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Friday Nightmares 

Butler (5-2) @ Hopatcong (4-3)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Both teams have put up big numbers on offense in their last three games. However, Butler has gotten into the 50s in two of those games. The Bulldogs are streaking at the perfect time of the season. Look for them to get a win on the road and extend that win streak to four. PICK: Butler: 38-28
Brian Daniel: Butler continues to roll and score mad points. 59 last week! The ‘Cong will have their hands full in this one. Look for Billy “V” Verrico to run for over 200 yards because he is a beast and cannot be stopped. He will score three times in this one. That being said, Hopatcong’s Jake Wilkerson and Anthony Mastroeni will combine for at least 200 yards and score twice. This is like Godzilla vs. Da ‘Cong, but I have always been partial to Godzilla. PICK: Butler 37-20
George Muha: I am still a little taken back that this week’s FBU Player of the Week Butler RB Will Verrico eats a box of oatmeal raisin cookies the day before games. When I do that I take a nap for two days. Regardless, it’s working because the kid is yard-gaining machine so I say keep chomping away. The part I don’t like for the Bulldogs is they have to play this game in “Hell”. Okay, that might be a little strong of a Halloween nickname for Hopatcong’s home field. But that place can suck the life out of you on a cold October evening. Plus DaCong’s Jake “Muhammed” Wilkerson and Bart “Off the Chart” Yarosz are playing for their playoff lives. I know for sure this will be a game until the final whistle. PICK: Butler 28-27

Delbarton (3-4) @ Poly Prep, NY (6-2)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: The Green Wave have had it tough this year, playing in the big boy conference against the likes of St. Joe’s (Mont.), Don Bosco Prep and DePaul. While no loss is a good loss, I think it gives Delbarton a major advantage taking the road and heading to Poly Prep. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Look for Delby to take it to Prep. PICK: Delbarton 21-17
Brian Daniel: Well, since I have no clue I am going to go with the NY team in this one. I think Delby will even up their record after this game. How about Anthony Siragusa scoring two TDs on fumble recoveries last week? Taking after his Old Man! Impressive. I am pretty sure I heard Poly Prep is haunted by the ghosts of a bunch of dead parrots. PICK: Delby 21-17
George Muha: Trick or treat Poly Prep? How about I choose for you and give you some treats in the form of Michael “Myers” Huston, Jake “Dr. Frankenstein” Maciejewski, Trey “The Zombie” Zgombic, Cole “House of” Kreshpane and Anthony “The Boogeyman” Siragusa. You should have picked trick. That’s the way we roll in NJ bro! PICK: Delby 35-24

Dover (1-6) @ Pequannock (4-2)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: The ‘Nock is coming off a tough loss in OT against Montville but look for them to rebound against the Tigers. PICK: The ‘Nock 28-0
Brian Daniel: Dover continues to battle all season and the ‘Quan is coming off a rough loss to Montville. I think Pequannock is pretty upset about last week and unfortunately for Dover they will take it out on the Tigers. Look for Mr. Kilimek to run for at last a hundred and two scores in this one for the ‘Quan. The guy runs like he is running from the zombies in World War Z! PICK: The ‘Quan 26-10
George Muha: With Dover’s playoff hopes a dim glow at this point, they get to play the role of spoiler. I am sure they studied the film of Montville’s strategy like crazy. But I see Pequannock’s Sean Klimek running with a little extra fury after last week’s loss. Look for Luc “Jon Bon Jovi” Bongiovanni to score twice as well. PICK: Quan 34-20

Hanover Park (6-1) @ Madison (6-0)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: The Dodgers are rolling and while Hanover Park only has one loss on the season.  Madison, in my opinion, plays on a different level and they are a Top 5 team in the county. PICK: Madison 28-14
Brian Daniel: I don’t understand why this game is being played Friday Night with portable lights.  That doesn’t make any sense to me. There is nothing wrong with a Saturday day game, and conditions should be optimal for both teams in a game like this. But what do I know? Not much, trust me. That being said, there is no question that Vegas has Madison favored by about 15 points. Coach Moore is going to have to coach the Hornets up big time to come up with a way to beat Madison. If HP’s Donato Casolaro ends up running for a couple of TDs and throwing a couple of TD passes (look for Michal Radomski and/or Eric Magnifico to haul in those TD catches) then the Hornets will win this game. Of course, Mike Kearney and the Dodgers aren’t going to roll over at home. They still remember when HP stopped “The Streak” at Dodger Stadium. Should be a great one, and if the Hornets’ defense (Rory DeLuca had 3.5 sacks last week, look for him to get at least 2 this week) can slow down Kearney and Company they will win it. PICK: HP 28-27
George Muha: The person who scares me the most in this game is Madison’s Coach Kubik. For some reason I picture him in a Dr Frankenstein-esk laboratory mixing glass beakers of maroon and gold liquid with smoke pouring out as he prepares for this match-up. I don’t know what he’s got cooking up but whatever it is it I think will be the x-factor in this game. It pains me to say this prediction since I am the biggest homer for my Hornets, and I hope I am wrong, but I am afraid I’ll be right. PICK: Madison 44-28

