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Weekly Scores

Week 2 Scores

Marauder Nation brough

Marauder Nation came in their “blacked out” garb to support Mount Olive for their first game of the season (photo by Mattie Marano). 

Butler vs. North Warren 35 – 0
Parsippany vs. Caldwell 0 – 41
Weequahic vs. Boonton 30 – 22
Newark Central vs. Hanover Park 0 – 30
Vernon vs. Jefferson 12 – 37
Newton vs. Lenape Valley 15 – 38
Lincoln vs. Mountain Lakes 42 – 6
Mendham vs. Mount Olive 42 – 27
Sparta vs. Montville 42 – 0
Morris Knolls vs. Morris Hills 28 – 14
Morristown vs. Randolph 6 – 27
Wayne Hills vs. Roxbury 42 – 35
West Essex vs. West Morris 12 – 28
Pequannock vs. Ramsey 13 – 6
Pope John vs. Malvern Prep (PA) 24 – 28
Madison vs. Verona 36 – 15
Hopatcong vs. Shabazz 0 – 41
Dover vs. Kittatinny 20 – 23
Delbarton vs. St. Joe’s (Mont.) 14 – 28
Parsippany Hills vs. Chatham 35 – 7
Morristown-Beard vs. Sussex Tech 34 – 20

How We Predicted Them Last Week


Hanover Park power back Rory DeLuca drags four Newark Central players in a game where he ran for 73-yards and a TD in a 30-0 lopsided win (photo by Lisa Mita Photography).

Dan Exter:  16-6 (72.72%)
Brian Daniel: 11-11 (50.00%)
George Muha: 14-7 (63.63%)

How We’re Predicting them So Far This Season


The Hanover Park “Black Squad” kept the energy flowing on the field and in the crowd during the Hornet’s big home opening win against Newark Central (photo by Lisa Mita Photography). 

Dan Exter: 29-14 (67.44%)
Brian Daniel: 23-20 (53.48%)
George Muha: 27-15 (62.79%)

Top Passers


Mount Olive quarterback Liam Anderson had an incredible night through the air with 332-yards and 3 TDs in a losing effort against Mendham (photo by Mattie Marano).

Liam Anderson, Mount Olive 21-53-322-3
Matt Maute, Sparta, 12-21-287-2
Nick Verducci, Par Hills, 17-22-238-3
Mike Kearney, Madison, 14-18-185-1
Donovan Brady, Roxbury, 9-27-138-2
Ryan Finlay, West Morris, 10-13-114-1
Dominic Gentile, Butler 6-10-104-2
Donato Casolaro, Hanover Park, 9-13-75-1
Brandon Lavorini, Vernon, 8-12-72-1
Logan Holleritter, Jefferson, 1-2-60-1
Luke Young, Newton, 3-13-59-2
Tyler Crum, Sussex Tech, 4-5-46-1
Jay Pruden, Lenape Valley, 4-5-46-0
Timmy Adams, Chatham, 4-16-36-1

Top Rushers

Jack Anderson led all Morris Sussex runningback

Mendham’s Brendan Jones congratulates teammate Jack Anderson’s big night as the senior runningback rushed for 191-yards and 2 TDs, ran a kickoff and a punt for TDs and had an interception in a big come-from-behind win against Mount Olive (photo by Mattie Marano). 

