2017 Parisi Speed School Mendham Minutemen Football Preview

The 2017 Morris Sussex Sports Preseason Football Previews are made possible by Parisi Speed School of Morristown and Sparta. Parisi provides sports performance training for all sports to help athletes be the best they can possibly be. Click the banner below to learn how you can enhance your game.

The Coach

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Name:  Brett Ressler
Skinny:  Ressler is part of the young coaches fraternity that is making a huge positive impact in Morris-Sussex.  He was a star player in Hackensack in the 2000s where he also earned a Scholar Athlete Award from the National Football Foundation.  Ressler continued his playing days at TCNJ.  After college, he joined Mendham as an assistant where he helped develop some of the Minutemen star players like Joe Benneducci who went on to play at Michigan, Jack Horan who went on to play at Bucknell and Jack Anderson who’s playing lacrosse at St. Joseph’s.  Now in his second year as the head guy, he’s a big believer in the weight room to develop players.  As successful as Mendham has been, they haven’t won a state title since the mid-70s.  If there is a guy who will dedicate himself to get this program to the pinnacle, it’s Ressler.
2016 Record:  3-6

The Players

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Franchise Player:  The star that all the planets revolve around on this team is sophomore QB Logan Clouse (6-2, 195).  Clouse went 2-1 as a varsity starter as a frosh and spent a lot of time improving his game in the offseason.  Clouse has the arm to make every throw and is not afraid to leave the pocket to make something happen with his feet.
Hottest Selling Jersey: The jersey that is flying off the shelf right now is Reid Randolph’s #7 jersey. The 6, 185-pound senior RB/DB is one of the best pure football players in Morris-Sussex right now. He’s just one of those tough players that can make an impact at any position.
All Unruly Watch: Senior WR Joey Scotti (6-1, 180) could possibly be one of the top receivers in all of Morris-Sussex this season. He’s a Danny Amendola type player who can turn a quick slant into a 30-yard gain. He and Clouse are jelling very well together which can make this a deadly duo come the season heats up.
Under the Radar: Senior LB/OL Patrick Maclean (5-11, 190) is a dynamic player who always makes smart plays on both sides of the ball. Senior Michael Cataldo (5-10, 160) will be another favorite target for Clouse who also has the ability to deliver six points in the return game. Two players that are making a lot of noise in the preseason are junior runningbacks Evan Petrucci (5-5, 140) and Eric Schmeal (6-1, 195). Petrucci is a sneaky runner who’s shown flashes of Barry Sanders when he runs. Schmeal busted on the scene last season when he took his first varsity carry ever for 65-yards. He’s had an excellent preseason camp and will be a factor opposing coaches will need to account for this season.
Benching the Weight Room: Senior OL/LB Zack Polley (6, 225) can start on a college team right now. He’s built like a truck and hits like one too. Polley is the best player on defense and will lead the team in tackles.
Throwback: There is no doubt senior RB/LB Giuseppe Canino (5-10, 225) could have played in the leather helmet days. And the way he plays, it seems he would probably prefer to. He’s a bulky, bruising, north-south type of runner who will be grinding out the tough yards for the Minutemen. Defensively, he’s always the first or second player in on the tackle.


To get access to all of the photos from our Mendham camp visit click HERE.

Ask any state championship winning coach and they will tell you that teams, not players, win titles. When you look at the Minutemen, despite having it’s share of stars, is shaping up to be a true team. Seniors Zack Polley and Pat Maclean both moved from skill positions (Polley a FB and Maclean a TE) to fill in on the offensive line because it was in the best interest of the team with no questions asked. That kind of selflessness can be contagious and pay dividends when things get tough down the stretch. Navigating this tough schedule has it’s pluses and minuses. One positive is that going 4-4 at the 8-game cutoff might just get them into the playoff dance. Another is playing playoff contenders like Morris Hills, Roxbury, Mount Olive and West Morris will have them well prepared once they do get to the postseason. Right now, Mendham has the same chance as everyone else to be walking through the tunnels of MetLife Stadium come December.


To get access to all of the photos from our Mendham camp visit click HERE.

09-08 @ Morris Hills Morris Hills HS
09-16 Mount Olive Mendham HS
09-22 @ Jefferson Jefferson HS
09-29 Roxbury Mendham HS
10-06 @ Vernon Vernon HS
10-14 Randolph Mendham HS
10-21 Indian Hills Mendham HS
10-27 @ West Morris West Morris HS
11-04 @ Morris Knolls Morris Knolls HS

Who’s In Their State Section

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JFK (Iselin)
North Hunterdon
Scotch Plains-Fanwood


To get access to all of the photos from our Mendham camp visit click HERE.

1 Diegnan Tom 10 RB/DB 5’8” 170
2 Rufolo Nick 10 WR/LB 6’0” 165
3 Diegnan Jack 12 QB/DB 5’9” 175
4 Reardon Kevin 10 WR/DB 5’11” 165
5 Clouse Logan 10 QB/DB 6’2” 195
6 Scotti Joe 12 WR/DB 6’1” 180
7 Randolph Reid 12 RB/LB 6’0” 185
8 Cataldo Mike 12 WR/DB 5’10” 160
9 Schmeal Eric 11 RB/LB 6’1” 195
11 Murphy Dan 11 WR/DB 6’4” 180
12 Brady Tyler 10 QB/DB 5’6” 160
13 Peterson Josh 11 RB/DL 6’0” 180
14 Armijo Gage 10 QB/LB 5’11” 190
15 Barragan Tyler 11 QB/DB 6’2” 205
21 Downing Cam 10 RB/DB 5’6” 160
22 Petrucci Evan 11 RB/DB 5’5” 140
23 Pappas Karl 11 WR/DB 5’10” 160
26 Smith Rob 10 WR/DB 5’10” 160
27 Presutti Matt 12 WR/DB 5’11” 165
29 Jones Brendan 11 RB/LB 5’11” 175
32 Canino Giuseppe 12 RB/LB 5’10” 225
39 D’Alonzo Mike 11 RB/LB 6’0” 175
50 Mershimer Titus 12 OL/LB 5’11” 190
51 Weeks Wayne 12 OL/DB 6’2” 240
52 Bradley Joe 10 OL/LB 5’9” 180
53 Higgins Mat 10 OL/DL 6’0” 155
54 O’Donnell Regan 10 OL/DL 6’0” 160
55 Polley Zack 12 OL/LB 6’0” 225
57 Quinn Sebastian 11 OL/DL 6’2” 185
58 MacLean Pat 12 OL/LB 5’11” 190
59 Collins Kyle 12 OL/DL 5’8” 190
60 Dyer Noah 12 OL/DL 6’0” 255
75 Boden Rob 12 OL/DL 6’4” 215
76 Byrne Dylan 10 OL/DL 5’9” 180
77 Ionfrida Angelo 11 OL/DL 6’1” 205
79 Fox Mike 11 OL/DL 5’10” 235
85 Longo Walter 12
88 Porter Brennan 11 WR/DB 5’8” 135

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