High Point (4-2) Parsippany (2-5)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: The Wildcats stock is on the upswing after a tough loss against Morris Hills back in Week 5 and up next is a Parsippany team that has lost three-straight. PICK: HP 28-7
Brian Daniel: High Point is have a decent season and Parsippany is going in the other direction as of late. However, I think this game is going to be a hard fought battle with both teams leaving it all on the field. When the dust settles, I think HP barely escapes with a win, thanks to Chad Musilli’s 150 yards on the ground. PICK: HP 14-13
George Muha: Just so everyone knows, I am the one who put Chad Musilli on my “Beast Watch” in our preseason preview. So I am taking credit for all of his success since I am so smart. In all seriousness, this kid is a freak-a-zoid! PICK: HP 30-20

Lakeland (4-3) @ Lenape Valley (6-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: The Lancers are limping their way through the regular season losing two of their last three. Unfortunately, the pain train that is Lenape Valley is playing at home, which is not a good thing for Lakeland. PICK: Lenape Valley 40-14
Brian Daniel: The Valley is firing on all cylinders lately and they will win big at home against Lakeland. I don’t see a way to stop the combo of The Valley’s frightening combo of DuPont and Leyden, who will score a TD each in this one. PICK: The Valley 26-13
George Muha: Lenape Valley’s Michael Josephs has been too quiet as of late. I think that changes this week. Look for he and QB Jay Pruden to connect for over 100-yards and at least one touchdown in a convincing win. PICK: LV 40-23

West Side (2-5) @ Mountain Lakes (0-7)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: You read it here first. The Herd will get their first win of the season, at home, against a West Side team that does not get me excited at all. Look for Coach Fusco and company to get in the win column when the clock hits zero. PICK: Lakes 17-7
Brian Daniel: This is it, it’s now or never for the Lakes. I think they pull off an upset and win this one big. Why? Because they are due, that’s why. Their favorite holiday is Halloween, and the Herd isn’t going 0-for this year, especially on their favorite holiday. PICK: Lakes 28-7
George Muha: The bleeding stops this week as sophomore QB Jack Baker the Touchdown Maker finds receivers Ben Adams and Jake Schicke in a message to their home crowd that says, “don’t worry Herd Nation, our future is bright!” PICK: Herd 21-14

North Warren (0-6) @ Cedar Grove (3-4)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Cedar Grove gets back to the .500 mark with a much needed win against a struggling North Warren team. PICK: Cedar Grove 24-3
Brian Daniel: I asked the Ouija board to pick this one. North Warren is having a rough season, but they are still playing with heart. They will Cedar Grove a run for their money but the board said the Grove ends up on the winning end in this one. PICK: Grove 21-20
George Muha: North Warren QB Ronnie Lubertazzo was one of my favorite guys to interview this past summer during preseason camp visits. Just an upbeat kid! I know the Pats are having a tough year and I’m sorry to say I don’t think its going to get better this week. PICK: Cedar Grove 30-13

Morristown (1-6) @ East Orange (4-2)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: East Orange boasts too much speed on the field and I don’t think Mo-town has the defense to keep up. PICK: East Orange 35-7
Brian Daniel: There are a ton of ghosts in Morristown. Like, the whole town is haunted with people from the days of yore. Unfortunately, this game is in East Orange. I think that East Orange is tough at home and they will win a close one by scoring in the final minutes. PICK: EO 14-10
George Muha: I have not lost faith in the Colonials this season. Look for this team to pull one out for Coach Powers in convincing fashion. PICK: Motown 40-34

