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The 2017 Morris Sussex Sports Preseason Football Previews are made possible by Parisi Speed School of Morristown and Sparta. Parisi provides sports performance training for all sports to help athletes be the best they can possibly be. Click the banner below to learn how you can enhance your game.

The Coach

To get access to all of the photos from our Roxbury camp visit click HERE.

Name: Cosmo Lorusso
Skinny: Coach Lorusso has one of the most impressive coaching resumes’s in Morris-Sussex with his 152-88 head coaching record.  He’s currently the winningest football coach in Roxbury history and brought two championships to the Gaels in his 15-year career. Prior to this job, he had head coaching stints at Sussex Tech and Pequannock. He was also an assistant for a few years for Summit where he was part of a state championship team and spent five years working under Coach Smolyn at Lenape Valley where he was part of four state championship teams.  Talk about carving out a legacy!
2016 Record: 5-5

The Players

To get access to all of the photos from our Roxbury camp visit click HERE.

Franchise Player: Coach Cosmo could literally only put 9 players on the field when senior RB/DB/P Michael Roumes (5-8, 173) is out there because he is like having three players out there. Roumes has never had a negative yard carrying the ball and he’ll never be seen making an arm tackle. When it’s all over, Roumes might just be the All Unruly Player of the Year for 2017…he’ll definitely be in the running.
Hottest Selling Jersey: Senior QB Donovan Brady (5-10, 195) is the kind of leader you want at the helm. He stays cool in the pocket and is not afraid to take a hit while he’s throwing the ball. On run plays, you’ll see him down field throwing himself at linebackers to block for his runningbacks and receivers. Make sure you get your #9 jersey now because they are flying off the shelves!
All Unruly Watch: A guy who makes playing Roxbury completely unfair is senior wideout Kevin Sembrat (6-1, 168). He’s a sub-4.5 Meet of Champions track guy who is literally the fastest football player in Morris-Sussex. Even if Roxbury is down by three touchdowns in the fourth quarter this year, they are still in the game with Sembrat on the field.
Under the Radar: Three guys that started last year but kind of flew under the radar are senior TE/LB Michael Christiansen (6, 186), senior RB/LB Connor Mahoney (6, 178) and junior RB/DB/K Riley O’Connor (5-9, 158). All three of these guys will be key cogs on both sides of the ball. O’Connor also has great distance with his place kicking ability which will help the Gaels come ahead in close matches.
Benching the Weight Room: Senior OL/LB Kyle Kaiser (5-11, 207) did a nice job in the weight room this offseason. Since he’s a huge factor on both sides of the ball, his durability will pay dividends for the Gaels down the stretch.
Throwback: One of my favorite players in Morris-Sussex this season is senior OL/DL Big Joe Hills (6-1, 250). He’s the kind of guy that when you stand next to him your neck hurts from looking up at his massive frame. He’s a big, tough, stereotypical lineman-type who you just don’t want to mess with. During every halftime, he eats a 16-inch meatball Parmesan sub because he burns 3,000 calories a game. Watch his hudl highlight reel when you get a chance. On every single block he leaves opponents de-cleated. I hope colleges are paying attention to this guy.


To get access to all of the photos from our Roxbury camp visit click HERE.

If you are a Gaels fan you should be feeling really good about yourself right now because this team is built for success today. The challenge is, so are many of their opponents. Wayne Hils, Par Hills, Morris Knolls, Sparta, Mount Olive and West Morris look all poised to make a legitimate run at MetLife. Other teams like Motown, Mendham and Randolph are shaping up like they all can be dark horses and surprise a lot of teams. Roxbury doesn’t have one game where they can rest their starters for the second half. But when (not if) Roxbury get’s to the Second Season, they’ll likely have to play the same teams they faced in the regular season. So staying well conditioned is going to be important. If they can navigate all that, there is no reason this squad can’t be walking through the tunnels of MetLife come December.


To get access to all of the photos from our Roxbury camp visit click HERE.

