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Friday Night Lights

Roxbury (1-1) @ Par Hills (1-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Two emerging quarterbacks in Roxbury’s Donovan Brady and Par Hills’ Nick Verducci look to lead the way in bringing their teams to over the .500 mark. This one has the making of being the Game of the Week in Week 3. The Gaels battled in their loss to Wayne Hills and while no loss is a good loss, it is something that Cosmo and crew can bounce back from. PICK: Roxbury 28-21
Brian Kenney: Uggh! I’m stinking up the place with my predictions this year. I need to right the ship or this new guy Dan is going to kick my butt. Muha always takes an early lead on me in predicting but I end up beating him by the end, so I’m not too worried about him. As far this game goes, Roxbury is pretty upset about losing to Wayne Hills last week and Par Hills feels confident after beating the Cougars from Chatham pretty bad. Normally I would pick Roxbury in a game like this but I gotta start changing my ways or I’m going to be in last place for predictions. Look for Wilson “I’m Not” Done to rush for over 150 yards for the Hills in a close one. PICK: Hills 24-20
George Muha: Morris Sussex Sports is sending their entire crew to this one. Mattie and Marcella will be covering the game from the sidelines and Ryan Sudol is hosting his Football FANatics show from the stands to see who has the most insane fans. I think who ever wins the battle of the “12th Man” will be the victor. However, only after it goes to OT. PICK: Par Hills 36-30

Marist (0-2) @ Morris Catholic (0-2)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: No one wants to start their season 0-3 and for Marist, who makes the trip from Bayonne, the ride back could be a long one as Morris Catholic gets their first win of the season here. PICK: Morris Catholic 17-7
Brian Kenney: The good news is that one of these teams will have a win come Saturday morning. The bad news for Marist is that it won’t be them. MC wins at home, looks for Devonne Swan to run for three scores in this one. PICK: MC 30-21
George Muha: It’s about time the Crusaders right this ship. Watch Devonne “Lynn” Swan to will his team to it’s first victory. PICK: Morris Catholic 21-14

High Point (0-2) @ Mount Olive (0-2)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Mt. Olive QB Liam Anderson put up a monster game in Week 2 throwing for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. Look for him to put up similar numbers against High Point while he leads the Marauders to their first win of the season PICK: Mt. Olive 42-10
Brian Kenney: Given the fact that Liam “Mr.” Anderson threw for a billion yards last week and three scores (while throwing the ball 53 times????!!!), I have faith that he will connect on a higher percentage of passes (I’m thinking 20 of 40 pass attempts) and lead Mt. Olive to victory this week. PICK: Mt. Olive 26-14
George Muha: MO coach Brian O’Connor was a beast of an offensive lineman on my team back when I played for Hanover Park. He was the nicest guy off the field but put a helmet on him and forgetaboutit! I guarantee this week in practice was not pretty for the Marauders after dropping a big 20-0 lead last week. Trust me, MO is much better than their 0-2 record indicates. Their ship gets righted this Friday night. PICK: Marauders 40-20

Montville (0-2) @ West Milford (0-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Montville needs to put their lopsided 42-0 loss against Sparta last week in their rear view mirror. This is a winnable game so they can’t let it get away from them. PICK: Montville 20-14
Brian Kenney: Yikes, rough start for Montville this year! I honestly don’t know who to pick in this one. The Mustangs’ defense let up a large number or points but they have some players who can play. I think that Matty Burke is going to cause at least one fumble to lead to a defensive TD for the ‘Stangs and that will make all the difference in this one. PICK: Montville 6-0
George Muha: I said at the beginning of the season that the first two games were going to be tricky for the Mustangs. To me, Montville’s season starts now and so does the Rick DeBonta Era as the green and white deliver their first year coach his first win on the road. PICK: ‘Stangs 32-25

Hopatcong (1-1) @ Newton (1-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Don’t let last weeks 41-0 loss to Shabazz fool you. The Chiefs will get back on track with a win against Newton. PICK: Hopatcong 24-17
Brian Kenney: Look for Will “The Thrill” Larson to run for a buck fifty and 2 scores in a big win at home for the Newtonians over the ‘Cong. Scotty Price “Tag” will have 12 tackles at least in this one for Newton. PICK: Newton 19-13
George Muha: This game is going to be a fun one to be at if you are a fan. You got the two bruising backs in Newton’s Chase Cramer and Hopatcong’s Jake “Mohammed” Wilkerson, you got two stud-muffin quarterbacks in Bart Yarosz and Newton’s Luke “South Paw” Young and you got two teams who have crazy passionate fans. In the end, I think the difference will be Newton’s Gift Ingabire who will deliver a present in the form of 3 sacks and Brave runningback Will “The Thrill” Larsen who’s speed will catch DaCong off guard. PICK: Braves 44-38

