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Friday Night Lights

Morris Catholic (1-2) @ Hopatcong (1-2)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Hopatcong has had it rough the last couple of weeks losing 41-0 in its last two games. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, I think their struggles continue when they host the Crusaders. PICK: MC 28-10
Brian Daniel: The ‘Cong is looking to even out their record, but MC is seeking the same. It’s going to be a barn burner this Friday. The ‘Cong will get into the endzone this week unlike last week. But look for Yhylmoni “Aesop” Fable to run for the winning score in this one for MC. PICK: MC 14-13
George Muha: A lot of people might not remember but senior Hopatcong QB Bart Yarosz was the starting QB for Morris Catholic when he was a sophomore.  He then transferred to his home town HS for his junior year.  With that as the backdrop, I don’t see Yarosz allowing DaCong to lose this one in front of his home fans.  Plus he’ll get some help from his workhorse of a runningback Jake “Muhammed” Wilkerson.  Morris Catholic’s Joe “Ornery” Onorati will get 10 tackles in the loss. PICK: DaCong 29-14

Morristown (0-3) @ Columbia (1-2)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: The Colonials are looking for their first win of the season against Columbia. Motown has struggled on offense, putting up only 26 points in three games. While Columbia has struggled as well in their first few games, I still think they get the win at home. PICK: Columbia 21-14
Brian Daniel: Motown has had a rough go of it so far this season. Columbia hasn’t fared much better, but the home game helps. At the end of the day I think Jhamil “It’s Good to Be The” King makes the difference on a big TD run in the fourth quarter. PICK: Morristown 7-6
George Muha: Motown’s line has seen enough goose eggs for awhile. Look for them to open big holes for Jhamil King, who will rush for 150-yards and 2 TDs. Josh Szott adds a few exclamation points through the air with a few 3rd down receptions and at least 1 TD (no pressure bro!). PICK: Colonials 28-19

Morris Knolls (3-0) @ Wayne Valley (4-0)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: In my opinion, Valley plays a much tougher schedule than Knolls. While both teams are undefeated in their own right, the Indians take care of business against Knolls. PICK: Valley 28-7
Brian Daniel: Wow what a battle this is going to be in the Valley of Wayne. Somebody is dropping their first game this week and I unfortunately think it’s going to be the Knolls. Despite the tough game look for Nate Howell to get into the endzone this week for Knolls while running for over a buck twenty. PICK: WV 27-14
George Muha: Whenever Knolls’ plays a team they don’t play regularly, you always have to put your money on them. Stopping their unique offense is just too difficult if you are not used to seeing every year.  With that in mind, I see Wayne Valley having a hard time slowing Nate “Thurston” Howell III and “Slick” Nick Vittorio as their veer their way to a lot of points. WV will try to catch up, but their receivers will have a hard time getting off Nick Gitelman Island. PICK: Knolls 43-29

Mendham (1-2) @ Roxbury (2-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Quarterback Donovan Brady has been playing great football since Day 1. He has lead the Gaels to a 2-1 start and look for that record to improve to 3-1 after their Friday night victory against Mendham. PICK: Roxbury 38-10
Brian Daniel: Roxbury is amped up for this matchup and it’s going to be a rough one for the Minutemen. “Ray” Donovan Brady will build off last week’s game and throw for close to 300 yards for Roxbury in a win. PICK: Friday Night at the Roxbury 34-20
George Muha: Poor Mendham is riding the big waves of an emotional roller coaster. After a tough Week 1 loss, they bounce back with a big come-from-behind victory over Mount Olive. Then last week they get handled by Jefferson. I am afraid the next wave up won’t be for another week as Roxbury looks like they are as well oiled as they come. Quarterback Donovan “Tom” Brady seems to be a man possessed and I predict he throws for 2 TDs and adds another one with his legs as the Gaels get their third win. PICK: Rox 42-14