09-08 Morristown Roxbury HS
09-15 @ Wayne Hills Wayne Hills HS
09-22 Parsippany Hills Roxbury HS
09-29 @ Mendham Mendham HS
10-06 Morris Knolls Roxbury HS
10-14 @ Sparta Sparta HS
10-20 Mount Olive Roxbury HS
10-27 @ Randolph Randolph HS
11-03 West Morris Roxbury HS

Who’s In Their State Section

To get access to all of the photos from our Roxbury camp visit click HERE.

Fair Lawn
Morris Hills
Morris Knolls
Mount Olive
Northern Highlands
Old Tappan
Passaic Valley
Warren Hills
Wayne Hills
Wayne Valley
West Morris


To get access to all of the photos from our Roxbury camp visit click HERE.

1 Tim Byrne 10 5’11” 163 TE, LB
2 Tyreese Bradley 11 6’0″ 205 FB, LB
3 Matt Dancsecs 12 5’11” 193 RB, LB, P
4 Kevin Sembrat 12 6’1″ 168 SE, DB
5 Alex Rodriguez 11 5’11” 160 RB, DB
6 Ryan Rattay 10 5’9″ 165 QB, LB
7 David Ponce 11 5’10” 178 TE, LB
8 Michael Christiansen 12 6’0″ 186 TE, LB
9 Donovan Brady (Capt.) 12 5’10” 195 QB, DB
10 Nick Danna 11 5’10” 178 OB, LB
11 Shemar Rigg 11 6’4″ 182 TE, DB
12 Anthony Perhacs 12 5’11” 162 RB, DB
13 Brian Dachowski 11 5’6″ 130 SE, DB
14 CJ Danna 11 5’10” 175 TE, LB
15 Nick Amendola 12 6’1″ 168 TE, DB
16 Michael Roumes (Capt.) 12 5’8″ 173 RB, DB, P
17 Sean Kondra 12 5’8″ 140 RB, DB
19 Jon Kempton 12 5’8″ 148 SE, DB
20 Evan Vazquez 11 5’8″ 165 RB, DB
21 Anthony Hayek 12 5’8″ 150 SE, DB
22 Dominic Badgley 10 5’2″ 150 FB, DB
24 Riley O’Connor 11 5’9″ 158 RB, DB, K
25 Filip Raczka 11 5’8″ 160 SE, DB, K
26 Joe Holman 11 5’10” 170 WR, DB
28 Anthony Tye 10 5’7″ 150 RB, DB
30 Anthony Zaccarino 10 5″9″ 132 SE, DB
31 Utah Sicsko 10 5’10” 150 RB, QB, DB
36 Connor Mahoney 12 6’0″ 178 RB, LB
38 Jared Schimenti 10 5’11” 185 RB, LB
39 Colby Snoke 10 5’11” 145 SE, DB
41 Travis Kerr 10 5’8″ 172 SE, DB
46 Tyler Doerr 10 5’7″ 158 RB, LB
50 Kyle Kaiser 12 5’11” 207 OL, ILB
52 Cole Gibson 11 5’8″ 210 OL, LB
53 Donte Gibson 12 6’1″ 236 OL, LB
54 Matthew Mickley 11 5’9″ 185 OL, DL
55 Belton Haig 10 5’8″ 205 OL, ILB
56 Jacob Martinelli 10 5’3″ 140 OL, DL
57 Zachary Zoino 10 5’4″ 145 OL, DL
59 Jorge Rivera 10 5’3″ 140 OL, DL
61 Jose Diaz 12 5’10” 227 OL, DL
62 Joseph Hills (Capt.) 12 6’1″ 250 OL, DL
63 Spencer Brown 11 5’0″ 240 OL,DL
66 Mike Medina 12 5’10” 272 OL, DL
67 Michael Lang 11 6’1″ 175 OL, DL
71 Chris Merring 11 5’11” 234 OL, DL
72 Patrick Tucker 12 6’3″ 238 OL, DL
74 Charles Lisa 10 5’10” 226 OL, DL
75 Shymar Norman 11 5’8″ 227 OL, DL
76 Nick Poliviou 11 6’5″ 280 OL, DL
78 Matt Cordileone 12 6’6″ 305 OL, DL
79 Vinny Manganella 11 6’0″ 260 OL, DL

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.



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