Hackettstown (1-0) @ North Warren (0-2)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Hackettstown can’t overlook North Warren and if they want to be considered as a contender in the county, the Tigers need to take care of business this Friday. PICK: H-Town 30-10
Brian Kenney: H-Town played well in it’s one win and North Warren has had some tough breaks on both sides of the ball. I think North Warren will play a rough game but in the end H-Town will squeak out a victory in the closing minutes of the game. PICK: HTown 12-10
George Muha: North Warren QB Ronnie Lubertazzo is going to be a man on a mission in this game to deliver his team its first win at home. However, H-town defenders Zach Nesheiwat and Kyle Connelly will be tackling machines and won’t allow for the Pats to have much offensive production. PICK: Tigers 32-10

Hanover Park (2-0) @ Mountain Lakes (0-2)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Mountain Lakes is 0-2?! What is going on? I honestly can not remember the last time that has happened. Usually the Herd finds a way to win but the chips are stacked against them this week. This is hard for me to say but, ‘The Herd’ goes 0-3. PICK: Hanover Park 24-14
Brian Kenney: I was fortunate enough to watch the Hornets in action last week and I have to say their defense looked awesome. Mike Ferrone had 3 sacks for the Hornets and Jimmy “Final” Forteir had two INTs, I believe one of them was one-handed. Besides the outstanding play of QB Donato Casolaro (that included a great throw to and even better catch by WR Mike Radomski) I have to say that Rory DeLuca is a straight up beast. His legs never stop moving. He was dragging people all over the field. It was very impressive. There is no question he leads by example. All this being said, poor Mountain Lakes is “rebuilding.” It’s going to be a rough night for the Herd. PICK: HP 42-0
George Muha: I got to get myself invited to the pre-game pasta dinners at Hanover Park. Back when I played at HP somebody’s Italian mother would cook for two days prior and make all of these amazing dishes. I literally would stuff my face with things called rah-gaut, matza-lell, pasta-fa-zool and other things that I couldn’t pronounced but still would shove in my mouth. That food was sooooo good!  Oddly, no matter who’s house had the past party, there was always an old lady named “Nona” that lived down the basement.  I never really thought about that until now.  Regardless, back to the game.  PICK: Hornets 42-13

Newark Central (1-1) @ Pequannock (1-0)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Newark Central does not concern me like a Shabazz or a Barringer so I am going with Pequannock in this one. PICK: Pequannock 21-14
Brian Kenney: Newark Central’s QB threw the ball a lot against HP, but I think Hornets’ players caught more than a few of his passes. That being said, he can chuck the rock. If the ‘Quan can stop the pass they will be in good shape, and I think they will. PICK: The ‘Quan 21-14
George Muha: Central’s defensive kept Hanover Park in check till the forth quarter of last week’s game. If their offense can get things going they will be a handful. I still don’t think the ‘Quan drops this in front of their home crowd though. PICK: ‘Quan 35-7

Dover (0-2) @ Hoboken (1-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: No jokin’ when it comes to Hoboken. A contender year in and year out in Group 1, Hoboken will bounce back after a tough loss in Week 2 against Cedar Grove. Too bad for Dover that they will be taking on a hungry Red Wings team. PICK: Hoboken 35-7
Brian Kenney: The Tigers are off to a rough start despite playing tough. Their 3-point loss to Kittatinny last week hurt. Unfortunately, I think going to the Boken and playing a big, fast Hoboken team will prove too much for the Tigers again this week. PICK: Hoboken 17-13
George Muha: I love the make up of this Dover team and think they will be making a run for a postseason bid. The hot streak will have to wait one week but trust me it will happen. PICK: ‘Boken 21-10