Mount Olive (0-3) @ West Morris (3-0)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: West Morris is looking like one of the top teams in the county and unfortunately for Mt. Olive, they are just a speed bump in the Wolfpack’s regular season journey. Marauder QB Liam Anderson can sling it but won’t have that much luck against a tough West Morris defense. PICK: Wolfpack 28-7
Brian Daniel: These teams are having opposite seasons so far, but Mt. Olive isn’t going to go down without a fight this week. With that being said, at the end of the day you can’t stop WM’s Cole Trickle (Draghi), you can only slow him down. He will score twice in this one, despite the best efforts of Mt. Olive’s Dom Hink and Ryan Hodgins. PICK: WM 28-13
George Muha: I actually LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mount Olive’s offense. Liam Anderson is my fantasy QB and he has been making me look great this season so far. However, the trouble for the Marauders has been keeping opponents points in check. Problem for them this week is that Wolfpack runningback Cole Draghi has been auditioning to be the All Unruly Player of the Year through the first three games. PICK: WMC 48-32

Randolph (1-2) @ Livingston (1-2)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: This is a tough game to pick. Both teams play a respectable schedule but I think the Rams have it a little tougher. If the Rams want to stay in the mix, they need this win and Coach Holman will have them ready. PICK: Rams 13-7
Brian Daniel: I have to say I think Randolph is going to win this one. And it’s not just because the Livingston Youth Football Program likes to bring down their best 6th grade players to play in the 5th grade JV games. No, I’m not still annoyed by that at all. Anyway, look for the Rams to win big with Anthony Salemi and Chris Flynn combining for 3 sacks and 25 tackles. PICK: Rams 56-7
George Muha: Randolph QB Justin Suarez rights the Randolph ship has he and TE Jeremie Simmons connect for three touchdowns (no pressure bros!) in a dog fight on the road. PICK: Rams 35-34

Jefferson (3-0) @ West Milford (0-2)

Follow Morris Sussex Sports on Twitter (@UnrulyFan) right after on game days to get updates from the game and see victory pics from the bus.

Follow Morris Sussex Sports on Twitter (@UnrulyFan) right after on game days to get updates from the game and see victory pics from the bus like this one from Jefferson last week.

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Jefferson is my surprise team of the year so far. New head coach Jerry Venturino has the Falcons playing a great brand of football. In their three games so far this season, Jefferson is averaging 33 points per game. Look for that average to get hit on Friday night against West Milford. PICK: Jefferson 35-10
Brian Daniel: J-Town is off to a hot start! West Milford will always be a place I remember since I adopted my now 16 plus year-old dog there. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to these two teams battling it out. Look for defensive studs Jake Jakova and Brandon Magnotta to shut down the run and air attack of WM. PICK: J-Town 28-6
George Muha: Milford will have a tough time getting their offense going against defensive beasts like Mr. Jakova (I hope it’s okay if I call you that sir), Brandon “The Magnet” Magnotta and Dan “Glazed Doughnut” Glazewski. Look for Andrew Benfatti to continue his freakish production on offense, defense and specials. PICK: Jeff 45-10

Newton (2-1) @ Vernon (1-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: With a convincing 41-0 win over Hopatcong last week, look for Newton to keep that train rolling against Vernon. PICK: Newton 17-14
Brian Daniel: Newton is doing very well and had a big shutout win last week. They will continue to roll with Will “The Thrill” Larsen running for 2 scores and a buck fifty for Newton in this one. PICK: Newton 20-6
George Muha: There is no reason Newton needs to pass with runningbacks Chase “Cosmo” Cramer and Will “The Thrill” Larsen carrying the ball. But if they ever find themselves in a jam, Luke “The Lefty” Young can tear teams apart with his arm. I am sure that is a secret Coach Parzero doesn’t want me to give out. But the way the season is going, they may not need to pull out the gunslinger. PICK: Braves 40-20

