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Coach: Jerry Venturino
Year on the Job: 1st
Staff: Andrew Scalone, Vin Marinoni.Brian Silipena, Bill Stager, Matt Moscatello, Darren Bruseo and Gary Andolena
Home Field: Turf
2015 Record: 5-5
2016 Nemesis: Par Hills


Freakishly Talented: Seniors RB/DB Brandon Magnotta (5-11, 175) and RB/LB Jalen Torres (5-11, 200) are just above and beyond kind of athletes. Magnotta has amazing speed and Torres is always all over the field.
Where’s the Beef: Center Dan Heys (5-10, 208) and tackle Cole Benfatti (6-3, 235) lead an offensive line that might just be the most well put together part of this team. In summer scrimmages the guys up front were dominating some really tough teams.
Emotional Leader: Senior runningback Connor Brown (5-11, 205) is the best player and the hardest working guy on the team. He sets the pace for the entire Falcon team.
Will be a Household Name: Seniors RB/DB Alex Leming (5-11, 170) and OT/DL Dan Glazewski (6-3, 240) are two guys who bring two totally different skill sets to round out different parts of this offense and defense. Either way, everyone’s going to know who these guys are at halftime of the Week 1 game.
Beast Watch: In case you don’t know his name, you will soon be hearing the name Jakob Jacova all over the place. The 5-11, 215-pound middle linebacker wears number 44 and breathes fire. This kid is a total baller.

2016 Prediction

When this current group of seniors were in grade school when they wore their Jefferson peewee jerseys and sat in the stands in High Point Stadium at Rutgers and watched their high school varsity team handily win a state championship over West Essex. From that point on, these kids vowed that they’d win a state title when they were seniors.

Senior quarterback Logan

Senior quarterback Logan Holleritter says this senior class feels like they’ve been waiting for this last year of varsity football for many years (photo by Georgi Muha).

Well, here they are. Twenty seniors are still playing since that cold December evening. And they have just as good a chance as anybody to repeat what they witnessed all those years ago.

If you are a Falcon fan, you must be feeling good about yourselves. Beyond all of the guys mentioned above, you have a lot of other players ready to step up on a given play.

First year coach Jerry Venturino focuses on teaching his players to mature as young men first and football players second (photo by Georgi Muha).

From the first day first year coach Jerry Venturino got to Jefferson, the players have embraced him as their leader (photo by Georgi Muha).

Quarterback Logan Holleritter (6, 170) is one of the and he is feeling good about this team. “We’ve wanted to win a championship since the 5th grade. We have really great chemistry and think we can hang with anyone.”

Navigating this schedule might be the tricky part because all of the teams are very competitive. But it will get harder during the second half of the year. Par Hills, Montville, Morris Hills and Lenape Valley will be sitting there down the stretch.

Quarterback Logan

Quarterback Logan Holleritter says the guys up front are the heart and sole of this Jefferson team (photo by Georgi Muha). 

However, if they can stay afloat through those rough waters without loosing momentum, that will pay dividends when they play in the postseason. It’s going to be fun to watch which one of these cast of characters will step up at different times.

There is no doubt that this is a playoff caliber team. However, they do still have to actually play games and actually get there.

Jefferson players look on as their brothers compete in a tri-scrimmage against Boonton and Kinnelon during an August morning (photo by Georgi Muha).

Jefferson players look on as their brothers compete in a tri-scrimmage against Boonton and Kinnelon during an August morning (photo by Georgi Muha).

2016 Schedule

9/9 High Point
9/16 Vernon
9/24 @ Mendham
9/30 @ West Milford
10/7 Par Hills
10/14 @ Montville
10/21 Morris Hills
10/29 @ Sparta
10/4 Lenape Valley

2016 Roster

1D'Alessio, MattTE/LB116'0''180
2Magnotta, BrandonRB/WR/DB125'11''175
3Benfatti, AndrewWR/DB/K116'1''180
4Holleritter, LoganQB/DB126'0''170
5Leming, AlexanderRB/DB125'11''170
6Pasquariello, BryanWR/DB125'10''140
7Alheidt, Emilio RB/DB125'9''155
9Torres, JalenRB/LB115'11''200
10Parker, DakotaWR/LB125'11''170
11Mantilla, BrandonWR/DB116'0''170
13Monaco, Paul WR/DB105'9''165
15Johnson, AnthonyQB/DB116'1''165
17Fiorelli, NicholasTE/LB125'9''170
19Rivera, ArielWR/DB125'9''140
20Brown, ConnorRB/LB125'11''205
23Shafer, BrandonRB/DB105'10''140
28Fleming, MichaelRB/LB115'9''180
29Leyden, Ryan RB/LB116'0''180
30Cole, TylerRB/QB/DB105'8145
32Bald, DylanRB/DB125'9''145
34Drake III, RonaldWR/DB125'10''155
35Randzio , JustinRB/LB105'11''185
39Newman, ChaddRB/LB106'O''175
41Varda, ScottWR/DL125'11''154
42Haid, BrandonRB/LB105'8''160
44Jakova, Jakob RB/LB125'11''215
45Hanna, DevinOL/DL106''160
48Sinisgalli, AidanTE/LB125'11''200
50Miller, NicholasOL/LB116'0''185
51Boucher, JasonOL/DL116'1''178
52Brinck, MichaelOL/DL125'9''165
53Glazewski, DanielOL/DL126'3''240
54Sobieski, JakeOL/DL125'6''190
55Carnevale, JakeOL/DL115'10''210
56Schiavo, VictorOL/DL126'0''215
58Kiesling, KyleOL/DL115'10''180
59Heslin, Shane OL/DL115'9'''275
67Oconnor, ShaneOL/DL116'0''225
69Mejia, JonathanOL/LB115'4''150
70Smolt, TylerOL/DL105'11''175
71Vradenburg , Tanner OL/DL105'9''190
72D'Alia, Joseph OL/DL105'8''180
74Heys, DanielOL/DL125'10''208
75Campagna, MatthewOL/DL105'11''195
76Norris, KevinOL/DL126'3''235
77Benfatti, ColetonOL/DL126'3''235
86Erdmann, BrianTE/LB105'9''155
88Mallory, JosephTE/DL116'5200

George Muha has been covering high school sports since 2006. He feels high school scholar-athletes are the most important part of the community and highlighting their achievements on the field, in the classroom and within the community is his personal mission.

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