Boonton (0-1) @ Parsippany (1-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: I don’t know what to think of Parsippany now. They get a great win in Week 1 against Mountain Lakes but then lose to Caldwell 41-0 in Week 2. Did the Red Hawks’ Week 1 win get to their heads? I am getting off the Parsippany train this week. PICK: Boonton 28-14
Brian Kenney: Well so much for the Parsippany jinx, I picked them to lose and they did last week. And it was a pretty rough loss. Boonton played a decent game but they may still be a little off from missing their first week’s game. I think that the Boonton Boots will bounce back and Maleek Awan will get in the endzone twice this week in a Boonton win. PICK: Boonton 21-17
George Muha: Just so you know there is a substantial amount of money at stake for Dan, Brian and I if we have the highest prediction percentage at the end of the year. With that said, I am counting on the Redhawks because they are making me look really good so far this season. PICK: ‘Hawks 28-24

Whippany Park (1-0) @ Lincoln (1-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Lincoln (Jersey City) will use their speed and athleticism in this one and there is nothing that Whippany Park can do about it. Lincoln gets their first win at home against the Wildcats. PICK: Lincoln 28-10
Brian Kenney: Lincoln looked pretty darn good against the Herd last week. Whippany Park is coming off an impressive win in Week 1. I think this is a tough call, but I’m going with the former president. PICK: Lincoln 28-14
George Muha: With heavy doses of Lake on the ground and Papa through the air, and a Pick-6 by sophomore defensive stud Steve Barone (no pressure bro), I am putting my money on the Wildcats in this one. PICK: Whippany Park 30-21

Shabazz (1-1) @ Butler (2-0)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Butler may be 2-0 but by the time the final whistle blows against Shabazz, they’ll have their first loss of the season. The Shabazz Bulldogs have put up 81 points in their last two games so this one has the potential to be over by halftime. PICK: Shabazz 35-0
Brian Kenney: Butler is doing well, throwing and passing and putting up mad points and yards. Look for Butler’s Austin “Powers” Mickens to run for 100 yards and a score in this one, while Dom Gentile throws for 150 yards and three scores. PICK: Butler 40-27
George Muha: How do you have two top fantasy runningbacks on one team? Butler can literally ride Billy Verrico and Seanie Centinaro all the way to MetLife. But while Shabazz will load the box in this one, the Butler Bulldogs unleash their nuclear weapon, Dom Gentile’s arm, as the senior throws for over three bills and four TDs in a dog fight…a bulldog fight that is! PICK: Bulldogs 40-35

Saturday Afternoon Delights

Pope John (1-1) @ Delbarton (1-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: The Green Wave kept things close in their loss to St. Joe’s (Mont.). Expect Luca Tria and company to get back on track against the Lions. PICK: Delbarton 20-17
Brian Kenney: It seems early in the season for these two bosses to meet. But here we are. Both lost to out of state schools last week, which I don’t even care about. It’s going to be ground and pound for both squads this week, and the question is whose defense will make a stop late in the game? Look for Luca Tria to score in the final minutes to put the Green Wave over the top. PICK: Delby 21-17
George Muha: Even though Delby has probably the most dynamic skill player in north Jersey in Andrew Papantonis, their line scares me the most. These beasts literally can steam roll the offense to score on every possession. But the reason I am going with PJ in this one is their offense just exhausts defenses. Berrell Neal takes five guys to tackles him and he averages 10-yards a carry. And QB Ty “Bye-Bye” Hranicka won’t force a pass if he doesn’t think he can complete it. Instead, he’ll run in the open field which is happens to be great at. PICK: Johnnies 55-52

West Morris (2-0) @ Morristown (0-2)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: The Wolfpack is playing a great brand of football heading into Week 3. They flexed their defensive muscles last week allowing only 12 points and have scored over 25 points in both of their games. This could be a game where West Morris completely dominates on both sides of the ball. PICK: West Morris 35-7
Brian Kenney: West Morris is rolling to start the season. They beat West Essex (which I’m happy about) last week handily and look to keep the train rolling down the tracks against Morristown this week. Morristown is having some issues getting in the endzone and while they will score a few TDs this week it won’t be enough for WM QB Ryan Finlay and his bro RB Cole “Trickle” Draghi who will account for 4 scores between them. PICK: WM 41-24
George Muha: How about defensive lineman PJ Wright scoring on a Pick-6 last week?! I always love it when a fellow lineman is able to score (because in my mind I am still a lineman…I know you dads know what I’m talking about). I don’t think he’ll score in this one but I do see him and fellow defensive front man Erik Henwood combine for 3 sacks and 5 tackles for loss in another away victory. PICK: Wolfpack 34-24

