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The 2017 Morris Sussex Sports Preseason Football Previews are made possible by Parisi Speed School of Morristown and Sparta. Parisi provides sports performance training for all sports to help athletes be the best they can possibly be. Click the banner below to learn how you can enhance your game.

The Coach

To get access to all of the photos from the Kinnelon vs. Jefferson scrimmage click HERE.

Name: Kevin White
Skinny: Coach White has an impressive football background; his playing days were at Paramus Catholic for high school and Delaware for college. He did a coaching stint at his alma-mater and then St. Joe’s Montvale where he cut his teeth. For the last decade, he’s been at Kinnelon where he won a state title in 2012. White is still a young gun who is just scratching the surface on his legacy.
2016 Record: 6-4

The Players

To get access to all of the photos from the Kinnelon vs. Jefferson scrimmage click HERE.

Franchise Player: The guy that runs things for the Colts is senior LB Calvin “The Kripp Keeper” Krippner (6, 210). This guy is the Ray Lewis of Morris-Sussex and is poised to be one of the best defensive players in our region.
Hottest Selling Jersey: A guy who is extremely dynamic is DB Tim Elefonte (5-7, 155). Elefonte plays in the secondary like he’s on ice skates and attacks the ball the way they teach it in text books.
All Unruly Watch: A guy who I am very excited to see this season is linebacker Gannon Chiuchiolo (5-9, 195). The senior is ready to have a break out season on a defense happy team.
Under the Radar: CBs Craig Smith (5-10, 150) and Quinn Duffy (5-9, 160) along with sophomore Reilly Nelson (6-1, 185) will round out the outfield of the defense. Jacob LoCascio (5-6, 170) is an undersized defensive lineman has freakish speed that allows him to penetrate opposing team’s offensive backfields. Duffy, along with Nick Matthew (5-5, 160), are skill guys who will see the endzone frequently.
Benching the Weight Room: Joe Rymarz (5-10, 180) and junior Antoine Kasabriare (5-9, 170) are skill guys who have done a fantastic job packing on the muscle to help them be durable throughout the long season.
Throwback: Linebacker Phil Bonnano (5-10, 175) is in on every single play. He’d be the star linebacker on most other teams. But with Kripp and Chiuchiolo, he makes this linebacker crew one of the best in the area.


To get access to all of the photos from the Kinnelon vs. Jefferson scrimmage click HERE.

Defense wins football games and this team has one heck of a defense. That will come in handy, especially against this schedule. Getting to the playoffs likely requires five wins at the 8-game cutoff. Once they do that, then they have to face a VERY tough section with the likes of Pequannock, Newton, High Point and Westwood sitting there…all of whom are poised for a state championship runs themselves. However, Kinnelon can very well be one of those teams that sneaks up on everyone on their way to doing something very special this season.


To get access to all of the photos from the Kinnelon vs. Jefferson scrimmage click HERE.

09-09 @ Wallkill Valley Wallkill Valley HS
09-15 Whippany Park Kinnelon HS
09-23 Madison Kinnelon HS
09-29 @ Kittatinny Kittatinny HS
10-06 Pequannock Kinnelon HS
10-13 @ Dover East Dover Middle School
10-20 Hanover Park Kinnelon HS
10-27 @ Pascack Hills Pascack Hills HS
11-04 Newark Central Kinnelon HS

Who’s In Their State Section

To get access to all of the photos from the Kinnelon vs. Jefferson scrimmage click HERE.

Glen Rock
High Point
Manchester Regional
Pascack Hills
Sussex Tech


To get access to all of the photos from the Kinnelon vs. Jefferson scrimmage click HERE.

3 Chiuchiolo, Gannon 5’9 195 QB LB 12
4 Nelson, Reilly 6’1 185 WR FS 10
5 Van Zile, Zachary 5’8 155 QB LB 9
7 Shergalis, Mark 5’7 155 WR CB 12
8 Goldenberg, Jakob 5’8 170 RB LB 11
9 Wood, Colin 5’8 150 WR CB 9
10 Kasabri, Antoine 5’9 170 FB LB 11
11 Lewis, Brett 5’8 160 FB LB 9
13 Smith, CJ 5’10 150 WR CB 11
15 Rymarz, Joe 5’10 180 QB S 11
16 Panucci, Frank 6′ 165 WR OLB 11
17 Talbot, Alex 5’7 140 RB LB 9
20 Castell, Will 5’7 135 RB CB 9
21 Cavallo, Dan 5’7 150 WR CB 10
22 Duffy, Quinn 5’9 160 WR CB 11
23 Krippner, Jeff 5’5 130 RB CB 9
24 Elefonte, Timothy 5’7 155 WR CB 12
33 Krippner, Calvin 6′ 210 TE/RB ILB 12
34 Matthew, Nick 5’5 160 RB OLB 10
36 Firestone, Jack 5’8 140 WR DB 10
43 Bonanno, Phillip 5’10 175 TE/FB OLB 11
45 Rode, Spenser 5’8 150 WR CB 10
50 Abdallah, Adam 5’11 185 OG DE 11
52 Burt, Ethan 5’11 170 OT DE 9
53 Zarpaylic, Robert 6’1 200 OT DE 10
54 DiNicolo, Pete 5’8 180 OT DE 9
55 Krauskopf, Dylan 6′ 200 OT DE 11
56 Sisco, David 5’10 180 C DE 10
58 Kriskewic, Tyler 5’9 170 OG DE 10
59 Lockwood, Justin 6′ 200 OG NG 10
61 Morse, Shane 6’1 220 OT DE 10
62 Sharhih, Faiz 5’5 165 OG DE 10
66 Tchejeyan, Matt 5’7 215 OT DT 10
68 LoCascio, Jacob 5’6 170 OG NG 11
71 Caprio, Vito 5’9 190 OG DE 11
72 Stewart, Evan 6′ 170 OT DE 9
75 Rozansky, Logan 6’2 255 C DE 10
78 Smith, Matt 6′ 210 OG NG 9
80 Ramirez, John 5’11 190 TE OLB 9


George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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