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Weekly Scores

Round 1 Scores

Hanover Park was able to advance into the playoffs with a Round 1 win over Caldwell (photo by Lisa Mita Photography).

Hanover Park was able to advance deeper into the postseason with a Round 1 win over Caldwell (photo by Lisa Mita Photography).

Whippany Park vs. Rutherford 14 – 28
Snyder vs. Parsippany Hills 6 – 35
Pequannock vs. Newton 35 – 20
Jefferson vs. Old Tappan 0 – 10
Fort Lee vs. Lenape Valley 13 – 31
Cresskill vs. Boonton 26 – 21
Delbarton vs. St. Peter’s Prep 13 – 34
Caldwell vs. Hanover Park 22 – 28
Demarest vs. Sparta 27 – 55
Hackettstown vs. Madison 26 – 38
High Point vs. Pompton Lakes 21 – 6
Gov. Livingston vs. Morris Hills 7 – 47
Red Bank Cath. vs. Pope John 21 – 48
No. Highlands vs. Roxbury 35 – 45

How We Predicted Them Last Week

Dan: 9-5 (64.28%)
Brian: 9-5 (64.28%)
George: 11-3 (73.33%)

How We Predicted Them This Year So Far

Dan: 164-58 (73.87%)
Brian: 155-67 (69.81%)
George: 157-65 (70.72%)

Top Passers


Quarterback Donato Casolaro completed 8 passes for 103-yards in Hanover Park’s win over Caldwell (photo by Lisa Mita Photography).

Matt Maute, Sparta, 12-28-220-3
Matt O’Brien, Hackettstown, 9-23-140-2
Luke Young, Newton, 8-12-127-1
Ty Hranicka, Pope John, 7-11-125-2
Michael Kearney, Madison, 9-11-116-1
Dave Jachera, Pequannock, 6-7-113-0
Daymon Fleming, Morris Hills, 3-4-110-1
Donato Casolaro, Hanover Park, 8-17-103-0
Donovan Brady, Roxbury, 3-8-94-0
Davis Bell, Delbarton, 13-19-79-0
Luke Papa, Whippany Park, 4-8-52-0

Top Rushers

Rory DeLuca

Rory DeLuca took matters into his own hands for Hanover Park by rushing for 234-yards and 3 TDs in a Round 1 win over Caldwell (photo by Lisa Mita Photography).

Berrell Neal, Pope John, 13-249-2
Alex Milliken, Sparta, 29-243-4
Rory DeLuca, Hanover Park, 33-234-3
Luke Papa, Whippany Park, 20-162-2
Joey Badgley, Roxbury, 20-139-3
Chad Musilli, High Point, 28-136-1
Luc Bongiovanni, Pequannock, 20-133-1
Chase Cramer, Newton, 25-128-2
Wilson Done, Par Hills, 23-124-1
Michael Roumes, Roxbury, 19-122-0
Nick Verducci, Par Hills, 17-119-3
Dave Jachera, Pequannock, 17-116-4
Troy DuPont, Lenape Valley, 4-105-1
Sam Valerio, Morris Hills, 5-100-1
Tucker Voelbel, Roxbury, 10-97-3
Angelo Macera, Morris Hills, 8-90-1
Maleek Awan, Boonton, 6-81-1
Dajon Chappell, Morris Hills, 9-75-0
Jake Lisinsky, High Point, 15-74-1
P.J. Mulcahy, Madison, 9-70-1
Brian Bradley, Madison, 9-67-1
Khalid Dickerson, Lenape Valley, 4-65-1
Anthony Siragusa, Delbarton, 11-65-0
Matt O’Brien, Hackettstown, 7-61-1
Matt Mulcahy, Madison, 11-61-1
Amaro Anderson, Boonton, 15-56-1
Terrence Jones, Pope John, 10-55-1
Jake Philip, High Piont, 9-54-1
Thomas Agudo, Sparta, 6-52-1
Michael Kearney, Madison, 11-43-2

Top Receivers

Hanover Park receiver Michal Radomski gets swarmed by his teammates after making a nice touchdown grab against Caldwell (photo by Lisa Mita Photography).

Hanover Park receiver Michal Radomski gets swarmed by his teammates after making a nice touchdown grab against Caldwell (photo by Lisa Mita Photography).