Pascack Hills (2-5) @ Kinnelon (3-3)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Can the Colts get over the hump? Pascack Hills makes the trip to Kinnelon and the Colts will protect their house against their Bergen County opposition. PICK: Kinnelon 17-14
Brian Daniel: I don’t know much about Pascak Hills except their record. Kinnelon doesn’t want to fall behind .500 and I don’t think they will. Look for Calvin “The Crippler” Krippner to find the endzone for Kinnelon in this one. PICK: Kinnelon 20-14
George Muha: I watched Kinnelon take some lumps last week against Hanover Park. I would have liked them to run more of Seamus Nelson but I guess they needed to try to pass their way back into the game. Regardless, I bet they stick to the Nelson Train on the ground and I see it paying off. PICK: Kinnelon 32-22

Randolph (4-3) @ Roxbury (4-2)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: To everyone’s surprise, I am not picking this as the “game of the week”. Continue reading and you will see why. Yes, Roxbury is my alma mater. Yes both teams need this win. But in all honesty, throw the records out the window. This is the Super Bowl and unless you live under a rock, you know this is THE rivalry match-up in Morris county. The Rams seem to be getting things together, winning their last two and Roxbury has one of the most potent offenses in the county,. The only hiccup on their schedule is a lopsided loss to Sparta but lets be honest. Sparta is the best team in Morris/Sussex county. I look at both of these teams schedules and with what Roxbury has done, even in a loss to Wayne Hills, I think they will “eek” this one out. Being at home is a big help for the Gaels but you know the Randolph faithful will be coming in full force. If there is one game you go to this year, this is it. PICK: Roxbury 35-28
Brian Daniel: This is going to be a great game. Roxbury bounced back from a rough one against Sparta by shutting out Mount Olive, and Randolph dominated Columbia last week. Both teams are coming into this game hot. Ryan “I don’t need a” Mulligan will run for a buck twenty and two scores for the Rams in this one, but at the end of the day Roxbury’s defense led by Tony Hayek, Connor Mahoney and Andy “Axe” Axelson will stop the Rams when they need to so they pull out a win. PICK: Roxbury 29-20
George Muha: This game will be a high flying shootout with Randolph’s Carlo Zarro and Jeramie Simmons connecting for at least two scores for the Rams and Roxbury’s Tucker Voelbel and Donovan Brady doing damage for the Gaels. In the end, I think it will be Roxbury that will eek it out at home. PICK: Roxbury 34-33

Vernon (3-3) @ West Milford (0-6)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Vernon can not afford to drop two in a row and they won’t. The urgency meter is cranked all the way up and the Vikings won’t let this one slip. PICK: Vernon 35-0
Brian Daniel: Vernon continues to play well, and West Milford unfortunately is still looking for their first victory. Unfortunately I don’t think that this will be the game they rise from the dead. Look for Zachary “Bingo” Biango to score defensive TD this week. PICK: Vernon 16-8
George Muha: Vernon is one of those teams who can control their own playoff destiny with a win this week against West Milford and another win next week against MoHills. It won’t be easy but this Vikings team is very underrated. Look for the Stefkovich-inator to ground and pound for 100-yards rushing and QB Brandon Lavorini to find receiver Matt “Bohemian” Rapisardi to connect for a score. PICK: Vernon 28-21

Boonton celebrates their 28-0 shutout over Dover on the bus last Friday night.

Boonton celebrates their 28-0 shutout over Dover on the bus last Friday night.

Verona (2-5) @ Boonton (5-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: If Boonton was on the stock exchange, I would advise you to buy! After their opening season loss to Weequahic they have not lost, stringing together five in a row (one was a forfeit). Look for that trend to continue against Verona. PICK: Boonton 24-7
Brian Daniel: Boonton is playing well this year and Verona will have its hands full with Maleek Awan (as everyone does when they play the Boots) and look for Chris “Corporal” Coproran to scrape up 12 tackles in this one. PICK: Boonton 35-17
George Muha: I was going to predict Verona to win this game but then I remembered that Boonton has Joe Chermak, Ty Dauti, Steve Delaporte, Ryan Dilorenzo, Julien Kempf and Ryan Lourick on their defense. These guys could literally could teach tackling techniques to the Jets…and I think they probably should. PICK: Boots 35-21

