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2016 All Unruly Honorable Mention Players

All Unruly Honorable Mention Quarterbacks


Sussex Tech quarterback Tyler Crum already has broken many Mustang passing records and still has one more year to play. There is no doubt the lefty has his eyes set on the ultimate prize in 2017 (photo by Dawn Vogel Herbst).

Bart Yarosz – Hopatcong (Senior)
Bobby Longo – Mendham (Senior)
Brandon Lavorini – Vernon (Senior)
Christian Riedinger – Parsippany (Senior)
Declan Kelly – Morristown-Beard (Junior)
Donovan Brady – Roxbury (Junior)
Jake Buchner – Morristown (Junior)
Joe Bob Whritenour – Boonton (Senior)
Jon Toye – Kinnelon (Senior)
Justin Suarez – Randolph (Junior)
Logan Holleritter – Jefferson (Senior)
Luke Papa – Whippany Park (Junior)
Luke Young – Newton (Junior)
Matt O’Brien – Hackettsotwn (Senior)
Niko Piccolo – Morris Catholic (Junior)
Tyler Crum – Sussex Tech (Junior)

All Unruly Honorable Mention Runningbacks

(photo by Al Wehrhahn)

Roxbury fullback Joey Badgley’s primary role was to open holes for the likes of Tucker Voelbel, Michael Roumes, Justin Werder and Kevin Sembrat.  But he made the most of his carries when he did get the ball averaging over 5-yards a carry (photo by Al Wehrhahn).

Andrew Papantonis – Delbarton (Senior)
Anthony Mastroeni – Hopatcong (Junior)
Anthony Salemi – Randolph (Senior)
Bryce Sokolowski – West Morris (Junior)
Dajon Chappell – Morris Hills (Senior)
Davon Smith – Butler (Senior)
Devonne Swan – Morris Catholic (Junior)
Dominic Hink – Mount Olive (Senior)
Dylan Harlos – Wallkill Valley (Junior)
Giuseppe Canino – Mendham (Junior)
J’hamil King – Morristown (Junior)
Jake Crane – Whippany Park (Junior)
Jake Phillip – High Point (Junior)
Joe Badgley – Roxbury (Senior)
Josh Klimek – Kittatinny (Senior)
Justin Werder – Roxbury (Senior)
Kevin Sembrat – Roxbury (Junior)
Kevin Utter – Sussex Tech (Senior)
Kwaku Agyemang – Parsippany (Senior)
Luc Bongiovanni – Pequannock (Senior)
Luca Tria – Delbarton (Senior)
Maleek Awan – Boonton (Senior)
Masyn Sanchez – Dover (Junior)
Nate Howell – Morris Knolls (Junior)
Nick Jung – Randolph (Senior)
Nick Palazzi – Mountain Lakes (Senior)
Oscar Vindel – Dover (Senior)
Reid Randolph – Mendham (Junior)
Ron Fox – Pope John (Junior)
Ryan DiLorenzo – Boonton (Senior)
Sean Centinaro – Butler (Sophomore)
Steven Sylvester – Lenape Valley (Senior)
Will Larsen – Newton (Junior)
Wilson Done – Par Hills (Junior)

All Unruly Honorable Mention Receivers

(photo by Dawn Vogel Herbst)

Sussex Tech senior receiver Brandon Bendes was a deadly weapon for the Mustangs in 2016.  The 6-1 stud had the size and speed to make him almost uncoverable (photo by Dawn Vogel Herbst).

Alfred Boye-Codjoe – Wallkill Valley (Senior)
Billy Tedeschi – Pequannock (Junior)
Brandon Bendes – Sussex Tech (Senior)
Brian Kraska – Madison (Senior)
Chris Corporan – Boonton (Senior)
Chris Francesco – Chatham (Senior)
Chris Grube – Lenape Valley (Senior)
Jack Cipriano – Morristown-Beard (Senior)
Joe Riotto – Morris Catholic (Junior)
Joe Scotti – Mendham (Junior)
Josh Szott – Morristown (Senior)
Justin Keating – Whippany Park (Junior)
Lance Johnson – Mount Olive (Junior)
Matt Garofalo – Roxbury (Senior)
Matt Kaynak – Butler (Senior)
Matt Macaulay – Hackettstown (Junior)
Matt O’Donnell – Madison (Senior)
Matt Unger – Pequannock (Junior)
Matt Wong – Whippany Park (Junior)
Nate Inglis – Dover (Senior)
Nick Ho – Par Hills (Senior)
Pat Cosgrove – Chatham (Senior)
Ryan Hitchcock – Pequannock (Junior)
Sean Scott – Butler (Senior)