Jack Anderson, Mendham, 14-191-2
Sean Klimek, Pequannock, 20-165-0
William Verrico, Butler, 9-163-2
Alex Miliken, Sparta, 12-162-4
Matt Aldrich, Sussex Tech, 17-152-2 (frosh)
Nate Howell, Morris Knolls, 19-141-2
Josh Klimek, Kittatinny, 26-123-1
Wilson Done, Par Hills, 12-143-0
Carlo Zarro, Randolph, 18-120-2
Nick Vittorio, Morris Knolls, 22-119-2
Sean Centinaro, Butler, 12-114-0
Stevie Leyden, Lenape Valley, 8-112-1
Julien Kempf, Boonton, 11-106-1
Troy DuPont, Lenape Valley, 16-105-3
Devonne Swan, Morris Catholic, 23-105-0
Brandon Magnotta, Jefferson, 5-103-1
Connor Brown, Jefferson, 14-100-1
Cole Draghi, West Morris, 25-96-0
Billy Young, Jefferson, 13-91-1
Brendan Hall, Sussex Tech, 13-90-1 (frosh)
Will Larson, Newton, 13-86-1
Ty Hranicka, Pope John 12-82-2
Jalen Torres, Jefferson, 4-80-1
Donato Casolaro, Hanover Park, 19-79-1
Nick Verducci, Par Hills, 10-78-1
Maleek Awan, Boonton, 11-77-1
Tucker Voelbel, Roxbury, 10-77-1
Marco Falivene, Par Hills, 9-73-1
Rory DeLuca, Hanover Park, 13-73-1
Austin Mickens, Butler, 12-71-0
Jake Congdon, West Morris, 10-70-2
Frank Hofmann, Sussex Tech, 8-69-1
Steven Sylvester, Lenape Valley, 5-68-1
Justin Werder, Roxbury, 8-67-1
Chase Cramer, Jefferson, 17-65-1
Christian Izien, Pope John, 10-65-0
Luca Tria, Delbarton, 12-63-1
m. Boyd, Madison, 15-61-2
Berrell Neal, Pope John, 20-55-0
Cole Kreshpane, Delbarton, 4-51-1
Anthony DiJoseph, Mount Olive 14-48-0
Max Schelling, Chatham, 8-45-0
Dan Jachera, Pequannock, 9-41-1
Drew Sardini, Chatham, 7-40-0
Michael Roumes, Roxbury, 9-36-1
Anthony Siragusa, Delbarton, 9-33-0

Top Receivers


West Morris’ Jake Congdon flips the ball to the referee after one of his two touchdowns on the night (photo by Steve Downing).

Rob Bakovic, Mount Olive, 9-169-1
Eric Castorina, Sparta, 2-119-1
Rich McDonald, Sparta, 4-100-1
John Stampone, Par Hills, 7-98-1
Matt O’Donnell, Madison, 7-91-1
Patrick Brady, Butler, 2-62-1
Brandon Magnotta, Jefferson, 1-60-1
Peter Taylor, West Morris, 4-60-1
Marcquis Smallwood, Mount Olive, 3-57-0
Mike Bettelli, Par Hills, 6-50-1
Kevin Minardi, Par Hills, 2-48-1
Paul Shadel, Roxbury, 2-41-0
Dante Northe, Newton, 1-39-0
Matty Mulcahy, Madison, 3-38-0
Flynn Brown, Mount Olive, 1-36-1
Michael Roumes, Roxbury, 5-36-1
Michal Radomski, Hanover Park, 2-33-1
Nick Ho, Par Hills, 2-32-0
Jimmy Fortier, Hanover Park, 2-26-1
Kevin Parisi, Vernon, 2-21-1
Christian Cutitta, Chatham, 1-20-1
William Verrico, Butler, 1-19-1

Top Defenders & Special Teamers


Mendham’s Giuseppe Canino sends a kickoff through the back of the endzone in a game where he went 6 for 6 on extra points. 

