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The 2017 Morris Sussex Sports Preseason Football Previews are made possible by Parisi Speed School of Morristown and Sparta. Parisi provides sports performance training for all sports to help athletes be the best they can possibly be. Click the banner below to learn how you can enhance your game.

The Coach

To get access to all of the photos from our West Morris camp visit click HERE.

Name: Kevin Hennelly
Skinny: If you ever talk to Coach Hennelly before any season you’d think he is scotch-taping together a football team with a bunch of former girls field hockey players and kids who got cut from the marching band. Every year he tells me he doesn’t have anyone who can run the ball and all his linemen are out of shape and can’t block. But trust me, you don’t have five rings to your name and former players up and down the NCAA and NFL ranks because you don’t know exactly what you are doing (including being sly like a fox with the media – or like a wolf in this case). For those of you that aren’t aware, football is a way of life in Long Valley. While most 3rd and 4rd graders in Morris-Sussex towns are idolizing Cam Newton and Russell Wilson, Long Valley’s youth football players have the WMC logo taped to their walls as they dream about one day playing for the Gray Wolf.
2016 Record: 9-2

The Players

To get access to all of the photos from our West Morris camp visit click HERE.

Franchise Player: The franchise player of this team is senior RB/DB Bryce Sokolowski (5-8, 165). Sokolowski is a one of those scrappy, tough players West Morris Central seems to breed every year. Last season he had flashes of greatness, despite being hampered by a slew of nagging injuries. He’s a guy fantasy owners should definitely be vying to get on their teams.
Hottest Selling Jersey: Senior WR/CB Dean Jinks (5-9, 160) will be a ball hawk on defense and very productive on offense. Jinks’ #5 jersey is already on back order.
All Unruly Watch: Two players that are wrecking balls on both sides of the ball are seniors OL/DE P.J. Wright (6-0, 220) and OL/LB Rourke Colligan (6-0, 220). These two live behind the line of scrimmage and are going to give opposing QBs nightmares.
Under the Radar: Two skill guys that will get a lot of headlines this year will be senior RB/LB Chris Colatriano (5-10, 180) and senior TE/DE Chad Lusardi (6, 200). They both saw the field a lot as juniors but now they’ll be taking on a lot of the load on both sides of the ball.
Benching the Weight Room: I hope people on this schedule are aware of senior DT/OT Tom Pellegrino (5-11, 235). On offense Pellegrino blocks three guys on every play. On defense, he’s incredibly disruptive and will lead the team in sacks and QB hurries.
Throwback:  Junior TE Jake Ligos (6-2, 240) looks like the second coming of Mike Ditka. Ligos runs routes like a receiver and has incredibly soft hands (kid doesn’t drop anything). But when he’s running with the ball in the open field, he runs like a wild bull trying to run everything over in his path.


To get access to all of the photos from our West Morris camp visit click HERE.

Every Hennelly coached team is very physical, taking a pound of flesh out of every opponent they play…and all of their opponents know it. They are like a boxer who hits with the left hook over, and over, and over, and over, and over. It honestly doesn’t matter who is on their schedule, WMC is always going to compete. However, if you are part of Wolfpack Nation, you have to be feeling really good about this team’s personnel. I predict this group can win at least 7-games. From there it gets a little more chanllenging facing a lot of North Jersey’s public powerhouses in their state section. But Coach Hennelly is working on putting rings on his second hand right now so don’t get too scared. There is no reason this group cannot be walking through the tunnels of MetLife Stadium come December.


To get access to all of the photos from our West Morris camp visit click HERE.

09-08 Parsippany Hills West Morris HS
09-15 @ West Essex West Essex HS
09-22 Morristown West Morris HS
09-28 @ Mount Olive Mount Olive HS
10-06 Randolph West Morris HS
10-14 @ Morris Knolls Morris Knolls HS
10-20 Sparta West Morris HS
10-27 Mendham West Morris HS
11-03 @ Roxbury Roxbury HS

Who’s In Their State Section

To get access to all of the photos from our West Morris camp visit click HERE.

Fair Lawn
Morris Hills
Morris Knolls
Mount Olive
Northern Highlands
Old Tappan
Passaic Valley
Warren Hills
Wayne Hills
Wayne Valley
West Morris


To get access to all of the photos from our West Morris camp visit click HERE.