All Unruly Honorable Mention Offensive Linemen

(photo by Mattie Marano)

Lenape Valley’s line was a big reason for the huge offensive of production for Patriots in 2016.  Above Aidan Proulx (68) clears the way for Michael Josephs during the state final at MetLife Stadium (photo by Mattie Marano).

A.J. Kloza – Mountain Lakes (Junior)
Aidan Proulx – Lenape Valley (Senior)
Alfred Battipede – Butler (Senior)
Anthony Auriemma – Whippany Park (Junior)
Billy Loewen – Sparta (Senior)
Billy Nieman – Morris Hills (Senior)
Corey Iannotta – Lenape Valley (Senior)
Crin Uricoli – Par Hills (Senior)
Dan Corcoran – Hanover Park (Junior)
Dan Glazewski – Jefferson (Senior)
Dan Heys – Jefferson (Senior)
Devin Mager – Newton (Junior)
David Biank – Roxbury (Senior)
Dean Carlson – Whippany Park (Junior)
Dom Musto – Par Hills (Senior)
Dylan Hayduk – Whippany Park (Senior)
Elias Tadros – Butler (Junior)
Eric Frei – High Point (Junior)
Eric Walker – Montville (Senior)
Frank Christiano – Hanover Park (Senior)
Gift Ingabire – Newton (Senior)
Graham Harpell – Kittatinny (Senior)
Griffin Meister – Madison (Senior)
Jack LoVecchio – Mendham (Senior)
Jack Ryan – Pope John (Junior)
Jacob Maurer – North Warren (Senior)
Jake Babus – Roxbury (Senior)
Jake Kondroski – Boonton (Senior)
Jason Girratano – Sparta (Junior)
Joe Andes – Hackettstown (Junior)
Joe Baorto – Randolph (Senior)
Joe Ferraro – Kinnelon (Senior)
John Vitone – Butler (Senior)
Josh Pledger – Randolph (Senior)
Justin Samiljen – Newton (Junior)
Justin Armstrong – North Warren (Senior)
Kai Robinson – Pequannock (Junior)
Kenny Patterson – Morris Knolls (Senior)
Kyle Rinsky – Hanover Park (Junior)
Malik Ahmedi – Boonton (Senior)
Matt Knox – Randolph (Senior)
Michael Bolla – West Morris (Senior)
Michael Bowen – Mendham (Senior)
Mike Forsyth – Morris Knolls (Senior)
Nick Bello – Pope John (Junior)
Nick Cocomello – Montville (Junior)
Nick Merz – Morris Hills (Senior)
Paul Casperson – Newton (Junior)
Paul Davis – Mount Olive (Senior)
Paul Links – Madison (Junior)
Peter Stobinski – Morris Hills (Senior)
Rene Garin – Dover (Senior)
Rich Hamler – Sussex Tech (Senior)
Rich Hoffman – Kinnelon (Senior)
Ricky Lapola – Pope John (Senior)
Sam Ruta – Hanover Park (Senior)
Shane Beston – Morris Knolls (Senior)
Shane O’Connor – Jefferson (Junior)
Shane Ratz – High Point (Junior)
Stephen Lengkong – Hopatcong (Senior)
Steve Eutermark – High Point (Senior)
Taylor Parkinson-Gee – West Morris (Senior)
TJ Bohm – Morris Catholic (Senior)
Tom Stoback – Morris Hills (Senior)
Troy Dawson – Morris Hills (Senior)
Victor Schiavo – Jefferson (Senior)
Will Ernst – Lenape valley (Junior)
Zach Sieb – Morris Catholic (Senior)
Zack Kennedy – Hopatcong (Junior)

All Unruly Honorable Mention Defensive Linemen

Tom Pellegrino

West Morris defensive lineman Tom Pellegrino was a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks.  His ability to move his big frame as fast as he did gave the Wolfpack a legitimate pass rush they leveraged all the way to the semi-finals (photo by Al Wehrhahn).