Wallkill Valley (1-5) @ Newton (6-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: After a hard fought overtime victory over Hackettstown look for Newton to use that as a huge confidence booster.  For anyone standing in their way, watch out. Newton has their sites set on the second season. PICK: Newton 28-3
Brian Daniel: Newton is playing some awesome football this season. The Valley can beat anybody on any given day, but today the Newtonians have their number. Luke Young and Jaiden Elliott will combine for 25 tackles in this one, yes 25. PICK: Newton 28-14
George Muha: I bumped into some Newton players at the Pope John vs Bergen Catholic game last week. These guys have a humble confidence about them that makes you want to root for them. Newton’s junior Jaiden “Jumbo” Elliott and sophomore Wyatt “Earp” McCarthy are defenders who have been sticking it to opponents. Look for the duo to combine for 12 tackles as they get their Braves to a 7-1 record. PICK: Fig Newtons 29-14

Saturday Afternoon Delights

Morris Catholic sent this victory bus pic in after their

Morris Catholic sent this victory bus pic in after their 39-0 shutout over Immaculate Conception.

Newark Collegiate (3-4) @ Morris Catholic (2-5)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: For the first time this season, I am phoning a friend. Their pick, Newark Collegiate! PICK: Newark Collegiate 20-14
Brian Daniel: Hmm, well, I think Morris Catholic always plays tough at home, and Saturday will be no exception. Look for Devonne Swan to go trick or treating early in this one, scoring 2 times. PICK: MC 19-13
George Muha: It doesn’t matter that MC is playing a college team this Saturday, I don’t see them dropping this one at home. Yhylmoni Fable will show that not only does he have the coolest football name of all time, but he also has the skillz to pay the billz. PICK: MC 34-30

West Morris (6-1) @ Mendham (2-4)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: West Morris is also on my Top 5 teams list in Morris Sussex and unfortunately for Mendham, they will find out why first hand. PICK: Wolfpack 35-0
Brian Daniel: West Morris is playing lights out and that will continue this Saturday. My man Cole Draghi will score twice while running for close to 200 yards for WM. Tommy “Spins” Spinelli will haunt WM on defense with 12 tackles and a forced fumble but in the end WM runs away with it. PICK: WM 35-13
George Muha: How about a round of applause for Mendham freshman QB Logan “The Kid” Clouse? The 14-year-old has done a valiant job by making the most of his varsity dunks and last week was a perfect 5 for 5 with 90-yards and a TD in Mendham’s win over Indian Hills. This week Mendham hosts their biggest foe West Morris for their Homecoming Game in what is basically a playoff game for the Minutemen. A win unleashes a jackpot of Power Points. I hope for their sake they can pull it off. But I am afraid the Wolves travel in too big of a pack to drop this one. PICK: WMC 44-21

Pope John (4-3) @ DePaul (3-4)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: DePaul has been playing the best of the best in Jersey football for years. No offense to Pope John but the Spartans are just a step above the Morris Sussex football competition. PICK: DePaul 24-14
Brian Daniel: Pope John wins this one in the first half and coasts in the second. Not for nothing, their defense played really well except for a few plays last week. This week they will smother DePaul. Artis “Ernest” Hemmingway and Marquis Muschett will combine for 4 sacks and 20 tackles for the Johnnies. PICK: PJ 28-14
George Muha: Marquis “The Machete” Muschett is flat out my favorite player in Morris Sussex right now! This guy is a real deal football player. Last week I watch him sack, hurry and cause complete havoc for the Bergen Catholic QB all afternoon. PJ will need him to do that again this week but that won’t be a problem. I’m doubling down on the Johnnies in this one. PICK: Johnnies 21-14

Par Hills was all business after

Par Hills was all business from the bus after taking down Orange.

Parsippany Hills (3-4) @ Nutley (2-5)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Par Hills has been confusing the heck out of me all season long. They have a great group of guys led by quarterback Nick Verducci and yet, they are under .500. I think they get it together here and get a much needed win to keep their playoff hopes alive. PICK: Par Hills 35-21
Brian Daniel: Par Hills will find a way to win in Nutley on Saturday. I think it’s going to scary close though. I see the Hills’ Nick Verducci running for 2 scores and throwing for another. But Vinny Bianchi will lead the defense with 15 tackles and 3 sacks for Hills and the defense wins this one for the Hills. PICK: The Hills 24-20
George Muha: Par Hills big bad Billy Taylor and fellow defensive stud My Cousin Vinny Bianchi will keep the Nuts in check as they sure up a playoff spot for the Vikes with a W. PICK: Par Hills 30-20

