daddy” Boykins is going to give you heck for four quarters (pardon my French). PICK: West Morris 32-29

Sparta (4-0) @ West Milford (1-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: The Sparta show hits the road. Same show, same ending. PICK: Sparta 35-0
Brian Daniel: It’s going to be a long night in West Milford unfortunately for them. Sparta’s Anthony Broccoletti threw the ball 31 times last week for 250 yards and 1 TD. This week, he will throw less but it’s all about quality, not quantity, as in he will throw for 3 TDs in this one. PICK: Sparta 45-13
George Muha: I am sure West Milford knows they are heading into a buzz saw this weekend. Their only hope is that it will end quickly. Mike Candeloro picks up his second Pick-6 in as many weeks as Ben Davis picks up three sacks as Sparta stays undefeated. PICK: Spartans 42-12

Saturday Afternoon Delights

Seton Hall Prep (0-4) @ Delbarton (0-4)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Strange to see both these teams winless. Unfortunately it is the downside of playing in such a tough non-public conference. Anyways, look for Coach Bowers to have his guys ready come Saturday. This is a must win for both teams but give the leg up to the Green Wave. PICK: Delby 17-10
Brian Daniel: I’m surprised the Green Wave has not won this year, but it’s about time. Look for Anthony Siragusa to score a TD either on offense or defense. He’s going to have himself a game. PICK: Delby 20-16
George Muha: Don’t be fooled by Delby’s 0-4 record. This team is still one of the best in Morris-Sussex and guys Unger, Siragusa and Zgombic will remind their hometown fans of that fact this Saturday afternoon. PICK: Delby 35-30

Mountain Lakes (3-1) @ Madison (2-2)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Both teams coming off tough loses last week. Mountain Lakes’ loss was a little more on the sour side, losing in OT. The Dodgers got a wake up call in their lost to Pequannock and while they play at home, I am giving the Herd, the leg up. PICK: ML 21-17
Brian Daniel: I have been going back and forth on this one for a while. I like Madison at home, but the Herd is playing great football this year. Both of these teams got beaten last week and are looking to rebound. The Lakes’ Matt “Barks” Barkauskas will score at least once in this one. PICK: Lakes 27-24
George Muha: Madison coach Chris Kubik and Mt Lakes coach Darrell Fusco have to be two of the best chess-playing football coaches in Morris-Sussex. Both have won state titles with 145-pound halfbacks and 175-pound linemen. This is going to be a football purist’s joy to watch. However, I see Herd 215-pound athletic d-linemen Tommy Wyciskala being too much for the Dodgers to handle. PICK: Herd 28-21

Morristown-Beard (2-1) @ Riverdale Country NY (3-0)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: The Beards take the trip to New York where they hopefully have a short memory from the outcome of their 22-6 loss last week. This is a tough one to pick. On the road against an undefeated team, at home. Unfortunately, I think Mo-Beard goes streaking in the wrong direction. PICK: Riverdale Country 14-10
Brian Daniel: The Beard has a tough opponent on the road this week. Declan Kelly throws for two scores in this one when Riverdale cracks down the on the running game but I’m going with the team from NY. PICK: Riverdale 24-21
George Muha: Defense wins championships and I don’t know how Riverdale Country Day School plans on dealing with the Beard’s Ryan Russo hovering around the secondary and LB George Burke living being their line of scrimmage. PICK: Beards 30-14

Parsippany (0-4) @ Lincoln (1-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Parsippany is falling on some hard times. As for Lincoln, they’re coming off a win against rival Hoboken so look for them to build off of that. PICK: Lincoln 21-14
Brian Daniel: This is a tough one to call. Parsippany is better than their record. Parsippany’s Nick Santangelo will account for at least two scores in this one. But Lincoln is at home at looking to impress the home-town crowd so I’m going to have to go with the home team in this one. PICK: Lincoln 20-19
George Muha: Parsippany is going to sting someone soon and it might be in this game. Lincoln can count on getting a mouth full of Red Birds. I am picking Lincoln but I am hoping Krevis and company make me eat this prediction and send me a victory bus pic on Saturday afternoon. PICK: Lincoln 28-26