Mountain Lakes (0-3) @ Lenape Valley (2-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: The Valley has won in dominate fashion the last two weeks, putting up over 35 points on offense. Mountain Lakes is struggling this season and look for those struggles to continue against Coach Smolyn and company. PICK: The Valley 28-7
Brian Daniel: The Herd almost pulled off an upset last week over the Hornets so they have some confidence going into the Valley. Baker will throw for a score and run for another but it won’t be enough to stop The Valley’s Stevie Leyden who ran for about a mile last week. PICK: LV 26-20
George Muha: I feel like Mountain Lakes is starting to feel their mojo and I look for them to nip someone in the butt soon. Matt Palazzi is totally due for a breakout game. But I just don’t think it will happen this Friday night at Don’s House (Lenape Valley’s home turf). I predict Jay Pruden throws for two hundy through the air and Stevie Leyden matches that on the ground. PICK: Pats 40-25

Lakeland (2-1) @ Hackettstown (2-0)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Behind running back Brandon Keuhner look for the Tigers to win a close one vs. Lakeland. PICK: H-TOWN 21-14
Brian Daniel: The High School that started a bank has been having a decent season. So has H-Town, (can I even call them H-Town, do people do that? I know people call Jefferson J-Town but not sure about Hackettstown folk). Anyway, Hackettstown is on a roll after two weeks and while the bank will slow them down it won’t stop them this week. Look for Kyle Connelly not only to get a sack but a fumble recovery touchdown in this one. PICK: H-Town 17-13
George Muha: There is no way Lakeland will have a prayer at the home dome for Hackettstown, especially if they go blackout with their home unis. The Tiger’s Eddie “Munster” O’Melia goes a perfect 5-5 on extra-points in a high scoring affair. PICK: H-Town 35-13

Wallkill Valley (0-2) @ Whippany Park (1-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Luke “Big” Papa ran for over 100 yards last week so look for him to ride that momentum in Whippany Park’s matchup against Wallkill Valley. PICK: Whippany Park 24-13
Brian Daniel: Whippany Park will be trying to recover from last week’s beating and the Valley is no pushover. What does this mean? Well, I think The Valley is going to pull an upset of the Park at home, but it’s going to be a close game that is decided in the final minutes. Look for Dylan Harlos to find the endzone and rush for a hundred yards in this one for the Valley. PICK: WV 14-12
George Muha: Dylan Harlos and company will certainly make Whippany Park play fast break basketball in this one. But I like Whippany Park’s chances if Luke “I Am Your Father” Papa is forced to throw the ball around. PICK: Wildcats 45-40

Kittatinny (1-2) @ Kinnelon (1-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Kinnelon’s Seamus Nelson had a monster game last week rushing for over 200 yards! Was it a fluke? I don’t think so. Look for him to put up another big game against Kittatinny and get his team over the .500 mark. PICK: Kinnelon 21-14
Brian Daniel: The battle of the “K” high schools. I heard Dr. K himself (Dwight Gooden for all you youngsters) is going to make an appearance. This one is too close to call. Both teams had some offensive problems last week. Look for Kinnelon to win this game on the defensive side of the ball, with Seamus Nelson, Calvin Krippner and Tim Elefonte tackling every person in Kittatinny, including the cheerleaders (kidding of course). PICK: Kinnelon 13-0
George Muha: Kittatinny is a team that I would hate to play because their three headed monster of Romano-Klimek-Geimer can run up the score in a hurry. I see Kinnelon pulling this one off but not after that trio has them on ropes. Colt’s QB Jon Toye will throw for 250-yards in a big back-and-forth game.  PICK: Kinnelon 30-29