Mount Olive (0-7) @ Chatham (2-5)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Chatham needs this win. The following week they play a tough Orange team. The Cougars know how important this game is. PICK: Chatham 28-20
Brian Daniel: The Ghost of John Quincy Adams is going to possess Timmy Adams this week and he will throw for 3 scores and almost 300 yards in a big win over Mount Olive this week. Who knew JQ Adams was such a good football player! PICK: Cougars 28-14
George Muha: Mount Olive is looking to get first year coach Brian O’Connor his first win. I think it will happen this year but I don’t see Chatham’s Christian “I will cut ya” Cuttita allowing it to happen this Saturday as the junior racks up 75 receiving yards and a TD in a home victory. PICK: Chatham 21-14

Montville suprised everyone but themselves after last week's upset over Pequannock.

Montville surprised everyone but themselves after last week’s upset over Pequannock.

Montville (2-5) @ Morris Hills (4-3)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: It’s been a bit of an up and down year for MoHills. I think Montville is riding high off their OT win over Pequannock and continues to play the role of spoiler and gets ‘W’ on the road against the Knights.  PICK:  Montville 30-28
Brian Daniel: Montville is riding high after a huge win last week, and they certainly showed me. Of course, I did not learn my lesson. Let’s see if Montville can pull off another upset. I think they can, but I picked against them last week so I won’t be doing them any favors if I pick them this week. Look for Montville’s Mikey “Trez” Trezza to run for a buck fifty and two scores in a close one. Look for the Hills’ Daymon Fleming to account for 3 scores in this one. PICK: Morris Hills 22-17
George Muha: I have said it all year that it was only a matter of time before Montville comes up and stings someone. So I am taking all the credit for last week’s big upset against Pequannock.  I think that game will end up going down as the beginning of coach Rick DeBonta’s era. Despite the five losses, the Mustangs are a sound team. I truly believe they just need a little bit of confidence. I’m putting my money on the hot hand. Look for my boy Typhoon Teresa to pick up two sacks and Parker “Vicente” Fox to force two fumbles. PICK: ‘Stangs 28-20

Jefferson (7-0) @ Sparta (6-0)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: I told you to keep reading. This is by far the game of the week. Is Jefferson for real? Contender or pretender? We will find out after this one for sure. Matt Maute is one of, if not THE best quarterback in Morris Sussex and he has been the bonafide leader for the Spartans. Look at the numbers, they’re crazy. Last week against West Morris, 200 yards, 2 touchdowns….just another day at the office for Maute. I think Jefferson will get a real wake-up call here and Sparta will show who runs the show. PICK: Sparta 35-14
Brian Daniel: Wow this the game of the day, if not the week! Sparta is playing before their crazy home fans and, at the end of the day, is a better squad. That being said, it’s going to be a battle. I think Sparta will pull away in the third quarter and the score won’t reflect how close this game really was. Matty Maute will throw for over 200 yards and 3 scores but Alex Miliken will also score twice for the Spartans as well. Connor Brown will have over 120 yards and a TD for J-Town in a tough loss. PICK: Sparta 35-21
George Muha: This is going to be a great game! Everyone knows Sparta has the stud QB, state champion coach, freak runningback and lock down defense. But don’t overlook Jefferson for one second. They’ve been absolutely romping on teams all season long. If you are a football person, you are going to want to watch this one. This game has stellar players and two excellent coaches. I predict a well executed, mistake-free game with the team who makes the last chess move winning.  I know it’s a short ride home but I better get a victory bus pic! PICK: J-town 34-32

Hackettstown (3-3) @ Kittatinny (1-6)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Hackettstown rebounds after a tough OT loss to Newton and gets back on track against Kittatinny. PICK: H-Town 28-3
Brian Daniel: H-Town may be on the road but it won’t matter come Saturday. Josh Klimek will run for over 140 yards and 2 scores for Kittatinny but H-Town will end up putting a spell on their defense in the fourth quarter to score the winning TD. PICK: H-Town 18-15
George Muha: How about Kittatinny sophomore stud Zach Mufaro?  He looks and plays like a college player…uncanny! Mufaro will put Kittatinny on the map next year for sure. I think H-town has their sights set on the postseason and won’t allow themselves to drop this one. PICK: H-town 30-23