Aiden Murray – Wallkill Valley (Junior)
Artis Hemingway – Pope John (Senior)
Ben Davis – Sparta (Junior)
Brian Speicher – Mendham (Senior)
Cole Benfatti – Jefferson (Senior)
Connahr Lally – Vernon (Senior)
Corey Weiss – Mount Olive (Junior)
Dante DiIonno – Madison (Senior)
Dillon Chiuchiolo – Kinnelon (Senior)
Eric Ames – Vernon (Junior)
Jack Ryan – Pope John (Junior)
Jake Maciejewski – Delbarton (Senior)
Janok Bilgec – Boonton (Junior)
Joe Chermak – Boonton (Junior)
Joe Russo – Boonton (Senior)
John Krevis – Parsippany (Junior)
John Taggart – Butler (Senior)
Jonathan VanNess – Newton (Junior)
Kevin Carpenter – Sparta (Junior)
Levi Burnell – High Point (Senior)
Matt Meola – Roxbury (Senior)
Max Downing – Madison (Senior)
Nick Foglia – Whippany Park (Junior)
Nick Geroldi – Whippany Park (Junior)
Nick Gitleman – Morris Knolls (Junior)
Nick Petruzziello – Randolph (Junior)
P.J. Wright – West Morris (Junior)
Parker Fox – Montville (Senior)
Rich Hoffman – Kinnelon (Senior)
Ryan Durling – North Warren (Junior)
Santi Quintero – Madison (Junior)
Stephen Chesonis – Lenape Valley (Senior)
TJ Bohm – Morris Catholic (Senior)
Tom Pellegrino – West Morris (Junior)
Troy Dawson – Morris Hills (Senior)
Vin Rapisardi – Vernon (Senior)

All Unruly Honorable Mention Linebackers

Al Wehrhahn

Par Hill’s linebacker Marco Falivene was Mr. Reliable all season long by not missing a snap on both sides of the ball.  He made a tremendous impact on defense where he was in on just about every tackle and racked up 7 quarterback sacks (photo by Al Wehrhahn).

Aidan Sinisgalli – Jefferson (Senior)
Amir Porter – Pope John (Junior)
Andrew Lake – Whippany Park (Senior)
Anthony Marsico – Wallkill Valley (Senior)
Braden Stagg – Mendham (Senior)
Brendan Serio – Hopatcong (Senior)
Calvin Krippner – Kinnelon (Junior)
Cameron Beltram – West Morris (Senior)
Chris Colon – Delbarton (Senior)
Chris Flynn – Randolph (Senior)
Connor Mahoney – Roxbury (Junior)
Cory Mack – Butler (Senior)
Danny Polons – Butler (Senior)
Gannon Chiuchiolo – Kinnelon (Junior)
Jalen Torres – Jefferson (Senior)
Jason Baun – Dover (Junior)
Jay McMurray – Pequannock (Senior)
Jesse Unger – Morristown (Senior)
Josh Webb – Butler (Junior)
Justin Voss – Kittatinny (Junior)
Khalid Dickerson – Lenape Valley (Senior)
Kohl Shaffer – Delbarton (Senior)
Marco Falivene – Par Hills (Senior)
Matt Gallo – Pequannock (Junior)
Matt Rapisardi – Vernon (Junior)
Michael Christiansen – Roxbury (Junior)
Michael Fleming – Jefferson (Junior)
Mike Forsyth – Morris Knolls (Senior)
Myles Shelton – Mount Olive (Senior)
Nick Donadio – Morris Knolls (Senior)
Nick Merz – Morris Hills (Senior)
Nick Zach – Randolph (Senior)
Patrick Wickenheisser – Morris Catholic (Junior)
Rich Hofmann – Sussex Tech (Junior)
Robbie Gennat – Sparta (Junior)
Robert Dromsky-Reed – Kinnelon (Senior)
Rourke Colligan – West Morris (Junior)
Ryan Hodgins – Mount Olive (Junior)
Sean Makovec – Randolph (Senior)
Tommy Spinelli – Mendham (Senior)
Tony Fodali – Randolph (Junior)
Ty Dauti – Boonton (Senior)
Tyler Tarnowski – Lenape Valley (Senior)
Vinny Bianchi – Par Hills (Junior)
Vinny Ventricelli – Boonton (Junior)
Will Wells – Pequannock (Junior)
Zach Meister – West Morris (Senior)
Zach Polley – Mendham (Junior)
Zack Huapaya – Hopatcong (Junior)