Tyler Tarnowski, Lenape Valley, 1 INT
Tanner Sodano, Lenape Valley, 1 INT
Amaro Anderson, Boonton, 5 tackles and 1 INT
Joe Chermak, Boonton, 4 tackles and 1 fumble recovery
Mark Amendola, Hanover Park, 1 INT
Michael Ferrone, Hanover Park, 9 tackles and 2 sacks
Eric Magnifico, Hanover Park, 8 tackles
Jimmy Fortier, Hanover Park, 1 INT
Cormac Bradley, Par Hills, XP 5-5
Vinncent Bianchi, Par Hills, 18 tackles, 1 INT
Mike Bettelli, Par Hills, 12 tackles
Jay Kilpack, Par Hills, 9 tackles, 1 for loss
Marco Falivene, Par Hills, 8 tackles, 1 for loss, 1 sack
Wilson Done, Par Hills, 4 tackles, 1 for loss, 1 sack
Jakob Jakova, Jefferson, 11 tackles
Connor Brown, Jefferson, 3 tackles, 1 INT
Mike Fleming, Jefferson, 4 tackles, 1 caused fumble
Brandon Magnotta, Jefferson, 3 tackles, 2 INTs
Paul Monaco, Jefferson, 2 tackles, 1 fumble recovery
Shane O’Connor, Jefferson, 1 fumble recovery
Andrew Benfatti, Jefferson, XP 4-5, FG 1-1 23 yards
Joey Riotto, Morris Catholic, 5 tackles, 5 for loss
Kuomar Fitzgerald, Morris Catholic, 1 INT
Jaiden Elliott, Newton, 8 tackles
Will Larsen, Newton, 9 tackles
Scott Price, Newton, 8 tackles
Jonathan VanNess, Newton, 10 tackles, 1 sacks
Jack Anderson, Mendham, 8 tackles, 1 INT
Jack LoVecchio, Mendham, 9 tackles
Patrick MacLean, Mendham, 4 tackles, 1 caused fumble
Zack Polley, Mendham, 10 tackles
Guiseppe Canino, Mendham, XP 6-6
Jack Anderson, Mendham, 1 KO Ret for TD, 1 PR for a TD – WOW!!!
PJ Wright, West Morris, 1 Pick-6
Ryan Rossiter, Sparta, 9 tackles, 1 INT
Matt Burke, Montville, 10 tackles, 1 sack
Mike Riola, Montville, 1 tackles, 2 sacks
Mike Trezza, Montville, 3 tackles, 1 INT
Dan Byrnes, Morris Knolls, XP 4-4
Tyshon Bradley, Roxbury, had three blocked passes
Paul Shadel, Roxbury, XP 4-4
Yiakos Kostidakis, Madison, Pick-6
Nick Geimer, Kittatinny, Pick-6 (74-yards)
Joey Lobb, Kittatinny, 6 tackles
Justin Voss, Kittatinny, 7 tackles
Derek Michelman, Kittatinny, 8 tackles
Josh Klimek, Kattatinny, 6 tackles
Gianluca Turi, Kittatinny, (frosh) XP 2-2, FG 1-1-32
Timmy Adams, Chatham, 11 tackles
Christian Cutitta, Chatham, 6 tackles, 1 INT
Eric Magnifico, Hanover Park, 5 tackles, 2 for loss and 1 blocked punt
Ed Schimminger, Hanover Park, 7 tackles, 1 for loss
Michael Ferrone, Hanover Park, 6 tackles, 1 for loss, 3 sacks and 2 hurries
Jimmy Fortier, Hanover Park, 2 INTs
Rob Bakovic, Mount Olive, 3 tackles and a fumble recovery for a TD
Dom Hink, Mount Olive, 10 tackles
Ryan Hodgins, Mount Olive, 14 tackles
Dylan Oriolo, Mount Olive, 2 tackles and 1 INT
Myles Shelton, Mount Olive 8 tackles
Justin Fuss, Pequannock, 11 tackles
Jason McMurray, Pequannock, 12 tackles
Mitch Ortega, Pequannock, 1 caused fumble
Zach Toback, Pequannock, 24 tackles
Will Wells, Pequannock,1 fumble recovery
Connor Reeves, Sussex Tech, 1 sack
Dylan Beebe, Sussex Tech, 1 sack
Rich Hofmann, Sussex Tech, 1 sack
Bo Maroney, Sussex Tech, XP 4-5
Kevin Utter, Sussex Tech, 2 point conversation
Zach Herbert, Sparta, 6 tackles, two for loss
Anthony Broccoletti, Sparta, XP 6-6
Mike Stefkovich, Vernon, 8 tackles

*Stats may not be 100% accurate or representative of all of the action.  If you notice an omission please leave a comment and we’ll update the stats.  

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.



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