Paramus Catholic (2-3) @ Pope John (4-0)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: This is where things get really difficult for the Lions. As I have previously said, Pope John needed to be 4-0 going into the next few weeks as it is a whose who of NJ high school football power houses. Look for the Paladins to play the role of spoiler in Sparta and hand the Lions the first loss of the season. PICK: Paramus Catholic 28-7
Brian Daniel: Paramus Catholic is no joke, don’t let their record fool you. Pope John is going to have their hands full this week, even at home. I’m only picking PJ this week for all my buddies that went there. Berrell Neal will score twice this week (which is 2 less than last week’s 4 TDs) and Louis “Tony” Montana will record at least two sacks and ten tackles for the Johnnies. PICK: PJ 30-27
George Muha: Defense and special teams will be what separates PJ apart from PC. Lion’s defender Louis “Tony” Montana and Gio “The Italian Stallion” Tricarico will combine for 5 sacks, a fumble recovery and an INT as the sure footed Vinnie Antoniello drills two FGs from beyond the 30 to keep the Johnnies undefeated. PICK: Johnnies 30-21

Wallkill Valley (0-4) @ Sussex Tech (1-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: I need a little more fighting mustangs in my life. Let get that win streak to two, Tech! PICK: Sussex Tech 19-17
Brian Daniel: Sussex Tech is going to keep their win streak going this week. The Valley has other ideas though, as they are working extra hard in practice all week to pick up their first W of the season. It’s going to be a battle, but I think ST’s Brandon Hall and his 30 plus carries and two scores will get the job done for the Techies this week. PICK: ST 21-12
George Muha: This game will be filled with a ton of emotion on both sides will be playing with their hearts on their sleeves in memory of Tommy Boch.  Tommy was a freshman football player at Sussex Tech last season and a wrestler for Wallkill.  He was a special young man who lost his life in an long board accident in the spring.  The fans are sure to pack both sides of the stadium. I’m doubling down on Wallkill as Mastroianni and Harlos continuing to battle hard with the X-Factor being big bad Brodie McDonald who will pick up two pivotal sacks. PICK: Wallkill Valley Rangers 34-30 (I can’t wait to get my bus pic!)

Whippany Park (4-0) @ Imm. Concept. (1-3)

Dan Exter for Layups 4 Life: Whippany Park can not look ahead of this game as they have Mountain Lakes on the horizon. Take care of business, get a win on the road and head into Mountain Lakes week, 5-0. PICK: WP 28-7
Brian Daniel: The Park keeps rolling. It reminds me of the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. They keep wondering “who are those guys” when they are getting chased. Who are these guys from Whippany Park? They are like a different team than last year. It’s good stuff! Look for Luke Papa to throw for over 100-yards while running for the same. PICK: The Park 37-22
George Muha: When Whippany Park calls time out and the water girls come out, there is one that brings a submarine sandwich for 6-3, 275-pound defensive tackle Anthony Auriemma. This guy is a massive human being that burns 50 calories every time his heart beats so he needs to keep feeding the machine. I don’t know what Immaculate plans to do with that. Luke “I am your” Papa continues his rampage. PICK: ‘Cats 35-20

How We Did Last Week

Dan 16-8 (66.66%)
Brian 17-7 (70.83%)
George 20-4 (83.33%)

How We’re Doing So Far

Dan 72-23 (75.78%)
Brian 68-27 (71.57%)
George 76-19 (80.00%)

About the Predictors

Dan Exter spent eight years as a producer for MSG Varsity and is the founder and director of Layups 4 Life, a non-for-profit that uses a wildly popular 3-on-3 basketball tournament to raise money for cancer research.

Dan Exter is a Roxbury HS alumni that spent eight years as a producer for MSG Varsity and is the founder and director of Layups 4 Life, a non-for-profit that uses a wildly popular 3-on-3 basketball tournament to raise money for cancer research. Have an opinion about Dan’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handles: @d_exter15 and @Layups4Life

Brian Kenney

Brian Daniel is a Hanover Park alumni who really has nothing to do with high school sports. But he’s George Muha’s oldest friend and frequent crasher of his couch so George feels obligated to give him something to do. Have an opinion about Brian’s picks? Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle: @bdk29

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for nine years. George is the founder of MSS and is also on the board of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation.

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for ten years. George is the founder of MSS and proud board member of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation. Have an opinion about George’s picks? Tell him what you think via his twitter handle: @UnrulyFan

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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