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The 2017 Morris Sussex Sports Preseason Football Previews are made possible by Parisi Speed School of Morristown and Sparta. Parisi provides sports performance training for all sports to help athletes be the best they can possibly be. Click the banner below to learn how you can enhance your game.

The Coach

Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Pequannock’s preseason camp visit HERE.

Name: Ed Kopp
Skinny: Coach Kopp took over this program ten years ago with a whopping 0-10 record. Since then he, nor the Pequannock faithful, have looked back. Over the last three years, he’s won 24 games in his plight to move closer and closer to MetLife Stadium and picking up his first ring for the Golden Panthers. Coach Kopp’s teams are always VERY well prepared and do all of the basics really well; like blocking, tackling and avoiding penalties.  Kopp will soon join the ranks of state champion coaches…trust me!
2016 Record: 6-3-1

The Players

Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Pequannock’s preseason camp visit HERE.

Franchise Player: Last season I got several emails from readers asking me who #7 and #2 were from Pequannock (totally true story). Those players are senior QB Dave Jachera (6, 180) and senior runningback Sean Klimek (5-9, 170). This year, no one will have to send me notes asking about these guys because since then they’ve built their own reputation.
Hottest Selling Jersey: If you’re going to shell out the cash to get a jersey, then get Matt Unger’s (6-3, 190) #48. This guy gets bigger and stronger by the week. He’s got the size, real deal speed and he can play DE or OLB. At either position, Unger is going to require opponents to double and triple team him.
All Unruly Watch: I can’t wait to see what senior WR Billy Tedeschi (5-10, 180) is going to do this season. The Wayne transferee had to miss half the games last year and still made a big mark for the Golden Panthers. He’s a real dynamic player who’s biggest stat will be YAC (yards after catch) because of his ability to break tackles.  Another guy who is getting big-time college looks right now is junior TE Matthew Spatucci (6-3, 205).  When he sets up as wideout he creates a nightmare for opposing coaches. They have to shift everything over to his side of the field, making it very easy for Coach Kopp to go the other direction with his other skill guys.
Under the Radar: Two guys who everyone will know after Week 1 will be senior ILB Will Wells (5-10, 170) and senior WR Matt Gallo (5-11, 170). Don’t get me wrong, both were starters and big impact players last year. But both of these guys are poised to have All World seasons with opposing coaches uber focused on Pequannock’s other weapons.
Benching the Weight Room: Despite all of the big named skill guys on this team, the heart and sole of this team are three-year starting linemen Joe Leszczynski (6-2, 225) and Kai Robinson (6-2, 205). These guys are total veterans who do all of the right things and keep the rest of the team in check.
Throwback: If there is one player that could play in any era it’s Ryan Hitchcock (6, 170). The senior WR plays very physically and is a punishing runner when he gets into the open field.


Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Pequannock’s preseason camp visit HERE.

This group impressed the heck out of me last season as they, a bunch of juniors at the time, went to an undefeated 5-0 Hanover Park team and embarrassed them with 41-15 loss.  What that game told me is this group has no fear.  Now these guys are a year older, stronger and poised to make a run at MetLife Stadium.  And believe me, that is a real possibility for this group.  They’ll have to first navigate a schedule that has its fair share of booby traps.  Then they have to deal with heavy weights in their state section like Newton, High Point and Westwood.  But this team is built for it now so if you are a Golden Panther fan you should be feeling good about your team.


Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Pequannock’s preseason camp visit HERE.

09-08 @ Boonton Boonton HS
09-15 Ramsey Pequannock HS
09-23 @ Newark Central Shabazz Stadium
09-28 Madison Pequannock HS
10-06 @ Kinnelon Kinnelon HS
10-13 Hanover Park Pequannock HS
10-20 @ Montville Montville HS
10-27 @ Dover East Dover Middle School
11-03 Caldwell Pequannock HS

Who’s In Their State Section

Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Pequannock’s preseason camp visit HERE.

Glen Rock
High Point
Manchester Regional
Pascack Hills
Sussex Tech


Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Pequannock’s preseason camp visit HERE.

Name/Jersey #/Offense/Defense/Grade/Height/Weight
Octavious Scotton 1 RB DB 11 5’9″ 160
Sean Klimek 2 RB DB 12 5’9″ 170
Joe McNamara 3 QB DB 10 5’11” 165
Jimmy Pierson 4 RB LB 11 5’9” 170
Nick Brizek 5 RB LB 10 5’9 160
Jimmy Hascup 6 TE DB 12 5’11 175
Dave Jachera 7 QB DB 12 6’0″ 180
Billy Tedeschi 8 WR DB 12 5’10 180
Tom Conklin 10 QB DB 11 5’11 160
Gary Thompson 11 WR DB 11 5’9 155
Konnor Dara 12 WR DB 10 5’9″ 140
Ethan Weiss 13 K DB 12 6’0″ 160
Joe Wells 16 WR DB 10 5’9″ 140
Matt Gallo 20 WR DB 12 5’11” 170
Ryan Hitchcock 21 WR DB 12 6’0 170
Robbie Mann 23 WR DB 10 5’11” 160
Jack Landon 24 RB LB 12 5’10 180
Matt Spatucci 25 TE LB 11 6’3″ 205
Derick Thompson 31 RB DB 11 5’10 165
Dean Bua 22 RB LB 12 5’7″ 170
Trevor Bunero 33 WR DB 11 6’0″ 190
Kyle Hinnigan 34 RB LB 10 5’8” 175
Joe Dambra 35 WR LB 11 6’0″ 180
Kevin Nelson 37 QB LB 11 5’11” 165
Louis Russo 40 RB LB 11 6’0″ 180
Michael Luttenberger 42 WR LB 11 6’1” 180
Brendan Lynch 44 WR DB 11 6’1 160
Matt Unger 48 WR LB 12 6’3 190
Jack Chobanian 52 OL LB 11 5’10” 215
Mike Reardon 53 OL DL 11 5’10 195
Jason Burklow 54 OL DL 11 5’11 210
Will Hardie 50 OL DL 12 6’4 220
Will Wells 56 OL LB 12 5’10 170
Aaron Mayer 57 WR DB 10 5’7″ 125
Jake Nelson 58 OL DL 10 5’8 160
Joe Velez 61 OL DL 12 5’9″ 210
Joe Leszczynski 63 OL DL 12 6’2 225
Cam Siebert 64 OL DL 10 5’6 205
Mitch Ortega 65 OL DL 12 5’10 210
Giovanni Cancro 66 OL DL 10 6’0 240
Zack Sidoti 67 OL LB 12 5’10 200
Kai Robinson 72 OL DL 12 6’2 205
Liam Smith 74 OL DL 11 6’2 250
Ryan Adamczyk 75 OL DL 11 5’6 170
Alvaro Pliego 76 OL DL 10 6’4 210
Anthony Carrubba 77 OL DL 12 6’2 195
Elan Lopez 80 TE LB 10 6’1 180
Tom Hardie 89 WR DB 11 6’3 180

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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