Hanover Park (3-0) @ Dover (0-3)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: The Hornets are separating themselves from the pack and after a close win last week over Mountain Lakes (14-7) look for them to bounce back and take care of business against Dover. PICK: Hanover Park 35-7
Brian Daniel: HP had a scare last week and didn’t manage to score any points on offense in the second half. This, quite frankly, surprised me. However, I think that is a wake-up call and they will come out with their engines revving this week. Look for Rory DeLuca to get in the endzone twice (possibly dragging Tigers with him) this week and for HP Quarterback Donoato Casolaro to generate another two TDs. The Tigers are not going to roll over at home though, so it’s going to be a battle. Look for Tiger QB Christian Acevedo to throw for a score and run for another in this one. In the end, Eddie Schimminger, Mike Ferrone and Sean Conley will continue to kick butt on defense (along with their teammates) and they will make the stops when they need to. PICK: HP 34-21
George Muha: If you go to this game, don’t watch the ball. Instead, key on Dover offensive tackle Rene Garin. Hanover Park will be putting defensive linemen Anthony Otto or Eric Magnifico against him. Trust me, it is going to be like watching the 1970 version of Godzilla vs Mothra and Megalon (yes, I am a total geek). Nothing shakes any of these guys so it will it will be like the rest of the game will be Tokyo while these giants battle it out in the middle of the field. PICK: Hanover Park 41-30

Parsippany (1-2) @ West Side (2-2)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Parsippany makes the trip to West Side and unfortunately for the Red Hawks, it’s not going to be a fun bus ride back. PICK: West Side 28-3
Brian Daniel: Does anyone know the West Side Story? I sure as heck don’t, besides HP putting on that play a few years ago when my sister-in-law directed it (it was great if you were wondering). Anyway, they are .500, Parsippany has kind of come back to Earth, and while I would normally root root root for the team in the division, I’m going to go with West Side because they are at home and I need to catch up in the prediction standings. PICK: West Side Story 21-16
George Muha: Big tackle John Burk will put the breaks on Parsippany’s two-game losing streak as he tells the team to run behind him to a .500 record. I expect a victory bus pic to be tweeted to me around 930pm-ish.  PICK: Redhawks 20-18

Weequahic (2-0) @ Butler (2-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Weequahic has too much speed and athleticism. Butler does not often see teams with that combination of size and skill. The Indians have put up 30 plus points on offense in the first two weeks, look for that trend to continue. PICK: Weequahic 35-10
Brian Daniel: Butler at home is tough. Dom Gentile will improve his completion percentage this week and Sean “50 Cent”inaro will run for two scores in a close one. PICK: Bulldogs 30-28
George Muha: Butler looks to shake off last week’s oddly officiated game (I’m trying to be kind) and is focusing on playing Butler football. Verrico will run for 200-yards, Centinaro will rush for 150-yards and Gentile will pass for another two hundy because this is just what these cats do. PICK: Butler 45-15

North Warren (0-3) @ Boonton (1-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Bombers get over the hump and string two wins in a row with their victory over North Warren. PICK: Boonton 21-13
Brian Daniel: Boonton will look to keep NW winless this week but it won’t be easy, as they are playing with a chip on their shoulders. “Double A” Amaro Anderson will run for a score for Boonton in this one. PICK: Boots 16-10
George Muha: North Warren is having a tough go of it but I think they can even things out soon. But it won’t be against Boots in Boots Stadium. By the way, can someone tell me how I can order myself a black large, ahem, extra large Amaro Anderson jersey? PICK: Boots 35-7

Saturday Afternoon Delights

Seton Hall Prep (0-3) @ Pope John (2-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: After a close victory against Delbarton in Week 3, look for Pope John to use that momentum and protect home field against a struggling Seton Hall Prep team. PICK: Pope John 24-14
Brian Daniel: Pope John will be 3-1 come Saturday night as they won’t want to disappoint the hometown fans and they have a ton of confidence after last week’s road win over Delbarton. Berrell “Beast” Neal will run for two scores in a game that is only close in the first five minutes. Look for Ryan “Wild” Card to tackle 20 Pirates on Saturday. PICK: PJ 32-18
George Muha: How about the Hranicka-to-Dolan connection for the second straight week. I’d like to see them connect for a nice 50-plus TD pass this week. But frankly, there is no need. Berrell Neal will take care of this one with his legs and Coach Carlson will want to end it early so he’ll keep the clock running with the ground game. PICK: Johnnies 45-23