All Unruly Honorable Mention Defensivebacks

(Al Wehrhahn)

Junior defensive back Jake Zerillo (6) was a play maker on defense with three INTs and a slew of tackles in 2016 (photo by Al Wehrhahn).

Anthony Esposito – Sparta (Junior)
Anthony Manna – Montville (Junior)
Ben Adams – Mountain Lakes (Senior)
Christian Cuttita – Chatham (Junior)
Cody Romano – Kittatinny (Senior)
Damon Lattuga – Morris Catholic (Junior)
Dean Jinks – West Morris (Junior)
Drew Chilson – Morristown (Junior)
Francisco Arenas – Dover (Senior)
Garrett Izzo – West Morris (Senior)
Jack Sikora – Kittatinny (Junior)
Jaiden Elliott – Newton (Junior)
Jake Marshall – Mountain Lakes (Junior)
Jake Zerillo – Sparta (Junior)
JJ Carrara – Hackettstown (Senior)
John Stavropoulous – Hanover Park (Senior)
Julien Kempf – Boonton (Senior)
Liam Anderson – Mount Olive (Junior)
Mark Amendola – Hanover Park (Senior)
Max Schelling – Chatham (Junior)
Michael Dimeo – Whippany Park (Junior)
Mike Bettelli – Par Hills (Senior)
Patrick Brady – Butler (Junior)
Reed Gregory – Delbarton (Senior)
Rey Almodovar – Morris Hills (Junior)
Ronnie Lubertazzo – North Warren (Senior)
Ryan Gallagher – Hackettstown (Senior)
Ryan Lourick – Boonton (Junior)
Ryan Mulligan – Randolph (Senior)
Sean Prior – Lenape Valley (Senior)
Tanner Sodano – Lenape Valley (Senior)
Tim Elefonte – Kinnelon (Junior)
Tom Gilmore – High Point (Senior)
Tyler Weiss – Montville (Senior)
Tyshon Bradley – Roxbury (Senior)
Zach Nesheiwat – Hackettstown (Senior)

All Unruly Honorable Mention Specialty Guys

(photo by Lisa Mita Photography)

Madison kicker Isaac Zapata was money all season long and his foot proved to be the difference in the Dodger’s 34-33 semi-final victory over Hanover Park (photo by Lisa Mita Photography).

Davis Bell – Delbarton (Junior) P
Declan Minogue – Butler (Junior) K
Eddie O’Melia – Hackettstown (Junior) K
Isaac Zapata – Madison (Senior) K
Mike Egan – West Morris (Senior) K
Paul Padilla – Whippany Park (Junior) P
Vincent Antoniello – Pope John (Junior) K

All Unruly Honorable Mention Returners / Utility Guys / Gunners


One of the biggest traits we look for when selecting players for the All Unruly Team is heart. And if that is the case, we cannot leave off West Morris’ #29 Ryan Albertson.  Without Albertson eliminating excuses for all of the Wolfpack players, I am not sure West Morris goes 9-2 (Al Wehrhahn).

Andrew Pondiscio – Sparta (Senior) DB/KR
Ben Adams – Mountain Lakes (Senior) UT
Christian Izien – Pope John (Junior) KR
Joe Toribio – North Warren (Junior) KR
Joey Juliano – Hopatcong (Junior) UT
Ryan Albertson – West Morris (Senior) Gunner
Sean McGrath – Delbarton (Senior) UT
Shane Dougherty – Morris Knolls (Senior) KR
Stephen Conley – Hanover Park (Junior) Gunner

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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