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Every week Morris Sussex Sports, along with co-sponsors Football University and Athletic Republic of Randolph, identify one player out of the 37 teams we cover as our Player of the Week. We look beyond just stats. Our goal is to honor the best individual performance and how that effort was able to lift his team beyond its perceived boundaries. If you play varsity football in Morris Sussex next week just could quite possibly be your turn to be the FBU Player of the Week Powered by Athletic Republic of Randolph.


There were a ton of valiant performances by Morris Sussex players in Week 7. Kittatinny sophomore phenom Zach Mafaro busted out for 217-yards and three touchdowns, Montville’s Mike Trezza willed his Mustangs to a win over a very good Pequannock team with a 140-yard, three touchdown display and High Point’s Chad Musilli continued to dazzle fans by rushing for 158-yards and two touchdowns on offense and by recovering a fumble and nabbing an interception on defense.

As amazing as those showings were, Butler’s Will Verrico on-the-field play was just that much better by rushing for nearly 400-yards and an astonishing seven touchdowns in the Bulldog’s 59-40 must-win over Verona. Verrico’s freakish performance has earned him the FBU Player of the Week Powered by Athletic Republic of Randolph for Week 7.

We caught up with Verrico to talk about this past week’s game, who is role model growing up was and what current NFL player he most resembles on the field.

Football University's Vice President of Player Development presents Will Verrico with the FBU Player of the Week Powered by Athletic Republic of Randolph for Week 7.

Football University’s Vice President of Player Development presents Will Verrico with the FBU Player of the Week Powered by Athletic Republic of Randolph for Week 7.

Morris Sussex Sports: Did you anticipate having such a big game coming into the weekend?
Will Verrico: My team and I really practiced hard all week knowing it was a must-win situation so I was hoping for something special.

MSS: Your team has such a successful running attack. How much does the o-line have to do with that?
WV: The o-line is a HUGE part of that. My lineman are guys who work hard and won’t settle for anything less than perfection.

MSS: Which lineman secretly wishes he was a skill position player?
WV: I believe Alfred Battipede wishes he was a wide receiver.

MSS: Which lineman would win a taco eating contest?
WV: Elias Tadros would absolutely win.

MSS: Which lineman would you take into a war with you?
WV: I would take either Cory Mack or Mike Warren

MSS: What would surprise people to know about your team?
WV: We really consider each other brothers.

MSS: What is the oddest tradition Butler has?
WV: On the way to the tunnel we slap a cement sign thing. I’m not sure what it’s called.

MSS: Do you have any pregame rituals?
WV: Yes, I listen to music and crack every finger and my neck. Then I just stay quietly to myself.

MSS: What do you eat on game days?
WV: The night BEFORE game day I always eat an entire carton of oatmeal raisin cookies. But on gameday I eat chicken and pasta.

MSS: Who is finishing 1-2-3-4 in the forty on your team?
WV: 1)Me 2)Patrick Brady 3)Mike Warren 4)Sean Centinaro

MSS: What team is your favorite opponent to play?
WV: I would have to say Weequahic was because of the way they played. I was able to make tackles and we both held our own in the rain.

MSS: Who is the best high school football player you ever played against in your career?
WV: The best player I’ve faced would have to be #23 from Glen Rock my sophomore year.

MSS: Who was your role model growing up?
WV: My role model growing up were my parents and the football players I’d watch when I went to high school games.

MSS: What current or past NFL player do you think you most resemble on the field?
WV: I probably closely resemble Adrian Peterson

MSS: What will it mean to you and your teammates if you find yourselves walking through the tunnel on to the field at MetLife Stadium in early December?
WV: It’s what me and my teammates have been dreaming for four years it would mean the world.

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.



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