Don Bosco Prep (1-3) @ Delbarton School (1-2)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: The Ironmen played their first New Jersey team in “Week 4” against DePaul and got legendary head coach, Greg Toal his 300th win. With Don Bosco back in the Garden State, look for them to impose their will. Syracuse bound quarterback Tommy DeVito is coming into his own and will put on a passing clinic against Delbarton. PICK: Don Bosco 28-17
Brian Daniel: Nobody said the Green Wave would have an easy schedule. Both of these teams’ records do not show how good they really are. After dropping a close game to Pope John last week the Green Wave will be amped up but I think the Don is just too much for them. PICK: DBP 26-13
George Muha: I am so bummed that my favorite player Andrew Papantonis got injured last week. We love you bro and heal up soon. There is no way Anthony Siragusa, Luca Tria and company don’t honor #1 by giving all they got to the Ironmen. I don’t know if they’ll earn a win but they will certain earn Bosco’s respect. PICK: DBP 40-32

Sparta (2-0) @ Morris Hills (2-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Sparta is putting up clinics on offense as they have scored 82 points in their first two games. Look for the Spartans to continue the offensive onslaught against Morris Hills. PICK: Sparta 40-3
Brian Daniel: Sparta will have his hands full this Saturday with a Morris Hills team that is over-achieving. Daymon Fleming is coming off POTW honors and literally made 7 millions plays on offense and defense last week for the Hills. Sparta may shadow him on defense all game, but on offense the Hills will have to stop Matty Maute, Alex Miliken and company. It’s not going to be easy. Should be a good one. PICK: Spartans 29-24
George Muha: Picture this, it’s 4th and goal from the 1-yard line and MoHills has the ball. They are down by five points and a touchdown wins it. Quarterback Daymon Fleming (and Week 3’s FBU Player of the Week) turns to center Thomas Stoback and says, “you’re giving you the ball dive right up the middle with Chappell blocking for for you.” Stoback will probably picture himself juking players and spinning around as he crosses over the goal line to win the game. Then Fleming says, “Just kidding bro, we’re giving it to Walls.” I’m with ya Stoback, I was a runningback in a lineman’s body too! In the end, I think this game might closer than people think and might just be decided on one play. But I anticipate Sparta pulling it off. PICK: Spartans 45-40

Montville (1-2) @ High Point (1-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: The Mustangs captured their first win of the season in a 20-13 victory against West Milford in Week 3. Look for them to get into a groove and string two wins together as they take on High Point. PICK: Montville 17-14
Brian Daniel: Montville played well last week in a win over West Milford, and so did High Point in beating Mt. Olive. Montville’s Mike Trezza won’t go down without a fight (on both sides of the ball). Look for Jake “Wilson” Phillip to run for two scores in this one for the Point, but the difference maker will be Chad Musilli on the Point defense, his pick 6 will change the outcome of the game. PICK: High Point 14-10
George Muha: High Point was a running machine last week. I think they’ll continue their ground attack but I see Montville sophomore stud linebacker Alex Khalaf form tackling anyone that gets close to him. I anticipate I’ll be getting a victory bus picture tweeted to me around 930pm on Friday night with a lot of green in it. PICK: ‘Stangs 40-32

Barringer (2-1) @ Parsippany Hills (1-2)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Parsippany Hills had a tough lost against Roxbury last week, losing 40-14. Not sure Barringer is the team that they wanted to see next on their schedule. The Bears are lighting up the scoreboard putting up 30 plus points in two of their first three games. They get back to putting up those numbers when they take on the Vikings. PICK: Barringer 35-21
Brian Daniel: The Hills will be alive this weekend but will it be enough to beat a decent Barringer team? You know what, yeah, I think so. I think the Hills are still sore about the beating they took last week that they are going to take it out on the Barringer Ringers (or whatever they are called). Nicky V will throw for 200+ yards in this one for the Hills. PICK: Hills 24-18
George Muha: It doesn’t matter who is coming into town this week, there is no way Par Hills is dropping this one after last week’s loss to Roxbury. I predict this game is going to be the Nick Ho Show as the receiver goes for 200-yards and 3-TDs (no pressure pal!). PICK: Vikings 48-40

