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The Coach

Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Mount Olive’s preseason camp visit HERE.

Name: Brian O’Connor
2016 Record: 1-9
Skinny: Here’s what you need to know if haven’t gotten up to speed about second-year coach O’Connor yet. Let’s go way back so you know who this guy really is. First of all, he has a state championship ring as a player from his playing days at Hanover Park in the early 1990’s. After high school, he was recruited to play at Boston College by Superbowl winning coach Tom Coughlin, where he played for four years. Then he spent many years as a successful head coach for Wayne Valley. He was a big time hire for Mount Olive, who clearly wants to bring winning football to Marauder Country. Since O’Connor’s been at MO, he’s completely changed the culture and has his tentacles on every aspect of football from the peewee league all the way up to the high school. If you ask anyone, they will tell you that everything feels different with Brian O’Connor at the reigns.

The Players

Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Mount Olive’s preseason camp visit HERE.

Franchise Player: No one will dispute that the face of this team is senior QB/FS Liam Anderson (6-3, 210). Anderson, Mr. All American who is also the star point guard and shortstop for the Marauder basketball and baseball teams. He’s also the only player that Coach O’Connor named  captain his junior and senior year. He’s also a flat out stud offensive player who can make every throw and run when things break down. Defensively, he’s a ball hawk from the center field position who can play the ball or punish receivers for going over the middle.
Hottest Selling Jersey: This year will be Lance Johnson’s (6-3, 215) coming out party. Don’t get me wrong, everyone knew who he was as a junior but this year opponents will have to allocate two, maybe three, defenders to whatever side of the field he lines up on. Nobody in this league will be able to cover him one-on-one so, opposing coaches will pay the price if they don’t shift Johnson’s way. There is no doubt the booster club’s apparel store will be ordering a heck of a lot of #7 jerseys this year.
All Unruly Watch: Guys like Ryan Hodgins (6-2, 220) is why we created the All Unruly Team. Hodgins is Ray Lewis, Dick Butkus and Brian Urlacher wrapped up in one. Opposing coaches will be rewinding a lot of footage of this guy as they try to figure out how to run their offense around him.
Under the Radar: I think receiver Robert Bakovic (5-10, 175) could have the most offensive stats out of all of the skill guys this year. While opponents overcompensate for Lance Johnson, Bakovic will be a kid in a candy store. Bakovic is literally built like an action figure and has hands like baseball mitts. He literally catches EVERYTHING. I predict he could lead Morris-Sussex in YAC (yards-after-catch) in this pass-happy offense.
Benching the Weight Room: My favorite part of this Mount Olive team is their offensive line. 6-5, 310-pound Patrick Olson (6-5, 315) is everything you would want in an offensive tackle. He’s squats more plates than the MO weight room, eats about 6,000 calories a day and has a hilarious personality. But when he puts a helmet on, he is all business. Fellow linemen, and Pope John transferee, Paul Moore (5-9, 195) is another guy who is one of the top linemen in the league. Fellow lineman Chris Cherry (5-10, 200) is also putting up big numbers in the weight room
Throwback: If you haven’t figured it out by now, the Marauders are stacked with talent this year. To me, the guy that will be the X-factor will be 5-7, 195-pound Anthony DiJoseph. DiJoseph is built like a soda can with shoulder pads on. He’s just so strong and durable that he’ll be ready to take the load off of Mount Olive’s aerial attack whenever they need a breather. Any spread-offense team that likes to have a linear game plan, needs a strong back who can keep defenses on their heels. DiJoseph is that guy and then some.


Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Mount Olive’s preseason camp visit HERE.

No team in Morris-Sussex has the stars aligned to do something special than this year’s Marauders. They certainly have the talent, they have the coaching staff and they even just built the nicest field in Morris-Sussex. The only thing I think they might be missing is the confidence of knowing just how lethal they actually are…which they will get with on-field success. To me, their very first game against Morris Knolls is their “game of the year” for them. If they can come out of that game with a W, then I see winning being contagious for them. However, a loss could have the opposite effect.  But I honestly see this as the Year of the Skull & Crossbones and I envision the Marauders making a legitimate run at MetLife.   If they can stay healthy, they are built to hang with the Wayne Valley’s, Wayne Hill’s and Irvington’s of the world that will be waiting for them come playoff time.


Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Mount Olive’s preseason camp visit HERE.