Randolph (1-1) @ Morris Knolls (2-0)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Morris Knolls is clicking on all cylinders so I do not see them falling off track against the Rams. PICK: Knolls 28-7
Brian Kenney: The Knolls is off to a good start this year, and had a good win against their arch rival Morris Hills last week. Randolph beat up on Morristown last week and are feeling good. It’s going to be a battle! Look for Carlo Zarro to run for at least two scores for the Rams but at the end of the day Nicki “V” Vittorio will score in the second half to seal the deal for an upset of sorts at the Knoll. PICK: Knolls 28-27
George Muha: A win here will really put Randolph on the map and give them a ton of momentum going into the heart of their schedule. However, I just do not see them having an answer for the Golden Iggles’ Nate “Thurston” Howell III. PICK: Knolls 44-38

Jefferson (2-0) @ Mendham (1-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: The Falcons are looking sharp entering Week 3. Jefferson has put up 25+ points so far and look for that trend on offense to continue PICK: Jefferson 30-27
Brian Kenney: J-Town is rocking and rolling this year, and dismantled Vernon last week. Mendham had an offensive explosion against Mount Olive last week. The Minutemen have home field advantage but will it help? At the end of the day I think Mendham’s defense steps up and wins this game. Look for the Jack “Attacks” aka Jack Squared (Jack Anderson and Jack LoVecchio) to account for over 20 tackles and two turnovers (including a pick 6) in this game. PICK: Mendham 21-13
George Muha: This is the second best match-up on Saturday (next to Pope John vs Delby). I love Jefferson linebacker Jakob Jakova! The guy plays like he’s mad at the world. Plus the Falcons have a ton of cast of characters like Connor Brown, Paul Monaco, Brandon Magnotta and Mike Fleming to name a few. But the reason I am putting my money on Mendham is because of how they went Rocky Balboa on Mount Olive last week. After being down by three touchdowns, they came back and hit the Marauders in the ribs over and over until they coughed up their mouth piece. That showed a special kind of grit. This one will be a dog fight though. PICK: Mendham 44-43

Vernon (1-1) @ Sparta (2-0)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: On paper this looks like a good game but I just think Sparta is on another level. In two weeks they have put up 82 points on offense and GIVEN UP only seven points on defense. That is absolute domination. PICK: Sparta 35-14
Brian Kenney: Sparta is just starting to rev their engines. That is bad news for Vernon. How about how QB Matty Maute hooked up with Sparta WRs Eric Castorina and Rich McDonald for over 200 yards last week? Crazy stuff. Vernon is hopefully working on their pass rush and defense this week. But wait, wait about Sparta RB Alex Miliken? Guy scores 4 TDs while racking up over 160 yards? Uggh! I don’t think the 2000 Ravens could stop these dudes from Sparta. PICK: Sparta 42-13
George Muha: Vernon always has a knack for biting a really good team in the butt when they least expect it (a la Pope John in 2014). And the way Mike Stefkovich is playing defense and Brandon Lavorini is passing the ball, I wouldn’t be surprised if they catch the Spartans on their heels. But I can’t see Sparta dropping this one because Matty Maute and receivers Eric Castorina and Rich “I’m Lovin’ It” McDonald are an offensive machine. PICK: Sparta 40-24

Morris Hills (1-1) @ Chatham (0-2)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Chatham needs a win badly but I don’t think they get it here against Morris Hills. Cougars drop to 0-3. Pick: Hills 17-10
Brian Kenney: The Hills have been playing well but that was a rough loss last week. Chatham has had their offensive struggles despite playing tough. While Chatham is primed for a big win at home, I don’t think they will get it done this week. Despite that Timmy “John” Adams and Christian Cutitta will combine for 20 tackles for the Cougars this week. PICK: Hills 28-12
George Muha: When opponents try to tackle Chatham’s Timmy Adams two thoughts come to their mind; 1) “Darn this kid is a good athlete” and 2) “Wow, that kid has one heck of a head of hair”. While the latter doesn’t win him football games it does make him look cool. What will win this game for Adams in this game, though, will be running behind 6-6, 300-pound tackle/guard Graham LeMon. PICK: Cougars 30-21

