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The 2017 Morris Sussex Sports Preseason Football Previews are made possible by Parisi Speed School of Morristown and Sparta. Parisi provides sports performance training for all sports to help athletes be the best they can possibly be. Click the banner below to learn how you can enhance your game.

The Coach

To get access to all of the photos from the Chatham vs. Mendham scrimmage click HERE.

Name: Jason Izsa
Skinny: Four years ago Izsa took over a Chatham team that lost 21 straight games and within 2-years totally changed the culture and took the Cougs to the State Finals in 2015. Izsa is a big weight room guy and he does a terrific job keeping his teams healthy and well conditioned throughout the season and even late in games…which has paid dividends in some come-from-behind victories.  Isza played in Cedar Grove and was coached by the legendary Ed Sadloch.  Then he spent years as an assistant at Madison and Chatham before taking the top job for the Cougars.
2016 Record: 2-8

The Players

To get access to all of the photos from the Chatham vs. Mendham scrimmage click HERE.

Franchise Player:  Senior RB/LB Max Schelling will be the face of this team.  Last season Schelling quietly amassed over 500-yards of offense and 7 touchdowns from three different positions, even QB.  He also had 45-tackles on defense.  Schelling will have a big role on both sides of the ball in 2017.
Hottest Selling Jersey:  I already pre-ordered my #14 dark blue home Christian Cutitta authentic jersey and I suggest you do too.  Cutitta is a phenomenal athlete with freakishly good hands which makes him a deadly receiver.  However, I bought the jersey because he is an absolute ball hawk on defense.  I predict 1-4 has seven picks this season including two Pick-6’s.  No pressure big man!
All Unruly Watch:  A guy we have on the radar for our postseason All Unruly Awards is LB Luke Agnew.  He’s like a ninja on D and is impossible to block.  Just key on him when you watch Cougar games and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
Under the Radar:  Senior Andrew DesMarais and junior Ryan Lonergan are two guys that will make a big impact for the Cougars this season.  DesMarais came back football after a few years of not playing and has been battling it out with Lonergan for the QB position.  It won’t matter which guy earns the top spot because the other guy will fill in somewhere else on the field.  Another guy who will also be a big impact player will be RB/LB Drew Sardini.  Last season the current senior made the most of his opportunities by rushing 60 times for 283 yards.
Benching the Weight Room:   Senior OL/DL Patrick O’Malley literally did bench the weight room.  In fact, he earned the title of “Strongest Player on the Team” which is going to help the Cougars big time on both sides of the ball.
Throwback:  Senior OL/LB Ben Herbert is throwback guy who could’ve played in the leather helmet days no problem.  Herbert is a team leader and competitive player who plays tough on every single play.


To get access to all of the photos from the Chatham vs. Mendham scrimmage click HERE.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? I’ll give you the bad news first. Chatham’s schedule is absolutely loaded with great teams. It all starts with Barringer in Week 1 and get’s worse from there.  Par Hills and Morris Hills were both in MetLife Staduim seven months ago and are both looking like they going to march right back there. Ferris is another city team with talent oozing at every position. West Essex is ridiculous this year. Newton deserves to be in the state final right now. Nutley is insane, Mount Olive is the #1 in Morris County right now and Orange is, well, Orange. Okay, before you go throw in the towel, here’s the good news. Chatham is more than capable of hanging with everyone on their schedule. And here’s the better news, every win they get carries a boat load of Power Points. Four wins against these opponents can very well get Chatham into the postseason.  If they do get to the postseason dance, their regular season schedule will be much harder than their playoff schedule.  If they can stay healthy down the stretch (something Izsa has a great reputation for), Chatham has as good of a chance as anyone to be walking through the tunnels of MetLife come December.


To get access to all of the photos from the Chatham vs. Mendham scrimmage click HERE.

09-09 Barringer Cougar Field
09-15 @ Parsippany Hills Parsippany Hills HS
09-23 @ Morris Hills Morris Hills HS
10-01 Ferris Cougar Field
10-06 @ West Essex West Essex HS
10-14 Newton Cougar Field
10-21 Nutley Cougar Field
10-27 @ Mount Olive Mount Olive HS
11-03 @ Orange Bell Stadium

Who’s In Their State Section

To get access to all of the photos from the Chatham vs. Mendham scrimmage click HERE.

Cliffside Park
Governor Livingston
Newark West Side
North Plainfield
Palisades Park
Parsippany Hills
Ridgefield Park
West Essex


To get access to all of the photos from the Chatham vs. Mendham scrimmage click HERE.

Agnew, Luke 11 58 OL/LB
Agonostelli, Mason 11 51 OL/DL
Alterman, Sam 10 41 WR/DB
Aul, Sean 11 63 OL/DL
Badian, Jake 10 33 WR/LB
Baker, Ben 11 80 OL/DL
Bhalla, Amari 10 7 WR/DB
Bitar, Ethan 10 65 OL/DL
Bose, Ackshey 10 75 OL/DL
Carlin, Shane 11 8 WR/DB
Coughlin, Ryan 10 1 QB/DB
Coviello, Richie 10 WR/DB
Cuneo, Charles 10 3 WR/DB
Cutitta, Christian 12 14 WR/DB
Davenport, Aidan 10 28 WR/DB
DesMarais, Andrew 12 18 QB/DB
Ehler, James 11 34 WR/DB
Elliott, Thomas 12 64 OL/DL
Farid, Tamer 10 70 OL/DL
Fuentes, George 10 OL/DL
Gallagher, Jack 11 17 WR/DB
Goodman, Sean 11 69 OL/DL
Harrington, Connor 12 6 WR/DB
Herbert, Ben 12 56 OL/LB
High, Liam 10 16 WR/DB
Hoerrner, Phillip 11 32 WR/DB
Hughes, Peter 10 82 OL/LB
Kelly, Quinn 10 21 WR/DB
Lofaro, Lawrence 11 4 WR/DB
Lonergan, Ryan 11 15 QB/LB
Lubrano, Carson 10 WR/DB
McCaffrey, Owen 10 OL/DL
McCauther, Ryan 10 30 WR/DB
Molinaro, Alex 11 23 WR/DB
O’Malley, Patrick 12 78 OL/DL
Ott, Drew 10 59 OL/DL
Petrullo, Colin 11 11 QB/DB
Pollard, Jeremy 10 54 OL/DL
Robson, Logan 10 OL/DL
Roos, Kristian 11 13 WR/DB
Sardini, Drew 12 27 RB/LB
Schelling, Max 12 20 RB/LB
Schelling, Peter 10 25 RB/LB
Schroeder, Colin 11 2 WR/DB
Small, Evan 11 29 WR/DB
Smith, Josh 11 44 RB/LB
Snyder, Matt 10 RB/DL
Strutt, Chris 12 52 OL/DL
Tully, Connor 10 68 OL/DL
Wingate, Jake 11 22 RB/LB

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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