09-08 Morris Knolls Mount Olive HS
09-16 @ Mendham Mendham HS
09-22 @ High Point High Point HS
09-28 West Morris Mount Olive HS
10-06 @ Hackettstown Hackettstown HS
10-13 Vernon Mount Olive HS
10-20 @ Roxbury Roxbury HS
10-27 Chatham Mount Olive HS
11-03 Randolph Mount Olive HS

Who’s In Their State Section

Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Mount Olive’s preseason camp visit HERE.

Fair Lawn
Morris Hills
Morris Knolls
Mount Olive
Northern Highlands
Old Tappan
Passaic Valley
Warren Hills
Wayne Hills
Wayne Valley
West Morris


Get access to all Morris Sussex Sports photos from Mount Olive’s preseason camp visit HERE.

1 Albritton, Tamar QB/FS 6’0 185 11
2 Brown, Flynn RB/CB 6’0 185 11
3 Anderson, Liam (Capt) QB/FS 6’3 210 12
4 Bakovich, Robert (Capt) WR/CB 5’10 175 12
5 Oriolo, Shane WR/CB 5’11 170 11
6 Kramer, Caden QB/FS 5’9 160 10
7 Johnson, Lance WR/OLB 6’3 215 12
8 Kelson, Evan WR/CB 6’1 170 12
9 Spera, Anthony WR/OLB 6′ 180 10
10 Kalas, Yanni WR/CB 5’10 170 10
11 Huisa, Ryan WR/FS 5’11 170 11
12 Clark, Nolan QB/LB 6’1 180 11
13 Sausa, Kevin WR/CB 5’10 165 12
14 Mastrodeminco, Ed WR/$ 5’11 180 11
15 Pizza, Steven TE/OLB 5’10 190 11
17 Luzano, Davis WR/CB 5’9 165 12
18 Santiago, Julian WR/FS 6’0 160 12
20 Spera, Dominic TE/OLB 6′ 180 12
21 Thorkildsen, Cameron WR/DB 5’7 130 10
22 Shah, Sameen WR/DB 5’7 140 10
23 Cowan, Mike RB/LB 5’8 175 10
25 Quinlan, Kory WR/OLB 5’10 165 12
26 Garcia, Joe RB/LB 5’9 190 11
28 DiJoseph, Anthony RB/LB 5’7 195 12
35 Jordan, Tom WR/CB 5’7 140 10
42 Bencivengo, Paddio RB/OLB 6′ 200 12
44 Reid,Trevon RB/OLB 6′ 190 11
50 Hodgins, Ryan (Capt) OT/ILB 6’2 220 12
51 Moore, Paul C/NG 5’9 195 11
52 Hanna, Ryan OT/ILB 5’10 205 10
54 Mayer, Dylan C/ILB 5’9 175 11
55 Puzio, Stanislaw OT/DT 6’2 210 10
56 Bramble, Alex OT/DT 6’2 220 11
57 Fenton, Bobby C/LB 5’8 170 10
58 Weiss, Corey OG/DT 5’9 240 12
59 Errico, Dan OG/DT 5’8 200 12
60 Goldsmith, Sean OT/DT 5’9 180 10
62 Santos, Giovani OG/DT 6′ 200 11
64 Roucco, Dominic C/NG 5’9 200 11
62 Santos, Giovani OT/DT 5’10 200 10
64 Nelson, Jake OG/NG 5’10 190 10
65 Ruocco, Dominic C/NG 5’9 215 12
66 Pallidino, Nick OT/DT 5’10 180 10
67 McMullen, Bailey OG/DT 6’0 220 11
68 Negron, Nico OT/DT 6’1 220 10
69 Cherry, Chris OG/DT 5’10 220 11
70 Yadala, Kaushik OG/DT 5’10 240 10
71 Karadimas, Tommy OG/NG 6’0 320 12
72 Camoia, Gavin OT/LB 5’11 185 10
73 Bonner, Eduardo OT/DT 5’10 185 10
74 Wawroski, Ryan OT/DT 6′ 230 12
75 Portillo, Fernanfo OG/NG 5’10 200 10
76 Marro, Tim C/DT 5’10 200 10
77 Olson, Patrick OG/NG 6’5 315 11
78 DeBerry, Essex OT/DT 6’4 240 10
79 Liberopoulos, Peter OT/DT 6’2 200 12
82 Scheuten, Jack WR/OLB 6′ 185 10
84 Pignataro, John WR/DB 5’10 180 10
88 Home, Christian WR/DB 5’10 170 11
89 Carpini, Chris TE/DT 5’11 200 11

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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