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The 2017 Morris Sussex Sports Preseason Football Previews are made possible by Parisi Speed School of Morristown and Sparta. Parisi provides sports performance training for all sports to help athletes be the best they can possibly be. Click the banner below to learn how you can enhance your game.

The Coach

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Name: Dave Albano
Skinny: Coach Albano has literally built a machine. If you go to a Par Hills game on a Friday night you see babies wearing Viking’s football jerseys. Every boy in Morris Plains and Parsippany grows up wanting to be a Viking football player and every girl grows up wanting to be a Viking cheerleader. And it’s not just so they can run through the inflatable Viking head (although that is cool). Albano is a winner and no coach has been to more state finals and semi-finals than he has over the last 15-years. In just the last six years, he’s been to the state championship game three times and semi-finals twice, including a 2013 state title. Every opposing coach knows when they play an Albano coach team they in for a dog fight.
2016 Record: 7-5

The Players

To get access to all of the photos from our Par Hills camp visit click HERE.

Franchise Player: I don’t think I ever have seen a fire in a player’s eyes like I’ve seen in Nick Verducci’s (5-11, 175). Four years ago Verducci won a state title when he was the starting varsity QB as a freshman. Then, two years later as a junior, he guided his Vikings again to the state finals. So after three seasons and two trips to MetLife and one championship to his name, don’t think for a second that Verducci isn’t going to do everything that is humanly possible to get the baby blue and black back to the show.
Hottest Selling Jersey: A player that will take a lot of pressure off Verducci is senior runningback Wilson Done (5-8, 165). A 1,000 rusher in 2016, Done can score on any play and in a multitude of different ways; receiving, rushing, kick return, etc.
All Unruly Watch: A player that everyone needs to pay attention to is senior WR Kevin Minardi (5-9, 165). After being sidelined in 2016 with a torn ACL, Minardi is back and better than before.
Under the Radar: Par Hills will have to rely on a new crew of linemen and leading the charge of the newbies are Al Huss (6-1, 205) and Padrick Beggs (5-11, 200). Both of these guys look like seasoned vets, which will pay dividends as they navigate this line-heavy schedule.
Benching the Weight Room: If Justin Gurth was wearing a New York Jets uniform you wouldn’t think for a second that you were staring at a high school kid. The 6-4, 285-pound returning lineman has offers pouring in and for good reason.
Throwback: A guy who belongs playing in 1949 with leather helmets is senior LB/OG Vinny Bianchi (5-11, 210). Bianchi plays so hard Coach Albano won’t allow him to do pre-game walk throughs because he is afraid he’s going to hurt someone.


To get access to all of the photos from our Par Hills camp visit click HERE.

I honestly don’t see anything getting in the way of Nick Verducci and the Vikings this season. Don’t get me wrong, their schedule is nuts and their new state section is loaded with playoff regulars. It’s not going to matter. Verducci knows what’s like to win a ring and last year this team came within an arms reach of another one. If there is a team that can will themselves back to MetLife, it’s this one.


To get access to all of the photos from our Par Hills camp visit click HERE.

09-08 @ West Morris West Morris HS
09-15 Chatham Parsippany Hills HS
09-22 @ Roxbury Roxbury HS
09-28 @ Barringer Newark Schools Stadium
10-06 Jefferson Parsippany Hills HS
10-13 West Essex Parsippany Hills HS
10-21 @ Orange Bell Stadium
10-28 Nutley Parsippany Hills HS
11-04 @ Ferris Caven Point

Who’s In Their State Section

To get access to all of the photos from our Par Hills camp visit click HERE.

Cliffside Park
Governor Livingston
Newark West Side
North Plainfield
Palisades Park
Parsippany Hills
Ridgefield Park
West Essex


To get access to all of the photos from our Par Hills camp visit click HERE.

2 Nick Verducci QB DB 12 5’11 175
3 Benjamin Walek WR MLB 12 6’1 185
4 Chris Rapp WR OLB 10 6’1 160
5 Domenic Falivene WR DB 11 5’7 150
7 Anthony Memoli WR DB 10 6’0 160
8 Dennis Wilson WR DB 10 5’11 150
9 EJ Comerford WR MLB 10 6’0 180
10 Jayson Marte WR OLB 11 5’9 160
11 Tyler da Silva WR DB 12 6’1 190
12 JD Breslauer WR DB 10 6’0 160
14 GJ Nazziola WR DB 10 5’4 115
16 Devesh Naik WR DB 10 5’10 150
17 AJ Maglio WR DB 11 5’8 150
19 Kevin Minardi WR DB 11 5’9 165
20 Matt Batroney WR DB 10 5’8 150
22 Justin Jasiecki WR DB 12 6’2 165
23 Wilson Done RB OLB 12 5’8 165
24 Matt Morales WR DB 11 5’9 145
25 Riyank Patel WR DB 10 5’8 140
27 Devon Davidek WR DB 10 5’4 115
28 Greepan Patel WR DB 10 5’7 140
29 Brandon Verderber WR DB 10 5’6 150
33 Connor Schaefer RB MLB 11 5’8 175
34 Jacob Borrillo OL MLB 10 5’7 145
40 Thomas Mack WR OLB 12 6’3 205
44 David Giraldo RB OLB 10 5’9 160
46 Brian Brisson WR DB 10 5’7 140
51 Peter Nardi OL DL 10 5’7 200
53 Alphonse Huss OL DL 12 6’1 205
54 Patrick Bright OL MLB 11 5’7 150
56 Steven Nguyen OL MLB 10 5’9 190
57 Chris Meumann OL MLB 10 5’7 160
58 Vincent Bianchi OL MLB 12 5’11 210
59 Padrick Beggs OL DL 12 5’11 200
62 Richie Wright OL DL 10 5’8 215
63 James Koegler OL DL 11 6’0 185
65 Shane O’Connor Manager
67 Alan Copeland OL OLB 10 5’7 150
68 Ricky Landy OL DL 10 5’7 150
70 Andrew Loesch OL DL 10 6’0 230
71 Justin Gurth OL DL 12 6’4 285
72 Chris Montoya OL DL 10 5’8 165
73 Patrick Whalen OL DL 10 5’7 185
75 Douglas Carter OL DL 10 6’0 180
76 Ryan Christofferson OL DL 11 6’1 190
77 Sean Michels OL DL 10 6’1 230
79 Brandon Perot OL DL 10 6’2 250
80 Emirhan Ziya WR DB 10 5’8 150
81 Brian Davies WR DB 10 5’8 170
84 Angelo Varcadipane WR OLB 10 6’1 170
85 Matthew Borecki WR OLB 12 6’5 200

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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