Columbia (1-6) @ Morris Knolls (4-3)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Morris Knolls needs to get on some kind of winning streak to finish out their season and help their playoff chances. It starts here against Columbia. PICK: Knolls 35-14
Brian Daniel: The Knolls has home field advantage in this one, and they won’t disappoint the fans, who I heard were dressing up like a bunch of Michael Myers to scare Columbia. PICK: Knolls 17-10
George Muha: Columbia is a Group 5 team so a win carries some nice Group Points for Knolls. A win should secure they a playoff bid. Thurston Howell will rush for 150-yards and three TDs in a convincing win. PICK: Knolls 34-14

Caldwell (5-2) @ Whippany Park (5-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: This is going to be a good one folks. Two teams with strong records and probably under everyones radar. Whippany Park is riding a four-game winning streak but I am looking for Caldwell to play the role of spoiler and snap it there. PICK: Caldwell 29-24
Brian Daniel: But for the Jefferson/Sparta game this is the game of the day on Saturday. Caldwell is playing tough and wants nothing more to beat the Park on their home turf. I heard the Whippany Park field is cursed because the people who built it were Caldwell fans and they buried a track suit and a gold chain under the turf to bring Whippany Park bad luck (kidding!). Look for Jake “Icabod” Crane to run for two scores for the Park in a tough loss. PICK: Caldwell 24-20
George Muha: I’m so psyched for Whippany Park. I think this game will give them a taste of what the playoffs will feel like for the Wildcats. I hope I am wrong but I think they will come up short. But competition will help them prepare for their postseason opponents. PICK: Caldwell 30-20

Morristown-Beard (2-5) @ Fieldston School, NY (4-3)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: I’ll get to the point…Fieldston School: PICK: The School from NY 21-8
Brian Daniel: How am I supposed to know about some random school in New York? Man oh man. I could do research, or I just pick Morristown-Beard because I don’t like picking schools out of State to beat Jersey schools. I heard that there may be zombies at the game, so be careful Beard fans. Even if there were zombies there the Beard’s Nate Panza and George Burke would tackle them, they tackle everyone. PICK: The Beard 20-14
George Muha: The Beards have some real deal players. Ryan Russo is a total baller as an example. Declan Kelly is a nice pocket passer too. Fieldston will be on the opposite side of the Crimson’s wrath. PICK: Beards 29-21

Sussex Tech (4-3) @ Palisades Park (1-6)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life:  The Tech needs to finish out their season strong to keep their playoff hopes alive.  They get the job done on the road against Palisades Park.  PICK:  ST 21-7
Brian Daniel:  Tech is gonna get off their three game slide this week.  Look for Frankie Hofmann to run for two scores in a blowout.  PICK:  ST 28-6 
George Muha:  The three game losing streak comes to an end as Brandon “Bend it like” Bendes and Tyler “The Southpaw” Crum combine for two TDs.  PICK:  Techies 24-19

How We Did Last Week

Dan: 19-6 (76.00%)
Brian: 18-7 (72.00%)
George: 18-7 (72.00%)

How We Are Doing So Far

Dan: 117-43 (73.12%)
Brian: 111-49 (69.37%)
George: 114-46 (71.25%)

About the Predictors

Dan Exter spent eight years as a producer for MSG Varsity and is the founder and director of Layups 4 Life, a non-for-profit that uses a wildly popular 3-on-3 basketball tournament to raise money for cancer research.

Dan Exter is a Roxbury HS alumni that spent eight years as a producer for MSG Varsity and is the founder and director of Layups 4 Life, a non-for-profit that uses a wildly popular 3-on-3 basketball tournament to raise money for cancer research. Have an opinion about Dan’s picks?  Tell him what you think via his Twitter handles:  @d_exter15 and @Layups4Life

Brian Kenney

Brian Daniel is a Hanover Park alumni who really has nothing to do with high school sports.  But he’s George Muha’s oldest friend and frequent crasher of his couch so George feels obligated to give him something to do. Have an opinion about Brian’s picks?  Tell him what you think via his Twitter handle:  @bdk29

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for nine years.  George is the founder of MSS and is also on the board of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation.

George Muha is a Hanover Park alumni who has been covering high school football for nine years.  George is the founder of MSS and proud board member of the Greater Morris Chapter of the National Football Foundation. Have an opinion about George’s picks?  Tell him what you think via his twitter handle:  @UnrulyFan

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.



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