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The 2017 Morris Sussex Sports Preseason Football Previews are made possible by Parisi Speed School of Morristown and Sparta. Parisi provides sports performance training for all sports to help athletes be the best they can possibly be. Click the banner below to learn how you can enhance your game.

The Coach

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Name: Jim Delaney
Skinny: If anyone bleeds the colors of their team it’s Delaney. He’s a big weight room guy who does all the necessary things and then some in the off-season and in practice to prepare his team for battle. But if you are a Wildcat fan you love him on game days. His game plans are masterful and he seems to have six plays for every scenario. When you’re at games, watch the way his players block. They always are very explosive, get really low and have excellent leverage over the defenders. That’s all coaching right there folks! He’s yet to get a championship ring but I promise you Delaney will be in that club at some point in the near future.
2016 Record: 6-4

The Players

Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports’ photos from their High Point camp visit HERE.

Franchise Player:  Junior QB Jacob Liscinsky (5-11, 195) is the reason why High Point fans buy PSLs (personal seat licenses). He can throw or run and is superb at making quick decisions on the run.
Hottest Selling Jersey: Jake Philip (5-9, 190) is as dynamic as they come. Opponents better not arm-tackle this runningback, else they will  pay the price in the form of a big-play.
All Unruly Watch: Senior runningback Robbie Turro (5-11, 175) is a guy we have our eye on. He’s been a bit anonymous behind big names like Liscinsky, Musilli and Philip. But I like how he’s quietly and consistently getting it done.
Under the Radar: Two guys that will be household names this season will be senior linebacker Ryan McCarrick (5-9, 180) and junior lineman Liam Whitteaker (5-10, 275). McCarrick is an undersized guy that plays big and is literally in on every tackle. Whitteaker has dedicated himself to the weight room and can squat over 500-pounds. His offseason training is translating very well in the preseason.
Benching the Weight Room: Senior fullback Chad Musilli (5-11, 200) will be the heart and soul of this team and it’s due to the training he did in the offseason. He can clean 315-pounds like he’s just lifting the bar without any weight on it. His ability to get 3-tough yards any time will wear defenses down all season long.
Throwback: You got to love senior center Eric Frei (6-2). Barely 200-pounds, he’s one of the best linemen in the conference. He’s a no frills, no fanfare kind of guy who doesn’t make mistakes.


Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports’ photos from their High Point camp visit HERE.

Last season, High Point did a great job getting themselves all the way to the semi-finals.  Now that many of those starters from last season are back, they want to go the distance…and there is no reason they can’t.  It just won’t be an easy road though.  But here is my reason why this group can very well be walking through the tunnels of MetLife Stadium come December – the fact that they run, and run, and run, and run, and run.  Last season, the ‘Cats rushed for nearly 300-yards a game.  You should see what these opposing defenses look like at the end of these games.  Each opposing player loses five pounds of water weight and is extremely exhausted.  HP’s offense is a great defense.  That’s a strategy that can take them all the way to the big game.


Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports’ photos from their High Point camp visit HERE.

09-08 Jefferson High Point HS
09-15 @ West Milford West Milford HS
09-22 Mount Olive High Point HS
09-28 @ Montville Montville HS
10-06 Morris Hills High Point HS
10-13 Kittatinny High Point HS
10-20 @ Vernon Vernon HS
10-27 Parsippany High Point HS
11-04 @ Sparta Sparta HS

Who’s In Their State Section

Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports’ photos from their High Point camp visit HERE.

Glen Rock
High Point
Manchester Regional
Pascack Hills
Sussex Tech


Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports’ photos from their High Point camp visit HERE.

Birchenough, Trevor 12 60 OL DL 5’11 240
Destefano, Oak 12 11 TE LB 6′ 170
Flores, Hunter 12 54 OL LB 5’9 190
Frei, Eric 12 67 OL DL 6’2 200
Horlacher, Devin 12 80 TE DB 6’1 175
Hunsicker, Gavin 12 22 RB DB 5’11 175
Labar, Brandon 12 52 OL DL 6’1 230
Lake, Cam 12 5 WR DB 5’10 145
McCarrick, Ryan 12 36 RB LB 5’9 180
Musilli, Chad 12 31 RB DB 5’11 200
Philip, Jake 12 7 RB LB 5’9 190
Ratz, Shane 12 58 OL DL 6 235
Reilly, Devin 12 82 RB DB 5’7 145
Turro, Rob 12 25 RB DB 5’11 175
Yanoff, Alex 12 74 OL DL 6 205
Burke, Joe 11 64 OL DL 5’11 210
Carter, Matthew 11 56 OL DL 6’3 215
Cruz, Noah 11 4 WR DB 5’9 165
Dvorak, Davis 11 20 RB DB 5’8 175
Farischon, Cody 11 77 OL DL 6 250
Ghysels, Logan 11 27 WR DB 6 170
Goralscyk, Storm 11 51 OL LB 5’10 190
Liscinsky, Jacob 11 9 QB LB 5’11 195
Liscinsky, Justin 11 8 TE LB 5’11 165
Millan, Raekae 11 50 OL LB 5’8 165
Morales, Jonathan 11 76 OL DL 5’11 245
Romero,Dante 11 83 RB LB 5’6 150
Sabo, Grayson 11 2 WR DB 6 190
Seward, Aaron 11 14 WR DB 5’10 155
Shorr, Tyler 11 32 RB LB 5’5 160
Swartz, Ethan 11 69 MGR MGR
Umstead, Matt 11 6 RB DB 5’6 135
VanHooker, Sonny 11 71 OL DL 5’11 210
Whitteaker, Liam 11 61 OL DL 5’10 275
Gotthaimer, Vincent 10 79 OL DL 5’9 215
Hajtovik, Paul 10 68 OL DL 5’10 205
Lake, Connor 10 3 QB DB 5’10 150
Soldano, PJ 10 53 OL DL 5’10 165
Tallamy, Travis 10 30 RB LB 5’11 185
Zoccoli, Nick 10 66 OL DL 5’9 255

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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