Chatham (0-3) @ Ferris (0-3)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Chatham gets off the “schnide” and grabs their first win of the season over Ferris.  PICK:  Cougars 21-13
Brian Daniel: Bueller? Bueller? That’s really all I can think of when the Cougars go to Ferris to play wherever that is. I think that Chatham will come back to the friendly confines of their nice little town with a victory this week. Drew Sardini will find the endzone for the Cougars this week. Timmy “John Quincy” Adams will be incredibly efficient and get move the sticks on offense for the Cougars as well. PICK: Chatham 14-6
George Muha: The bleeding stops this weekend on the road as Timmy Adams and company get back on track.  PICK: Chatham 30-21

Pequannock (2-0) @ Madison (3-0)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I think Madison is one of the top three teams in the conference and while Pequannock is off to a great start, they get their first ‘L’ of the season taking on the Dodgers. PICK: Madison 34-24
Brian Daniel: This could be the game of the week. The Quan is in mid-season form even though they only played two games, and Madison is off to a better start than at least I expected. Dodger Stadium will be rocking on Saturday and that will make a difference in a close one. I see Sean Klimek finding the endzone for Pequannock at least twice in this one but Mike Kearney and the rest of the Dodger offense will not be denied in this one. PICK: Madison 22-21
George Muha: If any team can knock Madison off their perch it is Pequannock. Sean Klimek and Luc “Jon Bon-Jovi” Bongiovanni will certainly keep Madison’s D on their heels with their run game. But Madison’s O will be a big problem for the Quan. Trying to figure out which Mulcahy brother will get the ball or deciphering if QB Mike Kearney will run or pass will be too challenging to stop. PICK: Madison 28-21

Academy of New Church, PA (1-2) @ Sussex Tech (3-0)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Can someone get me a ‘Fighting Mustangs’ T-Shirt? I am all aboard the Sussex Tech train. They remain undefeated at home as they take on Academy of New Church (PA). PICK: Fighting Mustangs 28-7
Brian Daniel: Sussex Tech is on a roll, they are looking to prove themselves every week, against another Tech school or a school from PA. Saturday will be no different. Look for ST’s Frankie Hofmann to run for a buck seventy-five and three scores in this one. PICK: ST 34-17
George Muha: I love Sussex Tech! A few years ago they barely had enough players to field a team. Now they are driving out to play teams in Pennsylvania. Next thing they’ll be flying to Florida to play IMG Academy like Don Bosco. Who doesn’t love these guys? I know who won’t be loving them at Saturday at around 430pm. PICK: Sussex Tech 38-18

Riverdale Country, NY (2-1) @ Morristown-Beard School (1-3)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: The Crimson are on a two-game losing skid. Unfortunately, I see that going to three. PICK: Riverdale Country (NY) 20-10
Brian Daniel: Ugh these out-of-state schools, who knows how good they really are. I don’t know though, and while I usually pick NJ in these types of situations I’m going to go for the easier prediction to get my %age up. Beard’s Declan Kelly will do some damage, but it won’t be enough in this one. PICK: New York , New York 24-14
George Muha: I am not giving up on the Beards for one second. They’ll right the ship through the air as Declan Kelly and Jack Cipriano start gelling like Manning-to-Harrison. PICK: Beards 35-21

How We Did Last Week

Dan 17-5 (77.27%)
Brian 15-7 (68.18%)
George 12-10 (54.54%)

How We Are Doing Overall

Dan 46-19 (70.76%)
Brian 38-27 (58.46%)
George 39-26 (60.00%)

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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