Rich McDonald, Sparta, 4-112-1
Christian Izien, Pope John, 3-77-2
Billy Tedeshi, Pequannock, 2-74-0
JJ Carrara, Hackettstown, 3-67-0
Austin Willis, Hackettstown, 1-62-1
Scott Price, Newton, 1-54-0
Eric Magnifico, Hanover Park, 3-46-0
Devin Caruso, Morris Hills, 1-45-1
Dajon Chappell, Morris Hills, 1-45-0
Matt Mulcahy, Madison, 2-42-0
Jimmy Fortier, Hanover Park, 2-42-0
Nicholas Geroldi, Whippany Park, 1-38-0
Brian Dolan, Pope John, 3-36-0
Chase Cramer, Newton, 5-36-0
Eric Castorina, Sparta, 2-31-0

Top Defenders & Special Teamers

Hanover Park

Hanover Park junior Sean Conley (20) has been a tackling machine all season long for the  Hornets (photo by Lisa Mita Photography).

Nicholas Foglia, Whippany Park, 14 tackles
Dylan Hayduk, Whippany Park, 14 tackles
Andrew Lake, Whippany Park, 9 tackles
Vinnie Bianchi, Par Hills, 10 tackles, 1 INT
Justin Gurth, Par Hills, 6 tackles, 2 sacks
Cormac Bradley, Par Hills, XP 5-5
Justin Fuss, Pequannock, 9 tackles
Matt Gallo, Pequannock, 7 tackles, 1 INT
Jason McMurray, Pequannock, 9 tackles
Zach Toback, Pequannock, 14 tackles
Matt Unger, Pequannock, 9 tackles
Jon Kelly, Pequannock, XP 5-5
Chase Cramer, Newton, 4 tackles, 1 caused fumble
Jaiden Elliott, Newton, 5 tackles, 1 caused fumble
Dante Northe, Newton, 3 tackles, 1 fumble recovery
Scott Price, Newton, 6 tackles, 1 sack
Luke Young, Newton, 15 tackles
Nicholas Giordano, Newton, 2-3
Cole Benfatti, Jefferson, 4 tackles, 1 fumble recovery
Mike Fleming, Jefferson, 15 tackles
Dan Glazewski, Jefferson, 11 tackles
Alex Leming, Jefferson, 21 tackles, 1 fumble recovery
Nick Miller, Jefferson, 11 tackles, 1 caused fumble
Aiden Sinisgalli, Jefferson, 10 tackles
Jalen Torres, Jefferson, 9 tackles
Stevie Leyden, Lenape Valley, FG 1-1-35, XP 4-4
Ryan Dilorenzo, Boonton, 1 fumble recovery
Amaro Anderson, Boonton, XP 3-3
Anthony Siragusa, Delbarton, 1 fumble recovery for TD, 1 Pick-6
Dan Corcoran, Hanover Park, 7 tackles, 1 sack
Rory DeLuca, Hanover Park, 8 tackles
Michael Ferrone, Hanover Park, 10 tackles, 1 sack
Jimmy Fortier, Hanover Park, 4 tackles, 1 INT
Eddie Schimminger, Hanover Park, 9 tackles
Michal Radomski, Hanover Park, 2 tackles, XP 4-4
Ben Davis, Sparta, 1 INT
Anthony Esposito, Sparta, 1 INT
Ryan Rossiter, Sparta, 1 INT
Jake Zerillo, Sparta, 1 INT
Anthony Brocoletti, Sparta, 3-6
Rich McDonald, Sparta, 1 2-point conversion
Jake Zerillo, Sparta, 1 2-point conversion
Jared Bernard, Hackettstown, 7 tackles
Kyle Connelly, Hackettstown, 9 tackles
Christian Maciak, Hackettstown, 10 tackles
Zach Nesheiwat, Hackettstown, 7 tackles
Mike Newkirk, Hackettstown, 6 tackles
Eddie O’Melia, Hackettstown, 7 tackles
Levi Burnell, High Point, 2 sacks
Steve Eutermark, High Point, 2 sacks, 2 caused fumbles
Storm Goralczyk, High Point, 1 fumble recovery
Cliff Rutter, High Point, 8 tackles, 1 sack
Grayson Sabo, High Point, XP 3-3
Devin Caruso, Morris Hills, 8 tackles
Daymon Fleming, Morris Hills, 5 tackles, XP 5-6
Damian Gonzalez, Morris Hills, 7 tackles
Sam Valerio, Morris Hills, 4 tackles, 1 INT
Nick Walls, Morris Hills, 2 tackles, 2 sacks
Vincent Antoniello, Pope John, XP 4-6
Ty Hranicka, Pope John, 1 2-point conversion
Jhadir Charles, Pope John, KO return for TD (85)
Riley O’Connor, Roxbury, XP 6-6, FG 1-2
Michael Roumes, Roxbury, 5 tackles
Wayne Safreed, Roxbury, 13 tackles, 1 sack

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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