Lenape Valley (1-1) @ Wallkill Valley (0-2)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: The Patriots make quick work of Wallkill Valley and get back to being an over .500 ball club. PICK: Lenape Valley 35-7
Brian Kenney: The battle of the Valleys! Or the Rumble in the Valley? Stevie “Wonder” Leyden will run for over 150 yards in this one, and will be the difference maker. Troy DuPont will score at least once for LV. PICK: LV 27-21
George Muha: Wallkill Valley will stack the box to try to stop the Pat’s Stevie Leyden. It won’t work though as the senior will run for 2 bills a 3 TDs. PICK: Pats 40-21

Lakeland (1-1) @ Kittatinny (1-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Lakeland wins and wins it close. PICK: Lakeland 21-14
Brian Kenney: Lakeland Bank. That’s all I know about Lakeland. Did I say that last week? I don’t remember. Anyway, I think that the Kits will be all fired up at home and win this one, especially after their close victory over Dover last week before the hometown fans. Kit’s Nick Geimer had a pick 6 last week which was awesome. He will get another INT this week, as will Joey Lobb. PICK: Kits 15-7
George Muha: Lakeland will bring it for this one no doubt. But I don’t think they’ll be able to stop the Geimer-Romano-Klimek train. PICK: Kittatinny 2118

Kinnelon (1-0) @ Madison (2-0)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: Dodgers are in the same boat as Sparta, playing on a different level than most and that’s what makes the Dodgers one of the best teams in the county. PICK: Madison 28-10
Brian Kenney: Madison is firing on all cylinders the first two games of the season. Mike Kearney is slinging the rock all over the field and Mr. Boyd will carry the ball more this week and score another 2 TDs on the ground. Kinnelon plays them tough, but the Dodgers will be too much, especially at home. PICK: Madison 34-20
George Muha: How about Madison’s Mike Kearney this year? The kid looks like the second coming of Neal O’Donnell. And how about sophomore sensation Matty Mulcahy taking it to the house last week? This Dodger team has a lot going for them. But here is why I think they get nipped in the butt this weekend. Kinnelon is good…I mean VERY good. However, Madison has no way to scout them except for film of Week 1 game against Whippany Park in which they annihilated them 30-0. Last week their game was postponed in an effort to quarantine an infection that was going through the school. Trust me, Kinnelon gets everybody’s attention this weekend as they make a statement in front of the Dodger home fans. PICK: Colts 35-30

Pascack Hills (1-1) @ Sussex Tech (2-0)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: I’m all about this Sussex Tech team. Heading into Week 3 they’re my team to watch and I’m sure I’ll be seeing them improve to 3-0 after taking care of their opponent from Bergen County. PICK: Sussex Tech 20-17
Brian Kenney: Matty Aldrich is setting himself up to break a bunch of rushing records at ST during his career seeing that he is only a freshman now. Look for him to run for a buck twenty and two scores in a win over P-Hills this Saturday. PICK: ST 20-14
George Muha: I think I am going to dub Sussex Tech as “America’s Team”. You just can’t help but to love these guys and everyone in Morris Sussex seems to root for them. We’re all behind you boys, just keep winning! PICK: America’s Team 45-20

Morristown-Beard (1-1) @ Pennington (1-1)

Dan Exter from Layups 4 Life: The Crimson hit the road and will return to Morristown 2-1. PICK: Mo-Beard 28-24
Brian Kenney: Pennington is pretty far away, so the Beard doesn’t want to take that long ride home after losing. That will motivate them in this one. Look for the Beard to win in the final seconds and the bus selfie to follow on twitter. PICK: Beard 20-18
George Muha: Go ahead and try to stack the box against the Tahj-manian Devil. Let’s see how that works. If that does slow him down (which it won’t), then good luck dealing with QB Declan Kelley and the Gaelic warfare he’ll unleash through the air. PICK: Beards 28-21

How We Predicted Them Last Week

Dan Exter:  16-6 (72.72%)
Brian Daniel: 11-11 (50.00%)
George Muha: 14-7 (63.63%)

How We’re Predicting them So Far This Season

Dan Exter: 29-14 (67.44%)
Brian Daniel: 23-20 (53.48%)
George Muha: 27-15 (62.79%)

Saturday Afternoon Delights

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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