1 Sokolowski, Bryce WMC-Varsity RB·LB Senior
1 Finlay, Kevin WMC-Freshmen QB·DB Fr
2 Colatriano, Christopher WMC-Varsity HB·LB Senior
2 Hart, Logan WMC-Freshmen HB·DB Fr
3 Vazquez, Joseph WMC-Varsity RB·DB Junior
3 Pruss, Andy WMC-Freshmen HB·LB Fr
4 DiPietro, Jack WMC-Varsity HB·DB Sophomore
5 Jinks, Dean WMC-Varsity WR·DB Senior
6 Schilling, Ryan WMC-Varsity HB·DB Sophomore
7 Spano, Joey WMC-Varsity QB·DB Sophomore
8 Rotundo, Joseph WMC-Freshmen FB·LB Fr
9 Lyden, Jack WMC-Varsity QB·DB Junior
10 Chaplin, Jeffrey WMC-Varsity QB·DB Sophomore
10 Ruppel, Matthew WMC-Freshmen QB·DB Fr
11 Engle, Damian WMC-Varsity WR·DE Sophomore
12 Hagler, John WMC-Varsity QB·DB Senior
13 Farkas, William WMC-Freshmen HB·DB Fr
15 Doerr-Fredrickson, Kole WMC-Freshmen TE·DE Fr
18 Williamson, Jehlan WMC-Varsity WR·DB Senior
20 DeFrance, Ricky WMC-Varsity HB·DB Junior
22 Caulfield, Owen WMC-Varsity HB·DB Junior
23 Ward-Panatieri, Mark WMC-Varsity HB·DB Sophomore
23 Pirrello, Michael WMC-Freshmen HB·DB Fr
24 Porrao, Hunter WMC-Varsity WR·DB Senior
24 Bell, Christopher WMC-Freshmen HB·LB Fr
25 Morgan, Drew WMC-Varsity RB·DB Senior
26 Bradshaw, Joel WMC-Varsity RB·DB Junior
26 Doerr-Fredrickson, Luke WMC-Freshmen FB·DE Fr
28 Ruggiero, Anthony WMC-Varsity FB·LB Junior
34 Smith, Adam WMC-Varsity FB·LB Sophomore
35 Foster, Matthew WMC-Varsity FB·LB Senior
35 Connelly, Jack WMC-Freshmen WR·DB Fr
36 McCartney, Will WMC-Varsity FB·DB Junior
36 Menton, Tyler WMC-Freshmen HB·LB Fr
50 Jenkinson, L.B. WMC-Varsity OL·DL Junior
51 DelTufo, Graham WMC-Varsity OL·LB Junior
52 Iorio, Brandon WMC-Varsity OL·DL Senior
53 Miller, Zach WMC-Varsity OL·DL Junior
54 Pellegrino, Thomas WMC-Varsity OL·DL Senior
54 Babinec, Hunter WMC-Freshmen OL·LB Fr
55 Booth, Hunter WMC-Varsity OL·DE Senior
56 Wright, PJ WMC-Varsity OL·DE Senior
57 Blount, Matthew WMC-Varsity OL·DE Junior
58 Gutkin, Eli WMC-Varsity OL·LB Sophomore
58 Montella, Felice WMC-Freshmen OL·DL Fr
59 Colligan, Rourke WMC-Varsity OL·LB Senior
59 Steen, Michael WMC-Freshmen OL·DL Fr
60 Riccordella, Seaver WMC-Varsity OL·DL Senior
61 Montenegro, Jorgemario WMC-Varsity OL·DE Sophomore
62 Stecker-Loughney, Ryan WMC-Varsity OL·DL Sophomore
64 Steffanelli, Gerard WMC-Varsity OL·DL Junior
65 Taxiarchou, John WMC-Varsity OL·DL Sophomore
65 Guzman, Trey WMC-Freshmen OL·DL Fr
66 Hefner, Adrian WMC-Varsity OL·DL Junior
66 Mustacchio, Rocco WMC-Freshmen OL·DL Fr
67 Battaglino, Michael WMC-Varsity OL·LB Sophomore
68 Brown, Andrew WMC-Varsity OL·DL Sophomore
70 Webster, Justin WMC-Varsity OL·DL Junior
71 Dore, Jacob WMC-Varsity OL·DL Sophomore
72 Brennan, Zach WMC-Varsity OL·DE Sophomore
73 Ramos, Kevin WMC-Varsity OL·DL Sophomore
74 Domaratzky, Garrett WMC-Varsity OL·DL Sophomore
75 Colatriano, Jack WMC-Varsity OL·DL Junior
76 Tumminelli, Trey WMC-Varsity OL·LB Sophomore
77 Gross, Austin WMC-Varsity OL·DL Senior
77 O’Shea, Liam WMC-Freshmen OL·DL Fr
78 Marino, Anthony WMC-Freshmen OL·DL Fr
79 Aulisi, Nick WMC-Varsity OL·DL Sophomore
81 Trudell, Michael WMC-Varsity HB·DB Junior
82 Lusardi, Chad WMC-Varsity TE·DE Senior
82 Rizzuto, Peter WMC-Freshmen TE·DB Fr
83 Challa, Kartik WMC-Freshmen OL·DL Fr
84 Zedowski, Craig WMC-Varsity TE·DE Sophomore
84 Blount, Colin WMC-Freshmen WR·DE Fr
85 Weeks, Tyler WMC-Varsity OL·DL Sophomore
86 Ligos, Jake WMC-Varsity TE·DE Junior
88 Hamway, Joseph WMC-Varsity HB·DB Junior

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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